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Hcd corporateoverviewbrochure

  1. 1. The New World of Healthcare is HereA N A L Y T I C S F O R E V E R Y O N EOV E RV I E W B R O C H U R E
  2. 2. Hospital executives need to haveinformation at their fingertips to helpthem make good business decisions.They must act quickly and confidently in a climateof uncertainty, where affordability, transparencyand outcomes are all on the line.The compelling solution. An integratedclinical and financial business intelligence systemcan help healthcare leaders meet challenges fromall sides: the Affordable Care Act, MeaningfulUse certification, pay-for-performance, insurancechanges, and more as the industry transforms.Of course, the benefits are enormous — includinghappier patients, more productive staff andhealthier bottom lines.MountingPressureWhy Healthcare Organizationsare using Business IntelligenceThe New World ofHealthcare is HereHealthcare leaders are acutely aware of the importance of ITinvestments to help automate delivery processes and improveoutcomes. Few healthcare organizations have built an enterpriseinformation management capability, even though they recognizethe need to use it to respond to growing market pressures.The cry for healthcare business intelligence is loud and clear.Business Week Research Services and Microsoft. (2009). Business Intelligence forHealthcare: The New Prescription for Boosting Cost Management, Productivity and MedicalOutcomes [White paper]. Retrieved from http://mediakit.businessweek.com/Products/Research_Services/White_Papers| HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS2 HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS | 3
  3. 3. Savvy hospital executives are meeting this challenge head on,turning the outcry for more and better information to theiradvantage. They know that better information will help themreduce costs, maximize reimbursements, and improve qualityof care — and those are just the tip of the iceberg.It’s crucial to act now, to transform the sheer mass of data intoactionable knowledge and deeper insights for everyone acrossthe organization.A SingleSource of TruthExpandingVisionMedical data is doubling every fiveyears, and that’s just a portion of thedata captured in a health system.Technology systems commonly in place capture onlya small slice of that data and can’t provide enterprise-wide analytics.How can organizations sort through all of the data inall of their systems to understand what’s relevant? Tomake the right decisions, they need to combine datafrom all areas — including clinical, administrative,financial and research — into a single source ofinformation.The opportunity is here:• Get a clear, accurate, comprehensivesingle source of truth• See an enterprise-wide view of data• Measure quality of care, costs, risks and more• Empower teams with actionable knowledgeAn integrated clinical and financial businessintelligence system — specifically a scalable EnterpriseData Warehouse (EDW) — combines a variety of datafrom systems such as electronic health records, ERP,cost accounting, patient experience and managementinto actionable knowledge.Donovan, P. (2012). Infographic: How Technology Impacts Healthcare’s Future.HIN Blog. Retrieved February 7, 2013, from http://hin.com/blog/2012/11/27/infographic-how-technology-impacts-healthcares-future/.How Healthcare Data is GrowingThe amount of healthcare data worldwide isexpected to increase to 50 times the current load,to 25,000 petabytes.| HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS4 HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS | 5
  4. 4. Deeper Insights MeanInformed DecisionsWhile we could have builtthe clinical data warehouseourselves over a period ofmany years, HCD provides uswith the ability to fast track ourproject in a way that would notbe possible otherwise.– Darren Dworkin, CIO,Cedars-Sinai Health SystemKnowledgeEdge, including its enterprise datamodel, dashboards, reports, applications, anduser-driven analytics, helps hospitals andhealth systems effectively and efficiently gaindeeper insights into their operations.KnowlegeEdge™is PowerMany hospitals and health systems recognizethat implementing an EDW can improve decision-making across the whole organization.Leadership teams may choose to build an EDW in-house or buyfrom a vendor. Some opt to build systems using internal resourcesor patch them together in parts. Others elect a tools-enabled serviceengagement or license a more generic BI offering.Arguably the smartest decision is to implement a packaged EDWdesigned specifically for healthcare by healthcare experts — a choicethat can save time, money and effort.• Enterprise-wide view• Pre-built content and user – driven analytics• Quickest to value• Laser focus on healthcare• Deep healthcare expertiseHEALTH CARE DATAWORKS | 7
  5. 5. C-suite leaders and many other internal stakeholders requireorganization-wide business intelligence every day to helpthem make more informed decisions, improve quality of care,enhance patient satisfaction, achieve savings and grow revenue.Benefits Throughout the OrganizationOrganization-wideIntelligenceThe set of tools that HCD has packagedinto its EDW makes it easy for OrlandoHealth to get quick results and builda foundation for the future withouthaving to assemble the tools normallyrequired to make an EDW successful.– Rick Schooler, CIO, Orlando HealthKnowledgeEdge provides a single source of truththat empowers the entire organization to make more informed andtimely decisions, from the operating room to the board room.• Fully meets the demands of changing healthcare systems • Satisfies competing priorities with effective collaboration• Establishes a solid and visionary foundation for the futureData from across the enterprise — including sourcesystems from the financial, administrative, clinical,and research areas — is centralized into HCD’sdata model, enabling users to ask questions and getimmediate answers. They spend their time analyzinginformation, instead of collecting data from acrossdisparate systems.Operate at peak IT efficiencyCIOIncrease or retain revenuesCFOImprove outcomesCMOEnterprise Data WarehouseBundled software, hardware and support| HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS8 HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS | 9
  6. 6. PositiveTransformationWith KnowledgeEdge, healthcare systems arewell positioned to extract and analyze criticaldata across all aspects of their organizations. As aresult, they have access to actionable knowledge sothey can make decisions that enable higher qualityresults and lower costs.– Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz, Chairman and Founder,Health Care DataWorks| HEALTH CARE DATAWORKS10
  7. 7. Contact us at info@hcdataworks.com1801 Watermark DriveSuite 250Columbus, OH 432151-877-979-4239© 2013 Health Care DataWorks, All rights reserved.Visit us at www.hcdataworks.comA N A L Y T I C S F O R E V E R Y O N E