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HK D2 Amsterdam - Linkedin
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HK D2 Amsterdam - Linkedin


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At the Hill&Knowlton Demystifying Digital event in Amsterdam on April 14, 2011, Eugenie van Wieken from Linkedin Netherlands shows the communication capabilities of Linkedin

At the Hill&Knowlton Demystifying Digital event in Amsterdam on April 14, 2011, Eugenie van Wieken from Linkedin Netherlands shows the communication capabilities of Linkedin

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  • Ik ben ...Vandaag wat inzichten met u delen in de wereld van de social media Veranderingen in technologie, maar ook menselijk gedrag
  • .... And on a personal note:This is how I do itI was recently asked to do a strategy for a new LinkedIn market entryAfter making the plan, I used my network to Gain insights form people who have done this beforeI checked with some strategists whether direction was rightFound someone with key contacts in new market etc
  • What happened?The Internet is the fastest growing communications medium in the history of the planet. Pages indexed from 20 million to 60 billion: This is a pretty good proxy for data being created by the way. This growth (for context) has been driven by technology:Cheap, powerful computing Availability of mass storageFast internet access: greater volumes of downloads but also uploads - the average person uploaded 15 times more data in 2009 than they did just three years ago. (Marissa Meyer, June 2010
  • So over the last 15 years the sheer volume of data, and our ability to access it, has increased so much that we needed new ways to navigate and understand it. To do this, to create value and relevance three waves can be distinguished: PortalsSearch enginesSocial networksThese have in common that they focus on relevancy and try to create value by providing a signal form the stream
  • Three types of social networks that help create value out of the information on the web: They often get lumped together, but offer, in fact, very different value:Facebook is mainly about friends and family and colleagues. It is a horizontal platformTwitter is a broadcast medium with fans and followers – 22% reciprocal relations – microcasting (140 characters) and it is real timeLinkedIn is all abpout professional identity and highly relevant in a professional context: identity, network and knowledge sharing
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Opportunities in Social Media
      How social technologies are changing business.
      Eugenie van Wiechen
    • 2. Sanoma Uitgevers
      LinkedIn EMEA
      Eugenie van Wiechen
      LinkedIn Global
    • 3. Web Pages Indexed
      (In MM)
    • 4. Three Waves
      1995 ----|----|----|----|---- 2000 ----|----|----|----|---- 2005 ----|----|----|----|---- 2010
      Search Engines
      Social Networks
    • 5. Platform
      Killer App
    • 6. Context
    • 7. Four major business opportunities
      Generating New Business
      Gathering Knowledge
      Developing your career
      Comment• Social Media is voor elke organisatie belangrijk of je er nu wel of niet mee werkt, het imago van een organisatie kan razendsnel veranderen (in positieve en negatieve zin) door berichten verspreid op het internet. .. Onderschat de kracht van social media niet!
      Comment • Als het juist ingezet wordt zeer relevant. Het kan het imago van je bedrijfontzettend ondersteunen.
      Comment • Heb zelf ervaring met uitnodigen via 'traditionele mailing' en via Social media. Laatste werkte veel beter, als je mensen uit eigen netwerk aanboort voelt natuurlijk veel persoonlijker en warme leads generen een betere response. Not rocket science ...
      Comment • B2B gaat bij uitstek om vertrouwen en bij voorkeur om persoonlijke relatie. Social media maakt meer dan ooit de dialoog mogelijk en dus ook de kans op onderling vertrouwen.
      Comment • Social Media is volop in beweging en wordt volop toegepast - blijkt zelfs een uitstekend middel om een revolte te mobiliseren. Laten we vooral niet voorbij gaan aan het belang van kennisdeling
      Comment • Social Media heeft een prominente plek binnen de wereld van recruitment weten te veroveren. Werving en selectie is meer dan ooit een vakgebied waarbij de focus ligt op actieve, lange termijn betrokkenheid van Recruiters bij kandidaten en opdrachtgevers waarbij Social Media een onmisbaar medium is.
    • 8. Branding
    • 9. Personal branding
      How You’re Connected shows the relationship within LinkedIn’s network
      Snapshot of Nico’s current and past occupation and education
      Help Nico improve his profile
      3people have recommended Nico
      See Nico’s activity
      Summary of Nico’s professional background and competencies
      Detailed career experience
      LinkedIn Proprietary & Confidential
    • 10. Personal branding, different context
      No restrictions on Profile photo content
      Information is personal / social
      Profile page has photos, friends, informal messaging
      Posts may include video, audio, and commentary that may be appropriate for social sharing but could hurt one’s reputation as a professional
      Some content is generated by others and may be inappropriate for a work environment
      LinkedIn Proprietary & Confidential
    • 11. Corporate branding
    • 12. Generating New Business
    • 13. People make your brand relevant to your prospects
    • 14. And your customers to other customers
    • 15. Gathering knowledge
    • 16. Business Insights
    • 17. Opportunities for innovation outside your company
    • 18. Developing careers
    • 19. Career development
    • 20. theconnor Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.
      About 2 minutes ago from the web
    • 21. timmylevad @theconnor Who is the hiring manager? I’m sure they will love to know you’ll hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.
      About 1 minute ago from the web
    • 22. The Opportunity
      Leverage your own personal and authentic brand
      Build relationships with prospects as individuals
      create your own communities
      Realize better efficiencies of collaboration
      Help your company ‘own the space’
    • 23. Thank you!