HHME Group Presentation on Social Media, Marketing & Brand Promotion


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A detailed presentation explaining how the use of social media using Twitter and blogging can help with marketing and promote brand awareness.

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HHME Group Presentation on Social Media, Marketing & Brand Promotion

  1. 1. Social Media benefits within Marketing Best ways to promote Brand, encourage traffic and secure Market awareness
  2. 2. Social Media Campaigns the Positives  Close on immediate response  Subject specific keyword optimisation  Great Brand awareness  Targeted Marketing at its best  Target demographics instantly  Reach millions with one post  Geographic targeting on a global scale  Zero to minimal budget outlay - and that is ongoing  Social media leads to viral marketing the work is done for you  Target specific market segments with subject specific keywords All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  3. 3. Social Media yet more positives  Keywords can target psychographics  Peak interest in a variety of arenas  Enhanced chance for sponsorship, affiliation and further inbound revenue streams  Positive effect on variety of products marketing of one can have a knock on effect to group marketing – increased revenue repeat sales  Intensity not conditional to workload - automation leads to continual real time marketing with little to no outlay thus allowing employee workload to decrease All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  4. 4. Promoting Brand through Search Engine Optimisation  Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing coupled with Social Media can help promote Brand awareness in a variety of ways.  Keyword analysis – what are the most important words people use in search terms to find your goods or services?  Keywords promote your product and propel your ratings all through organic optimisation without the need for expensive PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns  Social media will optimize and advertise your presence through the internet.  Linking SEO and Social media together gives a strong base to build your Brand awareness going forward All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  5. 5. Promoting Brand through Search Engine Marketing  First page classification on Google and other popular search sites  Affiliate links can help increase revenue  Page sponsorship within website, newsletter or hard copy marketing again brings extra revenue  Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc all promote Brand and bring free traffic to targeted areas  Targeted traffic generation though organic optimisation All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  6. 6. Target & Intensity through Social Media  Keyword specific  Metadata perfection  Search term friendly  Push facing marketing for consumer  Pull facing marketing for distribution  Social Media does both brilliantly  Intense targeting with either push or pull directional marketing  Social media electronic viral word of mouth distribution  Guerrilla marketing through short term tactical activity delivering immediate benefits through a social media formula  Multi media strategies cultivate rapid growth returns All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  7. 7. Message to Convey  Convey your marketing message quickly and succinctly  Push vs. pull marketing encourage and entice or simply promote Brand awareness and pick up  Seasonal promotion coupled with daily, weekly and monthly promotion incorporate market saturation to ensure product pick up All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  8. 8. Adding a Blog Reaps Great Rewards  The introduction of a blog can help in a variety of ways ◦ Helps propel specific ideas and promotions directly at your target audience again with the use of keywords your articles and therefore message is set to reach those people you feel would benefit the most ◦ A spattering of links within your articles send your audiences to the targeted areas you choose this helps promote new courses new ideas or research information basically anything you want to draw your readership attention to. ◦ Blogging and the regular input of new articles is a brilliant SEO tool the search bots or spiders that crawl the sites see the constant new data as nothing but good from an SEO point of view and so when the bots feed back the information serves to propel your site further up the search engines. ◦ Blogs and RSS feeds run hand in hand you can add an RSS feed to your blog people can subscribe to this – they have the chance to have your articles and updates delivered directly through their RSS feed subscription you have the bonus of capture of subscriber details great for mailing campaigns as you know you have targeted interested parties. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  9. 9. To Blog or not to Blog  Now that is the question. Do you write your own personal blog or is this a task for the professional? There are many points to consider when entering the ‘blogging arena’. ◦ Time available for article writing ◦ The aim of your blog ◦ Your target audience often considered in conjunction with the above ◦ Length of composition ◦ Preferred subject matter – personal, business, humour or specific message orientated  The suggestions above are by no means an inexhaustible list; just a few ideas to consider when approaching the idea of a blog. Once you have decided on the chosen arena for your audience it is easier to choose whether you write for yourself or if you take the commissioned author route. Professional blogging is now recognised as a career, lets face it blogs have been considered for writing awards. As with all forms of writing it is a case of having the faith in your conviction and just going for it.  If you feel that you do not have the time to produce your own blog there are a vast array of freelance bloggers that are happy to produce copy for you, myself included. Typing ‘blog writing’ into Google will give you a plethora of choices. This can have a knock on effect, where originally you felt you could not write an article a small amount of surfing can give you a choice ‘to blog or not to blog’ or alternatively this will be a mine of ideas for future topics you can write on. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  10. 10. Which blog and software to use Which blog and software to use and why?  Do you want to use a free blog such as WordPress?  Would you prefer overall control of your blog? A variety of blog software can be integrated into your hosting package  Who to aim your blog at?  Who should be your key article writer or should there be many?  Tone and genre to adopt with blog? All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  11. 11. Capture your audience in a variety of ways  Attention grabbing headlines good for creating narrative greed within your audience also loved by the search engines for optimisation.  Keep paragraphs short and punchy this helps your reader to skim through to find their preferred topics  Use of bullet points images and subheadings also help with the skimming process  Include interesting quotes and key points  Keep your topics popular, something your readers will want to discuss and revisit on a regular basis. This is key to help build up a steady comment flow within your articles. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  12. 12. Key Marketing Points when using a Blog  What is your aim with the piece?  Who is your target audience?  Which keywords you are aiming to optimise?  Have you included well placed links throughout your article to include internal and external links?  Do your paragraphs elicit narrative greed, grabbing the audience with short, punchy remarks?  Is your content styled to aid ease of reading? This could include:  Bulleted points  Clearly defined subheadings (search engines appreciate this to help with indexing as well as any reader being able to grasp the articles intention from an initial skim reading)  Key points and interesting quotes  Do you emulate the feeling of community through your prose?  Is your article informative or educational?  Does your title give the relevant impression for those following through RSS feeds? All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  13. 13. Dramatic Growth Rate through the use of Social Media 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 February March April May June July August September October November December January February M h  Since augmenting a social media campaign traffic has doubled and trebled, normally SEO worked organically would not show any strong response for at least 3 months couple SEO with social media and the use of keywords within social media sites has an almost instantaneous reaction.  The chart to the left shows the growth in traffic to a blog aggregated by a social media campaign All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  14. 14. Proof in the Pudding  Social media is taking the world by storm, it provides immediate real time access to a variety of marketing processes for little to know fee on a worldwide scale.  High page rankings on Google can be obtained immediately without the need for costly promotion campaigns.  Website analysis provides strong feedback as to how well your campaigns are running. There are a variety of software programmes that provide analysis of your social media campaigns mix these with web stats or analysis and you have campaign demographics readily available whenever needed. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  15. 15. Marketing mix with Social Media  Marketing mix of ingredients that draw together within the social media sphere.  Marketing strategy that builds upon key words and ideas throughout the world wide web.  Make use of online conversations and customer communities to help your business grow  Choose distribution channels that help promote Brand in a variety of ways.  Broadcast your marketing strategy 24/7 on a real time basis making content available as and when the consumer needs change All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  16. 16. Building your Brand Brand engagement ◦ From the various diagrams shown Brand engagement can occur from a variety of arenas ◦ Within social media we see a ‘new influencer’ as shown in the top diagram ◦ As with all campaigns it’s a numbers game social media gives you a chance to quadruple your audience numbers overnight. Plus with the use of optimisation and key word integration you know that your Brand is being sourced be interested parties All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  17. 17. Optimisation at its best  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method by which websites can gain enhanced positions in the organic listings in major search engines.  A fully optimised website, or blog can be found more easily through the search engines – the higher the information is ranked in search engines such as Google the more likelihood of extra traffic to your site/blog and therefore the chance of your marketing message achieving the desired response is increased.  Most people will choose the information shown on the first page of Google when they use the search engine it is rare that they will trawl through to later pages in a search result. Hence the need for optimisation use.  The use of social media sites help the process of optimisation considerably All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  18. 18. Suggestions going forward When considering a social media campaign the best site to use can be determined by the following:  Choice of content, will you need to use video or music within your promotion  Certain sites lend themselves more easily to specific media. ◦ YouTube for video content or music ◦ Facebook, Delicious and MySpace for a more detailed promotion ◦ LinkedIn, Ecademy for a purely business angle  Blogging as well as social media is the perfect mix. This helps with optimisation through the search engines as well as giving the perfect medium for any form of promotion. Most blogging software will support a variety of media within a post. By using the social network sites to promote your blog article and sending links directly to specific promotions the perfect campaign can be delivered. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  19. 19. What are you hoping to achieve  Having a clear goal of what you hope to achieve from your campaign means a social media marketing strategy can be more easily produced  Do you want interaction from your campaign?  Do you simply want information delivery?  Is Networking your aim?  Would recommendations help promotions – comments on blog articles make great testimonials All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  20. 20. Who are the customers?  New consumers  Recurring customers  Local business bulk buy in  Business through sponsorship  Joint ventures All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  21. 21. Room for Development and Growth  Social media provides the perfect environment to easily change media messages in seconds with no outlay.  Watching web trends and stats allows you to edit marketing campaigns in seconds and restart them just as quickly.  A simple edit of a post conveys a different message  Search engine optimisation and constant analysis of keywords allows you to add or subtract postings quickly with no detriment to a campaign. No costly outlay. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  22. 22. Aligning all areas  Social media can ensure that all areas of your business are aligned and a variety of communication channels through the various social media platforms allow you to spread your marketing message through a choice of channels instantaneously . All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  23. 23. Customer needs  Through social media analysis customer needs can be easily addressed and acted upon in record time. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  24. 24. Customer Satisfaction  Customer feedback and evaluation is almost instantaneous through social media – this can be viewed by direct response or data analysis of web trends  Customer satisfaction can be used within social media to help promote service and Brand. Praise from a satisfied customer is some of the best PR possible – social media gives the customers a chance to leave a direct response to service that all can see. This takes the idea of testimonials to a whole new level. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  25. 25. Distribution Strategy Ideas  Choose your medium and frequency keywords are paramount within social media for this  To share or not to share? This helps you choose the social network to use for a campaign  LinkedIn, Facebook, Ecademy all allow access to a large audience without the restriction of the concise 140 character limit. Short URL’s used on Twitter send your desired audience directly to your chosen agenda. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  26. 26. Communications Media  Communication channels can all deliver your marketing message through a choice of software and a multi broadcast approach. People assimilate knowledge through a variety of ways; with the use of a multi broadcast channel base you can be sure your message reaches all customers old and new. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  27. 27. Examples of Social Media use All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  28. 28. Twitter Optimisation  Twitter is perfect for business it gives the perfect opportunity to react to customers complaints or praise as it happens  Any announcements made have immediacy, real time, worldwide  Twitter can be accessed on the move via mobile phone it truly is one of the most accessible forms of social networking.  Twitter followers tend to grow organically which goes hand in hand with SEO so the use of key words becomes even more important  As your followers build they will start to recommend you to others yet another organic marketing tool All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  29. 29. Further Twitter Optimisation  There are a variety of applications and add ins that allow yourTwitter account to run on autopilot this allows you to set a string of relevant key marketing phrases that can be automated to run on a regular basis thus ensuring that you message reaches as many people as possible at any time of day or night  Twitter allows your message to be delivered in real time to anywhere in the world. – thus when it is 12 midnight here in the UK you can still be promoting your Brand through the power of social media over in Australia or America  Twitter allows you to monitor through keywords and other such analysis each time your Brand is mentioned so that you can easily remain abreast of any feedback being ‘tweeted’ aimed at you All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  30. 30. Best use of Twitter accounts  When promoting Brand awareness or a specific campaign more than oneTwitter account is to your advantage.  It is important to choose an account name that is symbolic to your keywords linked with the promotion you want to run.  If choosing a music promotion use of a type of music in the account name or a specific composer gives the twitter followers an idea of the content they can expect to read. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218
  31. 31. Twitter accounts continued  The added bonus of more than one account allows you to spread your messages to a larger audience you can choose to send specific information over all your accounts or you can limit to the one account.  Twellow http://www.twellow.com/ is a comprehensive‘yellow pages’ of those that use Twitter it is well worth registering with them. It is free to register and you can list your company/twitter account under a variety of medium that you feel best suits the work you do.. All rights reserved HHME Group 0845 519 6218