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  1. 1. University Research Project Hunter Collins 2nd Hour December 17, 2012
  2. 2. Louisiana State University3848 W. Lakeshore DriveBaton Rouge, LA 70808(225) 578-3202
  3. 3. • The Louisiana General Assembly passed legislation for a state institution of higher education in 1853. This created the Seminary of Learning of the State of Louisiana, which was opened January 2, 1860 in Pineville, La with Col. William T. Sherman as Superintendent.• The school closed in June 1861 because of the Civil War. It reopened April 1, 1863 but was closed again just three weeks later due to the Red River Valley invasion by the federal army. The school was reopened again in October 1865, but was burned down 4 years later on October 15, 1869.• The school reopened in Baton Rouge on November 1, 1869 and has remained there since. In 1870, its name was changed to Louisiana State University.
  4. 4. • Tuition and fees per semester equal around $3,500 for a full- time student from Louisiana. For Out of state students, the total is a little over $11,000 per semester.• Tuition is $2,597.30 for a resident student with 12 hours of classes, and required fees $494.70.• Other fees include an academic excellence fee which is $245 for a full-time student.• The technology fee is $5 per hour, which equals $60 for a student taking 12 hours.• The operational fee will cost full-time students $80.
  5. 5. Undergraduate Degrees Offered• Bachelor of Science •Bachelor of Science in Environmental• Bachelor of Science in Forestry Engineering• Bachelor of Architecture •Bachelor of Science in Industrial• Bachelor of Fine Arts Engineering• Bachelor of Interior Designs •Bachelor of Science in Mechanical• Bachelor of Landscape Engineering Architecture •Bachelor of Science in Petroleum• Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering Engineering •Bachelor of Arts• Bachelor of Science in Chemical •Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Engineering •Bachelor of Sciences• Bachelor of Science in Civil •Bachelor of Arts in Mass Engineering Communications• Bachelor of Science in •Bachelor of Music Construction Management •Bachelor of Music Education• Bachelor of Science in Electrical •Bachelor of Science in Geology Engineering
  6. 6. Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management• Construction management is the process of coordinating and managing residential, commercial, industrial, and highway construction projects from the site survey until completion.• The construction management program at LSU gives graduates a good mix of the technical aspects with the business management aspects of the construction industry. This allows graduates to become professionals that can manage construction processes effectively and efficiently.• Students must complete 123 semester hours to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
  7. 7. Freshman Year Courses: Junior Year:• CM 1010, 2012 6 • CM 3000, 3100, 3121, 3131,• Engl 1001 3 3141, 3303, 3400, 3505 24• Gen-ed arts 3 • Math 1552 4• Gen-ed life science 3 • Gen-ed social science 3• Gen-ed humanities 6 Total• Elective 3 hours……………………….31• ISDS 1100 3• Math 1550 5Total hours …………………..32Sophomore Year:• Acct 2000, 2001 6 Senior Year:• CM 2121, 2131, 2141 9 • CM 3506, 4200, 4201, 4202 12• Econ 2030 3 • Bus/mgmt elective 9• Engl 2000 3 • Elective 6• Phys 2001, 2002 6 • IE 3201 3• Gen-ed communication 3 Total hours………………………30Total hours……………………30
  8. 8. Mike VI• Mike VI became LSU’s mascot on August 25, 2007.• LSU received its first tiger, Mike I in 1936, and has had a live tiger mascot since.• Mike lives in a 15,000 square foot habitat.
  9. 9. AlumniNBA star Shaquille Dr. James Andrews, M.D.O’neal World-renowned orthopedic surgeon and founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute
  10. 10. • I plan on attending Louisiana State University because I grew up in Louisiana and could never see myself going to college anywhere but here.
  11. 11. References• www.lsu.edu• www.andrewscenters.com• http://celticshub.com/wp- content/uploads/2010/08/ shaq_lsu1a.jpg