Double Page Spread Research


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Double Page Spread Research

  1. 1. Hazel Doyle AS Media Studies – Music Magazine Double Page Spread Research
  2. 2. I chose to look at three double page spreads from the three different issues of Kerrang! I looked at for the rest of my research. All three articles have different layouts and different kinds of images used in them, some have a more formal layout than others and some are more eye-catching. I decided to chose three examples that were completely different as it gives me a wide range of ideas to look at and to use as inspiration for my own double page spread.
  3. 3. Article laid out in columns, not straight usual layout though. Interesting and unusual, looks as though the paper the article is on has been ripped and there is the effect of it being taped together. Pull quote makes the reader want to read the article. Bold title, different uses of font add effect, colour of title also used fro other text. Introductory paragraph, gives brief explanation of article. Whole band images, full body shot, bands expressions are quite serious. Caption adds humour to serious picture, Mickey-taking of image.
  4. 4. Pull quote attracts the readers attention. The quote itself is quite thought provoking and makes you want to read the article. Entire band photo. Picture works well to help reader recognition of the band. Action shot of band at a gig. Works well to attract attention to the article. Photos of band on tour and backstage, set out in a film strip style. To give a more interesting effect and breaks up the article. Bold font. Use of two different fonts works well to capture attention. Introduction to article in bold font, larger than the other font in the article. Gives a brief explanation behind the band and the contents of the article itself. Main article set out in columns. Classic format for an article, makes it easier for the reader to break down the blocks of information.
  5. 5. Bold eye-catching font, coloured in fluorescent colours, fits in with the genre of “screamo” that the article is based on as fluorescent and bright clothing is the main fashion that goes along with the music. Bright fluorescent colours are used to separate the different parts of the article, in this case each band uses different colours for their part of the article. Helps to break up all the text. Images help to break up the article and show the different bands the articles talk about. The introduction to the article is set out in bold to give you an indication of what the article is about. Its bold and eye-catching use of colours grabs your attention. Name of author/reporter of article.
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