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  1. 1. celebratingPics from Boston.com
  2. 2. A performer dances in the street parade at the annual Notting Hill Carnival in central London
  3. 3. Military cadets parade
  4. 4. waves to performers
  5. 5. Dancers perform the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
  6. 6. German organizations from around the U.S.
  7. 7. Soldiers march in the military parade during the Independence Day
  8. 8. Indonesian Muslim children carry torches during a parade
  9. 9. A solider stands at attention as Evzones presidential guards parade
  10. 10. Actors, dressed as men of clay, perform at a parade
  11. 11. Volunteers and attendees parade around the field in front of nearly3000 flags
  12. 12. Malaysians stand in line during a parade
  13. 13. Vessels sail during a great parade of the Culture Tall Ships Regatta onthe Bay of Gdansk
  14. 14. After taking a dance
  15. 15. A Samoan supporter watches the Strong Pacific Families Rugby NationsParade
  16. 16. Libyan National Transitional Council fighters parade in Tripoli
  17. 17. A girl waves national flags as she participates in a parade during thedouble celebrations of Malaysia Day
  18. 18. A Malaysian woman performs during the Malaysia Day andIndependence Day parade i
  19. 19. Namibia fans parade their colors prior to kickoff
  20. 20. Students get ready before the start of a parade commemorating
  21. 21. The North Korean military parades
  22. 22. The Group Aero Squadron (Esquadrilha da fumaca) flies in formation
  23. 23. Brazils President Dilma Rousseff waves from a vehicle
  24. 24. A protester with her face painted with a national flag takes part in theMarch Against the Corruption of Brazilian politics
  25. 25. Union members, along with their relatives, walk in the annual LaborDay parade
  26. 26. A reveler dances during the West Indian-American Day Parade
  27. 27. Star Wars Storm Troopers match in the Dragoncon parade
  28. 28. Makia Daniel (left) watches as Lori King, (right) puts eyelashes on Lauren ONeal as they getready to take part in the West Indian Day Parade
  29. 29. A marcher fakes death from a mock battle on Peachtree Street betweenmedieval characters during the Dragoncon parade
  30. 30. Kyrgyz men carry flags as they take part in a military parade
  31. 31. Turkish veterans carry Turkish flags during a parade
  32. 32. Boston Bruins Brad Marchand lifts the Stanley Cup
  33. 33. Former Miss Universe Japan Hiroko Mima parades during a show at theTokyo Fashion Fuse event
  34. 34. Liz Karmooch, a member of the Brahma Kumaris, practice herperformance
  35. 35. A girl sits in a decorated vehicle during a parade ahead of the countrys
  36. 36. A performer dances in the street parade at the annual Notting HillCarnival end