New York Press Club Awards For Excellence in Journalism 2013


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Gold Keyboard, Outstanding enterprise or investigative reporting. "Breakdown", Walt Bogdanich, The New York Times
Finalists: "Honduras", Alberto Arce, The Associated Press
Nellie Bly Cub Reporter, "Education in the South Bronx" Patrick Wall,
Nellie Bly Award Finalists: "FT Hedge Fund Survey & Report 2012" Jonathan Kanterman, Financial Times

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New York Press Club Awards For Excellence in Journalism 2013

  1. 1. TheNewYork Press Club, | @NYPressClubFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Debra Caruso/DJC 212-971-9708New York Times Wins New York Press Club Gold Keyboard InvestigativeJournalism Award for Series, "Breakdown."Times wins six awards in total; Newsday wins seven; The Associated Press and The WallStreet Journal win six apiece. Among tri-state broadcasters, News 12 shops in New Yorkand New Jersey win 11 Press Club awards; WCBS Newsradio 880 wins seven.In a series of articles entitled “Breakdown,” The New York Times used the full gamut of multimediatools to document how bigger purses, swelled by casino money, have corrupted horse racingacross the nation. The series documented how money encouraged trainers to rely on painmedicine to race thousands of tired, injured and unfit horses, often with catastrophic results suchas at Aqueduct in Queens where horse fatalities doubled after the opening of a nearby casino.Reporter Walt Bogdanich and a Times team that included Joe Drape, Rebecca Ruiz and GriffPalmer, did what no one had done before. When they were through, they had changed the face ofthoroughbred racing across America through the analysis of contemporaneous accounts of nofewer than 150,000 races involving more than a million horses. Calls for track reform andregulation arose almost immediately as a result of the facts uncovered and presented in the“Breakdown” series.Superstorm Sandy Special AwardsBecause of the extraordinary nature of the coverage of Superstorm Sandy, special awards werecreated this year to acknowledge the exemplary journalism produced during that event. 21 suchawards will be presented on June 10th, during the Press Clubs awards ceremony.Nearly 500 entries were received in this years competition, submitted by journalists publishingor broadcasting for 71 metro New York news organizations.An enduring tradition in New York media, the annual New York Press Club Awards ForJournalism honor excellence in the craft by writers, reporters, editors, producers, shooters andmultimediographers. Entries are considered in more than 20 categories of reporting. Judging isby prominent working journalists, former journalists and academics who are selected for theirexpertise in each category.Award presentations will take place Monday, June 10th, at the Press Clubs Awards andInstallation of Officers Dinner at Manhattans Water Club.MORE INFORMATION about the Awards, the Awards Dinner (including reservations) and the New YorkPress Club can be found on the Clubs Website:
  2. 2. 2013 New York Press Club Awards For Journalism WinnersGold Keyboard"Breakdown"Walt BogdanichThe New York TimesFinalists:"Honduras"Alberto ArceThe Associated Press"Unlocked"Sam DolnickThe New York TimesNellie Bly Cub Reporter"Education in the South Bronx"Patrick New YorkFinalists:"FT Hedge Fund Survey & Report 2012"Jonathan KantermanFinancial Times"Rocky & Bullwinkle & The Cuban Missile Crisis"Julia WetherellWNYC-FMRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (newspaper)"100 Years of Staying Put"Benjamin Weiser, Noah RosenbergThe New York TimesRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (Internet)"Photographing the Humans of New York"Jon GroatTumblr & NYMag.comRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (TV)"Caught by an Angel"Matt Kozar, Mike Humphries, Cheryl Meaney, ArdinaSeward, John CarrozelliWABC-TVRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (Radio)"Hudson Square"Jane Tillman IrvingWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioBest Headline and Front Page (Magazine)"The Next Four Years"Josh Tyrangiel, Richard TurleyBloomberg BusinessweekBest Headline and Front Page (Newspaper)"This Is Your Captain Freaking"Deborah PinesThe New York PostBest Web Exclusive Content"A Fighting Chance"Arnold Miller, Robert Cassidy, Christopher Ware,Peggy Bustamante, David Holland, John staffNewsdayBusiness Reporting (TV)"The Elf on the Shelf"Carol Massar, Carole Zimmer, Courtney ChapmanBloomberg BroadcastBusiness Reporting (radio)"Jobs Explosion, Jobs Implosion"Carole Zimmer, Mark Mills, Al MayersBloomberg BroadcastBusiness Reporting (Internet)"Fraud and Folly - The Untold Story of GeneralElectrics Subprime Debacle"Michael Hudson, E. Scott ReckardCenter for Public IntegrityBusiness Reporting (magazine)"Everythings On Me"Tim KeownESPN the MagazineBusiness Reporting (newspaper)"HCA"Reed Abelson, Julie CreswellThe New York TimesBusiness Reporting (newswire)"Corporate Tax Series"Tom BerginReuters
  3. 3. Consumer Reporting (newswire)"Social Security"Stephen OhlemacherThe Associated PressConsumer Reporting (magazine)"Scourge of the Superbugs"Jason Gale, Adi NarayanBloomberg MarketsConsumer Reporting (TV)"Breeder Battle"Walt Kane, Karin Attonito, Anthony Cocco, RyanBeckmanNews 12 New JerseyConsumer Reporting (newspaper)"Telecom Talk"Anton TroianovskiThe Wall Street JournalContinuing Coverage (newswire)"Inside the Syrian Resistance"Ben HubbardThe Associated PressContinuing Coverage (Internet)"Mississippi Learning"Sarah Carr, Sarah Garland, Liz WillenThe Hechinger ReportContinuing Coverage (TV)"Deadly Newburgh Police Shooting"Janine Rose, News 12 StaffNews 12 Hudson ValleyContinuing Coverage (newspaper)"Divorce New York-Style"Sophia HollanderThe Wall Street JournalContinuing Coverage (radio)"Tragedy In Newtown"WCBS news teamWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioCrime Reporting(newswire)"Unsafe at Any Bitrate"Michael Riley, Vernon Silver, Dune LawrenceBloomberg NewsCrime Reporting (TV)"Pain Killers: A Prescription For Tragedy"Richard French, HolliHaerr, Clare Hickey, RalphKebrdle, Amy NyikosFiOS1 NewsCrime Reporting (magazine)"Law and Disorder"Bob DruryPlayboy MagazineCrime Reporting (newspaper)"Crime in America"Gary Fields, Cameron McWhirterThe Wall Street JournalCrime Reporting (radio)"Some Undocumented Immigrants Relieved To Stayin New York, Even in Legal Limbo"MirelaIverac, Karen Frillmann, Wayne ShulmisterWNYC-FMEntertainment News (newswire)"TV Double Vision"Frazier MooreThe Associated PressEntertainment News (magazine)"Busking a Living"Simi HorwitzBack StageEntertainment News (TV)"Inside Disney Stories"Carol Massar, Carole Zimmer, Adam Harris,Courtney ChapmanBloomberg BroadcastEntertainment News (newspaper)"Leading Lomans"Barbara HoffmanThe New York PostEntertainment News (radio)"Jacqueline Kennedys White House"Sara Fishko, Wayne Shulmister, Karen FrillmannWNYC-FMEntertainment News (Internet)"Ropes, Whips and Songs About Cows - DefinitelyNot Just for Kids"Alix
  4. 4. Feature Photo (magazine)"Why Shell Is Betting Billions To Drill For Oil...Here"Corey ArnoldFortuneFeature Photo (newspaper)"Six Livery Car Drivers"Jefferson SiegelThe New York Daily NewsFeature Photo (Internet)"Altar Girls"David PaonePatch.comFeature Reporting(newswire)"Niger-Hunger Brides"Rukmini CallimachiThe Associated PressFeature Reporting(magazine)"The All-American Con Man"Roger ParloffFortuneFeature Reporting (TV)"National Pastime"Ruschell BooneNY1 NewsFeature Reporting(newspaper)"Wars Wake"Michael M. PhillipsThe Wall Street JournalFeature Reporting(radio)"Guthrie Archive"Sara Fishko, Paul Schneider, Karen FrillmannWNYC-FMFeature Reporting (Internet)"Rita McMahon and The Wild Bird Fund"Alix CohenWomanAroundTown.comFeature Video (TV)"Laubins Legacy"Douglas PawlikowskiNews 12 WestchesterFeature Video (Internet)"D is For Divorce"Jessica Bennett, Sky Dylan-RobbinsTumblr & Time.comNews Special (TV)"Journey of Remembrance"Jill Wagner, David Leibowitz, Valerie GildeaNews 12 Long IslandPolitical Coverage (magazine)"Inside Karl Roves Billionaire Fundraiser"Sheelah KolhatkarBloomberg BusinessweekPolitical Coverage (Internet)"60 NJ State Double-Dippers Collect $10 Million PerYear"Mark LagerkvistNew Jersey WatchdogPolitical Coverage (TV)"The Finance Directors Finances"Walt Kane, Anthony Cocco, Matt MurphyNews 12 New JerseyPolitical Coverage (newspaper)"The $300G Commish"Rick BrandNewsdayPolitical Coverage (newswire)"The Unequal State of America"David Rohde, Deborah Nelson, Himanshu Ojha,Kristina Cooke, Ryan McNeillReutersPolitical Coverage (radio)"Eye On Politics"Steve ScottWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioRegularly Scheduled Local News (TV)"News 12 Brooklyn 10/2012"Berta Castaner, Brooke Rothenberg, Matt Murphy,Christina Stolfo, Samson Forney, Rich Barrabi, Stacy-Ann Gooden, Dana Arschin, Ivette FelicianoNews 12 BrooklynSpecial Event Reporting (newswire)"Teaching the Titanic"Leanne ItalieThe Associated Press
  5. 5. Special Event Reporting (newspaper)"A History of New York in 50 Objects"Sam RobertsThe New York TimesSpecial Event Reporting (Internet)"Presidential Candidates Come to Hofstra", Newsday staff,Newsday Editorial BoardNewsdaySpecial Event Reporting (TV)"Japan Disaster: One Year Later"Dean MemingerNY1 NewsSpecial Event Reporting (radio)"Alex North"Sara Fishko, Wayne Shulmister, Karen FrillmannWNYC-FMSports News (newswire)"Augusta National"Doug FergusonThe Associated PressSports News (magazine)"Crossroads Series"Peter Keating, David Fleming, J.R. MoehringerESPN the MagazineSports News (TV)"Eyes on the Prize"Virginia Huie, David GardenNews 12 Long IslandSports News (radio)"Al Michaels: Seizing the Moment"Kyle KessesWFUV-FMSports News (Internet)"Rachel Stratton-Mills - The Coach Behind theOlympic Swimmer"Charlene GiannettiWomanAroundTown.comSpot News (Internet)"Brush Fires Sweep Pine Barrens", Newsday staffNewsdaySpot News (TV)"Midtown Shooting"Matt Kozar, Dave AlterWABC-TVSpot News (newspaper)"Healthcare Law Upheld"The Wall Street Journal staffThe Wall Street JournalSpot News (radio)"Shooting At The Empire State Building"WCBS news teamWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioSpot News Photo (Internet)"Family Mourns 13 Year Old Killed by Gun Violence"Joseph New YorkSpot News Photo (newspaper)"Scream"Debbie Egan-ChinThe New York Daily NewsSpot News Video (TV)"We Didnt Disappear"Michael DelGiudiceWNBC-TV
  6. 6. SPECIAL SUPERSTORM SANDY AWARDSContinuing Coverage (magazine)"Starting Over: A Pet Food Store Fights to SurviveSandy"Karl Taro GreenfeldBloomberg BusinessweekContinuing Coverage (newswire)"The Northeast in Ruins: Covering SuperstormSandy"Matt Townsend, Terrence Dopp, Michael C. Bender,Chris Strohm, Ken Wells, Mark Drajem,Peter S. GreenBloomberg NewsContinuing Coverage (newspaper)"Superstorm Sandy"New York Times staffThe New York TimesContinuing Coverage (TV)"Kane In Your Corner: After Sandy"Walt Kane, Anthony Cocco, Karin AttonitoNews 12 New JerseyContinuing Coverage (Internet)"Superstorm Sandy: Long Island Recovers", Newsday staffNewsdayContinuing Coverage (radio)"Hurricane Sandy"WCBS news teamWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioFeature Photo (newspaper)"Rockaway Fire Department Raising Flag"Julia XanthosThe New York Daily NewsFeature Video (Internet)"Elderly Residents Left in the Dark in Many ConeyIsland NYCHA Buildings"Rebecca DavisThe New York Daily NewsFeature Video (TV)"New Dorp Destruction"Lisa Reyes, Alan FlamenhaftNews 12 WestchesterRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (TV)"Brooklyn Storms Back: Red HookRecovery/Waterfront Museum:"Kecia Élan Cole, Jonathan Lief, Greg SuttonBrooklyn Independent TVRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (Internet)"Man Hailed as Hero For Saving Taxi Driver FromDrowning"Jeff New YorkRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (newspaper)"Running to Bring a City Back"Jason GayThe Wall Street JournalRev. Mychal Judge Heart of New York (radio)"A Sandy Hero"Alex SilvermanWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioSpot News (newspaper)"Superstorm Sandy"New York Times staffThe New York TimesSpot News (Internet)"Superstorm Sandy hits Long Island", Newsday staffNewsdaySpot News (TV)"Superstorm Sandy"NY1 News staffNY1 NewsSpot News (radio)"Hurricane Sandy: November 1st"WCBS news teamWCBS-AM 880 NewsradioSpot News Photo (Internet)"Hurricane Sandys Destruction of Breezy Point"Tuan New York
  7. 7. Spot News Photo (newspaper)"Sandys Trail of Ruin on Long Island"Gordon Grant, Doug Kuntz, James Carbone, ThomasA. Ferrara, Johnny Milano, Daniel Goodrich, HeatherWalsh, Alejandra Villa, Charles Eckert, J.ConradWilliams Jr, Amanda Voisard, John Paraskevas, BarrySloan, Danielle FinkelsteinNewsdaySpot News Video (TV)"Hurricane Sandy in Babylon"Kevin Maher, Daniel JacobsenNews 12 Long IslandSpot News Video (Internet)"Superstorm Sandy Long Beach Pummeled" video staffNewsday