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  • System provides 100 at a time. Do not exceed 500 mark without contacting your Director.
  • Standard postings include: Monster, Careerbuilder, Craigslist, LinkedIn, and 150+ diversity sites (TheLadders for $100K+ jobs, Dice for technical jobs, Salesjobs for sales jobs) The associates will assist in posting jobs for you - although you should be perfectly capable of doing it yourself.
  • Before launching any position, make one last review for spelling, typos or other errors. Only launch the plan after you have run the RSE, sourcing is complete and the final HM review/sign-off is complete.
  • Niche: Dice,, CareerBuilder
  • Launching the Job Plan

    1. 1. Launching the Job Plan May 20132What we’ll cover• Running the Accolo network search• Priming the pump• Configuring job board postings• The launch• Social networking
    2. 2. Launching the Job Plan May 20133Trigger to launch• HM has approved the job plan• HM is ready to interview candidates• You have completed all of the requested changes
    3. 3. Launching the Job Plan May 20134Using the Accolo network searchWhen running the referral search engine (RSE), youshould:• Run the referral search for the first time after the HMapproves the Job Plan•Emails are auto-sent at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm PST• Limit the initial launch to about 100 people•Contact a maximum of 500 people during the lifecycle of the job through the referral search• If candidates pulled are not your target:•Remove them, consider changing the profile
    4. 4. Launching the Job Plan May 20135Priming the Pump• 6 hours either side of launch find 10 goodcandidates and call or email them• Where to find them:•Accolo network search•Job boards, LinkedIn, etc.•Professional organizations, user groups, etc.
    5. 5. Launching the Job Plan May 20136Job Board Postings• The system can post to major job boards• Every position should be posted on at least 3 jobboards• Technical jobs are posted on• Sales jobs are posted on• Postings MUST be configured and posted in thesystem prior to launching the jobcraigslist
    6. 6. Launching the Job Plan May 20137Launching the job• Select “Launch Job”• The job status will then show “Active”
    7. 7. Launching the Job Plan May 20138Social Networking
    8. 8. Launching the Job Plan May 20139Review
    9. 9. Launching the Job Plan May 201310Review questions• What are some actions involved when launching the Job Plan?• What is the Accolo network search and what does it do?• What do we mean by “Priming the Pump” and why do we doit?• Which boards are all Accolo jobs posted to?• What are the niche sites for sales and tech jobs?