Wausau Community Area Network

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Project Manager Frank Livermore shares his presentation given to schools, hospitals, and local governments prior to fiber construction of the Community Area Network in Wausau, WI on May 14th. The …

Project Manager Frank Livermore shares his presentation given to schools, hospitals, and local governments prior to fiber construction of the Community Area Network in Wausau, WI on May 14th. The fiber network begins at the State Patrol Headquarters and goes north to Northcentral Technical College with an additional fiber ring through the east side of Wausau. The system will initially serve 17 locations with high-speed transport access to Wiscnet over 8 miles of fiber. Future plans include telemedicine, distance learning, and a variety of shared services from cloud computing to centralized VoIP and data storage solutions.

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  • 1. Wausau CommunityArea NetworkPresented by: FrankLivermore, WCAN Project Manager Grant Funding & Restrictions Community Anchor Institutions (Locations) Organizational Structure of the WCAN Backbone Infrastructure Lateral Connections & Equipment Long-Haul (The Big Picture) WCAN Timeline Benefits of Connecting Immediate Utilization of the CAN Future Possibilities Contact Information
  • 2. Grant Information Grant Funding • American Recovery & Reinvestment Act • Broadband Telecommunications Opportunity Program NTIA • $4.7 billion investment in broadband infrastructure • Building Community Capacity through Broadband • Manages $30 million grant funding UW-EX • Connecting 17 Anchor Institutions • $1.8 million dollar infrastructure budget WCAN • Appx. 8 miles of backbone fiber, portion of it dark for future Restrictions Money can not be spend to buy “spare” parts Fiber route can not be changed without Environmental Assessments CAN must own all conduit, fiber, network equipment covered with grant funding Equipment must be accounted for – 10 years, reviewed every 2 years Construction must comply to the “Buy American” Act (except electronics) and Bacon-Davis wage regulations. Visit http://www2.ntia.doc.gov/files/award_docs/15cfr14.pdf for a full document of CFR 15 Part 14.
  • 3. Institutions Community Anchor Institutions (Locations) • Wausau School District – Lincoln Elementary • Wausau School District – Maintenance (Core Site) • Wausau School District – John Muir Middle • Newman Catholic Schools - High SchoolEducation • Wausau School District – West High • Wausau School District – Jefferson Elementary • Northcentral Technical College • UW-Marathon County • DC Everest Schools via long-haul • Marshfield ClinicHealthcare • Aspirus Hospital • UW-Health, Family Practice • Highway Department • Capital & Facilities Management • Parks & Recreation DepartmentGovernment • Wisconsin Valley Library Service – Marathon County Library • Conservation, Planning & Zoning Commission • Wisconsin State Patrol
  • 4. WCAN Organization Organizational Structure of the WCAN Fiscal Agent, CIO, Northcentral Tech  Manage budget expenditures for maintenance, break fix, insurance, and upgrades of the CAN fiber. Oversight Committee  NTC, City/County IT, WSD, CAI Members  Review cost-sharing metrics for members  Recommend future direction of the system  Make operational decisions  Committee will meet a minimum of twice annually  Provide annual reports to their respective governing bodies
  • 5. CAN Backbone Infrastructure Backbone Infrastructure of the WCAN Fiber consists of over 8 miles of 96 strand fiber Nearly all backbone infrastructure will be placed underground in conduit Ring cuts into backbone fiber will be used to connect laterals Redundant core switches will be located at Northcentral Tech and WSD Maintenance Fiber backbone will connect to 6 strands of fiber on the east side of Wausau to Weston and back to the State Patrol creating a fiber ring
  • 6. Backbone Infrastructure (Route)
  • 7. Laterals & Connections Laterals will be 24 strand fiber Quazite “drop” vaults will have 50’+ of extra loop Grant covers up to 50’ to premise demarc Paved surface restoration may be necessary at some locations Termination panels, LC connectors, Cisco switch w/1GB modules Grant does not cover shelved spare parts
  • 8. Proposed Lateral Routes City-County ITHighway Dept. Capital & Facilities Parks & Rec. Library Conservation Planning-Zoning
  • 9. Proposed Lateral Routes K12 SchoolsLincoln Elementary Maintenance (Core Site) John Muir Middle West High Jefferson Elementary Newman Catholic H.S.
  • 10. Proposed Lateral Routes Healthcare, Colleges, State Patrol Marshfield Clinic Aspirus Hospital UW-HealthNorthcentral Tech (Core Site) UW-Marathon County Wisconsin State Patrol
  • 11. CAI EquipmentEquipment coming to your site Cisco switch with GBIC Transceivers (Model TBD) 24 Port Termination Panel (LC) 24 Count Fiber Vault with 50-100’ extra loop (outdoor) Conduit & hangers needed to install fiber inside premise Rack Space & Power Planning 1U-2U for the switch 1U-2U for the termination panel Various – UPS Plug-type TBD based on switch model chosen
  • 12. Long Haul – The Big PictureIndividual CANs around the state are fiber-connected to each other and to Internet 2.Existing CANsMilwaukee, Oshkosh, and MadisonCANs in Current GrantSuperior, Eau Claire, Wausau, PlattvilleComing SoonWaukesha, La Crosse, Green Bay, Ashland
  • 13. Internet 2 InformationThe Internet 2 project is intended tocreate a system dedicated to, and builtfor, the internet. http://www.internet2.edu/resources/AboutInternet2.pdf
  • 14. WCAN Timeline
  • 15. Benefits of Connecting Operational expenses are very low, expected to be appx. $5,000/yr Initial investment to connect is low to none (Grant funded prior to 5/31/2013) Grant funding includes  Fiber termination into your building (max 50’)  Network equipment to connect to the network Opportunities for shared services (data storage, call centers, etc.) Broadband speeds improve opportunities for telepresence in education & healthcare. Potential for 10GB/sec between your remote sites inside the CAN (at CAI’s expense). Future connection to Internet 2 providing faster and more reliable access HA design having to network cores, fiber redundancy, and fiber ring Dark fibers on lateral for future bandwidth needs
  • 16. Immediate Utilization PlansSystem-Wide Technology Improvements Wiscnet transport connections for all 3 partners – Faster ISP service Connection between partners for broadcasting SSIDsEducation, K12 & University/College Upgraded WAN connection to 1 Gb between 5 Wausau SD facilities Connection to leased long haul for NTC to connect to Antigo and Wittenberg WVLS MC Library to increase ISP bandwidth to WiscnetGovernment & Health Services New “trunks” for digital radio connections from State Patrol to Sheriff - mandated by new emergency government policy Redundant ISP connection for critical public safety usage Improved video coverage for traffic monitoring by DOT/State Patrol Video from NCHC to Aspirus for telemedicine Upgraded WAN connection for 3 county facilities
  • 17. Future Possibilities Other Ideas  Telemedicine  Remote Care  Mobile EKG (Ambulances)  Psychology Services  Education  K12 – College Distance Learning  College to College Distance Learning  Specialized Courses  Law Enforcement  Traffic Monitoring/Cameras  High Speed/Secured Wireless  Distance Learning for First Responders  Utilities  Process Control Monitoring  Environmental MonitoringFor examples of what another community is doing check out:Chippewa Valley Internetworking Consortium (CINC)http://cincua.org/about/
  • 18. Contact Information & Meeting Dates Meeting Dates (Tentative) Likely TopicsJuly 9, 2012 Project updates, adjustmentsSeptember 3, 2012 Lateral connections & equipment specifiedOctober 15, 2012 Edge equipment ordered? CAI install timelinesNovember 26, 2012 Core switches configured/onlineJanuary 7, 2013 Edge switches being deployed to CAIsChet Strebe, CIO Gerry Klein, DirectorNorthcentral Technical College City/County IT1000 W. Campus Dr. 407 Grant St.Wausau, WI 54401 Wausau, WI 54403(715) 803-1101 (715) 261-2707strebe@ntc.edu Gerald.klein@co.marathon.wi.usJoel Verduin, Director Frank Livermore, PMWausau School District Heartland Business Systems415 Seymour St. 1700 Stephen Dr.P.O. Box 359 Little Chute, WI 54140Wausau, WI 54402-0359 (920) 687-4758(715) 261-0560 flivermore@hbs.netjverduin@wausauk12.wi.us Wausau Community Area Network