Accolo Client Services Organization Overview


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Hcn training cs org 05-10-13

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  • Client-centric focusThe client is at the center of everything that we do; the HC’s are the first line of support to the client, working directly with them to fill their open positions; the Client Management team is there to support the HC’s and thereby ensuring the clients overall success; and the JPC is there to support strategies put in place by the CM team, which are executed by the HC’s
  • Client Services Encompasses:The Client Management TeamThe Hiring Consultant Network (HCN)Job Performance Center (JPC), which includes:Sourcing and Operations support
  • Here are a few sample Client Management Scenarios, which are driven by the size and scope of the client engagement.A large client may have a Client Executive (working at the executive level), Client Program Managers (working with front line managers and Accolo recruiters), and then a support team of dedicated Associates and Hiring ConsultantsSmaller clients might only have a Client Executive or Client Program ManagerAnd very small client accounts are managed by Client Account Managers who work with multiple clients
  • Execute recruiting activities up to and includingRecruitment Plan DevelopmentTargeted sourcingPhone ScreeningInterview coordinationHiring manager guidance
  • Sourcing Center Manager: right now this falls under Lauren’s responsibilities but we are also looking to bring on a dedicated resourceSourcing Coordinator: most of these tasks are performed by Associates (Elena, Severin, Victoria)Sourcing Consultants & Partners: Anita, iPlace, Rightwave email marketing and cold call list generation
  • Operations Manager: LaurenRecruiting Associate: Elena, Severin, Victoria
  • Information Analyst:Ryan Armstrong
  • Accolo Client Services Organization Overview

    1. 1. March 25, 2013Client Services
    2. 2. 2Job Performance CenterClient ManagementHiring ConsultantsClientsClient-centric Focus
    3. 3. Organization3ClientManagementJobPerformanceCenterHiringConsultantNetworkHireServiceHireRecruitingHirePerformanceHire SatisfactionClient ServicesSourcing Operations
    4. 4. Organization4Client ExecutiveClient ProgramManager(s) Hiring Consultant(s)ClientManagementClient ProgramManager(s)Hiring Consultant(s)Client AccountManager(s)Hiring Consultant(s)Associate(s)
    5. 5. 5ClientExecutive• Set client strategicplan• Oversee planexecution• Use Elevate™ methodto manage executiverelationships• Provide leadership toAccolo client team• Deliver targetedannual revenue andprofitClient ProgramManager• Develop recruitmentprogram plan• Use Elevate™ methodto manage program• Staff and managerecruiting & sourcingteam to deliverqualified candidates• Monitor, measure,adjust based onclient’s hiring resultsClient AccountManager• Work with multipleclients to deliveryqualified candidates• Use Elevate™ methodto manage activities• Staff and manageprojects with recruiters• Monitor, measure,adjust based onclient’s hiring resultsClient Management - Roles
    6. 6. Organization6HCN ManagerHiringConsultantNetworkHiring Consultant(s)
    7. 7. 7HCN Manager• Recruit, train, retain a highquality, productive HCNteam• Provide HCs with tools,methods, resources tosupport successfulrecruiting and jobsatisfaction• Ensure a consistent, highquality client experiencethrough standardizedtraining, mentorship andcertification of HCNmembersHiring Consultant• Recruit and HIRE forassigned positions throughthe effective use ofrecruiting resources• Deliver consistent, highquality recruiting serviceto clients• Ensure client andcandidate satisfactionHiring Consultant Network - Roles
    8. 8. Organization8OperationsJobPerformanceCenterOperations AnalystSourcing CenterSourcing CoordinatorSourcing PartnersSourcing ConsultantNetworkInformation AnalystRecruiting Associate
    9. 9. 9Sourcing CenterManager (FTE)• Overall managementof Accolo’s sourcingresources• Build systematicsourcing program• Test, analyze, rolloutsourcing vendors• Management ofspecialized sourcingand job board vendors• Review job health dailySourcingCoordinator (FTE)• Perform generalsourcing• ConducteGrabber/Rightwavecampaigns• Post to specialty jobboards• Perform LinkedInRecruiter sourcing• Conduct phonescreensSourcingConsultants &Partners (Contract)• Perform specialtysourcing for assignedprojects• Deliver qualifiedcandidates• Provide specificindustry, functionalsourcing expertiseSourcing Center - Roles
    10. 10. 10Operations Manager• Manage operationsteam• Manage contracts andmonitor performance ofvendors & partners• Lead operationalprocess improvementinitiatives• Coordinate Accolosystem integration• HCN portal / sitemanagementOperations - RolesRecruiting Associate• Post jobs to Accolo’sstandard, approved jobboards• Submit and trackcandidates forbackground screeningand professionalreverence checks• Clone jobs approved forre-launch• Support HCN operationsinitiatives
    11. 11. 11Information Analyst• Support monthly clientbilling• Produce HCN paymentinformation• Coordinate setup,processing of reports• Update and maintainAccolo Library• Provide analysis andinsight based onreporting informationOperations – Roles (cont’d)