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Public Relations Workshop: Is Your Product Launch a Lion or a Lamb?
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Public Relations Workshop: Is Your Product Launch a Lion or a Lamb?


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Are you maximizing the impact of your product announcements? …

Are you maximizing the impact of your product announcements?
For many companies, product launches serve as a major contributor to pipeline and revenue growth. To secure both the meaningful coverage and the resulting sales activity requires much more than the garden-variety press release drafted the week prior. You've secured briefings, but what about the assets you're providing to help those influencers cover your announcement? What additional tactics (surveys, blogs, op-ed pieces, 3rd party validators) have you employed to create a long-tail for your launch?
In this informative webcast, product marketing experts from Gutenberg Communications will discuss the process, timeline and assets that go into ensuring your product launch is a lion, as opposed to a lamb.
Who should check this out?
- VP's and Directors of Marketing
- Communications Managers
- Product and Product Marketing Managers

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Need two additional industry examplesFinancialCommunication tech
  • Start with Why – simonsinek
  • Start with Why – simonsinek
  • Start with Why – simonsinek
  • VPs of marketing in audience
  • We want the vps of marketing to know we get their situation
  • VPs of marketing in audience
  • VPs of marketing in audience
  • We want the vps of marketing to know we get their situation
  • We want the vps of marketing to know we get their situation
  • We want the vps of marketing to know we get their situation
  • Transcript

    • 1. Today’s Webcast Is Your Product Launch a Lion or a Lamb?
    • 2. • CMO, General Manager, Portfolio Marketing at Gutenberg Communications • Over 15 years experience in marketing high- tech products to the enterprise – CPUs, security, infrastructure, email, automation, IT ops, collaboration – Intel, Mercury Interactive, Quest Software, Stratavia, eEye/BeyondTrust • Contributor to industry publications, including Wired, Mashable, SC Magazine • Specialty in product marketing and strategy 3 About Our Speaker
    • 3. For many technology companies, new products are the lifeblood of pipeline and revenue, but they’re also vulnerable to market-entry failures, often related to a single point in time – the product launch 4 The Challenge and Opportunity
    • 4. 5 Why is this True? – Your markets have gravitational pull toward „the middle‟ – That‟s where all messages start to collide and sound the same, where you lose you differentiation – Your product launch is an excellent opportunity to rise above the market clutter
    • 5. 6 What’s the Difference? Goal Setting Timing Execution
    • 6. 7 Setting Launch Goals – Getting coverage; generating buzz, awareness – New leads! – X number of PR mentions – % increase in web traffic – % increase in qualified lead gen – % increase in qualified pipeline – X new acquired customers/revenue by certain date – X number of differentiator mentions – X number of inbound links from PR mentions
    • 7. 8 Launch Timing –What compelling industry events occur in your market? –Doesn‟t have to be exclusive to conferences or trade shows –Government report filings (new home starts, new car sales, etc.) –Competitor earnings announcements –Juxtaposition is great; “me too” isn‟t
    • 8. 9 What About Announcing Early? – Pre-announcing has some benefits, such as first mover advantage, but there are also risks – Customer buys into your education, and goes with a competitor product now – Reporters don‟t cover the bell ringing twice – Sales could stall or worse, be delayed to actual ship date; what if it slips? Good Uses of Pre-Announcements – Diffusing/diluting an expected competitor launch – First mover for a completely defensible position – Supporting strategic sales opportunities
    • 9. 10 Launch Tactics
    • 10. Two High Impact Deliverables for Your Launch Surveys related to launch themes – Long-tail type data; depending on data, 9-18mo shelf life – Fresh stats and takes on common challenges – Multi-purpose for post launch content marketing lead gen as well, via survey updates, benchmarks, etc. – Can be done as easily via online offerings, or as more scientific expert- network engagements Visual Storytelling – Info-graphics, video, product tours – Non-traditional communication formats create new options for press to cover and syndicate for you – Make your launches “known” for something – “Rough-cut” type videos (Instagram, handhelds) easily relatable by end- users; a lack of gloss is welcomed from those in the trenches 11 Making Your Launch More Impactful
    • 11. 12 Merchandising: Not Just for Cereal Merchandising is key • Preparation and packaging of your story • Presentation in such a way that it stimulates interest in a hyper- competitive market • Drives action
    • 12. 13 Don’t Forget Your Press Kits Press Release Info-graphic Survey results Product screen shot tour Quick value prop videos Relevant Industry Research ‘Release Notes’ Press Release Product Box Shots Datasheets Whitepapers Don’t Sell Your Influencers a Story, Help them Write One
    • 13. Your Product Launch Will End Up Being Just an Interesting Experiment if There is No Resulting Revenue Sales Training is CRITICAL – If they don‟t know, they can‟t sell – Avoid the “show up and throw up” sales training – Treat major launch sales training as a nurture campaign (45-30-15-5) What Do We Know About Sales? They’re Coin Operated – Can you set a new product sales incentive? 14 Don’t Forget Your Internal Customer
    • 14. How do you capitalize on your solid launch results? Merchandising and ‘Weaponizing’ – Merchandising doesn‟t stop with the launch messaging; how do you package launch materials and earned media for your sales channels? – Where do these new sales tools fit in your sales funnel? – What stage of the sales cycle are they most useful for? – Credibility setting early; thought leadership differentiation later; value-adding at renewal time What other groups can benefit? Be a Good Neighbor! – CFO, valuation, funding – HR, recruitment 15 Great Launch! Now What?
    • 15. Was the exercise worthwhile? – No doubt multiple stakeholders involved in getting the coverage and results – How do you demonstrate the effort was worth the outcome? – This is where your pre-stated goals come into play Manage expectations through measurement – Inbound traffic from source (fight for the inbound links where possible!); – Launch impact on the funnel; do certain outlet visitors convert faster? – Going outbound with targeted mailings to base, pipeline or retired leads, measuring engagement 16 Great Launch! Now What?
    • 16. Some Key Resources
    • 17. 1. Without Aggressive Goals, Why Do It? – Establish tangible business drivers as goals (qualified leads, 90 day pipe increase, 90 day sales increase, upgrades) 2. Set Your Timing Opportunistically – Don‟t be afraid to use some guerrilla tactics (competitor earnings announcements) to highlight your launch 3. Ideas are Cheap. Execution is What Matters – Stick to your launch checklists, fanatically – “Go/No Go” decisions aren‟t a paper tiger – sound the alarm if need be – Go the extra mile; help the influencers cover your story 18 Things to Remember
    • 18. Questions? If you’d like to continue the conversation, please reach out to us at We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, join us there!