Danya Simpson HDR Presentation - AoM - Block 4


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Part of the HDR Development Seminar Series, Dr Dayna Simpson presented the following.

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Danya Simpson HDR Presentation - AoM - Block 4

  1. 1. Getting to and Getting the Most Out ofthe Academy of Management Annual Meeting Dayna Simpson Department of Management 2013 PDW Chair, OM Division 2014 Program Chair, OM Division
  2. 2. What is the ‘Academy of Management’? The major association for Management academics:  18850 members  12,461 academics  4,740 students The AoM publishes the following:  Academy of Management Journal  Academy of Management Review  Academy of Management Learning and Education  Academy of Management Perspectives  Academy of Management Annals  Annual Best Paper Conference Proceedings
  3. 3. What is the ‘Academy of Management’? The AoM holds an annual conference for its members There you can connect with Editors, famous names, old friends, new friends and (depending on your division) most of the people you ‘need to know’ The conference also has a job market The diversity of divisions and presentations also allows plenty of exploration
  4. 4. AoM Divisions Business Policy and Strategy, Careers, Conflict Management, Critical Management Studies, Entrepreneurship, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division, Health Care Management, Human Resources Division, International Management, Management Consulting, Management Education and Development, Management History, Management Spirituality and Religion, Managerial and Organizational Cognition, Operations Management, Organization and Management Theory, Organization Development and Change, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Communications and Information Systems, Organizations and the Natural Environment, Public and Nonprofit, Research Methods, Social Issues in Management, Strategizing Activities and Practice, Technology and Innovation Management You can join more than 1 division
  5. 5. What You Need to Do and Why You should attend the annual conference if you want an academic career:  You will get to know the right people  You will get to know them before you start looking for a job  You will learn a lot about your particular division  You will find others to do research with  You’ll find some life-long friends You should start attending in the first year of your PhD You can get there by:  Getting a research paper accepted  Proposing a PDW that is accepted  Applying for your division’s Doctoral or Junior Faculty Workshop  Volunteering to be a reviewer The Academy’s submission system opens around November and closes around January 10 Some divisions have very low acceptance rates and lots of members! Think about sending your paper to a small division
  6. 6. So … I’ve Been Accepted! What now? As soon as the accommodation website for the annual conference is open, log on and find a student rate room Start shopping for an airline ticket Sign up for Placement (if looking for a job) You’ll have to wait until early May before you can start planning which sessions you’ll be attending Plan your PDW and paper presentation schedule carefully  Be strategic and attend sessions with:  Presenters whose work you follow/like  Presenters you want to meet  A large concentration of major names in an area you are interested in  As above, but that are scheduled early in the morning or are in the PDW program (keeps the numbers down) Plan to attend plenty of social events  Again, be strategic:  Attend your division’s welcome drinks, main social and journal best paper session (e.g. Journal of Operations Management)  Do the same for other divisions you are interested in  And then if you still need another drink or more free food …