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World’s largest FREE health Education...

World’s largest FREE health Education
library for people..
We help patients to become better
patients! We can help you understand
your health and medical problems better
so you can get better care in partnership
with your Doctor.
We think patients are the largest untapped
healthcare resource and that Information
therapy is the most Powerful Medicine !
1. Encouraging health insurance
companies to invest in patient
2. Advocating information therapy.
3. Setting up a national network of
patient education centers.
4. Developing patient educational
materials in Indian Languages for
the web.
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  • 1. HEALTH EDUCATION LIBRARY FOR PEOPLE HEALTH EDUCATION LIBRARY FOR PEOPLE _____________________________________World’s largest FREE health Educationlibrary for people.. AcneWe help patients to become betterpatients! We can help you understandyour health and medical problems betterso you can get better care in partnershipwith your Doctor. For more information on this subject: OUR VISION Ask the Librarian : Free Answers to any Health Questions !!We think patients are the largest untapped resource and that Informationtherapy is the most Powerful Medicine ! For More Info: ASK A LIBRARIAN OUR GOALS 1. Encouraging health insurance companies to invest in patient education. 2. Advocating information therapy. Health Education Library For People 3. Setting up a national network of 206,Dr.D.N.Road, patient education centers. National Insurance Bldg., Ground Floor, 4. Developing patient educational Near New Excelsior Cinema, Mumbai – 400 001. materials in Indian Languages for Tel:22061106,22031133, 65952393,65952394 Understanding Acne and the web. Email: Its Treatment
  • 2. Acne Acne is most common in teenagers, but it acid. They work by killing bacteria, drying can happen at an age, even as an infant. up the oil, and causing your skin to peel. However, people in their 30s and 40s mayAcne is a skin condition characterized by also have acne. If the pimples are still a problem, awhiteheads, blackheads, and inflamed red dermatologist can prescribe strongerpimples or "zits." Acne tends to run in families and can be medications and discuss other options triggered by: with you.Causes: Acne occurs when tiny holes onthe surface of the skin called pores • Hormonal changes related to Prescription medicines include oralbecome clogged. Each pore is an opening menstrual periods, pregnancy, antibiotics, Topical antibiotics andto a canal called a follicle, which contains birth control pills, or stress Synthetic vitamin A derivativesa hair and an oil gland. Normally, the oil • Greasy or oily cosmetic and hairglands help keep the skin lubricated and products Birth control pills can sometimes help clearhelp remove old skin cells. When glands • Certain drugs (such as steroids, up acne. (In some cases, though, theyproduce too much oil, the pores can testosterone, estrogen, and may make it worse.)become blocked, accumulating dirt, debris, phenytoin)and bacteria. The blockage is called a plug • High levels of humidity and Your doctor may also suggest chemicalor comedone. sweating skin peeling, removal of scars by dermabrasion, or removal or drainage of Treatment: Take the following self-care cysts. steps to lessen the effects of acne: Call your doctor or a dermatologist if: • Clean your skin gently with a mild, non-drying soap. However, avoid • Self-care measures and over-the- excessive or repeated skin counter medicine have not helped washing. after several months. • Shampoo your hair daily, • Your acne is severe (for example, especially if its oily. Comb or pull you have lots of redness around your hair back to keep the hair out the pimples or you have cysts) or of your face. getting worse. • Try not to squeeze, scratch, pick, • You develop scars as your acne or rub the pimples - it can lead to clears up.The top of the plug may be white scarring and skin infections.(whitehead) or dark (blackhead). If it • Avoid touching your face with your For infant acne, call your pediatrician if itruptures, the material inside, including oil hands or fingers. does not clear up on its own in 3 months.and bacteria, can spread to the • Avoid greasy cosmetics orsurrounding area and cause an creams. . Take make-up off atinflammatory reaction. If the inflammation deep in your skin, the pimples mayenlarge to form firm, painful cysts. If these steps do not clear up the blemishes to an acceptable level, try over-Acne commonly appears on the face and the-counter acne medications. Theseshoulders, but may also occur on the creams and lotions are applied directly totrunk, arms, legs, and buttocks. the skin. They may contain benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, resorcinol, or salicylic