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Healthpoint - Continuously Updated Referral Information for GPs and Patients: 3 years on
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Healthpoint - Continuously Updated Referral Information for GPs and Patients: 3 years on


Published on

Healthpoint - Continuously Updated Referral Information for GPs and Patients: 3 years on

Healthpoint - Continuously Updated Referral Information for GPs and Patients: 3 years on

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Healthpoint - Continuously Updated Referral Information for GPs and Patients: 3 years on John Anthony Williams Director Healthpoint Limited
    • 2. At the time of referral what information is needed? Doctor Which specialist has an interest in this disease? Who can I contact to talk about options? Is the procedure funded by the public health system? What is the current treatment guideline? How long will it take to get an appointment? Patient/caregiver What will happen at the first appointment? What should I take with me? Where will I park? How long will it take to get an appointment? How much will it cost? Where can I find some information on the condition? Are there any support groups I can contact?
    • 3. Choices
    • 4. Healthpoint ?
      • Healthpoint uses a web based platform to communicate and manage a vast amount of medical service information from multiple sources for different stakeholders.
      • Vision:
      • To provide key information which means medical professionals and patients/caregivers are able to make better decisions around referral and therefore lead to better clinical outcomes.
    • 5. Healthpoint Background
      • Start-up company 2004
        • Started with a few private medical specialist services
        • Advisory group set-up to advise go/no-go, way forward
        • Initial pilot with CMDHB in three services
          • Respiratory, Orthopaedics, Radiology - 8 month pilot
          • Assessed by independent group and research undertaken.
        • Advice to implement DHB wide.
        • CMDHB information launched Nov 2005
    • 6. What does Healthpoint mean for a DHB or Private Specialist Service.
        • Information is accessible to all stakeholders:
        • In one place
        • In a standardised format
        • Specific to local services
        • Owned by the services
        • Comprehensive, Quality, Sustainable
        • Clinician involvement primarily from the specialist services but involving the GP liaisons and including feedback from primary care
        • Iterative
    • 7. The information available
      • For Primary Care/Health Professionals
      • (secure, requires registration, password)
        • Service specific contact details, emergency contacts
        • Referral guidelines
        • Scope of services offered/not offered
        • Local/Regional/National services offered
        • Specific clinics
        • Referral process/Triaging
        • Hospital management of referrals
        • Primary care management
        • Prioritisation/Waiting times
        • Document downloads
        • Links to national guidelines, recommended sites
      • For Community/Consumers
      • (Open to all)
        • Contact details in depth
        • Location maps, location details including access and facilities
        • Description of the service
        • Referral expectations
        • Procedures/Treatments/Common conditions
        • Patient information downloads
        • A list of affiliated consultants
        • Associated patient support groups
        • Charges
    • 8. Healthpoint Evaluation
        • “ Great for someone in the early initial stages of health worries”
        • “ The information was easy to read, easy to follow “
        • “ Told me where to go, what to do, what to expect”
        • “ Easy to get around, very good actually, liked the headlines”
        • “ Post-care information would have been useful e.g. exercise tips”
    • 9. Increasing access to appropriate DHB information may improve:
      • Inappropriate Referrals
        • Our experience with DHBs shows that between 15 – 32% of referrals may be inappropriate. Our analysis shows that the majority of inappropriate referrals are due to a lack of referrer understanding/transparency of referral guidelines.
      • Did Not Attend (DNA)
        • In addition to inappropriate referrals, we know that DNAs ranging from 4 – 30% are common in most services. DNAs can be attributed to a broad range of situations including lack of patient information, cultural perception, lack of involvement and even non-familiarity with public transport systems.
      • Inappropriate Presentation
        • We know that some patients are uncertain about how they should prepare for their appointment. e.g. hydrating before ultrasounds, presenting with list of current medications, fasting etc.
    • 10. Healthpoint quality & operational systems Quality Accuracy Integrity Accessibility
      • Proof reading
      • Editorial set up
      • Editorial review
      • Local edit/review
      • 4 Monthly
      • updates
      • Electronic
      • approval
      • Editorial Checks
      • Security Systems
      • Records Retained
      • Ease of editing/
      • review
      • Tested & validated
      • CRM
      • System reliability
      • and availability
      • Links to other
      • information
      • sources
      • Password
      • management
      • for medical
      • professionals
    • 11. The benefits for a DHB
      • Contributes to increasing the communication between primary and secondary care.
      • Contributes to greater community transparency and understanding.
      • Can Lead to increased efficiencies for primary care and secondary service utilisation by:
        • reducing re-work; and
        • increasing productivity amongst health professionals in primary and secondary care.
      • Contributes to greater patient/consumer awareness and involvement.
    • 12. Healthpoint Statistics
      • 2006: 77,494 visitors 781,976 pages viewed 5.3 million hits
      • 2007: 73,283 visitors 883,399 pages viewed 6.7 million hits ( Sept YTD)
      • Record!!! >18,000 visitors in Sept 2007
      • is being accessed the following ways (September 2007):
        • 26.3 % direct access or bookmarks.
        • 42.8 % via Google.
        • 30.7 % via other website links e.g. MOH, DHBs, ACC, Procare.
    • 13. DHB Page Impressions/month
    • 14. DHB Page Impressions/month
    • 15. Usage in Primary Care
      • GP Usage of Healthpoint. Feedback from ar DHB-Sample 25 GP practices
        • 24% registered and using regularly
        • 52% registered (at least one in practice) but have not been using the site regularly
        • 13% have never used it
        • 8% had technical problem e.g. no computer access, no broadband
        • 3% unknown
    • 16. In partnership to increase utilisation
      • Internal DHB Staff
      • Intranet link – in place, ensure prominence/ongoing -
      • Posters placed internally Template developed for CMO to present at CDs meetings where appropriate
      • Presentations to services
      • Presentations on hospital campus where appropriate
      • Ongoing communication within DHB publication
      • HP message on base of DHB referral/appointment letters
      • GP usage of Healthpoint:
      • Info pack sent out
      • CME presentations
      • PHO presentations
      • `Info-Matters’ Newsletter sent to all Auckland GPs/Primary care
      • Discuss with large PHOs ongoing communication program
      • Patient and Caregiver awareness:
      • Flyers in GP Surgeries
      • Notification statement on bottom of appointment letters
      • Google focus
      • Ongoing promotion and agreement
      • Kiosks in community
    • 17. Why do DHBs, Private Services work with Healthpoint?
      • Successful implementation/outstanding customer feedback
      • Proven technology
          • New Zealand Awards
          • 2005 Computerworld winner, “Best use of IT in health”
          • 2006 TUANZ innovation award finalist “Healthcare”
        • Proven processes
        • Proven relationships
        • Include change management principles
          • Make sure that the examples of "Change Champions" are visible to others
          • Make sure that senior management provides overwhelming support
          • Make sure that the desired behavior is tracked/recognised – what gets measured gets done
          • Over communicate
          • Platform established to develop other collaborative solutions
    • 18. Current Status/Future Opportunities
      • Current Status
        • CMDHB 103 Services Live (Launched Nov05)
        • ADHB 80 Services Live (Jun06)
        • WDHB 47 Services Live (Jun 07)
          • Equates to approx 50% of NZ’s referral traffic to public
          • 75% of Auckland GPs registered with HP
        • Kiosks CMDHB, soon ADHB
        • Record site utilisation
        • CCDHB, Implementation started Sept (Launch Dec07)
        • >260 Private Specialist Services
        • Network of Patient Support Groups
        • 93% of service information is within 4months of review
      • Future Plans?
        • The Healthpoint Platform will enable specific projects with the DHBs e.g:
        • Disease Management, compliance programs in MH, Diabetes involving Primary Care and the Patient
        • E-Referral intelligence
        • Networking/Centres of Excellence
        • Other