Status of HDF-EOS, Related Software, and Tools

Status of HDF-EOS, Related Software, and Tools



HDF-EOS is a software library designed to support NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) science data, built on top of HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) developed by The HDF Group. Current status of HDF-EOS ...

HDF-EOS is a software library designed to support NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) science data, built on top of HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) developed by The HDF Group. Current status of HDF-EOS and access tools will be summarized and updates on TOOLKIT, HDFView plug-in and the HDF-EOS to GeoTIFF (HEG) conversion tool, including recent changes to the software, ongoing maintenance, upcoming releases, and issues will be discussed.



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Status of HDF-EOS, Related Software, and Tools Status of HDF-EOS, Related Software, and Tools Presentation Transcript

  • Status of HDF-EOS, Related Software, and Tools Abe Taaheri, Raytheon IIS HDF & HDF-EOS Workshp XIII Riverdale, MD November 4, 2009 Page 1
  • TOOLKIT / HDF-EOS Support • Maintenance support is funded on EMD to EED Bridge (EEB) contract through Dec 2010 • Support will continue with EOSDIS Evolution & Development (EED) award in 2010 • Current support (One full-time developer) :        HDF-EOS2 & 5 SDP/MTD Toolkit HDF-EOS plug-in for HDFView HDF-EOS2 to GeoTIFF Converter (HEG) Other Toolkit/HDF-EOS related software Toolkit/HDF-EOS/HEG helpdesk Related web sites maintenance Page 2
  • ECS Support of HDF-EOS • Both HDF4 and HDF5 based flavors of HDF-EOS are part of ECS baseline. • OS’s: Solaris (9, 10), Linux ( 32 and 64-bit ), Mac OS X (Power PC and Mac Intel), Windows XP (MTD Toolkit, HDF-EOS2 & 5, HEG, HDFView) • Added full Cygwin support in July 2009 release • Compilers: Fortran 77/90 & g77/pgf90 , C, C++, gcc, g++, gfortran (Mac Intel) Page 3
  • Downloadable Software • SDP/MTD Toolkit (Science Data Processing Tools) • HDF-EOS2 (HDF4 based) • HDF-EOS5 (HDF5 based) • heconvert (converts HDF4 - based Grid/Point/Swath structures to HDF-EOS 5 equivalents) Page 4
  • Downloadable Applications • HEG - GeoTIFF conversion - Spatial subsetting, Field Subsetting - reprojection - stitching, sub-sampling and more …. • HDFView Plug-in, Java-based browser Plug-in (HDF4, HDF5, HDF-EOS 2 and 5 access) • HE5View* (HDF5 - based browser) HE5View • EOSView* (HDF4 - based browser) EOSView * Dropped support for OS updates on July 2006 Page 5
  • Software/Tools in detail • What are: TOOLKIT, HDF-EOS ? Page 6
  • Toolkit • Science Data Production (SDP) Toolkit : collection of tools used by - Science software developers who produce code to process instrument data. - HDF-EOS users who need to • Access metadata in HDF-EOS files • Perform Time/Date conversion • Access Digital Elevation Model Data • Access Ancillary Data, such as Digital Chart of the World database (DCW), Olson World Ecosystem files, DEM data files, etc. Page 7
  • Toolkit (cont.) • Tools provided in SDP Toolkit: - AA CBP CSC CUC DEM EPH GCT IO MEM MET PC SMF TD (Ancillary Data Access) (CELESTIAL Body Position) (Coordinate System Conversion) (Constant and Unit Conversions) (Digital Elevation Model Access) (Ephemeris Data Access) (Geo Coordinate Transformation) (Input Output (File I/O)) (Memory Management) (Metadata Access) (Process Control) (Status Message File (Error/Status)) (Time and Date Conversion) Page 8
  • Toolkit (cont.) • Tools provided in MTD Toolkit: - MET - TD (Metadata Access) (Time and Date Conversion) Page 9
  • HDF-EOS • HDF-EOS is an extension to HDF which standardizes storage of and access to common Earth Sciences data structures – By providing a single interface to data structures common to earth science – By providing a container for EOS inventory, archive and product specific metadata – By establishing a consistent relationship between geolocation and science data. Page 10
  • HDF-EOS 2 • HDF4 - based, storage format for EOS standard products. • Used operationally by MODIS, MISR, ASTER, Landsat, AIRS and other EOS instruments • Support for Grid/Point/Swath structures Page 11
  • HDF-EOS 5 • Based on HDF5, a complete rewrite of HDF-EOS2 with a different user interface. – Used operationally by EOS Aura instruments • Designed to ‘resemble’ HDF-EOS 2 to the maximum extent possible. – Supports same data structures (and more) – Added prefix ‘HE5_’ to HDF-EOS 2 functions Page 12
  • Software Releases Toolkit/HDF-EOS: • Last release – July 2009 – TOOLKIT 5.2.16 – HDF-EOS 2.16, HDF- EOS5.1.12 with HDF4.2r4, HDF5-1.8.3, Szip2.1 • Next release – June 2010 – TOOLKIT 5.2.17 – HDF-EOS 2.17, HDF-EOS5.1.13 with new releases of HDF4, 5 (5-1.8.X) Page 13
  • Software Releases (Cont.) HEG (HDF-EOS2 to GeoTIFF Converter): • Last release – August 2008 – Version 2.9 • Next release – November 2009 – Version 2.10 Page 14
  • Software Releases (Cont.) HDF-EOS Plug-in for HDFView: • Last release – September 2008 – Version 2.4 • Next release – – For HDFView Version 2.5, December 2009 Page 15
  • Software Releases (Cont.) HECONVERT (HDF-EOS2 to HDF-EOS5 Converter): • Early releases – 2001, 2004 – Version ? • Last release – Dec. 2008 – Version 2.0 • Next release – Not Planned Page 16
  • Major Development/Fixes Last Release (July 2009) TOOLKIT: – XML metadata writing capabilty for inventory metadata in SDP toolkit (MLS) – ODL fix (WriteLable) for potential core dump while writing long input pointer metadata attributes (AIRS) – Support TOOLKIT for CYGWIN – pccheck utility fix for problems resulting with empty space at a line beginning in PCF file Page 17
  • Major Development/Fixes (cont.) HDF-EOS5: – Support for reading HDF-EOS5 files with netCDF – Correcting wrong tiling and compression info in the structure metadata – Use of unlimited dimension in HDF-EOS5 (Users Guide clarification) – Correction of output attribute data types in attribute inquiry routine – Fix for writing int8 data correctly to output hdf5 file with C calls. There was no such a problem with Fortran calls Page 18
  • Major Development/Fixes (cont.) HDF-EOS2: – Fixed PTdeftimeperiod to return an error when stop time < start time – Fix for correct internal compression method detection for the products that are compressed internally after the production, possibly using hrepack (structure metadata has no record of compression info) – Numerous fixes for HEConvert (version 2.0 release) Page 19
  • Availability • Access to libraries, applications, Documentation : TOOLKIT: HDFView: HDFView_hdfeos_plugin.html HEG: Page 20
  • Availability • Questions, Comments, Requests:    : HDF-EOS Forum Page 21
  • Thank You! Page 22