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Hbcsf About Us2011 Hbcsf About Us2011 Document Transcript

  • Juntos,SomoS El Futuro.TogeTher, we are The fuTure.HISpaNIC BuSINeSS CouNCILSCHoLarSHIp FouNdaTIoN oF NJ, INC.eST. 1993
  • A MessAge FroM the trusteesDear frienDs,The Hispanic Business Council scholarship foundation of nJ, inc. (HBCsf) Board ofTrustees and advisory Council thank you for your interest. We have compiled thispresentation to provide you with information regarding our mission, our history ofawarding scholarships and book stipends, and the responsibilities and rewards of servingon the HBCsf Board of Trustees and advisory Council. We hope this background alongwith the students’ testimonials will inspire you to join our network of individuals andorganizations that share your commitment and passion to help college-level Latinostudents in new Jersey pursue their academic aspirations and professional goals.Many opportunities are available to get involved with HBCsf. Consider joining as atrustee, a member of the advisory Council, a corporate sponsor, or a volunteer onone of our committees. act as a mentor to a scholarship (scholar) or a book stipendrecipient by making available career-enhancing experiences, such as internships orcareer sessions at your place of employment. assist scholars with fulfilling their HBCsf80 hours of community service required to receive their awards by providing them withenriching opportunities in your area.We are extremely proud of our track record of sustainability as a not-for-profitorganization serving the Latino community. Over the past 20 years, the HBCsf hasraised funds to support Latino students’ dreams to obtain a post-secondary degree.since 1993, the organization has awarded over a quarter million dollars in scholarshipsand book stipends. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to hearingfrom you soon.Hispanic Business Council Scholarship Foundation of NJ, Inc. 1
  • aBOuT usafter granting scholarships every year since 1993 under the auspices of the BergenCounty Hispanic-american Chamber of Commerce, the organization received its 501(c) (3) non-profit status in 1998 and the scholarship foundation of the BCHaCC was born.The organization’s name was legally changed in 2004 to the Hispanic Business Councilscholarship foundation of nJ, inc. (HBCsf), reflecting the organization’s expanded reachbeyond the northern part of the state to college-bound high school seniors and currentcollege students of Hispanic descent residing in every county in the state.MissiOnThe Hispanic Business Council scholarship foundation of nJ, inc.’s mission isto advance the educational aspirations of Hispanic students so they may becomeprofessionals, leaders and valued citizens of the community. The HBCsf accomplishesthis by providing scholarships for a college education based on academic excellenceand financial need.COnTaCTHispanic Business Council scholarship foundation of nJ, inc.492-c Cedar Lane #313, Teaneck, new Jersey 07666info@hbcsf.org 2
  • “hBCsF gAve Me the opportunity in 2002 to pursue A CAreer in FinAnCe/ACCounting. i truly AppreCiAte hBCsF For trusting And Believing in My potentiAl For BeCoMing A suCCessFul BusinesswoMAn” .TrusTees & aDvisOry COunCiLfor pictures and biographies, please visit www.hbcsf.orgHector Banegas, President Cesar Rubin, TrusteeSaara Marte, Vice President Douglas Sanchez, Esq., Legal AdvisorSusan Tacuri, Treasurer Madeline Dielmann, Advisory CouncilDasha Perez, Secretary Nancy Quiles, Advisory CouncilDr. Ray Galvan, Trustee Simona Radu, Advisory CouncilMiriam Lopez, Trustee Joe Hernandez, Honorary TrusteeDr. Raul Ludmer, Trustee Eladio Quiles, Honorary TrusteeJoyce Luhrs, TrusteesCHOLarsHips anD BOOK sTipenDsDuring the first two years of operation from 1991-1992, the organization focused on raisingfunds through special events and other activities to provide scholarships. Beginning in 1993,when the first scholarships were awarded, through 2011, the HBCsf has granted $325,500to 120 students. each year, we award multiple scholarships and book stipends up to $4,000and $1,000 each, respectively.scholarships are paid directly to the college over two semesters on behalf of therecipients once HBCsf has received confirmation that the students are registeredand they maintain a 3.0 gpa during the year. in addition, HBCsf requires that thescholarship recipients complete 80 hours of community service.The 2012 application is available and may be downloaded at www.hbcsf.org.The deadline is february 29, 2012. Year Awards Total Awarded Year Awards Total Awarded 2001 4 $12,500.00 2006 11 $36,000.00 2002 5 $13,000.00 2007 14 $37,000.00 2003 6 $12,000.00 2008 11 $30,000.00 2004 8 $30,000.00 2009 9 $25,000.00 2005 6 $24,000.00 2010 16 $32,000.00 2011 19 $40,000.00 3
  • — evelyn CorAl 2006 B.s. ACCounting, setoN haLL uNiveRsity east side high schooL, NewaRk 2002 hBcsf RecipieNt spOnsOrsHip LeveLs anD BenefiTs Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Sponsorship Benefits $1,500 $3,000 $5,000 $7,500 Tickets to the gala Dinner 2 4 10 10 reserved Table at gala Dinner n/a n/a √ √ full page advertising in ad Journal 1/4 page 1/2 page full page inside front or inside Back Company logo and link √ √ √ √ on the HBCsf website Dedicated scholarship for n/a n/a n/a √ “Outstanding achievement award” Company recognition, signage √ √ √ √ at event and dinner table 2011 spOnsOrs:Platinum:Gold:Bronze: 4
  • “AFter College, i Attended rutgers lAw sChool newArk. the hBCsF onCe AgAin ContriButed towArd My eduCAtion with two Book stipends oF $500 eACh” .BOarD MeMBer & aDvisOry COunCiL respOnsiBiLiTies1. To work as a trustee of the board of trustees and to assure that the responsibilities described in By-Laws and Governance Policies are undertaken and fulfilled.2. To be an informed and enthusiastic advocate for the HBCsf’s mission and the students who are awarded scholarships and book stipends. This includes attending the annual gala and other events held throughout the year.3. To assist the organization with fund-raising activities in the following ways: a. By making the foundation one of your primary philanthropic investments during your term of office.* b. On a best efforts basis, raise $2,500 - $5,000 or more each fiscal year through personal gifts and/or the identification, cultivation and solicitation of prospective donors.* c. By participating in the HBCsf’s fund-raising activities, such as attending events, speaking to prospective donors, and selling tickets to the annual gala.4. To attend board meetings held six times per year and to participate in committee meetings for the purpose of organizing the annual gala or any other fund-raising events.5. To understand each year’s annual plan and to facilitate the achievement of its stated goals.6. To share your wisdom and experience for the enrichment of the organization and the students we serve.* Optional for advisory Council members. 5
  • — José r. AlMonte, esq. RutgeRs Law schooL - NewaRk 2004 B.s. cRimiNaL Justice aNd socioLogy, RutgeRs uNiveRsity NewaRk coLLege of aRts aNd scieNces 2001 1997, 2001 & 2002 hBcsf RecipieNtCOMMiTTees1. COMMuniCaTiOns anD TeCHnOLOgy2. funD raising3. evenTs4. COMMuniTy DeveLOpMenT5. sCHOLarsHipsTo learn more about available volunteer opportunities, contact info@hbcsf.orgor 492-c Cedar Lane #313, Teaneck, new Jersey 07666.reWarDs1. you have joined a scholarship foundation addressing Hispanic students’ financial needs in order that they may further their education.2. you have joined a network of individuals and organizations that share your commitment to serving Hispanic students and helping them continue their education, while contributing to their community.3. you have the opportunity to participate and become an advocate for helping educate Hispanic students in new Jersey. 6
  • Hispanic Business CouncilScholarship Foundation of NJ, Inc.492-C Cedar Lane #313Teaneck, New Jersey 07666www.hbcsf.org