Studium generale - HAS Hogeschool - Frank van Ooijen - Friesland Campina


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Presentatie Frank van Ooijen van Friesland Campina tijdens Studium Generale bij HAS Hogeschool.

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Studium generale - HAS Hogeschool - Frank van Ooijen - Friesland Campina

  1. 1. How and why we are building a sustainable FrieslandCampina Status report Aug 2012
  2. 2. Our gateway to the world (10%)• 15,000 dairy farms in NL, D, B• Processing in 26 countries• Sales EUR 10 bn>100 countries• Leading consumer brands• Strong balance sheet
  3. 3. Growing FrieslandCampina in a very, very dynamic environment
  4. 4. Rabobank: global food system close to tipping pointKey points:• The global food system has been brought to a tipping point, and the battle for agro-commodities will intensify• In the profound transition of the next 40 years, the F&A sector will need to double agro-commodity supply with access to only about half of the current land, water and mineral resources (Rabobank: ‘Rethinking the F&A Supply Chain: Impact of Agricultural Price Volatility on Sourcing Strategies’/ 27 Sept 2011)
  5. 5. Piet Boer; Chairman of FrieslandCampina cooperative “I am expecting as a representative of our 20,000 member farmers – also shareholders – our company FrieslandCampina N.V. to deliver tangible results in three different areas:”1. Return on Investment (RoI)2. Continuity (we have a 130 yrs heritage)3. Successfully embedding FrieslandCampina in the societies where we operate…. (So, stay aligned with stakeholders’ expectations)
  6. 6. Strategy route2020:Growth & value creation Aspiration To bring the essential To be the most nutrients of attractive natural dairy dairy company to people for member worldwide farmers Value-drivers Dairy-based Infant & Branded Strongholds Foodservice Basic beverages toddler cheese & geographic in Europe products nutrition expansion (B2B, B2C) Benefit platforms Growth & Health & development Daily nutrition wellness Functionality Capabilities Talent Milk Business model management valorisation Innovation & cost focus Foundation The way Goodness Chain we work & of dairy advantages Sustainability safety
  7. 7. What is the purpose of a company?
  8. 8. FrieslandCampina CSR Strategy House CSR Mission and Vision FrieslandCampina CSR Business Case CSR Strategy, 4 priorities, KPIs Health & Sustainable Dairy Responsible Nutrition Value Chains Development Dairy FarmingCombating obesity & Improving resource Helping farmers Setting the standard nutrient deficiency utilisation Africa, Asia company company company cooperative CSR Governance Board – 4 implementation teams CSR Performance Measurement – Annual Reporting – Stakeholder dialogue - Partnerships Employee & Dairy Farmer Engagement – CSR Training programs – Annual CSR Team Award Business Practices for Suppliers – Code of Conduct – Foqus – Policies & Position Papers
  9. 9. Red Cross: supporting the relief aid program and raising funds• Brands link up to raise funds for Red Cross & 3FM SR• Making our nutrition expertise available to Red Cross• FrieslandCampina employees sponsor run
  10. 10. External recognition of the sustainability efforts of FrieslandCampina Highest score in food category in Transparency Highest score food producer in MT Image Benchmark 2011 Dutch government (Min EL&I) monitor FrieslandCampina Dairy production fulfils Intensive cooperation with WWF requirements of Unilever SAC10