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Question 6

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 6What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product?
  2. 2. Sony HD Video CameraAt the start of my recording I hired a video camera from thecollege. It was a HD one in order for me to get the best footage Icould get.I used the camera for all of my scenes but although it was a verygood piece of kit it had a lot of downfalls.Downfalls: Throughout filming I noticed that if I move thecamera too fast the camera went out of focus and would disruptmy filming.Another bad point is the battery life. The video camera ran out ofbattery a lot of times. This stopped us from filming a few timesand delayed my film by a few hours whilst it charged.
  3. 3. Sony HD Video Camera Part 2Advantages: From the High Definition features thecamera allowed me to film close to life footage.The camera allowed me to playback footage I hadjust recorded. This helped as I just recordedstraight again. Instead of going onto my laptop andrealizing the shot was bad.
  4. 4. Video Camera TripodWhen I hired the video camera I also hired a tripod in orderto keep the camera steady.Advantages:It allowed me to have steady shots instead of a shakyhandheld shot.It allowed me to get high shots of which I could not reach, orlow ones without me lying down.Disadvantages:It was awkward to move the camera around when it was onthe tripod as the tripod is big and bulky. The tripod carriesquite a lot of weight also.When I was filming sometimes when I moved the arm itwould knock the tripod legs and would knock the footage.
  5. 5. Laptop: HP-G61-SEOnce I had recorded my footage I had to put myfootage onto my laptop. This was so that I couldsave space on the camera and film more footage.Advantages:The laptop allowed me to store videos andpictures. I could also put selected ones into foldersand keep them organizedAfter putting the videos onto my laptop I couldthen put them onto editing software.The laptop was mobile so I could bring it intocollege and get work done anywhere.
  6. 6. Laptop: HP-G61-SEDisadvantages:After putting the videos onto my laptop I had to becareful as if I named the videos wrong I could have lostthem within the system.Also my laptop heats up a lot which can lead to mylaptop restarting. Sometimes making me lose videosand sometimes losing progress on my video in editingsoftware.When I didnt’t keep my laptop on charge it wouldsometimes run out of battery. Which sometimes led tome having to wait whilst it charged up.
  7. 7. Sony Vegas Pro 11In order to create my video I used Sony Vegas Pro 11,which is a software that allows you to createprofessional standard work.Advantages:Has a lot of features which can improve video qualityand sound, it can also add special effects to thevideo.Reasonably easy to use, you can learn to use itquickly.Allows you to render the video in 1080p HD quality.
  8. 8. Sony Vegas Pro 11 Part 2Disadvantages:Render times can be long, my video took almostan hour to fully render.Can be frustrating, as editing can be timeconsuming.Took a while to revise some of the features. Forexample, when trying to make some slow-motionscenes I didnt’t have the know how.Is an advanced software.
  9. 9. BloggerI have used Blogger throughout the year uploading mywork, to eventually be marked. The software is ablogging page where the user can share the work theyhave created.Advantages:Easy to use, even the most IT illiterate person could useit as it has easy commands and it helpfully tells youwhat to do.Everything you need is in one place, for example youcan upload text, pictures and video from one blog.Easy to save work, one click button.
  10. 10. Blogger Part 2Disadvantages:Sometime when you try to save it does not allow you toif too many people are on the server at the same time.The features of the site can also be too simple as Isometimes needed more advanced stuff to make abetter blog. For example, you cant crop photos and youhave to edit them in Photoshop.When I tried to upload a video it would not let me so Ihad to upload onto YouTube then to Blogger
  11. 11. YouTubeI used YouTube in order to upload my videosonto my blog as the Blogger software wouldnot allow QuickTime videos.Advantages:The website is easy to use and you can uploadrelatively quickly depending on the video size.Can upload into HD quality so the video is agood quality video.
  12. 12. YouTube Part 2Disadvantages:Uploading can be slow if the video was too long, forexample mine took nearly half an hour as the file wasnearly half a gigabyte.I had to create a YouTube channel in order to upload orelse I could not finish my work.
  13. 13. AudacityAudacity is a software I used in order edit and create theaudio for my video. It is a software for Windows and Macbut is the Windows equivalent for Garage Band.Advantages:Very easy to use and has a variety of features forexample, you can change the pitch, tempo and volume ofthe audio you choose.Very quick render time, as files are converted into a verysmall file size.
  14. 14. Audacity Part 2Disadvantages:The software used is quite a big file and can slow downyour laptop/computer.You have to select yourself what format you want youraudio to be, this could be difficult for some users.
  15. 15. PhotoshopI used Photoshop in order to make my opening logos forthe film.Advantages:Has a lot of features which help create professionalstandard work.Can do anything you want to a photo.Fast to load on most Pc’s or Macs
  16. 16. Photoshop Part 2Disadvantages:Very hard to learn to use, the software requires alot of concentration in order to learn and use theprogram. In order for me to use it to its potential Iused YouTube to learn tips and tricks.Is time consuming when making an importantphoto.Can be hard to render photo if you don’t knowhow to, for example you need to know thedimensions your photo needs to be, you need toknow what jpeg is.