Hitch profile pdf 2012:2013


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Hitch profile pdf 2012:2013

  1. 1. HITCH ProfileInformation for distributorsBusiness ProfilePresented By Melissa & Patience Winslade • HITCH NZ • 2012/2013 “Getting you HERE to THERE in STYLE!” 100% FUN ... 100% ADVENTUREHITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz 1
  2. 2. HITCH APPARELWho, What, Where, Why...“GETTING YOU FROM HERE, TO THERE...IN STYLE”Who...The Family at HITCH want you to have the most amazing & memerable time while with us in NewZealand.What...We have designed Adventure fashion’s to assist you on your journey throughout the North & SouthIslands of our picturesque country.Our HITCH T-Shirts are uniquely designed so that drivers can see your determined destinations,making your Hitch’n experience: Fun and memorable.Using washable markers on the ‘Going To Panel’, you will be able to use your HITCH apparel over...and over again !HITCH - an iconic keeper to remind you of all your adventures through out New Zealand.A Hot spot NZ Map on the back of HITCH T-SHIRTS will serve as your guide for all the great placesto visit while in New Zealand.Where...Our HITCH T-Shirts can be purchased online at www.hitch.co.nzALSO found in all the hottest NZ backpackers, Info centers, transport terminals & a variety of shopsthroughout NZ.Why...Because traveling is adventurous and most worthy of FUN !Our greatest hope is that our HITCH T-Shirts add to all the enjoyment of your journeys throughoutNew Zealand - Aotearoa.HITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz
  3. 3. HITCH SYSTEMS The way we will operate... ETHICAL TRADE We have made relationships with all good clothing retailers up and down the Country. We will therefore, take orders from YOU and continue to supply in demand to the influx of travelers arriving into New Zealand daily, weekly ad seasonly...We have distributors Providing only theup, down and around BESTNew Zealand that will For ourstock HITCH Wear... International Guests! Abbey Oceania - Headquarters of HITCH NZ. Coastal East Otago, NZ. We predict our greatest sales to occur during Sep-April annually as world wide travelers journey to New Zealand to enjoy our Spring/Summer Seasons. As clearly known; New Zealand offers so much throughout all seasons of touristic activity, the sale predictions could in-fact surprise us all with greater and higher returns. We have seen a need and TOGETHER...Intend to fill a need. HITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz
  4. 4. GROWTH POTENTIALIts good...Thats why we are in Business!SEE A NEED ... FILL A NEEDWe have prepared ‘HITCH’ Packages to get you going. For first time orderers;We have prepared [STTP] Straight to the point packages...Each containing a variety of Mens/Ladies Hitch T-Shirts mixed colors and sizes.HITCH Mixes can be ordered in packs of [12] - [25] - [50] - and - [100] ...See more details of mixes available in attached HITCH Order Form.All Packages offer you great returns on your investment...and of course; the more youorder, the more you save and the more you make !HITCH Philanthropy:We at HITCH understand the importance of investing resources, support and fundinginto the aspirations of Young New Zealand Entrepreneurs...We have thereforedecided to invest 10% of every T-Shirt sold into a NZ Entrepreneur Trust, that willenable the realization of innovative dreams and aspirations that contribute towards abrighter future in New Zealand.HITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz
  5. 5. HITCH FEATURESGetting you from here to there in STYLE.EXPLORE OUR LAND - AOTEAROA New Zealand is famous for being a land that is safe, green and beautiful, an iconic location for exploring as many have discovered through Hitch Hiking. HITCH Clothing adds to the HYPE of your NZ experience. The FUN way to get around New Zealand, meeting locals, sharing stories, photo opportunities, Ticking off NZ hotspots and so much more....Hitching opens opportunity for new experiences, new friendships and of course unexpected adventures. New Zealand has so much to offer, if you have the time to take it all in, be prepared for good times and ready for an adventure of a lifetime...HITCH has apparel to assist you on your JOURNEY! HITCH your way throughout New Zealand. HITCH T-SHIRTS are PERFECT for PARTIES ! Once in your destination, you can use your ‘Going To...’ Panel to let others know where you are intending to CELEBRATE. Hitch Clothing provides a perfect way to meet new people and join in the hype of traveling throughout New Zealand.HITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz
  6. 6. HITCH + New ZealandGetting you from here to there in STYLE.HITCH IS FOR YOU...IT’S THE FUN THING TO DO ! HITCH Clothing, Now Available to all great NZ Retailers, Back Packers, information centers and transport terminals. HITCH 100% FUN ... 100% ADVENTURE For more info or to make your order : Contact your HITCH Rep’s Melissa & Patience M: 021 259 66 70 or P: 021 029 32 892HITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz
  7. 7. TARGET MARKETTravelers arriving into New ZealandBusiness ProfilePresented By Melissa & Patience Winslade • HITCH NZ • 2012/2013Our Target Market is a market that has not been catered to in New Zealand as of yet. OurTarget Market is international travelers arriving into New Zealand Daily. Inflow of international travelers aged 18 - 35 from Statistics NZ. 2011 monthly record of international travelers arriving into New Zealand: 2011 Traveler Inflow Jan 2011 - 44,880 July 2011 - 38, 000 Feb 2011 - 37,500 Aug 2011 - 36, 544 March 2011 - 28,110 Sep 2011 - 46, 244 April 2011 - 28, 104 Oct 2011 - 33, 856 May 2011 - 19, 306 Nov 2011 - 34, 528 June 2011 - 23, 150 Dec 2011 - 55, 584 So we see that during 2011 New Zealand saw 392, 036 Travelers aged between 18 - 35 arriving into New Zealand. This is clearly a big market for us to cater to. HITCH NZ providing apparel to international Travelers. It’s Good for Us...Good for you...Good for Travelers to Aotearoa. HITCH 100% FUN ... 100% ADVENTUREHITCH NZ . Contact C: 021 259 66 70 E: melissamw@maxnet.co.nz