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Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
Herkette Show With Piano
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Herkette Show With Piano


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  • 1. Welcome…
  • 2.
    • What is HERKETTE ™ ?
    • HERKETTE is a made up word derived from the mythical Greek hero, Hercules, fabled for his great strength and ability to perform difficult labors imposed upon him.
    • HERKETTE is about and for today’s woman. Like Hercules, HERKETTE is strong and perseveres, but more, HERKETTE offers a positive approach toward inspiring others.
    • HERKETTE encourages you every day with the ability to handle school, home, relationships, projects, children, jobs, battles, issues, hopes and dreams!
    • HERKETTE helps you feel confident! When you put on your HERKETTE shirt, you roll your shoulders back and stand taller! It's like the "S" in Superman! You feel great!
    • The response has been wonderful! Women of all ages just GET it!
    • We can't guarantee how you will feel in your HERKETTE shirt, but we can tell you, HERKETTE is more than just a shirt. HERKETTE is dear to each and every woman. She lives within us all!
    • Now that we have the inspiration, with your help, we will make a difference.
    • Visit for more information.
    "Those who come to know HERKETTE understand all that she represents."
  • 3. What we hear outside of ourselves
    • Naturally, we will experience both pleasant and unpleasant events in our lives.
    • These events shape and define who we are and
    • who we will become.
    • They teach us a lot about ourselves: how to listen, sit still, stay strong and respond well.
    • HERKETTE offers you the courage to make the right decisions and choices in your life.
    • HERKETTE is with you always.
    What are you? A strong woman…. Who are you? A strong woman….. Than let’s see you do it !
    • Survivorship comes from women of all ages, working together.
    • Our HERKETTE goal is to unite women from all over the world with unstoppable force and unbelievable POSITIVE energy and inspiration.
  • 5.
    • HERKETTES are here to help.
    • We seek to inspire confidence, moral character and amazing strength from our lineage as women.
    • Our goal is to help you become who you were always destined to become…
    • a HERKETTE!
  • 6.  
  • 7.  
  • 8.
    • HERKETTE is about a lifestyle change.
    • A true accomplishment - inspiring others!
  • 9.
    • For more information and
    • To order HERKETTE tm shirts,
    • Please visit
  • 10. Tis’ just the beginning…
  • 11.
    • Music Composed by
    • Sarah H. Burns
    • Creator of HERKETTE apparel
    • Copyright 2008
    • “ There R Times”
    • “ Pretty Site”