Cisco tech center y la tecnologia lan wireless herbert carrillo


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Tech Center, LLC Wireless LAN Technology - a Healthy Choice At Moore Regional Hospital - Implementacion de redes wireless en hospitales para la resolucion de problemas. File Server, Cisco switch, Cisco Aironet, Access Point.

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Cisco tech center y la tecnologia lan wireless herbert carrillo

  1. 1. Tech Center, LLC Wireless LAN Technology - a Healthy Choice At Moore Regional HospitalMore and more healthcareprofessionals around the worldare taking advantage of thespeed, mobility, and flexibility ofwireless LAN solutions to increasethe quality of patient care andreduce costs. In Pinehurst, NorthCarolina, Moore Regional Hospitalhas proven that the most recentgeneration of wireless 802.11 LANtechnology is not just a lot ofhype, and that its promises ofperformance, reliability, and costbenefits are finally being met.Using Technology to Solve ProblemsMoore Regional Hospital has never been afraid to access to our hospital, but the monthly overhead ofutilize leading-edge information system technology to leased-line charges had made it cost-prohibitive for usenhance its patient care services. "Weve been using a to connect additional buildings to the Internet.”2MB wireless LAN solution for about ??? years in our??? (area of the hospital) to run one application that In early 2000, construction began on a new wing ofmanages patient care information”, says Rich Vadala, the hospital, called the Nursing Pavilion. Consisting ofthe Director of Technology Management. "Although four floors, a lobby level, and a basement, the newweve derived benefits from utilizing the 2MB wireless wing serves as a nursing pavilion, EmergencyLAN technology, it just doesnt have the bandwidth we Department, and Cancer Center. As constructionneed to expand its applications throughout our began on the new Nursing Pavilion, Cisco Systems andcampus." VAR partner Tech Center i ntroduced Rich and his staff to the latest in wireless LAN solutions. Cisco has longThe hospital campus is made up of many buildings been a leader in networking hardware and softwarespread out over a couple of square miles, beautifully solutions, and its line of Cisco Aironet wireless LANsituated amongst hundreds of pine trees. Rich products sets the standard for performance, reliability,continues, “We have a T1 connection for Internet and value.The Evaluation and the ConclusionTech Center has a strong reputation as a Cisco VAR and doubts about the performance of the 11MBand has been one of the pioneers in providing wireless LAN technology had been resolved. Richcomplete wireless LAN solutions. With a staff of recalls, “We were very impressed with the bandwidthnetwork specialists and software programmers, Tech of the Cisco Aironet 340 series product. Our patientCenter can provide a turnkey solution for its care application ran very well, and we were also ablecustomers. At the outset, Tech Center provided Rich to serve other applications such as MS Office withoutand his staff with some hardware for evaluation performance degradation. We concluded very quicklypurposes. Within just a few short weeks, all questions that this was the direction we needed to go.”Why a wireless LAN, and why Cisco Aironet?Rich explains why they committed to a Cisco Aironet solution tested very well in our environment, and sowireless LAN as their solution of choice: “We needed a far we haven’t been disappointed. The 802.11cost-effective way to share our T1 Internet connection standard and the overall reliability were also veryacross multiple buildings on our campus, and we important factors in our decision to use the Cisconeeded a high-performance network to run multiple Aironet solution.”applications on our hospital LAN. The Cisco Aironet
  2. 2. The Site Survey and InstallationTech Center was contracted to perform the necessary T1 line, was installed on the roof of the hospital. ThisSite Survey to determine the specifications for the antenna was setup to have line-of-site to 1) thecampus-wide wireless LAN deployment. The survey Hospice building, where another parabolic antennaetook approximately two weeks, and the results of the was installed, and 2) to the Ambulatory SurgerySite Survey became the blueprint for the project. Center, where a yagi antenna was utilized. Other buildings were then connected from these two pointsThe installation of the wireless LAN began during the using various antenna solutions. The results after onlytail end of the construction phase of the new wing. one week: nine buildings are sharing one single T1From start to finish, the entire installation of the connection without having to dig a single hole in thewireless LAN was completed in just two weeks. The ground. (One caveat…a pine tree had to be cut downfirst week was spent connecting the hospital’s T1 line to allow for line-of-site to the Ambulatory Surgerywith several other buildings on the campus. This was Center.)accomplished using Cisco Aironet wireless bridgetechnology. A parabolic antenna, which was The drawing below illustrates the building-to-buildingconnected to the hospital network with access to the connectivity.
  3. 3. The second week of installation focused on the new Nursing Pavilion now has wall-to-wall LAN coverageNursing Pavilion. A total of 59 Access Points (AP) with from the basement to the fourth floor, including allpatch antennas were installed throughout the Nursing patient rooms, the Emergency Department, and thePavilion, and each AP was certified to meet the Cancer Center.requirements specified in the Site Survey. TheThe New Nursing Pavilion – Wall to Wall LAN Coverage in One Week No. of APs with Approximate Level Functions Patch Antennas Square Feet Basement Lobby Level Floor #1 Floor #2 Floor #3 Floor #4Rich comments on the installation process, “Things went very smoothly. Tech Center obviously knows theirbusiness, and they worked well with our staff. We have already begun our plans for Phase two which will give uswireless network connectivity throughout the entire hospital.”
  4. 4. Cost Savings and Improved Services The benefits of the wireless LAN at Moore Regional reduced. Rich predicts his payback, “We have Hospital have been numerous. First, a very real and calculated that our payback for our new wireless LAN measurable cost will be 1-1/2 to 2 years.” savings has been realized by avoiding But even more importantly than the cost savings additional monthly benefits is the overall improvement of the patient care overhead from more services that can be provided. Patient care is T1 lines. The demanding and nurses need a reliable and practical additional bandwidth platform for the clinical setting. Laptop computers means that multiple equipped with the Cisco Aironet PC adapters are applications can be mounted on carts, giving nurses immediate access to served (such as MS patient medication records, and (???) right at the Office), eliminating bedside. By immediately verifying that medication is the need to install being administered to the correct patient and in the and support a wired correct dosage, potential errors and documentation LAN. And because inefficiencies are eliminated. This benefit is the new wireless LAN is so reliable, support costs are immeasurable. Phase Two Planning is Already Underway The commitment has already been made to extend the this is complete, additional users of the system will wireless LAN to the remainder of the hospital. An include those on the staff that “roam” the hospital, such additional 199 Access Points have already been as Dietary, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, and in some purchased, and this will complete the coverage of the cases even the Physicians. When this phase is complete, entire hospital. (summarize what areas that includes, Moore Regional Hospital will have one of the largest include square footage and the number of beds). Once wireless LAN installations in the world.GULF COAST REGIONAL OFFICE HEADQUARTERS MIDWEST REGIONAL SALES OFFICE Tech Center, LLC Tech Center, LLC Tech Center, LLC 103 Duncan Avenue 3120 S. Martin Street, Suite 500 14390 Crestview Dr. Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 Atlanta, GA 30344 Cleveland, OH 44072 Alan Sullivan Chuck Boyles Scott Flowers (850) 932-1842 (404) 892-4662, x240 (440) 221-0443 Cisco, Cisco Systems, and the Cisco Systems logo are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc.