Front Cover Research


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Front Cover Research

  1. 1. Hazel Doyle AS Media Studies – Front Cover Research
  2. 2. For my front cover research and analysis I chose to look at three copies of Kerrang! magazine. I like the layout and attitudes of Kerrang! and will use aspects of it to inspire my magazine cover design. There are many aspects, I would like to re-create in my own magazine cover and find the image structure and the way each issue seems to adapt its colour schemes and layout around the images but still manages to keep the recognisable features about it works well. I also like the almost chaotic feel of the layout but the way it still manages to maintain a structured and slightly formal layout.
  3. 3. Bold masthead and tagline, instantly recognisable to reader, “Kerrang!” in usual font, almost completely obscured by main cover image. The magazine is still recognisable due to use of font on masthead and the use of the classic layout of the magazine. Cover lines running along top of magazine, above masthead drawing your eyes to it when you read the masthead. Main cover line, bold font, eye-catching, taking up a large amount of the cover, interesting to readers as it features a comparative between two bands. Large cover image, eye-catching and fits in with main cover line; features the two front men of the bands interviewed, suggests joint interview in both main cover line and in the use of an image of both front men taken together. Images of posters in magazine, common feature of Kerrang! Good selling point. More cover lines in the form of bands listed that are featured in the issue, bold font on “PLUS!” catches the readers attention, then use of band names attracts the reader to want to know more.
  4. 4. Bold masthead, instantly recognisable, “Kerrang!” in usual font, layered on top of main cover image. Names of featured bands running along bottom of magazine, common feature of Kerrang! to attract reader attention. Large cover image, medium close up of singer featured in main interview, ties in with main cover line. Main cover line uses a bold font and colour scheme, use of pull quote and smaller cover line gives a slight explanation into what the feature is about. Cover mount is a good selling point for the magazine, takes up bottom left corner of the front cover, discount on clothing label popular to readers. Top line used for another cover line which advertises the cover mount offer. Image of poster in magazine, another good selling point. Cover lines presented in different ways, spaced out, some in a more bold presentation, use of images and pull quotes also present, eye-catching to reader.
  5. 5. Bold masthead, contrast of red colour against the black background, instantly recognisable, “Kerrang!” in usual font, partially covered but almost weaved through the main cover image. Image of posters featured in magazine, good selling point. Includes a cover line about posters. Names of featured bands running along bottom of magazine, common feature of Kerrang! Bold font used on “PLUS!” to attract readers attention. Cover lines running along top of magazine, above masthead, in different coloured font gives a contrast, drawing your eyes to it when you read the masthead. Cover lines running along right hand side of the magazine, use of different fonts and an image attracts attention. Large image of main band featured, medium close up of entire band, front man at front of image in front of the masthead, with rest of the band further back, behind masthead. Bold main cover line, spread across the length of the front cover, use of different fonts with font for name of band used which is the same font as often features the bands name on merchandise and album covers.