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HK D2 Amsterdam - YouTube
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HK D2 Amsterdam - YouTube


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At the Hill&Knowlton Demystifying Digital event in Amsterdam on April 14 2011, YouTube delivers a presentation on new communication opportunities for brands on the popular video platform …

At the Hill&Knowlton Demystifying Digital event in Amsterdam on April 14 2011, YouTube delivers a presentation on new communication opportunities for brands on the popular video platform

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  • 1. Intro movieTodo: (laatste versie YouTube film inserten)
  • 2. What do President Obama,The Royal Family, and the Pope have in common? They have all deemed YouTube an effective andAppropriate environment to reach their audiences!
  • 3. Birth of a phenomenon~ From Zero to 2.5 billion in 5 years ~
  • 4. Over 450 million people globally ~ Watching these videos every day ~
  • 5. From all walks of life~ Reaching people across the spectrum ~ 51% Male ~ 49% Female 15 - 24: 21.2% 25 - 44: 41.4% 45+ : 37.5%
  • 6. Ready for all devices
  • 7. Popularity redefines premium Not just dogs on skateboardsLisa Nova Beyonce Britney TV CBS College Humor94,777,277 253,614,628 566,211,724 420,326,614 127,350,617Howcast EA Jonas Brothers FRED NBA42,147,864 87,848,921 346,563,727 350,205,582 255,978,233NHL Video Justin Timberlake Livestrong Michael Jackson MondoMedia32,557,834 128,662,296 649,315 196,994,224 401,353,205
  • 8. Make friends on YouTube~ Engage with a vibrant community ~ Talk of the town ~ More than 400 Tweets per minute contain a YouTube Link And over 150 years of Video is watched on Facebook every day
  • 9. P&G: Old Spice180+ video responses to questionsfrom Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. inclose to real-time
  • 10. Learn who they are and what they like YouTube ‘Insights for Audiences’ helps youplan campaigns by understanding niche segments and their behaviour on site
  • 11. YouTube offers an advanced set ofPlanning andTargeting toolsInsights for Audience Video Analytics Video Planning Tool Google Confidential and Proprietary 12
  • 12. And allows you toMeasure success and analyze your viewers YouTube Insights Google Analytics Google Confidential and Proprietary 13
  • 13. Inspiration time!~ A pick of the best this year ~
  • 14. Samsung NL: Mimicry in a brand channel
  • 15. Chocomel: playful and all about the brand
  • 16. YouTube Annotations~ Where will you take your audience next? ~
  • 17. French Connection and the Youtique
  • 18.1M views> 1400 Blog items referring
  • 19. NL Donorstichting using annotations 262 000 views 386 comments actively discussing campaign
  • 20. It’s about sharing~ Seed, promote and let the community do the rest ~
  • 21. Doritos: NL Flawless integration with Facebook 550.000 channel views after 1 week
  • 22. Kindred Spirits~ Make connections with your audience on YouTube ~
  • 23. T-Mobile and online first for content 53M upload views: more than a soap serieon TV could even wish for
  • 24. Unilever – Axe 3 days live on the homepageCasestudy to be released shortly
  • 25. TV on YouTubeIn content and ads
  • 26. We’re finding that YouTube & TV work better together1. Additional reach TV YouTube Additional reach*: - Cadbury Dairy milk: 24% - Gillette “future champions”: 6%2. Increased recall TV YouTube Overlap TV/YT*: - Cadbury Dairy milk: 12% - Gillette “future champions”: 11% YouTube Confidential and ProprietaryCadbury 15-24 study: single source panel, GfK; Gillette study: Single Source Panel + pre & post questionnaires, MetrixLab 27
  • 27. And finally……some best pracices
  • 28. Be short The average length of a video watched on YouTube is 3.8min For the best user engagement, make your video less than 5 min. YouTube Confidential and ProprietarySource: Entertainment Media Research UK, 2010
  • 29. Be entertaining Video is a highly engaging and entertaining communication medium. Make it something people want to watch and share. YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  • 30. Be real Stay loyal to your brand and don’t try to be something you’re not. Be straight forward and honest. YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  • 31. Think outside the box Use the full YouTube potential. Be creative and find new ways of engaging your viewers! YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  • 32. YouTube is the natural place for your video content Easy discovery Indexed by Google and YouTube search to promote discovery Free and open Easy distribution Users want to find and see your Easy distribution and sharing videos. YouTube doesn’t require options across social networks, users to have a login to watch embedded sites etc. Centralised hosting Effective marketing Creative options for channels Effective advertising and and video organisation promotional programmes Centralised reporting Full reporting suite for all views and interactions available free in YouTube Insight YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  • 33. Need video? Think beyond the 30 sec spot ENTERTAINMENT INFORMATION EDUCATIONTV Advertisements Corporate Videos How To / Self Help / TutorialsMade for Web Ads Public Speaking / Events TrainingOuttakes / Making of News / PR Product Guides / DemosVideo Blogs Historical Footage Customer ReviewsSponsorship Need more ideas? Go on YouTube and see what users have uploaded about your brand! You will be surprised to see how much content around your brand already exists. YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  • 34. Informational videosDESCRIPTIONProvide advice, service and informationabout your company, your products andvalues.EXAMPLESCorporate VideosDell, L’Oreal, Salesforce,Siemens,Fortnum & MasonPublic Speaking / EventsThink Google Event,Starbucks CEO at UCLNews / PRBA Strike, BP Oil Spill, TacoBell,British Gas Price YouTube Confidential and ProprietaryAnnouncement,Ora Brush, Apple
  • 35. Educational videosDESCRIPTIONShow how to use your products, giveadvice and ideas. Make it easy anduseful!EXAMPLESHow To / Self HelpSalesforce, Kodak, Vodafone Help Centre,Lloyds TSB Advice and GuidanceBritish GasProduct Guides / Demos / TutorialsSony Ericson, Photoshop, L’OrealWaitrose, NokiaReviewsL’Oreal, Ora Brush, Kiddicare,Super Mario, Kia Motors YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  • 36. Your audience awaits~ Ready to deliver your message? ~