The films of Quentin Tarantino


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The films of Quentin Tarantino

  1. 1. The Films of QuentinTarantinoBy Hannah George
  2. 2. Basic InformationInfluences and style of filmmakingThe trunk shot is used in many Tarantino films, including. Reservoir Dogs ( this is shown in the picture above)Tarantino has created a unique style that is all his own, combining styles from his favourite genres of films into brand new mash-ups, making him one of the more recent true Auteurs (A filmmaker who influences their movies so much that they rank as theirauthor). He expresses his films exactly from his point of view, for example, in Kill Bill he combined kungfu films and spaghettiwesterns. Tarantino is the first to tell people that he is heavily inspired, in plot and style, by his favourite movies; and manages topay homage to his favourites, yet still creates a film that is still unique and original. He frequently employs a retro sensibility to hisfilms, placing the viewers in the old Saturday matinee movies or the 70s exploitation films. At the same time, he adds personaltouches, such as his frequent use of foot-centered shots. Tarantino‟s love of womens feet seems to find its way into the majority ofhis films. His body of work features unique humour, action, interpersonal touch, and fast-paced, pop culture-laden dialogue. It hasbeen claimed that Tarantino has written some of the best most memorable dialogue ever heard in cinema.In an awards ceremony in the Critics Choice Awards celebrating Tarantino, he said he got his start in filmmaking in his 20s. Musicis an important part of his filmmaking style. He said he would listen to music in his bedroom and create scenes that correlated tothe music playing.In the 2002 Sight & Sound Directors poll, Tarantino revealed his top-twelve films: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; Rio Bravo;Taxi Driver; His Girl Friday; Rolling Thunder; They All Laughed; The Great Escape; Carrie; Coffy; Dazed and Confused; FiveFingers of Death; and Hi Diddle Diddle. In 2009, he named Kinu Fukasaku‟s violent action film Battle Royale as his favourite filmreleased since he became a director in 1992.In August 2007, while teaching a four-hour film course during the 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival in Manila, Tarantinocited Filipino directors Cirio Santiago, Eddie Romero, and Gerardo de León as personal icons from the 1970s, citing De Leons"soul-shattering, life-extinguishing" movies on vampires and female bondage, particularly Women in Cages. "It is just harsh, harsh,harsh," he said, and described the final shot as one of "devastating despair". Upon his arrival in the Philippines, Tarantino wasquoted in the local newspaper as saying, Im a big fan of Republic of the Philippines cinema.„Actor Steve Buscemi has described Tarantinos different style of film making is likened to "bursting with energy" and "focused,".According to Tarantino, a recurring theme in all his movies is that there is a different sense of humour in all his movies, which getsthe audience to laugh at things that arent funny.
  3. 3. Racial epithets in TarantinosworkSpike Lee questioned Tarantinos use of racial terminology in his films, particularly the raciallyoffensive epithet, "nigger". In a Variety interview discussing Jackie Brown, Lee said: "Im notagainst the word... and I use it, but Quentin is infatuated with the word. What does he want?To be made an honorary black man?" Tarantino responded on Charlie Rose by stating: As a writer, I demand the right to write any character in the world that I want to write. I demand the right to be them, I demand the right to think them and I demand the right to tell the truth as I see they are, all right? And to say that I cant do that because Im white, but theHughes brothers can do that because theyre black, that is racist. That is the heart of racism, all right. And I do not accept that ... That is how a segment of the black community that lives in Compton, lives in Inglewood, where Jackie Brown takes place, that lives in Carson, that is how they talk. Im telling the truth. It would not be questioned if I was black, and I resent the question because Im white. I have the right to tell the truth. I do not have the right to lie.In addition, Tarantino retaliated on The Howard Stern Show by stating Lee would have to"stand on a chair to kiss my ass." Samuel L. Jackson, who has appeared in both directorsfilms, defended Tarantinos use of wording. At the Berlin Film Festival, where Jackie Brownwas being screened, Jackson responded to Lees criticism by saying: I dont think the word is offensive in the context of this film ... Black artists think they are the only ones allowed to use the word. Well, thats bull. Jackie Brown is a wonderful homage to black exploitation films. This is a good film, and Spike hasnt made one of those in a few years.Tarantino has defended his use of the word, arguing that black audiences have anappreciation of his Blaxploitation (The exploitation of black people, especially with regard to stereotyped roles in movies)-influenced films that eludes some of his critics, and, indeed, that Jackie Brown, another oft-cited example, was primarily made for "black audiences".According to a 1995 Premiere magazine article, actor Denzel Washington also confrontedTarantino on his usage of racial slurs in his pictures, but mentioned that Tarantino was a "fine
  4. 4. Reservoir Dogs (1992) Six criminals, who are strangers to each other, are hired by a crime boss Joe Cabot to carry out a diamond robbery. Right at the outset, they are given false names with an intention that they wont get too close to each other and to concentrate on the job instead. They are completely sure that the robbery is going to be a success. But when the police show up right at the time and the site of the robbery, panic spreads amongst the group members which involves one of them being killed in the subsequent shootout along that includes a few policemen and civilians. When the remaining people assemble at the decided rendezvous point (a warehouse), they begin to suspect that one of them is an undercover cop…
  5. 5. ContravercyThe film has received substantial criticism for its strong violence and language. Thereis one scene that viewers found particularly unnerving; this was the ear-cutting scene.Madsen himself reportedly had great difficulty finishing it, especially after Kirk Baltz(character) said the desperate plea "Ive got a little kid at home."Many people walked out during the film and Tarantino commented about it at the time: “It happens at every single screening. For some people the violence, or the rudenessof the language, is a mountain they cant climb. Thats OK. Its not their cup of tea. But I am affecting them. I wanted that scene to be disturbing”During a screening of the movie at a Film Festival in Barcelona, fifteen people walkedout, including horror film director Wes Craven and special effects artist Rick Baker.Baker later told Tarantino to take the walkout as a "compliment" and explained that hefound the violence unnerving because of its heightened sense of realism.
  6. 6. Sex & Nudity Alcohol/Drugs/SmokingRated R for strong bloody brutal violence and for pervasive strong language. A joke about marijuana usage.The opening dialog is a lengthy and graphic explanation of an extremely vulgar Several characters smoke cigarettes and interpretation of Madonnas "Like a virgin." cigars. Several characters drink. There is joking around about prison sex. One character tells a story about a woman Frightening/Intense Sceneswho super glues a mans penis to his belly for revenge A man deliberately cuts a tied up police There is no nudity or strong sexual content officers ear off. The scene is extremely intense, mostly during the build-up of tension Violence & Gore before the actual torture happens, yet the actual cutting of the ear is off-screen.. A man There is not much violence but it´s quite slowly bleeds to death throughout the movie. ruthless and brutal, the gangsters lack all what empathy means. Plenty of blood is usually seen in a puddle around him. Profanity The violence in this movie can be intense272 Fuck Words used, 5 utterings of the word and is not suitable for the faint of heart. "nigger", several uses of dick, many uses ofshit, and other standard R-rated phrases and jokes. In the opening scene, strong sexual dialogue is used frequently and graphically. The language in this film is pervasive and might be offensive to some viewers.
  7. 7. Jackie Brown (1997)Jackie Brown is the name of a flight attendant who getscaught in the action of smuggling her boss gun money onthe airline she works for. Luckily for her, the Fed Ray Nicoletand the LA Cop Mark Dargus decide to team up in order toarrest the arms dealer she works for, whose name they dontknow.Heres when she has to choose one way: tell Nicolet andDargus about Ordell Robbie (who is the arms dealer) andget her freedom -except that if Ordell suspects youre talkingabout him, youre dead- or keep her mouth shut and dosome time. Thats when she meets Max Cherry -her bailbondsman-, a late fifties, recently separated, burnt-out man,who does fall in love with her. During the filmThen Jackie comes up with a plan to play the FederalGovernment off against Ordell plus the guys he is workingwith -Louis Gara and Melanie Ralston, among others- andthen walks off with their money. But she needs Maxs help.As nobody is going to stand in the way of his million dollarpayoff.
  8. 8. Controversial points Sex & Nudity Alcohol/Drugs/SmokingIn one scene that last only 10 seconds, we see a man Two characters smoke pot in several scenes (bong andthrusting into a women from behind as they stand pipe).upright. Once they both climax, the woman lifts herselfup a little bit so the man can pull out. He tells the womenhow "that felt so good". You see her backside as she There are numerous scenes where alcohol iswalks away. Other than the brief shot of the womans consumed.backside, this scene has no nudity. Cigarettes are smoked a lot in this movie (particularly by Violence & Gore the title character).This is the least violent of all Quentin Tarantinos films:A man in the trunk of a car is shot three times and killed, Frightening/Intense Scenesseen from a far distance. No blood. Some of the violence is sudden and unexpected, so itA man shoots a woman twice and kills her, off-screen. may be shocking.No blood.A man sitting in a van shoots the man sitting next to himpoint-blank in the chest; blood sprays the window andthe man is still alive. We hear another gunshot, implyingthat the man was killed.A man is shot in the chest and killed, and there is a littleblood on the wound. ProfanityFrequent use of the nigger and fuck (and itsderivatives.)
  9. 9. Pulp Fiction (1994)Pumpkin and Honey Bunny are two thieveswho, while dining at a coffee shop, decidethat the best thing to do is to rob it. Vincentand Jules, two hit men working for mobkingpin Marcellus Wallace, are sent toretrieve a very special and very mysteriousbriefcase for their boss.Vincent later must also show Mrs. Wallace agood time while her husband is out. ButchCoolidge is an aging prize-fighter who isbeing paid to "take a dive", but instead,accidentally kills him opponent, and tries toflee town, but not before getting his deadfathers lucky golden watch.These four seemingly unrelated stories areinterwoven together in a non-linear fashion.
  10. 10. Sex & Nudity Alcohol/Drugs/SmokingTwo men discuss the possible sexual implications of a Two men talk about the availability of hash in Amsterdam,foot massage. Other than brief references to cunnilingus, and getting high on it.this is not explicit. Characters are seen smoking and drinking alcoholicA man makes out with his girlfriend on a bed. She asks beverages at a bar.him to perform oral sex on her. While the act is performedoff-screen, we see his head move towards her waist and A man buys heroin from his drug dealer; the dealer asksshe moans. the man if he wants to hang around and "get high."A man comes out of a shower covering his waist with a In one scene, we see several close-ups of a mantowel. He then removes the towel and we very briefly get preparing heroin and injecting it. In later scenes, the mana glimpse of his pubic hair. is seen obviously high.One scene contains strong S&M themes, including a A woman is seen preparing cocaine and snorting it from a"Gimp" wearing a black leather jumpsuit and tied up for mirror.sexual purposes. A woman overdoses. This scene is incredibly graphic.A man takes another man into a room with the intent of She is revived with an injection of adrenaline.raping him. We hear muffled screams as anothercharacter tries to escape. He decides to save the man All depictions of drug use in the film are graphic andand we see the rapist thrusting his victim He saves the sometimes by mortally wounding the perpetrators. This scene isdisturbing. Frightening/Intense ScenesSome graphic sexual references, though no gratuitous orexplicit nudity. Pulp Fiction contains a very strong Black Comedy overtone, but thats not to say that it is any less intense and frightening. The rape scene described in Sex/Nudity is very Profanity disturbing.243 uses of the word fuck. A woman snorts heroin assuming it to be cocaine, therefore she overdoses. She is later seen with a largeVarious uses of the word shit and other profanities. amount of blood and mucus coming out of her mouth and nose.The word nigger is said roughly 15 times, though neverin a racially derogatory way and almost always spoken by She is later revived with an adrenaline shot to the heart;African-American people. this scene is particularly tense.Miscellaneous racial insults may be heard. Some viewers may find the scenes listed under "Violence & Gore" intense or frightening, although some of it isThere is a small amount of sexual language. played out for comedic effect.
  11. 11. Violence & GoreMostly gunfights; graphic, little gore.Two robbers hold up a restaurant. Threats areshouted.A man is shot in the chest and multiple bloodywounds are seen. A man gives an unconscious woman an adrenaline shot in the heart.A man shoots at two other men. A man is unintentionally shot in the head at point-A man is shot three times and one of the bullet holes blank range. This happens in a car and is veryis large and graphic. graphic to the point where the mans head literally explodes. This is immediately followed by a hugeA man hits another man with a car. He is knocked wave of blood on the rear window of the car, as wellunconscious. as blood splattering on the two other men other men in the car.A man gets in a collision with another car, causinghis car to career into a telephone pole. A man is gunned down as he leaves a bathroom. We see him get shot repeatedly in the abdomen andA mans nose is injured, a lot of blood has poured chest, stumble backwards and fall into a bath. Blooddown his face and on his t-shirt. A relatively graphic can be seen on his clothes and the wall.split in his nose is seen. A man is shot in the groin with a shotgun. TheAfter a car crash, a woman assists one of the shooting itself is not that graphic, but the victimvictims. She is shot in the leg from across the road. writhes around on the floor, audibly moaning in painBlood runs down her leg and onto the sidewalk. for about 5 minutes. The shooter says that he intends to torture and kill the victim; go medieval onA man tackles another man and repeatedly punches his ass.him in the face, giving him a bloody nose. A mans chest is sliced vertically with a SamuraiThroughout much of the film, two men are in a car, sword creating a bloody wound. He is then stabbed.the interior of which is covered in blood and bits ofbrain and skull. We briefly see the body of a man who was shot in the head. He is in the trunk of a car and is on screenA woman overdoses on heroine. Blood comes out of for less than a second.her nose and mucus comes out of her mouth. Some of the violence is sudden and unexpected so could be shocking/startling for some viewers.
  12. 12. Kill Bill (2003)The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad consists of fivemost deadly killers, led by Bill. There is ORen-Ishii asCottonmouth, Elle Driver as California Mountain Snake,Vernita Green as Copperhead, Budd as Sidewinder. Andthere is The Bride, whose name is not said, who hadwanted to quit because she was pregnant.One day, somewhere in the Texas desert, The Bridewanted to marry the love of her life. When Bill and herformer colleagues showed up and killed everyone there.But they did not do a good enough job: The Bride survives,barely, and is in a coma for four years. Her colleaguesknow this but wont kill her in her sleep, it would just ruin thereputation of the gang.One day, The Bride awakens. For her, not a second hasconsciously passed, and after she realizes all the thingsthat have happened, The Bride decides to take revenge.Bloody revenge.On each single one of those who betrayed her. First on herdeath list is Cottonmouth, who has become the yakuzaboss of Tokyo, Japan, second in line is Copperhead, whochose a more decent life as well. The Bride sets out to takeback what was once hers: Her life.
  13. 13. Controversial pointsSex & NudityA hospital orderly brings in another man to have sex with thepresumably comatose Black Mamba (although shes now justfaking it). The orderly says, "$75 a f*ck," comments on the guygetting "your freak on," and tells the man that since her"plumbing doesnt work down there," that he can "come in herall you want." He then gives the man some Vaseline andcomments on lubing her up with that due to dryness downthere. The orderly leaves and the man then crawls on top ofBlack Mamba, but she bites into his tongue (and apparently killshim off screen). Later, a comment is made, "My names Buck,Im here to f*ck."We see an animated version of O-Ren Ishii (age 11) gettingrevenge on the man who killed her parents. Hes noted as beinga pedophile (which is how she apparently got to be with him)but she stabs down into him with a large blade, killing him.In one scene, there is an underage girl (like 16) who asks aman if he wants to "screw her". After he reluctantly says ok, shestabs him and she tells him "now would you like to penetrateme? Or is it I who penetrated you?!?“ Frightening/Intense Scenes There is a long scene depicting the preparation and imminent poisoning of The Bride - while she is stillProfanity comatose, - by Elle Driver though this mission is aborted by Bill at the last minute.About twenty uses of the word fuck, a few times used sexuallyand paired with mother. The Showdown at House of Blue Leaves chapter contains an intensely violent and gory fight between TheCunt is said twice, harshly. Bride and dozens of Katana-wielding men constituting The Crazy 88. In all versions but the Japanese release, this scene is partially shown in monochrome to avoidAlcohol/Drugs/Smoking drawing more stringent censorship. The Anime segment of the movie is very exaggeratedCharacters are infrequently seen smoking and drinking. and rather intense. Highly artistic; the depiction of theA 17-year-old girl is seen drinking heavily from a bottle in a bar. brutal murder of a married couple while their daughterShe slams it down aside scattered empty glasses. watches undetected below a bed is very graphic and shocking. Similarly, it seems to have seriously psychologically damaged the daughter.
  14. 14. Violence & GoreThe violence and gore in this movie is extreme, stylized and ~A woman seduces a man. When the man says yes, she thenhighly choreographed (this might reduce its intensity). There is an stabs him in the stomach. She makes a very dark joke about it.uncut version which intensifies the scenes which I will mark with a His guts fall onto the floor.~ A womans arm is sliced off; she flails around, blood sprayingA woman, bruised and bloody, is shot in the head and blood from the stump. Throughout the next scene, she is seensplatters out. screaming and rolling around in a pool of her own blood. Extremely exaggerated.Two women fight inside a family home. Rather stylised violenceinvolving punches, kicks, melee attacks with blunt objects and A man is stabbed in the abdomen with a Katana. He is then liftedeventually knives. The fight is interrupted when a belligerents above the attackers head with the sword and thrown into a pool.daughter enters the house. Several dozen masked henchmen are dispatched in a veryAfter a short break, the fight continues; one fires a concealed gun gruesome manner by The Bride and her Samurai the other, who promptly throws a knife into the firsts heart,killing her. It is implied that the young daughter witnesses her A 17-year-old girl (who is the personal bodyguard of one of themothers death. antagonists,) attacks The Bride with a Meteor Hammer on a chain. The Bride is hit in the chest several times and choked withThe movie depicts a wedding chapel littered with bodies the chain. While suffocating, The Bride reaches for a piece of(precisely nine; eight of which are dead, one in a coma.) Bullet wood with jagged nails protruding from the end, with which shedamage and blood can be seen on the walls and floor. stabs her attacked in the toes, then in the head, resulting in her death.In the above scene, it is also strongly implied that The Bridesunborn baby was also killed. However, we find out at the end of ~At one point during the Showdown at House of Blue Leavesthe movie that she is still alive. scene, the picture turns to monochrome to lessen the effect of the gratuitous gore and violence of The Brides fight with the CrazyAn unconscious woman (believed, until this point, to be dead,) 88. In the Japanese version, however, this does not happen; thespits blood into a mans eye in a reflex action. scene is in full colour. The monochrome effect was used to avoid an "NC-17" rating.A woman bites a mans lip so severely that it leaves them bothbloody and him unconscious (or perhaps dead.) During the monochrome segment, dozens of Katana-weilding henchmen are dispatched and graphically dismembered. ThisA mans Achilles Tendon is slashed and he falls to the ground. scene is most definitely not for those of a sensitive nature, especially as the blood is so exaggerated. During this scene, theMoments later, the same man has his head repeatedly slammed following occurs:in a door. Finally, The Bride crushes his head in the door withsuch force that it results in his death; his body twitching - A mans eye is plucked from his face.noticeably.
  15. 15. - A man has is neck broken and the one opposite of him has a ~A man fights off two attackers in his home while his wife is held bykatana penetrated through his chest coming out at his back. a third. His daughter watches from under the bed. The man damages the face of one of the attackers (this is more graphic in the uncut version) and breaks the arm of another before throwing him- Several people have their arms sliced off. into a bookshelf.- A mans mouth is sliced open, resulting in a Glasgow Smile. The man is finally killed when he is stabbed in the back with a Katana. In true Anime style, the blood that ensues from the wound is- A man is literally sliced in half vertically with a Samurai sword. hyperbolic in both amount and sound. The man is then stabbed in the temple right in front of his hidden daughter. His eyes rolled back- At one point, The Bride is urgently trying to get to O-Ren Ishii into his head, indicating his death.but is in the midst of fighting a small army of men. So, in anattempt to finish the fight, she aims her blades for the attackers ~Later, the daughter is seen straddling a scantly clad man who is theankles, resulting in many detached feet. The attackers can be Yakuza boss responsible for her parents deaths, and is revealed toseen fumbling in panic with their dismembered feet. be a pedophile. While atop him, she stabs him in the chest with a blade. She taunts him while he visibly suffers and bleeds from theThe Bride then blinks, and normal colour is restored. mouth (longer in the uncut version) Eventually, she slices through his stomach all the way to his chest (in the uncut version you get aA woman is scalped with a samurai sword. Her open cranium can good view of this) to cause a similarly prolific gush of blood thatbe seen, as can part of her brain. literally covers the walls (this is also a bit longer in the uncut version).We see the bloody carnage resulting from a previous battle. The commotion attracts two guards to the room. They open fire withMutilated people writhe around among the bloody corpses of their 9mm pistols, only to realise that their target has hidden under thefallen comrades. This image is rather disturbing. bed.~A woman who has recently had her arm dismembered is She then shoots one in the leg, causing his foot to fly off, beforethreatened with loosing her other arm if she doesnt give The shooting him in the head. A similar fate befalls the second guard.Bride information. In the uncut version, her other arm gets cut off,with blood present. Later in the scene, a man is shot in the head with a sniper rifle. The camera follows the bullet as it passes through his head and out the~An anime scene depicts the history of one of the main back. Two women look through the exit-wound and scream.antagonists. While animated, it is nonetheless very violent andrather disturbing. Details follow: A woman is shown graphically slicing the feet and ankles from a dozen of men rapidly one by one. Galons of blood burst out and~A man fights off two attackers in his home while his wife is held some bone matter is shown as a a third. His daughter watches from under the bed. The mandamages the face of one of the attackers (this is more graphic in A woman is shown plucking the eye out of a man. Some blood isthe uncut version) and breaks the arm of another before throwing shown and the optic nerve of the eye is graphically shown.him into a bookshelf. A woman dodges incoming hatchets, ending in the forehead of two men. Bloody, but nothing so gross.
  16. 16. Kill Bill (2004)It all began when the nefarious Deadly ViperAssassination Squad moved in and assassinated thePlympton wedding party at the Two Pines WeddingChapel in El Paso, TX. Well, all but one: The Bride,their real target.All they managed to do to her was put her in a coma.And four years later, she woke up and swore revengeon the lot of them. It began with the disposing of O-Ren Ishii/"Cottonmouth" and VernitaGreen/"Copperhead".Now, the "Black Mamba" has only three left on herDeath List: Budd/"Sidewinder“ who is Bills brother;Elle Driver/"California Mountain Snake” who is thedeadly one-eyed assassin; and, of course, Bill/"SnakeCharmer“ who was her boss, teacher, and lover.However, Bill does possess one thing that keeps theball in his court: B.B., the daughter the Bride thoughtshe had lost in her coma. And now, at this point, theBride knows only one thing: in the end, she will kill Bill.
  17. 17. Controversial pointsSex & Nudity-We see several women wearing revealing outfits throughoutthe movie; they show cleavage/deep-cleavage, legs andabdomens; one scene takes place in a brothel (we hear its abrothel, nothing suggestive shown), another in a strip club (wesee the poles, but no one is dancing)-We see a couple of pornographic magazines with suggestivepictures lying on the floor. They are somewhat out of focus butunmistakable.-Some sexual dialogue. ProfanityA man and a woman talk and a man asks for sexual reasons for "Fuck" is said nine times, infrequently but they stop there. A few phrases such as "Give me areal good time" she then replies "I give you a slice where you "Shit" is said about ten times.wont need some sex“ "Cunt" is said once, non-aggressively.Violence & Gore Some milder language throughout.-A woman asks another woman how she lost her eye, and webriefly see, in a flashback, her face with lots of blood where hereye used to be. A person pokes another persons eye out, and Alcohol/Drugs/Smokingwe see the very bloody face where the eye used to be and thevictim thrashes and screams. We see the eyeball fall onto thefloor, and we see a close up of it being squished by a foot. This Three characters are the brief scene mentioned above. We see two characters clearly snorting cocaine casually, one of-Several scenes of gun-play, sometimes with bloody results, but them a prostitute and the other telling her to do it.not very graphic. A drunk man continues to drink. Other characters drink as well,-Several Close Combat fighting with lots of kicking, punching, sometimes to excess.and Mêlée weapons; sometimes with somewhat bloody results. A woman tells a man to smoke some pot.-A man is attacked by a snake. It bites his face several times,we see him on the floor with a swollen face. Frightening/Intense Scenes-In the cast sequence we see brief images of vol.1 that containseveral bloody injuries including a brief image where a woman One extremely tense scene involves a character being buriedis holding a mans decapitated head. alive.In the first opening minutes of the film we see the bride getting Though slightly comical in nature, the scenes in which Elleshot in the head. It is in black and white, but the blood pours out Drivers eyes are literally pulled out of her head are extremelyof her head. A brief scene. painful to watch, not for the squeamish.Volume 2 is less violent than the first.
  18. 18. Sequel to Kill Bill (volume 3?)Tarantino told Entertainment Weekly in April 2004, that he is planning a sequel:“Oh yeah, initially I was thinking this would be my "Dollars Trilogy". I was going to do a new oneevery ten years. But I need at least fifteen years before I do this again. Ive already got the wholemythology: Sofie Fatale will get all of Bills money. Shell raise Nikki, wholl take on The Bride. Nikkideserves her revenge every bit as much as The Bride deserved hers. I might even shoot a coupleof scenes for it now so I can get the actresses while theyre this age.”According to, details emerged around 2007 about two possible sequels, KillBill Volumes 3 and 4. According to the article, "Bennett Walsh said at the Shanghai InternationalFilm Festival, the third film involves the revenge of two killers whose arms and eyes were hacked byUma Thurman in the first stories". The article adds that the "fourth installment of the popular kungfuaction films concerns a cycle of reprisals and daughters who avenge their mothers deaths".Quentin Tarantino said at the 2006 Comic Con that, after the completion of Grindhouse, he wants tomake two anime Kill Bill films. One will be an origin story about Bill and his mentors, and the otherwill be an origin starring The Bride. The latter is most likely to be a prequel, but could also follow therumored (sequel) plot reported in Entertainment Weekly in April 2004.At the Morelia International Film Festival on October 1, 2009, while being interviewed on an ItalianTV show after being asked about the success of the two Kill Bill films, Tarantino addressed thehostess by claiming "You havent asked me about the third one" then asking the woman to ask thequestion would he be making a third Kill Bill film, which he replied "Yes", and claiming "The Bridewill fight again!" On October 3, 2009, he further predicted that Kill Bill 3 would be his ninth film, andwould be released in 2014. He said he intends to make another unrelated film before that date ashis eighth film. He confirmed that he wanted ten years to pass between the Brides last conflict, togive her and her daughter a period of peace.
  19. 19. Death Proof (2007)In Austin, Texas, girlfriends Julia Lucai,Arlene, Shanna and Lanna Frank meet in abar to drink, smoke and make out with theirboyfriends before traveling alone to LakeLBJ to spend the weekend together.They meet the former Hollywood stuntman, Mike, who takes Pam out in his"death-proof" stunt car. Pam soondiscovers Mikes secret. Fourteen monthslater, Mike turns up in Lebanon, Tennessee.Abernathy "Abbie" works in the make-updepartment on a film set. Zoë Bell, Kim andLee are all chased by him but the girls aretough and decide to pay-back the attack.
  20. 20. Controversial pointsSex & Nudity Alcohol/Drugs/SmokingSuggested MPAA Rating: Rated R for Pervasive Strong Language, Some For the first half of the movie, many scenes are set in a bar, and numerous men and women constantly drink, smoke cigarettes, and smoke pot.Violence including a Graphic Bloody Accident, Sequences of Action, SexualContent and Drug Use Alcohol is often referred to in conversations as well.This movie doesnt contain any actual nudity or sex, only a suggestive lapdance, some fairly sensual clothes, and plenty of sexual references and Frightening/Intense Scenesdialogues. Almost all the violent scenes are very intense, there isnt much violence and gore in the movie, but when it occurs its very disturbing and realistic. The- In the extended (European) release, a young woman performs an erotic lap main car crash scene is very on a much older man. She dances around him wearing hot pants, shecaresses his shoulders and face, and shakes her clothed buttocks briefly onhis lap. Violence & Gore- Many women wear skimpy clothes that reveal lots of legs/thighs, and Death Proof doesnt contain many scenes of violence, but the few violentsometimes bare abdomen and parts of the buttocks. scenes are quite graphic.- We see a woman walking around in her underwear, parts of her bare - A woman is violently bumped around inside the killers car. She hits the glass and the interior of the car, we see her with a bloody hand and somebuttocks are seen, we see her legs and bare back as she slips into a T-shirt, blood on the glass. She later gets her face smashed against the dashboardwe see a close up of a womans clothed crotch with her hand pushing of a car, we see a brief glimpse of the scene, and hear a loud crunch as sheagainst it, as she walks towards the rest room. presumably hit her face/nose/teeth on the dashboard. After that, we see her as she gasps for breath and then quickly dies (thick blood is covering her and the her clothes, as will as the dashboard).- In the Extended (European) release a man briefly licks a womans foot. - A man crashes his car into another car full of young women. We see a- We briefly see covers of several magazines that show many half-naked woman getting thrown out of a car and landing on the road. Another womanswomen. leg gets severed in the impact, flies from her body, and splashes onto the road (very graphic). A womans face is struck with a moving wheel, her face tears off (we briefly see a bloody pulp where her face used to be). This is the- A man and a girl are left alone, he laughs and she gulps at his sight. It goriest scene in the movie.might be minimally implied that hes about to molest and/or rape her, but it isnever shown nor told. Before this sequence, another woman tells that man - A woman shoots a man in the arm, we see some blood.that the girl is a porn actress (which is not the truth). - A group of women pull a man out of his car, and then punch him repeatedly until he falls to the ground. A woman kicks him in the face and he is supposed to be dead, it is shown but not in close-up.Profanity - A very long sequence of car chase, involving a woman on top of the car. She is constantly threatened with being thrown off the car, moving at 100-This movie has some very foul language. miles-per-hour.147 f-words, 37 s-words, 12 uses of God ****, 2 uses of son of a bitch, atleast 60 uses of ass, and about 10 or so uses of the N word. Inconversations they also use sexual language and references quite often.
  21. 21. Inglourious Basterds (2009)During World War II, Lt. Aldo Raine leads his squad ofJewish-American soldiers behind enemy lines in Nazioccupied France. Their job is simple: kill the enemy.They also have a particularly violent approach to whatthey do: scalping their victims. Soon they are knownand feared throughout the German army. In Paris,Shosanna runs a cinema and through a chancemeeting with a German war hero, is selected to hostthe premiere of one of Dr. Josef Goebbels propagandafilm.With all of the German high command scheduled toattend - including Hitler, Goering and Martin Bormann -it seems like the ideal opportunity for Lt. Raine and hismen to bring the war to a quick end.Shosanna, who is Jewish and whose parents andsiblings were killed before her eyes, also has her ownplans for the evenings festivities. When she realizesthat the man who killed her family Colonel HansLanda, known as the Jew Hunter, will also be theremakes her own plans complete.
  22. 22. Controversial pointsViolence & Gorestrong, graphic, explicit and detailed violent/bloody/gory scenesthroughout the filmA group of Nazi soldiers shoot through the floorboards of a house,killing the Jewish family that was hiding there. One girl gets away (wesee some blood on her).In a montage, a man slits another mans throat, places a pillow over amans head and stabs his face repeatedly and shoves his fist intoanother sleeping mans mouth, presumably suffocating him.A man slits a Nazis throat and then a group of men gun down several Sex & Nuditymore Nazis. Some blood is shown. There is a brief scene when Shoshana and Frederich are sitting atWe see some Nazi corpses being scalped. Very gory. lunch with Goebbels and his translator in which when the translator introduces herself, it cuts to a scene with Goebbels and her havingA Nazis head is beaten in with a baseball bat. Extremely graphic and sex This only lasts for a few seconds, but features a lot of moaningbrutal. Most of this is shown from a distance but there are a few close- and graphic A different Nazi is then shot (no blood). It is then implied that aman carves a swastika into a third Nazis forehead. ProfanityThere is a brief scene where a man is shown being whipped. His backis bloody. 25 f-words, normally limited to outbursts in a few scenes. In addition, an anatomical insult, 10 s-words round out the count.A shoot out occurs in a bar. Some blood is shown; there is also aclose-up of two men shooting each other in the legs repeatedly. Manypeople die in this scene. Alcohol/Drugs/SmokingA man shoves his finger into a bullet wound in a womans leg in order (Pipe)smoking and drinking throughout, including a scene taking placeto obtain information from her. in a pub where a few people are very drunk. Also Brad Pitts character sniffs powdered snuff in many scenes.A woman is strangled to death. Very brutal.A woman shoots a man in the back several times. He then shoots herseveral times. They both die. Frightening/Intense ScenesThree men fire into the windshield of a Nazi vehicle, killing the soldiers Some scenes graphic violence could be very disturbing to someinside. Blood splatters. viewers.A theatre is lit on fire when a large number of Nazis are trapped inside. Some intense shoot out scenes where shots come suddenly andTwo men then open fire onto the trapped people, with lots of blood unexpectedly.spraying. Hitler is shown being shot in the face multiple times up-close. The scalping scenes are gross but semi comedic as the eccentric nature of the filmSeveral bombs go off inside the theatre, completely destroying it. The ending scene can be very intense to certain viewers.A Nazi is shot, no blood. A woman is strangled to death.A Nazi has a swastika carved into his forehead with a large huntingknife. Extremely graphic. We see a close-up of the knife cutting the
  23. 23. Up and Coming FilmsDjango Unchained is an upcomingwestern film written and directed byQuentin Tarantino. The film stars JamieFoxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, andChristoph Waltz.Django Unchained is set in the Old PosterSouth, and follows Django , a freed isslave who treks across America withthe German dentist turned bounty unknownhunter Dr. King Schultz (Waltz) toretrieve his wife Broomhilda from thecharming but sadistic Francophileplantation owner Calvin Candie and hisentourage of ruthless slavers. The filmis scheduled to be released onChristmas Day 2012. Principalphotography started in January 2012.Release date in the USA is the 25thDecember