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The Magic Wall” is a device completely surface independent that turns a wall or any hard or soft surface into a interactive area , for large audiences
Is an innovative medium that turns the observer into a participant. creating a sync between people’s actions and the contents on the surface

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Interactive Surfaces Magic wall

  1. 1. The Magic Wall INTERACTIVE SURFACES IN A BLINK IntroductionOur goal was a device able to turn a wall or any hard or soft surface into an interactive area, for large or small audiences. The ideastarted from the needs of a member of our team, allowing his nephews to have fun at home, using the walls or furniture to interact,and play in a wide area instead the computer screen. Therefore in a team work we developed a solution that allows everyone toconvert any TV or open and idle spaces into engaging and fun-filled environment. Does “The Magic Wall” works?This magic wall effect is created with non-expensive hardware:The solution is possible due to an interconnection of emitting devices, acquisition devices, a processing unit and the displayIn the picture, we can see that the system can be splitted in different components. The IR camera will track the location of thepens. With a little bit of software, you can map the camera data to the display position so you can use the IR pen just like amouse:  Emitting Devices: Type of pen that provides infrared radiation; this radiation is invisible to human eye, but is “visible” by the image acquisition device;Image acquisition: An ordinary webcam, with some peculiar specifications, (30 fps, 1280x720 pixelresolution) and a flexible universal attachment base.  allowing infrared light, and having a filter that blocks visible light (blocking interference in the system)  The CPU makes the relation between the interaction movements and the operating system/application, creating the result image;The Projector/TV or any display available is connected to a computer, providing a way to display the user interface; No specialrequest regarding this one.
  2. 2. Emitting Devices: The IR pen come with high-strength plastic housing, is lightweight, and has a comfortable feel It is an ergonomically designed pen, with a natural, comfortable hold It has both high-sensitivity pressure switch and pushbutton switch, making writing more fluid andconstant The grip is made with wear-resistant material for infrared superior performance IR pen uses 2 easy to replace AAA batteries,The IR pen is the major component that makes “The Magic Wall” interactiveThe major function of the IR Pen is to convert pen tip position in to X and Y coordinates at a sufficient temporal andspacial resolution for writing and visual presentation.Image acquision:The web camera used during development test is an ordinary Microsoft HD cam, without Infra Red blocking filter and with a lightfilter that provides blocking to visible light.
  3. 3. And some minimal software also:The software, creates a interface between the hardware showed above and the windows 7 operating system (we choose this systemto take advantage of the multitouch interface already existing in it)With this solution you can make of any surface an interactive space hence, it does not have the higher maintenance costsassociated with the board based systems. Also, it gives you freedom to operate any area of the screen without having to strainyourself.It supports multi-touch and multi-writing capabilities making your presentations much more attractive to the audience.The Magic Wall is designed for the Perfect User Experience, Faster Calibration Setup, Seamless Multitouch Integration, andOutstanding Data InteractivityUsers are able to use an IR pen not only to write and draw on the projection, but also perform command functions to controlapplications using the same IR pen, allowing users to direct interact with displayed contentUsers have the ability to move around things in their desktop, browse through the internet, relying on any external interactor otherthen the IR penHaving an interactive whiteboard never been so easy. SURFACE INDEPENDENT: Convert any surface like a WALL, Table, or even the LCD panels/Monitors into a Touch-Screen interactive surface. No device attached to whiteboard/projection surface & thus no cable between whiteboard/projection surface and PC/signal receiver
  4. 4. OUTSTANDING INTERACTIVITY Adopting position detection technology, with high resolution, fast responding time and agile operation. The ergonomic pen provides you the most natural writing feel. High resolution - smooth drawing & Quick response time – ideal for quick drawing and writing. You can use this capability in any application. If an application does not support multi-touch it will work as simple mouse. If you use multi-writing and multi-touch capable apps, like Windows Paint, Adobe Air multi-touch applications, or others, you can take the best of this software, without constraints, accepting till 256 touch points. Multiple users can write/interact with the data simultaneously. Zoom, pan and rotate images/videos like an Iphone or any touch device – make gestures with the IR pen, for the ultimate natural feel of interaction. STRAY LIGHT NOISE-CANCELLATION Superior resistance to ambient lighting. High-Quality IR light cancellation filters. Smoothness and speed: Provides a very natural writing and smooth tracking of gestures, allowing good and intuitive experience, similar to traditional paper and pen. You can either manipulate objects or write The tracking performance is not affected with the presence of multi-touch points interacting together. Precision: The accuracy of this solution is variable with the distance to the surface. For best results, our application as an “eagle view” mode ( MASK) that allows the best fitting, and therefore, very high accuracy is easy to obtain. Our calibration method is particularly dimensioned to get the best results offering high flexibility with different conditions, IR pen functions in both touch-screen mode (with pen tip touching the surface screen) and non-touch mode (with pen tip at a distance of up to 10cm from the surface. Portability: Due to the low dimensions of the camera (40mm x 100mm; 89,9g), this solution is highly portable. You can setup your presentation area in less of 2minutes. It is very easy to point the tracking device and obtain an enthusiastic presentation in no time.KIT Content’s  Magic MindBoard® device;  USB Dongle;  2 Infrared Pens (included 4 AAA batteries);  Mini-CD (Instruction Manual and interaction/calibration Software);  Neoprene case for transport.  USB cable extension ( 5 meters) FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WWWW.ACTIONB4TOUCH.COM