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12. Social 2.0   Mobile Social Networking   Jason Chiu
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12. Social 2.0 Mobile Social Networking Jason Chiu






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12. Social 2.0   Mobile Social Networking   Jason Chiu 12. Social 2.0 Mobile Social Networking Jason Chiu Presentation Transcript

  • Social 2.0 Mobile Social Networking 20090924 Jason Chiu CEO, Cherrypicks jasonchiu@cherrypicks.com Copyright © Cherrypicks Limited All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential.
  • The Biggest Social Media Story In The World Over Last 12 Months -2-
  • -3-
  • • 1 billion emails sent • 80 million video views • 5 million friends over 15 social networks (facebook – 3 million) • 3 million subscribers to mobile news • 3 million personal phone calls in last four days to election source: Edelman -4-
  • -5-
  • -6-
  • -7-
  • -8-
  • … But Not Every Social Media Activity Is A Presidential Election… -9-
  • … In Fact, My Own Biggest Social Media Story In The Last 12 Months -01-
  • Meet My Daughter 0.75 years old now Life uncontaminated with online and mobile social networks yet -11-
  • • 500 emails sent • 350 friends and their messages via Dadi and Mami social network accounts • 250 SMS, Tweets and RT • 2TB of photos and videos in 9 months -21-
  • “Those Hands Are Small But They Are Mine” So everyone, important or just regular person, has their social networks and stories to tell … -31-
  • Imagine -41-
  • My Network A Typical Network of A Normal Person -51-
  • A Bigger View of groups of Social Networks - Like an epidemic -61-
  • You can identify Answer People Reply Magnet Connector Discussion People by their explicit friends’ network and more implicit signature behavior and interactions with others -71-
  • -81-
  • Analyse Interactions in the Context of Location, Presence and Community -91-
  • Explicit Relationships – Friends’ Network -02-
  • Implicit Relationships – 2-way Communications -12-
  • Basically, the patterns of: voice calls (Call Details Record / CDR) sms im content consumption which constitute interactions -22-
  • How Often At What Time With On or Off-Net Friends -32-
  • Spots Social Networks (SN)… And within these SN, their key influencers -42-
  • Typical Social and Mobile Marketing Data mining approach: • Based on individuals, demographics and filtering mechanism • No knowledge of how connected the individual is • No metrics beyond individual’s response to the offer -52-
  • No Ideas About: Spectrum Few friends, Many friends, many interactions, few interactions, strong ties weak ties -62-
  • -72-
  • Inter-connectedness is based on frequency and reach of two way communication -82-
  • Worth buzzing/ recommendation Matter to me and my friends Cool Deserves attention -92-
  • Now your story or marketing message could go directly to the most inter-connected members of large groups, benefiting from the ‘viral’ potential within the social cluster -03-
  • For Mobile Operators and Social Network Providers/Community Sites, It Means: • New / Additional Subscribers (conversion of Off-Net to On-Net Users)  • Increase ARPU Across the client base (data service, music, games, marketing offers) • Loyalty / Churn Reduction • Third Party Advertising Revenue -13-
  • For Advertisers, It Means: Premium Targeting to Relevant Key Influencers of social networks at the proper time and enable her/his network to embrace your message -23-
  • Many companies, including Cherrypicks, are trying to better understand social networks and how to capture the interaction behaviors in a way for optimal marketing performance We apply these techniques in designing and running mobile The Tipping Point social networks or mobile – Malcolm Galdwell extension/applications of existing social communities -33-
  • Thank you Jason Chiu CEO, Cherrypicks jasonchiu@cherrypicks.com Sources and Photo courtesy in the presentation: FutureLab, MediaFuturists, Pop Lab, Benjamin Joffe, Alex Wong, NodeXL, Edelman -43-