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Hbcsf About Us

  1. 1. Juntos, SomoS El Futuro. TogeTher, we are The fuTure. HISpaNIC BuSINeSS CouNCIL SCHoLarSHIp FouNdaTIoN eST. 1993
  2. 2. A MessAge FroM the trustees Dear frienDs, The Hispanic Business Council scholarship foundation Board of Trustees and advisory Council would like to thank you for your interest in the HBCsf. We have compiled this presentation to provide you with information regarding our mission, our history of awarding scholarships and book stipends, and the responsibilities and rewards of serving on the foundation’s Board of Trustees and advisory Council. We hope this background along with the students’ testimonials will inspire you to join our network of individuals and organizations that share your commitment and passion to help college-level Latino students in new Jersey pursue their academic aspirations and professional goals. in addition to getting involved with us in a trustee role or as a corporate sponsor, we urge you to consider participating in one of our committees and/or acting as a mentor to our scholarship recipients or, providing career-enhancing experiences such as internships, career sessions at your place of employment or community service opportunities. as many of you know, scholarship recipients are required to perform 80 hours of community service in order to receive their awards. We are extremely proud of our track record of sustainability as a not-for-profit organization serving the Latino community. Over the past 18 years, the HBCsf has awarded over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships. Please consider joining us in helping continue this great tradition of “giving back.” Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon. The Hispanic Business Council Scholarship Foundation of NJ 1
  3. 3. aBOuT us after granting scholarships every year since 1993 under the auspices of the Bergen County Hispanic-american Chamber of Commerce, the 501 (c) (3) non-profit status was finally approved in 1998 and the scholarship foundation of the BCHaCC was born. The name was legally changed in 2004 to The Hispanic Business Council scholarship foundation of new Jersey, inc. (“HBCsf”), to reflect the foundation’s expanded reach to high school seniors and current college students who are residents in every county in the state of new Jersey, not just northern new Jersey. missiOn Our mission is to advance educational aspirations of Hispanic students to become professionals, leaders and valuable citizens of the community. We are a team of committed individuals and corporations contributing our time, expertise and resources to ensure the growth and success of our community. 2
  4. 4. “hBcsF gAve Me the oPPortunity in 2002 to Pursue A cAreer in FinAnce/Accounting. i truly APPreciAte hBcsF For trusting AnD Believing in My PotentiAl For BecoMing A successFul BusinesswoMAn” . TrusTees & aDvisOry COunCiL for pictures and biographies please visit www.hbcsf.org Hector Banegas, President Douglas Sanchez, Legal Advisor Saara Marte, Vice President Dasha Perez, Advisory Council Miriam Lopez, Treasurer Joann SantaCruz, Advisory Council Nydia Perez, Trustee Joe Hernandez, Honorary Trustee Susan Tacuri, Trustee Eladio Quiles, Honorary Trustee Cesar Rubin, Trustee David Berrios, Trustee sCHOLarsHiPs anD BOOK sTiPenDs scholarships are paid directly to the college over two semesters on behalf of the recipients once the scholarship foundation has received confirmation that the students are registered and they maintain a 3.0 gPa during the year. in addition, the foundation requires that the scholarship recipients complete 80 hours of community service, 50% towards the HBCsf and 50% to their respective communities or schools. Book stipends are paid directly to the students, upon receipt of original invoices for required course books purchased for the semester. The HBCsf reimburses the student an amount of up to $1,000 per school year. in 2009 scholarships and book stipend awards totaled $25,000. since inception, scholarship and book stipend awards have exceeded $250,000. Year Winners Total Awarded Year Winners Total Awarded 2001 4 $12,500.00 2006 11 $36,000.00 2002 5 $13,000.00 2007 14 $37,000.00 2003 6 $12,000.00 2008 11 $30,000.00 2004 8 $30,000.00 2009 9 $25,000.00 2005 6 $24,000.00 3
  5. 5. — evelyn corAl, Johnson & Johnson 2006 B.s. Accounting, setoN haLL uNiveRsity east side high schooL, NewaRk 2002 hBcsf RecipieNt sPOnsOrsHiP LeveLs anD BenefiTs Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Sponsorship Benefits $1,500 $3,000 $5,000 $7,500 Tickets to the gala Dinner 2 4 10 10 reserved Table at gala Dinner n/a n/a √ √ full Page advertising in ad Journal 1/4 Page 1/2 Page full Page inside front or inside Back Company logo and link √ √ √ √ on the HBCsf website Commemorative award n/a n/a n/a √ at gala Dinner Company recognition, signage √ √ √ √ at event and dinner table 2009 sPOnsOrs 4
  6. 6. “AFter college, i AttenDeD rutgers lAw school newArk. the hBcsF once AgAin contriButeD towArD My eDucAtion with two Book stiPenDs oF $500 eAch. toDAy, i AM An Attorney At Dechert llP, one oF the toP lAw FirMs in the country” . BOarD memBer & aDvisOry COunCiL resPOnsiBiLiTies 1. To work as a Trustee of the Board, assuring that the responsibilities of the Board as described in the By-Laws and governance Policies are fulfilled. 2. To be an informed and enthusiastic advocate for the HBC scholarship foundation’s mission and the students who are awarded scholarships. This includes attending the annual gala and other events held throughout the year. 3. To assist the organization with fundraising activities in the following ways: a. By making the HBC scholarship foundation one of your primary philanthropic investments during your term of office.* b. On a best efforts basis, raise $2,500 - $5,000 or more each fiscal year through personal gifts and the identification, cultivation and solicitation of prospective donors.* c. By participating in the foundation’s fundraising events -- attending events, speaking to prospective donors, selling tickets to the annual gala. 4. To attend Board meetings held 6 times per year and to attend the Board committee meetings for the purpose of organizing the annual gala or any other fund-raising events. 5. To understand each year’s annual Plan and to facilitate the achievement of these stated goals. 6. To share your wisdom and experience for the enrichment of the organization and the students we serve. * Optional for advisory Council members. 5
  7. 7. — José r. AlMonte, esq., Dechert, llP RutgeRs Law schooL - NewaRk 2004 B.s. cRimiNaL Justice aNd socioLogy, RutgeRs uNiveRsity NewaRk coLLege of aRts aNd scieNces 2001 1997, 2001 & 2002 hBcsf RecipieNt COmmiTTees 1. COmmuniCaTiOns anD TeCHnOLOgy 2. funD raising 3. evenTs 4. COmmuniTy DeveLOPmenT 5. sCHOLarsHiPs 6. menTOrsHiPs visit us at www.hbcsf.org to learn more about the different voluntary opportunities available within each committee. reWarDs 1. you have joined a scholarship foundation addressing Hispanic students’ financial needs in order that they may further their education. 2. you have joined a network of individuals and organizations that share your commitment to serving Hispanic students and help them continue their education while contributing to their community. 3. you have the opportunity to participate and become an advocate for helping educate Hispanic students in new Jersey. 6
  8. 8. HBC Scholarship Foundation of NJ, Inc. 492C Cedar Lane #313 Teaneck, New Jersey 07666 www.hbcsf.org