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Significant or notable film festivals   independant
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Significant or notable film festivals independant


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  • 1. Hannah George
  • 2.  The three most prestigious film festivals are commonly regarded to be that of Cannes, Berlin and Venice; these festivals are sometimes called the "Big Three”. Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowskis ‘The Three ColorsTrilogy’ were each made for these festivals; with a colour to help signify the different locations (with Blue for Venice, White for Berlin, and Red for Cannes). The ‘Toronto International Film Festival’ is North Americas most popular festival.Time wrote it had "grown from its place as the most influential fall film festival to themost influential film festival, period.The ’Seattle International Film Festival’ is credited as being the largest film festival inAmerica, regularly showing over 400 films in a month across the city. The ‘SundanceFilm Festival’, ‘Tribeca Film Festival’, ‘New York City International Film Festival -NYCIFF-’, ‘Montreal World Film Festival’ and ‘Gimli Film Festival’ are also majorfestivals in North America, as is the ‘Vancouver International Film Festival’,the fifth largest film festival in North America.
  • 3.  "A" Festivals: The festivals in Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Shanghai, Moscow, San Sebastián, Montréal, Locarno (since 2002), Karlovy Vary, Mar del Plata, Cairo, Tokyo, and Warsaw are listed as "A festivals", or "category one" by the ‘International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF)’ This means that they are very elite and popular with the larger named Directors, Producers e.c.t. Experimental films: ‘Ann Arbor Film Festival’ was started in 1963. It is the oldest continually operated experimental film festival in North America, it has become one of the premiere film festivals for independent and, primarily, experimental filmmakers to showcase their work. Independent films: In the US, ‘Telluride Film Festival’, ‘Sundance Film Festival’, Austins South by Southwest, and New York Citys ‘Tribeca Film Festival’, are all considered significant festivals for independent film. The ‘Zero Film Festival’ is significant as the first and only festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers. The biggest independent film festival in the UK is ‘Raindance Film Festival’. North American: The ‘San Francisco International Film Festival’, started in 1957, is the oldest continuously running film festival in America. It highlights current trends in international filmmaking and video production with an emphasis on work that has not yet secured U.S. distribution. The ‘Toronto International Film Festival’, begun in 1976, is regarded North Americas most major and most prestigious film festival, and the most widely attended worldwide. Torontos ‘Hot Docs’ is the leading North American documentary film festival. Toronto also has the largest amount of film festivals in the world, ranging from cultural, independent, and historic films. The largest festival, in terms of the number of features shown, is the ‘Seattle International Film Festival’, screening 270 features, and approximately 150 short films. The ‘Whistler Film Festival’, with is amazing location and breath-taking scenery, is getting bigger every year with more than 80 screenings and a well-rounded Industry Summit. Meanwhile, the ‘New York Film Festival’ only shows a few films in each year, but it still has big impact in the United States. The ‘Sundance film festival’ is a major festival for independent film.
  • 4. • Latin American significance: The ‘Cartagena Film Festival’, founded by Victor Nieto in 1960. It is the oldest film festival in Latin America. The ‘Festival de Gramado’ (or Gramado Film Festival) ‘Gramado, Brazil’ along with the ‘Guadalajara International Film Festival’ in Guadalajara, Mexico are considered to be the most important film festivals of Latin America. It was first held in 1973, awarding Latin American films. The ‘Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival’ has been held since 1975 in the Spanish city (Huelva Ibero). While the ‘Expresión en Corto International Film Festival’ is the largest competitive film festival in Mexico, which specializes in emerging talents, and is held each year during the last week of July in the two colonial cities of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. Among Spanish speaking countries the ‘Dominican International Film Festival’ which is held annually in Puerto Plata, DR, the ‘Valdivia International Film Festival’ is held annually in the city of Valdivia. It is arguable the most important film festival in Chile.• Animation: Founded in 1960, the ‘Annecy International Animated Film Festival’ is the oldest international film festival dedicated exclusively to animation. The others are: Zagreb (f. 1972) Ottawa (f. 1976), Hiroshima (f. 1985), KROK (f. 1989), and Anima Mundi (f. 1992). There are also a variety of regional festivals in various countries.• Asian Film Festival: Most notable amongst the Asian Film Festivals are the ‘Osians-Cinefan Film Festival’, which was recently expanded to include Arab Cinema as well, and the ‘Hong Kong International Film Festival’ (HKIFF) and ‘Busan International Film Festival’ (BIFF).• African festivals Significant African festivals based on the continent include the biannual ‘Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou’ FESPACO in Burkina Faso, the annual ‘Durban International Film Festival’ which has grown in importance for industry with the addition of a co-production forum and Talent Campus.
  • 5.  European festivals The biggest European festival is the ‘Cannes film festival’ in France along with Berlin and Venice. Art and Technology: The ‘Palo Alto International Film Festival’, a program of the Palo Alto Institute, which is the only film festival in the United States to celebrate the convergence of art and technology, it does this by focusing on the influence of emerging technologies on cinema. Emerging Filmmakers: The ‘KahBang Film Festival’, part of the ‘KahBang Music- Art-Film Festival’ in Bangor, Maine, is one of the newest film festivals in the United States to discover and showcase the work from Emerging Filmmakers throughout the world. Their programming continues to be unique by also showcasing the best new Comedy features, Music Documentaries, and Maine made films. Each year they honour one notable actor, actress, or filmmaker with the "Kevin Norwood Bacon Award for Achievement in Cinema", acknowledging the success the recipient of the award has achieved in being so closely connected to Kevin Bacon. One of their films is screened in the KahBang Off Screen Category, "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" which connects the honoured back to the man himself.
  • 6. I then decided to have a look at two of the mainindependent film festivals, that seemed toapply themselves with the type of film that mypartner and I had created, this included:  Zero Film Festival  Raindance Film Festival
  • 7. Zero Film Festival is the first (and only independent)film festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers. Itwas founded by Brad Bores, Richard Hooban andMallia Sherzai in 2007; the film festival holds annualfestival events in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles,London and Miami Beach, with the American Buffaloas the symbol for the festival, which is representingthe independent spirit.The festival presents feature length narrative anddocumentary films, shorts, animations, experimentsand music videos.Each year the festival features filmmakers and filmsfrom a different conflict region, past countries includeGeorgia, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Anothercomponent of the festival is the "made for zero"series, in which established filmmakers and artists areasked to create unique works with no budget.
  • 8. The mission statement of the festivalis to provide a platform in key culturalcentres for self-financed films fromthe global independent filmcommunity. Zero Film Festivalfocuses on community, inclusivity anda general positive atmosphere.The festival is typically held in non-traditional cinema venues such aswarehouses, film studios, art galleries,museums and open spaces. Oftenthere is a live music componentcoinciding with the film screenings.
  • 9. The origins of the Zero Film Festival emerged from underground screeningsheld in downtown Los Angeles for the local DIY film community.Following positive responses, the festival opened its doors for internationalparticipation.The first official Zero Film Festival was held at the Flower St. Warehouse inDecember 2008. In 2009 they saw the expansion to New York as well as thefirst West Coast Tour with screenings in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco,Hollywood and Orange County.In the Spring of 2010, Zero Film Festival held its first international screeningat the Cinecycle in Toronto, ON. 2010 Miami Beach was added, holding ascreening at the Raleigh Hotel in conjunction with the Miami BeachCinematheque and the French Consulate during the Art Basel Fair.
  • 10.  Raindance is an independent film festival and film school that operates from various cities including: London, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Budapest, Berlin and Brussels [1]. The festival was established in 1992 by Elliot Grove to extend the normal film school activities of Raindance. The Raindance Film School alumni list includes the notable names of: Sacha Baron Cohen, David Yates, Edgar Wright, Matthew Vaughn, Alison Owen, Guy Ritchie,  Jury members have included Lou Reed, actresses Ben Miller, Christopher Nolan, Kirk Jones, Mark Judi Dench and Kerry Fox, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Mahon, Emily Lloyd, Vadim Jean, Nick Hornby, Roland Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn, Mick Jones of The Clash, Andrea Arnold, Marky Gift, Julian Fellowes, Paul Brooks, Clive Bradley and Ramone, and American filmmaker Jonathan Jeremy Bolt. Caouette. Patrons of Raindance include Ewan Awards at the festival include Best International McGregor, Terry Gilliam, Mike Figgis, Ken Loach, Feature and Short, Best UK Feature and Short, Best and Marky Ramone. The festival attracts key industry figures including notable appearances by Documentary Feature, and Best Debut. In its time the Alan Rickman, Mike Figgis, Ken Loach, Don Letts, festival has premiered The Blair Witch Project, Marky Ramone, Trudie Styler, Vanessa Redgrave, Capturing the Friedmans, Memento, Oldboy, Firecracker, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mick Jones, Anton Corbijn and Karosta: Life After the USSR, Girlfriend in a Kimono, Jonny Lee Miller.  Elliot Grove is also the founder of the British Ex_Drummer and War Games: At the End of the Day. Independent Film Awards
  • 11. The Moët BritishIndependent Film Awardsis an annual award Historyceremony celebrating  The British Independent Film Awards were created in 1998 by Raindance founder Elliot Grove. Grove set outachievement in to celebrate merit and achievement in independently funded British filmmaking, to honour new talent, andindependently funded to promote British films and filmmaking to a wider public audience. It forms part of the Raindance FilmBritish film and cinema. Festival held each year in September/October. Submissions are required before 23 September eachNominations and jury are year.announced at the beginning  The Founding Members are Phillip Alberstat, Chris Auty, Suzanne Ballantyne, André Burgess, Sallyof November with the Caplan, Pippa Cross, Christopher Fowler, Lora Fox Gamble, Steven Gaydos, Elliot Grove, Normaaward ceremony taking Heyman, Emma E. Hickox, Fred Hogge, Robert Jones, Steve Kenis, Alberto Lopez, Ollie Madden, Hamishplace in late November or McAlpine, Neil McCartney, Saul Metzstein, Martin Myers, Sarah Radclyffe, Tracey Scoffield, Mark Shivas,early December. Jim Wilson, and MichiyoYoshizaki.  In 2010, BIFA announced a partnership with the climate change organisation Global Cool aimed at introducing green behaviours into film plots.