HKD2 - Barilla - Digital Ecosystem


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Pepe Moder, Barilla Head of Digital, shows how brands can involve customers in digital communications

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HKD2 - Barilla - Digital Ecosystem

  1. 1. (*) Pepe Moder Head of Digital Marketing Barilla G. & R. F.lli S.p.A. Barilla digital ecosystem 1 Strictly Confidential - 2009 ® Barilla Digital Marketing & Communication
  2. 2. Definition A Digital Ecosystem is any distributed adaptive open socio- technical system, with properties of self-organization, scalability and sustainability, inspired by natural ecosystems (P. Dini, N Rathbone, M. Vidal, P. Hernandez, P. Ferronato, G. Briscoe and S. Hendryx, via Wikipedia)
  3. 3. In other words… A digital (eco)system is made of independent elements; each one runs its own rules but harmonically concur to a main goal, driven by a unique concept idea
  4. 4. Channel strategy approach Destination Website OOH Social Media TV Concept idea Blog © Neo Network 2009 Syndacation Radio portals Magazines
  5. 5. Where does the consumer sit? Dreamland M- site Sito Web Mini- Promo sito
  6. 6. Where does the consumer sit? The real world M- site Sito azienda Promo Mini- sito Sito azienda
  7. 7. This means that… 1.  First of all consumers browse where they live their digital life 2.  Then they go to sites that offer something they need (services/answers/opportunities) 3.  Finally just few of them have still time to get in contact with those sites able to get their attention So, why do I have to come to your site?
  8. 8. How the communication approach is changing • Brands talk. No interruption admitted • The target stands Media Broadcast for the message to channels get the content • Messages do not follow a linear Digital distribution anymore Networked • Issuers hierarchy world disappears
  9. 9. The digital system 1.  The website becomes a repository 2.  Each content is suitable for being exported everywhere online 3.  The brand must be where its fans are, at least listening, better interacting 4.  It also has to attribute a specific assignment to each channel. Everyone of them must be harmonically related to each other
  10. 10. Is it simple to build? NOT-AT-ALL • Brand managers have in their DNA the rule to drive the communication –  As soon as a so called “360° approach” lands on the net is split into atoms and brought somewhere else • A common mistake: do NOT use networking tools to deliver improper contents (I.E. spots as banners) –  Letʼs try to use them for what they have been invented (I.E. Dialogue??? ) •  If you approach the digital as a media campaign you are wasting your time: 99% of the projects will not show any impact on sales in the next 8 weeks. Building a trustable relationship requires time –  If you are really able and smart you could become member of the “Club of the 14” •  Pay attention to the (TC) Target Coherence syndrome: cures are really few
  11. 11. Why doing it? From the “explain”, through the “entertain”,, to the “evangelize”,
  12. 12. Letʼs customize the world
  13. 13. But donʼt miss the golden rule No digital ecosystem can work if it doesnʼt give back a percevied value to people
  14. 14. Which direction? Talk Listen The brand becomes the media company of the digital era Interact Enable
  16. 16. If the brand doesnʼt have a website.. •  We are working on the new Barilla Meal Solutions Web Site. But… it takes time •  The actual one canʼt effectively support ongoing campaing •  Weʼve temporary moved on social network in order to keep the dialogue alive
  17. 17. The world of lovemarks •  Pan di Stelle has a spontaneous, self aggregated online community •  The brand has built a repository web site where people can collect all the elements they need to customize their world in a Pan di Stelle style •  Peopleʼs dream and fantasy have been awakened, both with digital and physical toys –  Real ones have redeemed online more success than the pure digitals :-) •  Finally, on Facebook the brand has given a home to the thousands and thousands of fans –  The merge operation of the uncontrolled fan pages
  18. 18. The world of Pan di Stelle
  19. 19. Il mondo di Pan di Stelle 2
  20. 20. Il mondo di Pan di Stelle 2
  21. 21. Il mondo di Pan di Stelle 2
  22. 22. Il mondo di Pan di Stelle 2
  23. 23. Talking to influencers The real pleasure of pasta for gourmands
  24. 24. Il mondo di Pan di Stelle 2
  25. 25. Il mondo di Pan di Stelle 2
  26. 26. Twitter: sometimes it is useful :-) 2
  27. 27. 2
  28. 28. People involvement Every place is… Nel Mulino Che Vorrei
  29. 29. Next steps Nel Mulino Che Vorrei… Ideas arise from Facebook too
  30. 30. Grazie :-) Contacts: Email: Skype: Imaginars Blog: (*) Thanks to the Fab Lab Forum for the cover image (