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MODIS Reprojection Tool

  1. 1. HDF-EOS Workshop IV September 19, 2000 MODIS Reprojection Tool presented by John M. Weiss, Ph.D. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  2. 2. Introduction MODIS instrument launched recently MODIS data: Integerized Sinusoidal (ISIN) map projection HDF-EOS file format MODIS Reprojection Tool software: ISIN-modified GCTP Support for standard map projections Support for standard file formats User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  3. 3. Functional Requirements Ingest data in ISIN projection from HDF-EOS or multi-file (raw binary) formats Transform data to nine standard projections Allow spectral and spatial subsetting Allow three resampling options Produce data products in HDF-EOS, GeoTIFF, or multi-file formats Execution via user-friendly GUI or command line Support for UNIX and Windows platforms
  4. 4. Major Software Components GUI (Tcl/Tk or Java) Resampler GCTP (modified to support ISIN projection) GeoLib HDF-EOS and HDF libraries GeoTIFF and TIFF libraries Multi-file I/O Code Parameter File I/O Code
  5. 5. Modules and Data Parameter File User Input GUI Resampler GeoLib Input Metadata File File Input Libraries: HDF-EOS Multi-file GCTP with ISIN Input Data File File Output Libraries: HDF-EOS GeoTiff Multi-file Output Data File Output Metadata File
  6. 6. Accomplishments Resampler processes 2-D gridded MODIS data products (Level-3) Handles multi-file, HDF-EOS, and GeoTiff file formats Supports all required map projections Supports nearest neighbor, bilinear, and cubic resampling Supports output pixel size specification
  7. 7. Accomplishments (cont.) Resampler supports scripting with various command-line options Logs output to log file Runs on all target platforms (Windows, Linux, Sun and SGI) GUI (originally Tcl/Tk, now Java) runs on all target platforms
  8. 8. HDF-EOS Issues Well-designed file format for MODIS data, much functionality in library routines Documentation not always clear and accurate, fair amount of trial-and-error HDF-EOS vs. HDF issues: Metadata Background fill values, valid range, etc.
  9. 9. To Do ISIN-specific resampling calculations Support for swath data (Level-1/Level-2) Support for 3-D and 4-D data sets Testing Documentation
  10. 10. Testing Testing challenge: 9 projections 8 data types 4 platforms 2 input file formats 3 output file formats 3 resampling types spectral subsetting (36 Level-1 bands alone) spatial subsetting
  11. 11. Future enhancements Efficiency improvements: process selected bands in parallel Concurrent/distributed processing Remote processing Incorporate HDF-EOS viewer, allowing graphical subsetting Generalize MODIS Tool to process other data formats and map projections
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