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Dr advisor-v4

  1. 1. www.dr-advisor.com Dr Advisor The unique web­based application for e­health services  with a compromise between “medical professionals  comfort” and “Patients comfort and privacy”
  2. 2. www.dr-advisor.com About - We focus on patients comfort and privacy. - Easy, practical and efficient e-health solution. Starting from a compete and free web medical portal, passing by the possibility of creating free protected and private EHR (Electronic Health Records), and last but not least the the interaction among the patients and between them and the physicians. - Dr Advisor is composing a perfect environment of interaction among patients, medical-labs, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. - DrAdvisor is a forming the basic environment fo remote- diagnostic and telemedicine services.
  3. 3. www.dr-advisor.com Mission To participate in reducing the heath-care costs spent in paperwork, administrative and ways of communication. To participate in the enhancement of health-care services by offering effective e-heath solutions
  4. 4. www.dr-advisor.com Patient (?)  Search for a trusted physician, clinic, hospital, or medical-lab.  Build your online private health-history file.  Access your health file whenever needed.  Share your medical-file with the doctor of your choice.  Get your test-results online without having to physically go to the laboratory.  Interact with doctors : ask for recommendations or remote diagnostics.
  5. 5. www.dr-advisor.com Physician (?)  Create your online page and announce for your services for free.  Get an easy access to your patients medical-data whenever needed, for free.  Interact with your patients online, for free.  Allow your patients to rate and review your services  Perform statistical calculations on diseases in an anonymous way.  Perform remote diagnostics online.  Get to know about the other physicians and more !
  6. 6. www.dr-advisor.com Clinic / medical lab (?)  Raise your voice for patient satisfaction  Announce for your services  Reach more patients and increase your market size ✔ Allow your staff to have access to their patients files whenever needed
  7. 7. www.dr-advisor.com Market analysis (1) Lospedale Bambino Gesu Launched a service for its clients consisting of a magnetic card (with a bar code) that contains the medical-history of the patient Problem: This card contains only data belongs to Bambino Gesu .. if the patient visits another hospital or medical-lab, these visits are not registered on the card provided by the hospital..
  8. 8. www.dr-advisor.com Market analysis (2) Artemesia labs The labs chain is offering a service that allows its patients to have online access to the results of their medical-analysis. But: The labs do not offer to the patient to have their EHR (Electronic Health Record) file
  9. 9. www.dr-advisor.com Market analysis (3) Pazinti.org Website where patient and medical institutions can give their feedback on the service level But: -Does not offer the patient to have their EHR -Does not offer the patients to have the results of their medical analysis online
  10. 10. www.dr-advisor.com Too complicated ?
  11. 11. www.dr-advisor.com Dr Advisor Simplified version Focus on end-users (patient)
  12. 12. www.dr-advisor.com Would you like to get the results of your medical analysis online ? Without having to physically go to the laboratory ? You may also share these results with the physician that you choose Register
  13. 13. www.dr-advisor.com Registration info First Name ? Last Name ? Date of birth ? City ? Email address? We dont spam you Submit
  14. 14. www.dr-advisor.com Terms of use .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ... ? I agree
  15. 15. www.dr-advisor.com This service costs you 3€/test would you like to proceed ? Yes No Supported payment methods VISA MASTERCARD
  16. 16. www.dr-advisor.com This service costs you 3€/test would you like to proceed ? Yes No Supported payment methods VISA MASTERCARD
  17. 17. www.dr-advisor.com Enter the name of your favorite laboratory Location (city) ? Submit
  18. 18. www.dr-advisor.com Lab search Searching .........
  19. 19. www.dr-advisor.com We are sorry, the lab that you are searching is not in our database Would you like to be informed via email when your favorite lab is in our database ? Yes No
  20. 20. www.dr-advisor.com Business model ● Networking model: – All parties can create their pages for free... with payments for primer service.. ● ● 3 euros / medical test sharing ● – 50% to the medical lab – 50% to Dr-Advisor