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Gusto Research Ltd. - A presentation outlining our offering as a leading full-service Market Research Agency.

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Gusto Research Presentation

  1. 1. UK Full Service Market Research Agency
  2. 2. Key Facts Blue Chip client Directors heavily base Established involved in all projects 2005 MRS Qual & Partner Quant Preferred supplier status Traditional One of the UK’s fastest with many clients & Online growing agencies
  3. 3. What We Do Qualitative Quantitative Fully integrated approach A tailored approach that utilises traditional and online research methodologies to deliver impactful insight focused on driving change and improving the bottom line
  4. 4. What We Offer Overseas Agencies Full Service Full end to end project management Including set-up, fieldwork, analysis and Part Service presenting Field Only Qual recruitment and Qual recruitment only moderation (including Quant field & tab audio/video outputs) National network of Quant field, tab and recruiters basic reporting Consumer and B2B Completely flexible to your project requirements
  5. 5. Expertise Specialisms Audiences   Communications &   Consumer branding   Mass market   Product/concept   Teens/students development   Greys   Satisfaction tracking (consumers, B2B, and   Mid/high net worth employees)   B2B   Segmentation   Intermediaries   Statistical modelling   Employee   Ethnography   Panel communities
  6. 6. Who For - 2009 Clients
  7. 7. Gusto Innovations Supporting face-to-face qual, CATI and online quant… Quantitative Qualitative   Interactive techniques/tools   Bespoke Online Solutions   Flash integration   Focus groups   Simulator models/ Online Solutions predictive tools to assess   Forums/blogs consumer behaviour for   Rating tool potential scenarios Qualitative Quantitative   Product/revenue optimisation modelling GustoZoom Technology   Low cost, quick   Streaming turnaround quantitative   Production quality field & tab tool   Clients builds survey via   Monthly vox pops simple online application   Secure online portal   Reporting in circa 48hrs
  8. 8. Gusto Panel Communities Customer Panels A dedicated group of consumers to provide deeper profiling and Advisory Communities richer insight Influencer Networks Getting engaged Create and nurture brand consumers to advocates and impact collaborate on future positive perception on company developments social media Gusto Communities • Consumer and B2B panels • Bespoke, branded client solutions
  9. 9. Gusto Trackers Full Stats Offer Flexibility • Benchmarks • Regular questionnaire review • Moving averages • Provision for ‘bolt on’/topical sections on questionnaire • Multivariate techniques • 2 way process – client updates -  Regression on key issues/events within -  Segmentations business -  TURF • Real time access to holecount • Fresh sample or -  CHAID data revisit previous respondents • Reporting frequency/format flexible to client requirements • Continuous or regular -  Ongoing topline reporting dips Methodologies • Client or general customer sample Fully Integrated Approach • CATI • Include qualitative – exploratory • Online or diagnostic • Face-to-Face • Range of bespoke qual Full range methodologies used • Customer Satisfaction -  Online & traditional Extensive experience managing trackers • Awareness tracking for variety of Blue Chip clients • NPD
  10. 10. Key Contacts Ian Rowlands Managing Director Damien Flannagan Director – Head of Online Qualitative Gusto Research Phoenix House Roman Terrace Leeds Donald

Quant LS8 2DU
 Tel: 0113 268 9020 Fax: 0113 268 9088 Elli Willis Qualitative Director
  11. 11. Gusto Research 0113 2689020