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How to create an early stage pitch deck open url
How to create an early stage pitch deck open url
How to create an early stage pitch deck open url
How to create an early stage pitch deck open url
How to create an early stage pitch deck open url
How to create an early stage pitch deck open url
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How to create an early stage pitch deck open url


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  • 1. 11/13/13 How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck 1/6 SubmitSearch… Upload Go Pro 0 0 Browse by Ryan Spoon by Ryan Spoon by Ville Simola by Ryan Spoon by Ryan Spoon × Like this presentation? Why not share! Share url 10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for St... 19890 views How to Grow Your Brand on Twitter 41745 views The Art of pitching 2483 views 10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for St... 28871 views 14 Steps to Successful SEO 50283 views Email Like Save Embed 1 « ‹ › » /22
  • 2. 11/13/13 How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck 2/6 1–9 of 9 commentsPost a comment I have been looking into getting decks for my business. 7 months ago Reply great instructions and example! 1 year ago Reply Good step-by-step instructions 1 year ago Reply Just superb reference! 1 year ago Reply This is really a great template for any pitch. Looking for a model for a pitch: Grap and use!. Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, Marianne Steen 1 year ago Reply best advice I've ever seen related to this topic, congrats 1 year ago Reply I think you've got a great message, but it's WAY too slide-focused. Why don't you tell startups NOT to concentrate too much on slides and, instead, to think about what they want to TELL the potential investors - really TALKING to them. Yes, they should design great stand-alone slides, but when they are live, the slides should be a tool to by VentureArchetypes... Raising startup capital pitch hac... 7597 views + Follow How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck by Ryan Spoon, Venture Capital at Polaris Venture Partners on Jan 07, 2012 154,842 views How to create an early stage pitch deck. More… 9 comments kikidistiles Guillermo Saavedra Eric Janssen, Sr. Director, Interactive at The Orange County Register Dhruv Gohil Marianne Steen, Web business developer, Entrepreneur, Social Collaboration Consultant at Marianne Steen & Co. Dirk Hannemann, Trainer Communication and HR at Berlin Office Jeanne Trojan, Presentation & Pitch trainer at Outstanding Presentations 10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups Part II 19890 views Like How to Grow Your Brand on Twitter 41745 views Like The Art of pitching 2483 views Like 10 Ways to Leverage Facebook for Startups: Part 1 28871 views Like 14 Steps to Successful SEO 50283 views Like Raising startup capital pitch hacks class at general assembly sf september 20 … 7597 views Like Pitching hacks 2716 views Like 7 Guidelines to Mobile Design 2110 views Like Develop2013: Raising funds (for games/games-related ideas) in the UK 561 views Like Perfect your pitch 498 views Related More
  • 3. 11/13/13 How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck 3/6 generate interest i.e. visual and the audience should focus on what the speaker is saying. 1 year ago Reply Very useful tips! 1 year ago Reply thanks for the pitch. it will help me for my project 1 year ago Reply 21 hours ago 5 days ago 1 week ago 1 week ago 1 week ago 1 week ago 2 weeks ago 3 weeks ago 1 month ago Sony Laksono, Founder at VerifYt popotetz nchornesky Subscribe to commentsPost Comment 284 Likes pouriya Cheryl Draper, Co-Founder at Boxseat Suite Management irem90 SeongCheon Kang, Deputy General Manager at Anaheim Electronics Eric D Conwell, Investment Manager at Keynote Capital, LLC cesarsantiso bdawsona Gaurav Dadhich, Software engineer at Zycus Infotech eagriffin Francesco Corazza, Software Engineer at Upendu Like Throw Away Your Pitch Deck! 903 views Like Learnings from founding a Computer Vision startup: Chapter 5 funding 2142 views Like How To Pitch Your Startup 1076 views Like Pitch Perfect 916 views Like CVPR2010: Learnings from founding a computer vision startup: Chapter 5: Funding:… 1040 views Like The art of the investor pitch 2914 views Like Startup Pitching Hacks (UPDATED!) 3083 views Like The Best Startup Investor Pitch Deck & How to Present to Angels & Venture Capit… 39340 views Like Angelvest 4 mar2011 929 views Like Workshop #4 625 views Like An Introduction to Pitching Investors 5914 views Like An Introduction to Pitching Investors 19203 views
  • 4. 11/13/13 How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck 4/6 1 month ago More… How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck Presentation Transcript 1. How to create an early-stage pitch deck.Ryan Spoon: ryanspoon.comPolaris Venture Partners: polaris.vcDogpatch Labs: 2. About Us:Sample Companies 3. Intro- I’ve seen 1,000s of early stage decks over last 2 yrs- Most mistakes are relatively common- And most mistakes are easily addressed- This is a guide to creating your pitch deck- Warning: it’s just one investor’s advice :) Two parts to this walkthrough: 1. Five overarching guidelines 2. An example structure & flow 4. Five Themes / Guidelines 5. 1. A Great One-LinerThink of it as your elevator pitch… in one sentence.It’s a hybrid of: - Your product / vision - Your company purpose - A starting point for the pitchCommon framework: “We are X for Y”**assuming X is attractive and Y is a big enough opportunity! 6. 2. Know Your AudienceBefore crafting a pitch deck, understand: - Who you are meeting with? - What is the investor’s and the firm’s focus? - Are there related investments? - How much time do you have?These influence your deck, the discussion andlikely questions you’ll be asked. 7. 3. 10-15 Slides The deck is important... But the conversation is more important. Budget your time accordingly. Allow for discussion alongside each slide. 10-15 slides. Max. Will provide suggested structure later in deck 8. 4. Beware the DemoFor early stage companies, it’s all about product.And the best mark of product is market validation.Demos are great… but remember these four rules: 1. Be careful of time. 2. Don’t get lost in product. 3. Have backup if (when!) something goes wrong. 4. Give even weight to product & traction / data. 9. 5. Expect the Deck to be Shared Whether you like it or not (!), your deck will be shared (i.e. among partnership). Goal: be equally compelling with/without voiceover. How? - deck should tell its own story. - do *not* rely on builds, intricate slides. - make the file size manageable for email. - PDF or secure URL are great alternatives to PPT. 10. Suggested Structure.(remember: 10-15 slides) 11. The Flow The Big Idea Why you? The current problem Your solution. Why now? Traction & validation What’s the future? The ask 12. Remember: 10-15 Slides The Big Idea 1-2 slides Why you? 1 slide The Like Ht webinar final 115 views Like Validating a Startup business model 1046 views Like Pitching Hacks Preview 25963 views Like Mastering Startup Pitching 2259 views Like How To Make The Perfect Startup Pitch Deck 31438 views Like Deck 443 views Like Pitch Perfect 784 views Like Presentation Coaching Workshop at Singapore Polytechnic 107 views Like 30 things that I learned from my startup experience. (PART 1 / 7) 204 views Like The Social Pitching Competition 1960 views Like Startup Marketing & PR 1773 views Like The VCs & the art of the Pitch 671 views
  • 5. 11/13/13 How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck 5/6 current problem 2-4 slide Your solution. Why now? 3-5 slides Traction & validation 2-4 slides What’s the future? 1-2 slide The ask 1 slide 13. 1. Vision - Expanded company one-liner The Big Idea - The big vision: today & tomorrow deck-foursquare- startups-first-ever-showed-investors-2011-12?op=1 ever-pitch-deck-2011- 9#-1 14. 2. The TeamWhy are you the right team for the problem?- Include management team and advisors, investors- Include bios with key, relevant experience- Outline division of responsibilitiesThink an expandedAngelList team profile 15. 3. The Market…4. The Opportunity - Customer / consumer pains? The current problem - How are they solving today? - How will they solve with you? Your solution - How is it different than market? - Why is solution possible today? Why now? - Why is it right for today, tomorrow? - How big is the market? - How big can you be? - What value are you creating? - Be realistic! 16. Airbnb: Problem, Solution,Market Size, Market Potential 17. Mint: Market size, Landscape,Product / Market Fit 18. 5. Your Product….6. Your TractionYou’ve set the stage…now show off the product and traction / validation:I want to know: - is the product resonating? - is it trending in the right direction? - engagement, engagement, engagement engagement data > user acquisition! - What are your KPIs? Goals? 19. ReadyForZero: Product TractionTraction can be shownthrough acquisition,usage, retention, etc.ReadyForZero showeduser activity asmeasure of productefficacy:Users pay-off debt 2xfaster than non-users 20. 7. The Future: 12mo & OutSo far, you’ve spent the deck outlining team, productand success to-date.Now talk about what’s next…And how it ties into the big vision and the fundraise.What are the next 12-24 months of: - Product - People - Performance - Finances 21. 8. The AskA pitch deck cannot crescendo without a clear ask(aka what you are looking for): - What size investment are you looking for? - How long does it get you? - How will you spend it? - What are goals before raising the next round? - How else can the investor(s) help?This is commonly overlooked… but easy to create! 22. Learn more.Connect with us. @polarisvc @dogpatchlabs @ryanspoon Search Follow us on LinkedIn Like 20131024 smtm pitch_vf 43 views Like The Art of Raising Capital for Technology Startup Leaders 686 views Like Startups for Hackers - Murat Aktihanoglu - ERA 231 views Like 2012 SVCC Creating Influence, On Demand 725 views Like Getting investor ready 5874 views Like
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