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Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
Tlbb mobile online081410final
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Tlbb mobile online081410final


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The Little Blue Book Mobile Presentation available at

The Little Blue Book Mobile Presentation available at

Published in: Technology
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  • VO: While we are here to discuss mobile opportunities today, we are more than TLBB properties – our mission is to transform healthcare one practice at a time. Mobile is one of the channels that physicians are turning to in order to manage their practices more efficiently.ALT headlines: “Connective Tissue” for HCPsTHE Handheld Connection for HCPs
  • VO: use slide as cue – ask if it is valuable to them to be visible while the physician handles these tasks daily, get heads noddingIntroduction slide – tease for advertisers – sponsorship is a broader “owning” this action by the doctorAgain will help to differentiate our functionality from the more popular brands (epocrates) of mobile services for physicians.
  • VO: This is what you may be most familiar with in the HCPlexus family of physician resources. TLBB has been around for 22+ years, and it is widely known as more accurate and efficient than any other practice management tool available today. TLBB provides a different function, a different audience than other brands you are familiar with – connecting HCPs and HCPs and the resources they use every day.– over 85% of US MD practices use this (first bullet)
  • VO: As you know….mobile is different discussion than the EMR and privacy concerns – what we have in common is that we are a practice management tool as well. While a number of physicians have blackberrys, we found that the iphone platform was the most highly in-demand; based on Android’s adoption curve, we already have it in development – (demonstrate we speak their language, they can trust a mobile app from what seems like a traditional data publisher). Note that it is not just Android – that represents a series of other platforms.
  • VO: With HCPs’ move toward mobile, we’ve ALSO seen the desire for a mobile TLBB product increase year over year – this is the most recent survey data taken in 2009; up a few percent from the prior year’s response. CONSISTENT and growing demand.(Provide context for
  • VO: Check in with audience – any questions on TLBB or the desire for a mobile product? Let me explain a bit more about what exactly TLBB mobile does for HCPs.
  • VO:HCPstold us what they needed help with, and functionality was built specifically to answer those needs.The mobile app allows for more flexibility than in print – TLBB mobile takes this dataset and makes the process even faster and automated.The dataset is physician-focused and can be easily searched.
  • Animation/build slide. Each comes up with screen to show layout & UIVO: 1. Pharmacies are searchable by location; soon we’ll be able to sort by 24-hr availability for patients2. The physician db means no flipping pages for a physician sort by specialty, proximity, or hospital affiliation4. Advanced search allows HCPs to search on multiple variables – locality, specialty, HP acceptance, hospital affiliation5. Local hosting – since the app is updated daily, physicians don’t need service at the instant of access – it lives in the app on the phone.
  • VO: Check in – are there any questions on the functionality? Now, what does this mean for (brand)?
  • VO: NPI is soon to be the ONLY means of validating physician specialty. The importance of knowing exactly who is receiving your message allows you to adhere to the business rules specific to THAT MD.
  • (CUSTOMIZABLE SLIDE if needed by specialty)VO: Knowing that we can validate individual physicians means we can identify exactly the audience you are looking for (then walk through build)
  • VO: The environment of the mobile application is always useful, functional, and messaging can be placed appropriately. Own the application (presenting brand)Deliver full prescribing information right in the application – here or via a banner clickRelevant and targeted placement (within specialty)Sample requests– only if qualified; we will verify via NPIPatient Ed Requests – more info when physicians need it
  • VO:The trust that physicians have in TLBB properties allows us to field surveys with a high rate of participation – uncompensated. Get immediate insights on topics that are critical to your marketing efforts and that you want to be aligned with.
  • VO: Daily reporting can cover every aspect of a campaign – where your message appears, we can deliver the exact activity in that space (then walk through examples)
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Little Blue Book Mobile™<br />The Physician’s Daily Connection<br />
    • 2. All Day, Physicians Are Constantly:<br /><ul><li>Finding and making referrals
    • 3. Contacting pharmacies for prescriptions
    • 4. Confirming Health Plan acceptance
    • 5. Securing pre-authorizations
    • 6. Fulfilling patient ed requests
    • 7. Requesting product samples</li></ul>Your brand is there, with TLBB Mobile.<br />2<br />
    • 8. The Little Blue Book<br />Used by 300,000+ HCPs(1) <br />66% use 3x/day(2)<br />Valued more by users than PDR, Epocrates, Medscape(3)<br />70% annual data change rate managed by HCPlexus<br />3<br />A 2008 TLBB survey shows 91% of TLBB doctors personally use the book<br />Based on a December 2009 survey of 525 TLBB physicians. <br />Rated “very valuable” or “valuable” 2X over PDR, 3X over ePocrates, and more than 4x over Medscape<br />
    • 9. 81% of physicians <br />will have smartphones by 2012<br />Physicians’ Mobile Evolution<br />4<br />51%<br />49%<br /> December 2009 survey of 508 TLBB physicians. <br />
    • 10. TLBB’s Mobile Evolution<br />“Just downloaded and works great, found the two best docs in Tucson with ease!!!!!” <br />- Primary Care Physician, Arizona<br />5<br />TLBB physicians asked for the iPhone most often<br />59%<br />21%<br />29%<br />iPod and iPod Touch are trademark of Apple, Inc.Blackberry is a trademark of Research In Motion Limited.Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.<br />
    • 11. TLBB Mobile Functionality<br />The Power to Connect<br />
    • 12. TLBB Mobile: Physician Benefits<br />Built for Power & Speed<br />Time Saved Better Practice Performance<br />7<br />
    • 13. TLBB Mobile: Functionality<br />Small, Fast, Interactive<br />8<br />Pharmacy Database<br />Physician Database<br />Physician Contact Details<br />Advanced Search<br />Locally Hosted, Updated Daily<br />
    • 14. Your Brand in Physicians’ Hands<br />
    • 15. Confidence: Only Qualified Physicians<br />NPI authentication: Ties physician specialty, location, practice, and contact demographics<br />Your brand message delivered only to the audience you want<br />10<br />
    • 16. Targeting: Efficient, Effective<br />Cardiologists<br />18,118<br />Total Platinum Database<br />435,257<br />Cardiologists in New England<br />1521<br />Dr. Lewis<br />New Haven, CT<br />Cardiologists in <br />New England, high-prescribers of statins<br />300<br />Reach only the physicians you want<br />11<br />
    • 17. Environment: Contextual, Clean<br />Brand Message<br />12<br />PI Delivery*<br />Banners in Context<br />Sample Requests<br />Patient Ed Requests<br />* For more information on Black Box <br /> pharmaceutical advertising, please visit our <br /> Online Solution Product Kit. <br />
    • 18. Engagement: Ask the Physician<br />13<br />Survey Teaser<br />Instant Survey<br />Instant Results<br />
    • 19. Daily reporting available for every physician activity<br />Clicked on ad<br />Viewed a PI<br />Performed advanced search<br />Contacted a pharmacy<br />Called a manufacturer <br />Answered a survey<br />Accountability: Detailed Metrics<br />14<br />
    • 20. For more on TLBB Mobile: <br />Phone: 866-435-1720<br />Email:<br />15<br />