Telehealth Priority for NHITB


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Graeme Osborne
Director, National Health IT Board

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Telehealth Priority for NHITB

  1. 1. Telehealth An important priority for theNational Health IT Board in 2012 Graeme Osborne Director, National Health IT Board Director, Information Group Ministry of Health PREPARED BY
  2. 2. Enabling an Integrated Healthcare Model eHealth VisionTo achieve high quality health care and improve patient safety, by 2014 New Zealanders will have a core set of personal health information available electronically to them and their treatment providers regardless of the setting as they access health services.
  3. 3. Italians – Telehealth? Fabrizio Biaggi Rossi Schettino
  4. 4. NZ Population 4,412,636 as at Monday, 12 Sep 2011 at 01:28:35 pm Core Health Information - Health Identity, demographics, allergies and alerts, register of health information Long Term Conditions - Shared Care Record Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (InterRAI) Maternity - Shared Record of Care Well Child - Shared Record of Care Mental Health - Shared Record of Care Common Clinical Results (Laboratory results, Medications, Referrals, Discharges and other clinical documents) Telehealth - In-home monitoring Four Regional IT Platforms Continuum of Care National minimum Nat. immunisation Maternity, Pharms warehouses etc. Clinical Information B4 Schools Clinical Information Cancer register register dataset dataset Patient Portal Imaging/Picture Archive Patient Administration Clinical Systems Support and billing Patient Administration Connected Health Primary/Integrated Specialist/Tertiary/ Public HealthHome Settings Family Health Centres Secondary Hospital
  5. 5. Telehealth needs to be more than a plan….. The National Health IT Board maintains a strong and consistent focus on the eHealth Vision as an outcome The Board has recognised that it takes people, giving up their energy and time, to address the requirements of the IT Plan In addition, the Board has identified and addressed barriers to progress to the outcome Telehealth, a subset of the National Health IT Plan, is no different
  6. 6. We need to build a Telehealth community…. The ability of technology advances to support new models of care and self-care is increasing every day How might we create a community of interest that accelerates the adoption of telehealth solutions to improve: health outcomes, productivity and patient/clinical/family satisfaction? How could we create compelling propositions to decision makers? Part of the answer is to  engage consumers and clinicians in this opportunity  measure improvements in health outcomes, and  celebrate and share successes.
  7. 7. Telehealth one of three Broadband Priorities The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development are working together to ensure the Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband services are taken up by the health and disability sector Three areas are:  Clinical Integration  Telehealth  Consumer Trust and Confidence
  8. 8. Investment in Telehealth over two years… The Board has invested in the Telehealth Forum to:  create an implementation roadmap  engage leaders and recognise their successes  evaluate and measure improved practice outcomes  identify barriers to telehealth adoption The investment is seed funding over 2 years to establish and set up the Telehealth Forum Healthcare organisations and vendors will need to engage and support the Telehealth Forum as it develops its value proposition and operating model We are confident that the Telehealth Forum can be self supporting
  9. 9. Thank You