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Library for Management Researchers

  1. 1. Library for Management and Business ResearchersDr. H. AnilkumarLibrarian, IIM Ahmedabad
  4. 4. PRIMARY SOURCESPrimary Sources of information are the first publishedrecords of original research and development.♦ Periodicals♦ Research Reports♦ Research Monographs♦ Patents♦ Standards♦ Dissertations♦ Proceedings
  5. 5. SECONDARY SOURCESOrganized works and compilations that derive fromthe primary sources make up the secondary sourcesof information.♦ Dictionaries♦ Encyclopedias♦ Manuals♦ Year Books♦ Directories♦ Abstracts♦ Reviews
  6. 6. TERTIARY SOURCES♦ Text Books♦ Bibliography♦ Guide to Literature♦ Catalogs♦ Hand Books♦ Indexing PeriodicalThese consist of information which is a distillation andcollection of primary and secondary sources.
  7. 7. EVALUATING INFORMATIONSOURCES♦ Purpose♦ Scope♦ Format♦ Treatment♦ Authority♦ Special Features♦ Edition♦ Cited/Referred
  9. 9. Library ResourcesBooks 1,76,120Bound Volumes of Periodicals 42,004Foreign Journals 424Indian Journals 643Electronic Databases 70Working Papers 2,257Thesis 274Student Projects 1,712Newspaper 32CDs / Videos 1,961
  10. 10. Subjects coveredMain AlliedManagement MarketingHRMOrganisation BehaviourFinanceSystems – ITPQMEducationCommunicationStrategyAgricultureLegal AspectsResearch MethodsGenderPublic SystemsHealthTransportEnvironment, Energy, etcOthersMain AlliedSocial Sciences EconomicsSociologyPhilosophyPolitical ScienceGeneral Fiction / Non FictionReligionHistoryGeographyCommunity and ChildrenHindi
  11. 11. 11Library Layout
  12. 12. Circulation Desk
  13. 13. Reuters and Datastream Terminal
  14. 14. Newspapers
  15. 15. Cyber Lab•
  16. 16. New Arrivals (Every Monday)
  17. 17. CD/DVD Collection
  18. 18. Current General Magazines
  19. 19. Self operated photocopier
  20. 20. Faculty Publications•
  21. 21. Reference Books (Second Floor)
  22. 22. Print Journals (Second Floor)
  23. 23. Compact Shelves (Second Floor)
  24. 24. Individual Carrels (Each Floor)
  25. 25. Reading Spaces
  26. 26. 26Stack Area by FloorGr. Floor: Government Publications1stFloor: 001 to 338.9202ndFloor: 338.9 to 658.477 + Reference books andCurrent Periodicals3rdFloor: 658.5 to 999 and A – I Bound Volumes4thFloor: I – Z Bound Volumes
  27. 27. Books Arrangement on the Shelves
  28. 28. Spine labels…Call NumberCall Number
  29. 29. Reference Books (R)Call Number
  30. 30. Faculty Publication (FP)Call Number
  31. 31. Community and Childrens CollectionCall Number
  32. 32. Date Slip
  33. 33. Book Card (inside cover)• Issue Date• Due Date• Member No.• Signature
  34. 34. Journal Bound Volumes
  35. 35. Journal Bound Volumes…Volume, Issue,Month & Year
  36. 36. Bound NewspapersEconomic Times&Financial TimesEconomic Times&Financial Times
  37. 37. Bound Newspapers…
  38. 38. Bound Newspapers…March 28, 1966(Bombay)
  39. 39. 39Library Services♦ Circulation / Reservation /Reprography♦ Reference Services♦ Current Awareness Service♦ Information Research Assistance♦ Inter Library Loan Services - Networkingand resource sharing♦ Compilation of Bibliographies♦ News Archive♦ Orientation / Information LiteracySessions♦ Remote login to e-resources
  40. 40. Users Category No. of MembersFaculty / Visiting Faculty 84/07Retired Faculty / Staff 06 / 04Alumni Member 175Officers / Staff / Res. Staff 38/200/12Research Staff / Academic Associates 42/42PGP1 / PGP2 - / 381FPM 78ABM1 / ABM2 42 / 36Armed Forces Programme 50PGPX 85FDP 41PGP Exchange Students 101External Members 259Total 1685
  41. 41. 41External Regular MembershipType Deposit in Rs. Loan limit Annual Fee in Rs.Alumni (PGPs / FPM,FDP, AFP), FormerEmployees, Boardmembers (present andpast), Academic Visitors(recommended by faculty)5,000 2 Books for 30 days NIL10,000 5 Books for 30 daysIndividuals working inacademic institutions /non-profit / governmentorganisations, MDPAlumni5,000 2 Books for 30 days 1,00010,000 5 Books for 30 daysIndividuals working infor-profit sector5,000 2 Books for 30 days 4,00010,000 5 Books for 30 daysInstitutions (academic /government / non-profit)20,000 4 Books for 30 days 10,000Institutions (Corporate /for-profit)50,000 4 Books for 30 days 20,000
  42. 42. External Reading only Membership1 Week 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 YearPersons working in academic /non-profit / governmentinstitutions, MDP alumniRs. 100 Rs. 200 Rs. 400 Rs. 600 Rs. 1,000Persons working in for-profitorganisationsRs. 400 Rs. 800 Rs. 1200 Rs. 2,000 Rs. 4,000
  43. 43. 43The Library remains closed on 4 public holidays in a year.Library TimingsIssue-Return HoursMonday-Friday8.45 AM to 10.00 PMSaturday & Sunday9.00 AM to 5.45 PMLibrary Hours24 x 7
  44. 44. ♦ The library has been automated using LIBsys - an ILS♦ VSL is wi-fi enabled♦ Collection is bar-coded♦ We are shifting to KOHA♦ D-space for IR♦ Website using an open source software – Joomla♦ Remote login solutionIT @ VSL
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Online Catalogue
  47. 47. Search Catalogue (OPAC)Enter your search term and click on GoDifferent Categories for Search like Title, Author, etc
  48. 48. Search by Author , Select author and click on Go
  49. 49. Book DetailsCall No.
  50. 50. Online Resources
  51. 51. Categories Country / Company / Industry Databases Scholarly ResourcesA. E-JournalsB. E-BooksC. Others Legal & Other Databases
  52. 52. Databases by contentAcademic Literature: EBSCO, ABI/INFORM, JSTOR, Project Muse,Elsevier, Sage, SRMO, etcCompany News , Financial Information: CAPITALINE, Prowess,Datamonitor, ISI Emerging Market, Reuters 3000XTRA, Datastream,EBSCO, ABI INFORM, etc.Industry Information: Reuter 3000XTRA, CRISIL, Euromonitor,INFRALINE, Datamonitor , Industry Analysis Service etcEconomics and Economics Indicator: Economist, DSI Data Service,Indiastat, World Development Indicator (World Bank) etc.IPO: Insight, Prime Database, Prowess, Capitaline, etc.
  53. 53. Country / Company / Industry DatabasesThese databases give you information aboutcountries, companies and industries. It includesstatistical, financial and technical reports with historicaldetails. It also includes important raw data for analysis
  54. 54. CAPITALINE• CapitalinePlus is a digital database of 13,000 listed andunlisted companies.• It gives extensive financial and non-financial informationon each of the companies. Balance sheet, Profit & loss,consolidated financial data, segment data, and stockprices, Board of Directors.• Industry (NIC) and Product (ITC) classifications corporateactions and Director’s reports run to over 10 years.• Being marketed since 1986, CapitalinePlus has the USPof covering the largest number of data points (1400+) percompany.• It also covers full text of Directors Reports, AuditorsReport and extensive news clippings of companies.
  55. 55. CMIE – i3• Business Beacon• CapEx• Economic Intelligence Service (EIS)• States of India• India Trades• Indian Harvest• Industry Analysis Service• Prowess
  56. 56. CRISIL• CRISIL comprises of accurate and reliable news,information, analysis and forecasts on the Indianeconomy, industries, companies and financialmarkets.• CRIS INFAC Industry Information Service presents adetailed and comprehensive analysis of the currenttrends and the long-term performance outlook onIndian industries.• IIMA has access to 46 Industries only.
  57. 57. Datamonitor 360(Earlier Marketline-Business Insight)• Business Insights and MarketLine are now mergedinto a new platform called Datamonitor 360.• Industries, Geographies, Companies, Subjects,Publishers and Databases.• Market data on selected industries and macro/socioeconomic demographic data on 215 Countriesworldwide both historical and forecast.• Research and analysis spans over 25 industries• It provides Company, Industries and Country reports.
  58. 58. Datastream (Incorporating Worldscope )(Available only in library)• Covers more than 50,000 companies incorporated in 70countries and the coverage dates back more than tenyears.• Equity data cover 30+ year of history, 87,000 activeequities source direct from stock markets• Economic Data direct from national government sourcesas well as OECD and IMF• Fixed income securities and associated fixed incomeindices commodities and derivatives data• Over 100 million different time series worldwide
  59. 59. Data Service & Information (DSI)• Collection of about 100 autonomous statisticaldatabases• World Bank publications• UN databases• OECD and IEA statistics• European Unions statistics• Germanys statistics• Various Central Banks• Research institutions specialized in collecting andpreparing statistics in economic, external trade,energy and environmental questions.
  60. 60. FT.COM• FT content spans global business, finance and politics, supporting a widerange of disciplines from accounting and international relations to economicsand management• Provides access to Lex, Special Report and Print Edition
  61. 61. FT Archive (1882-2006)• The Financial Times Historical Archive,1888-2006, is acomplete facsimile run of the world’s mostauthoritative daily business newspaper• Includes over 700,000 pages of past issues, includingSpecial Supplements and the FT Magazine• Search every word of the complete text• Browse individual editions• Offers helpful introductions and Research Topics
  62. 62. GMID (Global Market InformationDatabase) - EUROMONITOR• Industry trends• Strategic analysis• Market size and market share database for products across keycountries.• Business intelligence on industries, countries and consumers• market data, statistical information of 26 industries worldwide.• Insight on consumer trend on different product, country insightand report• internationally comparable statistics, full-text market reports,insightful comment from expert industry and country analysts aswell as thousands of sources of further information.
  63. 63. Gartner• The technology-related insights• News, research, analysis, and events about technologymarkets and industries, with focus on technology workers,vendors, and investors• Report on trends in information technology industry, availabletechnologies and analysis of the products on the market.
  64. 64. Indiastat• IndiaStat is the authentic source for Indian statistics collectedfrom the best sources for information and statistics on India.• Socio-economic statistical data and useful information on India.• A cluster of 51 sites including India-specific, Sector specific andState specific sites• Authentic and comprehensive compilation of secondary levelsocio-economic statistical data about India and its states onmore than 35 variables.
  65. 65. INDICUS - District GDP of India,2006-07 to 2010-11• First ever estimates on Gross Domestic Productacross sectors at district level for all states and UTs ofthe country.• These estimates provide information for all 593districts in India.• Covering important economic indicators like GDP atcurrent & constant prices, short term real GDP growthacross sectors, labour productivity, credit penetrationin each sector and much more.
  66. 66. InfralineInfraline is India’s premier service provider of criticalbusiness information, industry databases, businessintelligence and related services in the Energy Sector.It gives detailed overview of the following sectors:Power SectorOil & Gas SectorCoal SectorEach sector comprises of• Online newsletter• Web-based comprehensive database• Demand & supply projections and forecasting• Sectoral, Industrial, Legal, Financial and Company Analysis• Policy research and analysis and due diligence• Primary research and surveys
  67. 67. INSIGHT• About a specific company or companies• Company-to-company or company-to-industry orindustry-to-industry comparison• Information on corporate fundamentals of 8000+ listedand unlisted companies and PSUs over the past 14years• on corporates classified into more than 260 industrialsectors with complete break-up• single window access to 35,000 annual reports andprospectus of companies dating back to 1995
  68. 68. Invest India (Available only in library)• Invest India Incomes and Savings Survey 2007 is themost comprehensive study on mass markets forbanking, credit, securities, insurance, microfinance,residential housing, mutual funds and pensions inIndia• This study was produced by Invest India EconomicFoundation and IIMS Dataworks in collaboration witharound 50 top institutions including NSE, World Bankand LIC of India.
  69. 69. ISI Emerging Markets (Asia)• ISI Emerging Markets delivers information on Asianemerging markets.• Provide full-text news articles, financial statements,company information, industry analyses, equityquotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specificinformation,• Sources directly from more than 13,000 local andglobal publications• Include Annual report, Research report on companyand industries.
  70. 70. NASSCOM• NASSCOM has the most up-to-date online directory ofthe Indian IT Industry• Including off shoring partners, M&A opportunities etc.• Also provides various important reports on Indian ITand BPO industry.
  71. 71. Prime DatabaseInformation on all capital market offerings:• Public issues (Including IPOs);• Rights Issues (2391 issues covered since April 1990)• Debt private placements (6579 issues covered since April1995)• Commercial Papers (873 issues covered since April 2003)• Overseas Capital Market Offerings (248 issues covered sinceApril 1991)• Takeover Open Offer (663 offers covered since April 1997)• Delisting Offers (32 offers covered since April 2003)• Buyback Offers (111 offers covered since April 1998)• Mutual Fund IPOs (738 IPOs covered since April 1964)• Preferential Equity Issues (9262 issues covered since April2000) Directories.
  72. 72. Reuters 3000 Xtra Hosted Terminal(Available only in Library)• Reuters 3000 Xtra gives users a commanding view ofthe global real-time financial arena• Provides a combination of news, information andinsight as well as access to the global Reuters tradingcommunity.• Its integrated price discovery and trading capabilitiesacross all asset classes mean that decisions can bemade and executed from a single desktop.
  73. 73. Reuters Knowledge(Available only in Library)• State-of-the-art Web-based global research solutionfor investment managers, portfolio managers, buy-side analysts, research analysts, investment bankers,senior corporate executives, chief investment officers,and anyone else who requires timely, accurate, in-depth, and comprehensive financial information andpre-trading analysis.• Companies, industries, markets, broker analyses,independent research, estimates, fixed income,balance sheets, company filings, corporate events,world news, regional news, company-specific news,and so on.
  74. 74. Venture Intelligence• Information and analysis on:• Private Equity, Venture Capital & Angel Investments• M&A deals• Real Estate deals• Profiles of Companies incubated at variousincubators across India investors and M&A deals• New Funds being raised• The first League Tables (for Transaction and LegalAdvisory firms) exclusively tracking transactionsinvolving India-based companies• Press releases with quarterly and annual data onPE & VC investments
  75. 75. • flows of investment by country and industry• overseas mergers and acquisitions• business costs.• 60 largest economies– detailed analysis on political and economicbackground– business environment– foreign investment regulations– trends in foreign investment.World Investment Service (EIU)
  76. 76. E-journals DatabasesThese databases provide access to scholarly e-journals published in various subjects. Some of themcover back-files access from the beginning.
  77. 77. ABI / Inform• ABI/Inform is a comprehensive business databasecovering more than 4,000 journals.• The combination of products forms a businessdatabase package covering business & economicconditions, corporate strategies, managementtechniques, as well as competitive and productinformation.
  78. 78. ACM Digital Library• ACM Digital Library is the full-text repository publishedin the computing field and serves the computingprofession with leading-edge publications,conferences, and other career resources.• It covers Core Package of 40 titles published by(ACM) Association of Computing Machinery.
  79. 79. EBSCO HostEBSCO Host Includes following databases Academic Search Premier Business Source Complete EconLit Human Resources Abstracts PsycARTICLES Regional Business News The Serials Directory Green File
  80. 80. EBSCO - Academic Search Premier• This multi-disciplinary database provides full text formore than 4,600 journals, including full text for morethan 3,900 peer-reviewed titles.• PDF back-files to 1975 or further are available for wellover one hundred journals, and searchable citedreferences are provided for 1,000 titles.
  81. 81. EBSCO - Business Source Complete• Comprehensive coverage - indexing and abstracts for the mostimportant scholarly business journals back as far as 1886 areincluded.• In addition to the searchable cited references provided for morethan 1,300 journals, Business Source Complete containsdetailed author profiles for the 40,000 most-cited authors in thedatabase.• Additional full text content includes financial data, books,monographs, major reference works, book digests, conferenceproceedings, case studies, investment research reports,industry reports, market research reports, country reports,company profiles, SWOT analyses, faculty seminars (videos),and more.
  82. 82. EBSCO - EconLitEconLit, is the world’s foremost source of referencesto economic literature. The database contains morethan 7,85,000 records from 1969-present. EconLitcovers virtually every area related to economics. It ispublished by the American Economic Association.
  83. 83. EBSCO - PsycARTICLES• PsycARTICLES – from the American PsychologicalAssociation (APA)• The database contains more than 100,000 articlesfrom 59 journals - 48 published by the AmericanPsychological Association (APA) and 11 from alliedorganizations.• It includes all journal articles, letters to the editor anderrata from each journal. Coverage spans 1894 topresent.
  84. 84. EBSCO - Regional Business NewsThis database provide comprehensive full textcoverage for regional business publications.Regional Business News incorporatescoverage of 75 business journals, newspapersand newswires from all metropolitan and ruralareas within the United States.
  85. 85. EBSCO - The Serials Directory• The Serials Directory provide access to the most up-to-date and accurate bibliographic information as wellas current pricing structures for popular serials.• It contains nearly 2,12,000 U.S. and internationaltitles, including newspapers; data from nearly 1,08,235publishers worldwide, including e-mail and Internetaddresses for every entry.
  86. 86. EBSCO - Human Resources Abstracts• Human Resources Abstracts includes bibliographicrecords covering essential areas related to humanresources.• The index contains more than 63,000 records, whichare carefully selected from the most important sourceswithin the discipline.
  87. 87. EBSCO - GreenFILE• Well-researched information covering all aspects ofhuman impact to the environment.• Collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming,green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture,renewable energy, recycling, and more.• The database provides indexing and abstracts formore than 384,000 records, as well as Open Accessfull text for more than 4,700 records.
  88. 88. Elsevier (ScienceDirect)Library subscribes many e-journals from differentpackages related to Business and Economics. Theseall are available with back-files (Vol. 1, Issue 1).Following subject back-files are included in thecollection. Business, Management and Accounting (Current + Back-files) Decision Sciences (Current + Back-files) Economics, Econometrics and Finance (Current + Back-files) Agriculture and Biological Sciences (Only Back-files) Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics (Only Back-files)
  89. 89. Emerald Management Extra• Emerald Management Extra is a comprehensivecollection of peer reviewed management journals• Online support for librarians, faculty, researchers anddeans.• It has access to 190 full text journals with back issueaccess containing more than 85,000 articles.
  90. 90. IEL Online• It includes access to the full text published since 1988• Selected contents published since 1913 from IEEEjournals, transactions, and magazines, conferenceproceedings, IET journal, IET conference proceedings,IEEE published standards, IEEE Spectrum Magazine.
  91. 91. Titles)• is a vast collection ofinterdisciplinary Indian Journals and ResearchPublications.• We subscribe to 48 journals related to business,economics and social science
  92. 92. INFORMS -12 Titles• INFORMS serves the scientific and professionalneeds of Operations Researchers and those in theManagement Sciences including educators, scientists,students, managers, and consultants.• The Institute serves as a focal point for O.R.professionals, permitting them to communicate witheach other and reach out to other professionalsocieties, as well as the varied clientele of theprofessions research and practice.
  93. 93. InfoScience (IGI)InfoSci Journals (formerly IGI Full-Text OnlineJournal Collection), which provides libraries accessto hundreds of journal articles from IGI Global’scollection of over 134 journals. The research articlesare represented from 2000 onwards.
  94. 94. JSTOR(1800+ Journals)Content Currently Available in theJSTOR ArchiveNumberNumber of Journals Online*: 1,239Number of Collections Online*: 20Number of Disciplines Across AllCollections:53Number of Issues Online: 296,243Number of Full-Length ArticlesOnline:3,275,336Number of Articles Online**: 6,221,038Number of Pages Online: 37,318,850
  95. 95. Oxford University Press(94 Titles)• As a major international publisher of academic andresearch journals, Oxford Journals publishes anddevelops titles in partnership with the worlds mostprestigious learned societies.• These journals were shifted from print to onlinesince January, 2009.
  96. 96. Project MUSEProject MUSE is full-text, affordable and user-friendly online resource covering over 380 highquality humanities and social sciences journalsfrom over 60 scholarly publishers.
  97. 97. Sage(400+ Journals)• SAGE publishes journals in Business, Humanities,Social Sciences, and Science, Technology andMedicine.• We subscribe to more than 400 titles in the the HSSand Business Collection
  98. 98. Springer-Link• Springer-Link is one of the worlds leadinginteractive databases for high-quality journals, andOnline Archives Collection.• We subscribe to 57 titles in the area of Businessand Management.
  99. 99. Taylor & FrancisWe subscribe to 110 peer reviewed journals onEconomics, Business, Finance, and allied subjects.
  100. 100. Wiley InterSciences(Includes BLACKWELL Journals)• Blackwell Synergy covers Medicine, Science, SocialScience and the Humanities• After merger of Blackwell into Wiley, IIMA has morethan 500 journals including Blackwell HSS collection• Wiley InterSciences collection includes 69 titlessubscribed under IIM Consortia
  101. 101. • Our library offers e-books (about 70000)from trusted publishers in all academicsubject areas along with powerfulresearch tools with Academic Complete™ebrary
  102. 102. • Carbonfaqtors is designed for universities,research institutions and individuals whorequire accurate and specific data in thefield of climate change studies and it aimsto become the most trusted source ofGreenhouse Gas (GHG) EFs in India.Carbonfaqtors
  103. 103. • Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)is a peer reviewed, PubMed indexedjournal devoted to the publication ofbiological, medical, chemical and physicalresearch in a video format.JoVE (Video Journal)
  104. 104. PapersInvited• The database consists of detailed informationand deadlines about calls for papers forforthcoming conferences and special issues ofscholarly journals.• Approximately 10,000 conferences are listedeach year along with 1,200-1,500 specialissues. Important dates such as Last Day forSubmission of Abstracts or Manuscripts areclearly labeled and are provided well inadvance of the event or proposed publicationdate.
  105. 105. • most comprehensive collection of dissertationsand theses• official digital dissertations archive for the Libraryof Congress and the database of record forgraduate research.• PQDT includes 2.7 million searchable citationsto dissertation and theses from around the worldfrom 1861 to the present day together• 1.2 million full text dissertations that areavailable for download in PDF format.Proquest Theses & Dissertations
  106. 106. • SAGE Research Methods is an award-winning tooldesigned to help you create research projects andunderstand the methods behind them. SAGE ResearchMethods taxonomy of over 1,400 methods terms links toauthoritative content, including:• - Over 640 books- Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks- The entire "Little Green Book" and "Little Blue Book"series- Two major works collating a selection of journalarticles- Newly commissioned videosSage Research Method Online
  107. 107. World Advertising Research Center• WARC provides the largest single sourceof intelligence for the marketing,advertising, media and researchcommunities worldwide, drawn from morethan 40 international sources.WARC Database
  108. 108. Other DatabasesThese databases provide access to information onlegal aspects, development related, governmental /regulatory, conferences, etc.
  109. 109. AIR Databases (5 user license)• AIR Database is CD-ROM Database which providesaccess to cases and judgments of the particular areaand jurisdiction. At present library has three differentdatabases from 1970-2007. IIMA has five userlicenses for these databases.– AIR Criminal Law (1960-2008)– AIR High Court (1965-2008)– AIR Supreme Court (1950-2008)– AIR Privy Council (1930-1950)
  110. 110. RBI DatabaseThe RBI has been, historically, generating andcompiling a large volume of data on variousaspects of the economy. For the benefit of theresearches, the analysts and others outside, theRBI Database on Indian Economy is published.
  111. 111. Westlaw IndiaWestlaw is a very extensive package containing legislations,case laws and journals from various jurisdictions like the UnitedStates, United Kingdom, the European Union and India as well.Types of Content available under Academic Subscription:• Legislation• Cases, law reports/ judgments/ briefs• Law reviews/ journals/ commentaries/ treatisesand practice guides• US Patent Information• Forms/ Precedents/ Sample Agreements
  112. 112. World Bank LibraryE-library• World Bank e-Library portal covers 4,500 World Bank documents. Thecollection consists of over 1,800 World Bank publications and over 2,700Policy Research Working Papers plus each new book and paper as they arepublished. Other important databases are:World Development Indicators• more than 600 development indicators, with time series for over 200 countries220 countries and country groups from 1960 to the most recent availableyear.Global Development Finance• external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debtratios as well as average terms of new commitments, etc.Global Economic Monitor• provides daily updates of global economic developments, with coverage ofhigh income- as well as developing countries. Daily data is provided forexchange rates, equity markets, interest rates, stripped bond spreads,commodity prices and emerging market bond indices, etc
  113. 113. A to ZE Journals
  114. 114. Search E-Journals by TitleSearch E-Journals by TitleSearch E-Journals by Title
  115. 115. 360 SEBSCO DiscoveryService
  116. 116. BasicSearchAdvancedSearch
  117. 117. Type Keyword and click on Search
  118. 118. Searching EBSCOClick here to SearchEBSCO Database
  119. 119. Searching EBSCO (continue…)Click here
  120. 120. Searching EBSCO (continue…)Select database(s)you want to search
  121. 121. Click here for Full-textEnter Search Term
  122. 122. All ResultsSort by Date, Source,Author and RelevancePDF full-textSave Search Result
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  124. 124. QuickSearch BoxBrowse
  125. 125. SourcesFull text links
  126. 126. Learning ZoneRegister
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  129. 129. NICMANNICMAN
  130. 130. THANK YOU!
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