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Intermediate Yurchenko Vaulting Tony Retrosi Lecture
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Intermediate Yurchenko Vaulting Tony Retrosi Lecture



Picking up where Developing Yurchenko Vaulting left off. Now they can flip, NOW WHAT? Drills for layouts through twisting. ...

Picking up where Developing Yurchenko Vaulting left off. Now they can flip, NOW WHAT? Drills for layouts through twisting.

Roundoff entry vaults have become more and more common but there are still some major areas of concern. I have a series of drills and skills which will lay the base for success with Round off entry vaults. Drills from teaching a good round off to their first flip.



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  • This lecture should pick up where the other left off. This is after your athlete has some good slid basics and is ready to expand.
  • Just some thoughts on any backward flipping vault. I generally do not teach tucks and if I do it is an “open” tuck. I teach a pike first and try to transition into a layout ASAP. I feel that all vaults have to set for the layout and then you can choose the position. I probably hand spot more than a lot of people but when I spot I am not throwing them through the skill. I am spotting for body shape
  • If something hurts, they won’t do it. During the learning phase of ANY vault use padding, extra sting mats, mini tramps, what ever.
  • This is what I use. It is important to have a plan. My goal is that they are working into loose foam or on other drills where they want to be about 1- 2 years.
  • A lot of times kids do one thing better than another. If you just let them play, they will be able to teach you a thing or 2.
  • Talk about plyometrics and how much to do

Intermediate Yurchenko Vaulting Tony Retrosi Lecture Intermediate Yurchenko Vaulting Tony Retrosi Lecture Presentation Transcript

  • Intermediate Yurchenko Vaulting
    • Tony Retrosi
    • [email_address]
  • Pre requisites (before they are allowed to do vault)
    • For the most part this is the same as tsuks
    • Straight round off BHS
    • double back (tramp/ Tumble track or floor)
    • snap down double back on mini tramp
    • round off onto board 2/1 back
  • Tony’s 10 Commandments
    • Have a Plan
    • RUN!!!!!!!
    • Teach Body positions (and relate it to their vault)
    • Learn to Bounce on the board
    • Teach them how to land
    • Teach them how to fall (because it’s going to happen)
    • Lay the base early for future vaults
    • Teach them how to flip other places that are easier before they vault
    • Be clear and be quick with corrections.
    Commandments cont.
    • A key to vault success is to get more numbers in with less pounding.
  • Progression
    • Pike yurchenko
    • Layout Yurchenko
    • Layout 1/2 (or 1/2 front layout)
      • Alternative is working a twist in preflight
    • Layout full + + +
    • Something innovative:
      • 1/4 on, side somi 3/4?
      • double
  • OK- you can flip- NOW WHAT?
    • Continue working body shape
    • Add speed/power in run
    • Increase speed off board and BHS
    • Air awareness (tramp drills/ loose foam)
    • Add Height- flip up to mats.
    • Let them play!
  • The next step in running drills
    • All running drills to a cartwheel or round off
    • Running out side
    • Squat Jumps
    • Use of plyo-metric exercises.
      • Our Leg Circuit
      • Side Lunges
      • Mountain Climbers
      • Rebounds over Mat
      • Tuck Jumps over Mats
      • Rebounds across floor
  • Body Shape
    • Candle Sticks - tight hollow, tight arch
    • Straight body hold between mats
    • Straight body hold upside down
    • Jump to BHC
    • Swinging on P Bars
    • Spotted Layouts
  • Tramp Drills
    • cruise to stomach, pull thru to back.
    • Cruise ¼
    • Cruise 1/4, ¼
    • Cruise ½
    • Cody
    • Cruise full.
    • Layout, layout
    • Layout, layout ½, 1/1 etc.
  • Tumble Track
    • Lots of double backs
      • Open tuck
      • Pike
      • Layout
    • Twisting, OUT.