Why WeChat? by Allen Zhang


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400 Million users - 52 Million out of Greater China -11 Languages available - 20 Countries. More than 85% of Chinese Smartphones go it installed.
Average user checks every 6 minutes. Why Wechat?

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Why WeChat? by Allen Zhang

  1. 1. WHY ?By Allen Zhang (Zhang Xiaolong)August 2012Translated by Gustavo Madicocn.linkedin.com/in/gustavo.madicoand 韩林涛cn.linkedin.com/pub/alex-han/22/b21/a77Original translation from the hand-writtenversion made by Zhensheng Hu, founder of Weipai
  2. 2. CONTENTWeChat Development ReviewUsers AnalysisNeeds AnalysisDesign AnalysisCharisma analysisUI Analysis
  3. 3. ACHIEVEMENT WeChat has been running for 433 days and has attracted100 million users. WeChat has become a new portal of the Mobile Internet.
  4. 4. TIMELINE Nov 19, 2010 Product launch V1.0 Jan 26, 2011 User numbers exceeded 100 million V2.0 May 10, 2011 Live Chat V2.5 Aug 3, 2011 Look Around V3.0 Oct 1, 2011 Shake and Drift bottle V3.5 Dec 20, 2011 QR Code V4.0 Apr 19, 2012 Moments and API support V4.2 July 19, 2012 Voice Chat and Video Call
  5. 5. PRODUCT MANAGER IS STANDINGWITH GOD• Understand human nature• Understand group psychology• Product manager is just like God, they build their own systems andmake rules, and users evolve in these systems.
  7. 7. USERS LIVE IN AN ENVIRONMENT• My experiment:• Difference between tweeting in front of a computer andtweeting when walking on the road• Computer screen is an environment, so doesWeibo itself andits content• People you follow onWeibo reflect your world• Difference between Moment and Qzone• Product creates an environment which determines users’response
  8. 8. USERS ARE LAZY• Laziness leads to more inventions• Laziness powers innovation• Case: UsingVoice Search to call your contacts
  9. 9. FASHION ISTHE DRIVING FORCE• " …because everyone is using…(why shouldn’t I use…) "• Users tend to follow the trend•"Fashion" is an important driving force among Internet products• Don’t be too "instrumentalizing"
  10. 10. USERS HAVE NO PATIENCE• Users do not have patience to read your user manual• If you fail to make user fall in love with your product in one minute….Donot introduce your product to your users before it’s good enough
  11. 11. USERS DO NOT LIKE TO LEARN• Blog is disappearing. RSS?•Theory of Reading on theToilet: Content should be long enough thatusers can finish while they are reading it on the toilet
  12. 12. USERS ARE “RABBLE”• The Crowd• Group IQ is below to individual IQ• Internet users are groups, not individual• Don’t treat a group of users in the way that we always use to treat asingle user.This works especially for Internet products.
  13. 13. PUT AN EMPHASIS ON “DIAOS”• # My Daily thought# Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Path andother similar products solve one problem: people need“sense of presence”.The so-called “sense of presence”means that if people live without SNS, they will feel lonely,isolated and useless.The reason why these products are notpopular in China is: Chinese people’s problem is that they need “senseof living” which is lower than “sense of presence”. But in China,some of the Chinese people have the pressure of living and in themeantime have the desire of “sense of presence”.These people are whatthey call “Diaos”. If you know what “Diaos” are thinking and what theyneed, you will understand Chinese Internet users’ real needs.
  14. 14. FIND OUTTHE ESSENCE FROMDAILY EXPERIENCE• Galaxy Note: fashionable? It’s easy for people with long fingernails totype.•Touch switch. It’s closer to peoples feelings• Great products should meet the emotional needs of people
  15. 15. LET NON-WEIBO USERS USEYOUR PRODUCT•They should be your target users who are so lazy that they even dontuseWeibo•They are right by your side• Remember that they will be your users
  16. 16. PERSONALIZATION MEANS THATYOU CAN INFLUENCE OTHER BYYOURSELF•You cannot understand other people.You can only understand yourself•You need to understand the most common mental activities
  17. 17. USERS HAVE THREE POISONS1. Greed or wrong desire2. Hatred or anger3. Illusion or stupidity or ignorance•The final goal of a product is to meet human needs• Dont put your moral sense into your product•You want users to use your product, but you tell users not to useWeChat too much.The world is absurd• “Products are all combinations of techniques and art” Steve Jobs
  19. 19. SAY NO TO NEW IDEAS.YOU ARE99% RIGHT• Most of the “I have an idea” are not real needs• Never guess users’ needs
  20. 20. DON’T DEVELOPWHATEVER USERSNEED• Don’t meet users’ need directly• User needs are fragmented.The solution is to summarize these needs• User feedback can only help you understand their thoughts
  21. 21. MOST OF THE NEW FEATURES CANBE CUT OFF•Think about how many new features are not necessary?
  22. 22. DON’T LOOK FOR NEEDS FROMCOMPETITIVE PRODUCTS• is Graffiti important to you?•You cannot deeply understand needs from other products
  23. 23. DON’T BELIEVE PRODUCTMANAGERS• They are not users, but they thought they can tell whatusers needs• Their analysis is too rational• They will ask you to add “Online”,“Already Sent”,“Already Read”,“Grouping”,“Filter”, ”Graffiti”,“Synchronizing in different terminals ”,“CloudSaving”, ”post text, photo, video to timeline”,“multipleavatar”,“automatically import phone contacts”,“Groupname card”……TELLTHEM TO USE OTHER PRODUCTS!
  24. 24. NEED COMES FROMYOURUNDERSTANDING OF USERS• Need doesn’t come from survey• Need doesn’t come from analysis• Need doesn’t come from discussion• Need doesn’t come from competitors
  25. 25. UNDERSTAND USERS’TASTE ONWEIBO• Spend 1 hour readingWeibo updates everyday to know how users aretalking about your product•What are users’ feelings? How do they use it?• What might be the trend of this era?•Wait for users saying: ”This product is amazing!”
  26. 26. LOOK FOR INSPIRATIONS FROMUSERS’ DISCUSSIONS• Users’ weibo updates are users’ real response of your product in realscenarios• Case:The story of “rock-paper-scissors”•There is nothing that can stop users playing “ rock-paper-scissors” byusingWeChat
  27. 27. EVERY ERA HAS ITS OWN PRODUCT• Focus kindly on the trend of this era• From QQ toWeChat
  28. 28. MEET USERS’ NEED FIRST,THENYOUR OWN NEED•You cannot really understand others•You cannot meet every specific need of all the users• Understand the majorities’ need from your own perspective• Case: Already Read• Case: Voice Reminder,Voice Search
  29. 29. FIND OUTTHE PSYCHOLOGICALNEED BEHIND USERS’ NEED•The nature of users’ need is always due to their psychological need• Drift bottle: people has the need to confide; people has curiosities.This isan example of a psychological drive. People has a strong desire to trust• Drift bottle is not designed for making friends. (Case:To send a “voice”bottle or a “text” bottle.)
  30. 30. TRY TO SATIATE PEOPLE’SPSYCHOLOGICAL DEMANDS. IT’SMUCH BETTER THAN HELP THEMSAVE MONEY• SMS replacement tool can help users save money, but it will not succeed.If you want to help users save more money, you will be in trouble• WeChat is not QQ.WeChat is not just a communication tool•WeChat is a way of life. People’s psychological demand lies on first place
  31. 31. BEING COOL!• Cool! (The purpose of marketing is to let users feel "cool")• Fun! (If you get a comment inWeibo saying your product is "fun“, thenyou know you’ve made a good product.)•The basis of word of mouth is "fun“.• “Cool” is an experience. It’s easier to tell people about your experiencerather than tell people about what good features look like
  32. 32. GROUP EFFECT: LOOK AROUND• Case: look around•You make friends not for knowing some strangers but for curiosity•What will happen between them?• Everyone is observing others, and being observed in the same time• It’s their first time to know each other in such way
  33. 33. DESIGNED FOR GROUP EFFECT:SHAKE• People love simple actions• People will be interested in random things• People will be interested in others who are living in a different circle• Shake has a Group Effect
  34. 34. “MOMENTS” IS DESIGNED BECAUSEOF A CERTAIN IDEA• Idea: People need to gain a sense of presence from friends’ attentions.Photo is the best carrier of interactive behaviors on a phone. Peopleonly need a few friends, but people like to get together withoutexposing their friends• A community which is more intimate than Facebook and Path• Idea is more important than features• Design it for our own use
  35. 35. FOCUS ONLY ON MAIN SCENARIOS,INSTEAD OF ALL THE FEATURES• It’s easy to develop too many features, but it’s hard to develop a fewgood ones• If you don’t have ability to simplify things, you need to restrain yourdesire to develop too many features•To develop too many features means you’re not confident• Case: In Moments, you can only post photos. It’s far more difficult to post140 words than post a photo
  37. 37. YOU CANNOT UNDERSTANDUSERS’ NEED FROM A SURVEY• If you ask users what they need, they will tell you that they need QQgroup• User feedback can help improve user experience, but it won’t give youany ideas about what kind of new stuff you can develop•You cannot know what users need from statistics
  38. 38. NEED COMES FROM PEOPLE’SCURIOSITY ON GROUP EFFECT• “Drift bottle”• “look around”• “Shake”
  39. 39. NEED COMES FROMYOUR OWNNEED AND FEEDBACK OFYOURFRIENDS• Bluetooth support• WebWeChat• Stick to-do emails• Data transferring from phone to phone
  40. 40. NEED COMES FROMYOURUNDERSTANDING OF CURRENTLIFESTYLE• “Moments”: People need to gain a sense of presence from interacting withfriends which make them feel comfortable
  41. 41. NEED COMES FROMYOURUNDERSTANDING OF THE PLATFORM• API of the Open Platform is beautiful•The ecosystem of Open Platform is very attractive• People are looking forward to the uncertainty of Open Platform• Open Platform is a ecosystem rather than a product
  42. 42. NEED COMES FROMYOURUNDERSTANDING OFINFORMATION FLOW• Subscribe Platform:All information can be pushed• Each individual can stand out• Make brand spread through friends
  43. 43. NEED COMES FROM BUILDING ANEW SYSTEM• Make QR code popular and make it a portal• Meet users’ psychological or economic needs by building a simple rulesand create a self-running system
  44. 44. DECIDE WHAT ARE THE NEWVERSION’S FEATURES AT THE LASTSTEP• Don’t pre-plan future versions. Decide what the needs of next version are afterfinishing developed the current• Always think about all possibilities of product features• Important needs will come out at the right time• Case: look around
  45. 45. THE WORLD IS NEW• Forget the past data and even experience•What’s important is insight of current trend and future trend• Search box is the portal of PC; QR code is the portal of phone
  46. 46. PRODUCT DEVELOPS STEP BY STEP.IT’S NOT PLANNED•What the features of eachWeChat version are is determined after thelaunch of last version•We cannot know what the product should be in half a year. Don’t believeplanning• Don’t determine what the features of next version should be too early. Itall depends on the user environment and our judgment on currentsituation
  47. 47. GOOD PRODUCT SHOULD HAVETHEIR OWN DNA• DNA is the value and people’s cognition of a product• If we treat a product as an entity with life, then it should have DNA
  48. 48. GROUP EFFECT ISTHE CORE OFSOCIAL PRODUCTS•Through observing into the deep heart of human, and the rules ofbuilding a virtual community, people can create a group effect.A groupof people can change the rules• Case: How to interact with Stars
  49. 49. IT’S WRONG TO DIVIDE USERS INTO3 LEVELS: LOW-END, MIDDLE-ENDAND HIGH-END• Develop a product that everyone loves to use• A universal product is not supposed to be designed like designing forvery young users.This is not professional.• Every user is equal to each other.
  51. 51. TO DESIGN PRODUCT STRUCTUREFIRST,AND THEN DESIGN DETAILS• Product structure is the skeleton. It cannot be varied and complex• Creation starts from the skeleton, rather than muscle• Case: product structure ofWeChat
  52. 52. FUNCTIONAL MODULES AREORGANICALLY LINKED TO EACHOTHER• Case: Moments and personal photo album
  53. 53. DESIGNING IS CLASSIFYING• Classification is the recognition mode of human brain• Classification is used to simplify things• Product manager should think about how to make things more organized• Case:WeChat ensures that there are only four bottom tab
  54. 54. USE ABSTRACT METHOD TOSIMPLIFY THINGS• Using abstract method is to find common characteristics of things• Using abstract method means that we can use a simple model to solvedifferent problems• Simplification is a high-level abstract method• Case: content in Moments• Case: a certified account, covering celebrities, artists, enterprises,restaurants, traditional media, internet media, etc.
  55. 55. SIMPLER CLASSIFICATION CAN BEEASILY ACCEPT• QQ Mail didn’t become more complicated•WeChat will be updated, but the structure ofWeChat will still be verysimple
  56. 56. FIND THE REAL NATURE OF THEUSER NEED• Case: Should we add a grouping feature in the address book ofMoments?• Some users said they want a grouping feature, but how many of themreally need this feature?• How if nobody use grouping feature after you add it intoWeChat?
  57. 57. PRODUCT SHOULD BE DESIGNEDACCORDING TO SPECIFICSCENARIOS RATHER THAN ACOLLECTION OF FEATURES.• “If you want feature X, buy a HTC / Samsung whatever instead” Jony Ive (Apple)• Don’t put a bunch of features together. Features are not isolated and should be used in certain scenarios• Case:To link your phone with a keyboard or to use WebWeChat• Case: auto-play, or driving mode
  58. 58. PRODUCTS SHOULD BE SCENE-ORIENTED• Showing “Online” status? Mobile phone is always online• PC version? PC version will be off-line, you cannot send SMS in real-time•When using QQ, users love to use “88” to express ”Goodbye”.We don’tlike this
  59. 59. FEATURES SHOULD BE INVISIBLE• Case: the food businesses plugin is not visible, and you need to scan QR• New updates should be invisible in new version• Only newbies will list all the new features in an obvious place
  60. 60. THE DIFFERENT BETWEEN PHONEAND PC•The phone is an extension of the limbs. Mobile phones and human areconnected through a variety of sensors. PC stays in an externalenvironment• Mobile Internet products are not simple transplants from PC to phone•Without a phone, you won’t see this PPT. (I recorded my thoughts usingEvernote. I cannot do it on a PC)•To develop Mobile Internet products without a web version
  61. 61. DON’T OVERDESIGN•The more you design, you are much more possible to be wrong• Focus more on designing main features and less on side features• Case: Look around
  62. 62. TRY TO ACHIEVE THE BEST USEREXPERIENCE EVEN IFYOU HAVE TOCUT SOME FEATURES• Receiving too much visits is not the purpose, so that we don’t have to addtoo much channels• Case:Why shouldn’t we add an Edit button in the upper left corner of thechat interface?
  63. 63. PRODUCTS OR OPERATIONS?• Get your work done once and forever• Are you developing a Class or an Instance?• A good feature doesn’t need to be improved again and again. Make it thebest in one time• Difference between QQ Mailbox’s Drift bottle andWeChat’s DriftBottle• “A good product will attract users”
  64. 64. LET USERS HELP USERS• Let users help users, rather than let the system administratorshelp them• Case: how users set their avatar?
  65. 65. NO PRODUCT CAN BE SIMPLERTHAN THE SIMPLEST ONE• Case: Shake. Pony said, nothing can be better than Shake, because it’salready the best and simplest
  66. 66. DESIGN FOR THE FUTURE 2YEARS• Case: Is “Message Sent” necessary? Network condition will be goodenough to send a message successfully in 2 years
  67. 67. OPERATING RESPONSE SPEED ISALWAYS THE FIRST USER EXPERIENCE• Case: fluency of the timeline of Moments
  68. 68. IF A FEATURE IS NOT EXCITING, IT ISBETTER NOT DEVELOP IT•You cannot really understand the need that you are not interested in• Curiosity is the driving force of a Product manager• A perfect logic is also exciting• Show users the best features to attract them. It’s unnecessary to list allfeatures• (Case: QQ mailbox transfer station)
  69. 69. THERE IS NO NEEDTO DEVELOPALL FEATURES IN ONE TIME• Don’t addVersion 2.0’s features into 1.0.• If you’re not sure about feature, don’t develop it• Launching a version means you want to test your hypothesis. It’sbeginning of product improvement• Case:Web WeChat is not exactly the same as the mobile version• Case : Replying a comment in Moments
  70. 70. IFTHERE IS NO NATURAL GROWTH,PROMOTION IS UNNECESSARY• If you force users to use your products, you will only leave a badimpression to your users.They won’t use it anymore• KPI is a by-product of a good product. Don’t change your product forKPI
  71. 71. BE EXTENSIVE,AND BE CLUMSY• If you don’t have a good solution, then don’t solve the problem• Case: send information to wrong group• Case: Group name card, group messages screening• Focus on important scenarios• If a feature is not important, you can put it into “Settings”, or neverdevelop it
  73. 73. YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF APRODUCT IS EMBODIED IN EVERYDETAIL•You yourself should be satisfied with every detail•Whether you’re satisfied depends on your own standard0• Case:“ Sent from my iPhone" and “Sent from Shenzhen"
  74. 74. GIVE USERS OPTIONS• Plug-ins can be uninstalled except for core features• Keep it simple
  75. 75. RESPECT USERS• Protect user privacy (Get users’ permission to upload contacts to; informusers that LBS exposes location)• Do not mislead users•When developing a feature, focus on user experience. Case: in all textediting field, content should be auto saved in case of crash• Case: system email. Use a real product manager’s signature, rather thanusing “System administrator"
  76. 76. ONEVERSION IN THE WHOLEWORLD• Case: Mailbox• Case:WeChat internationalization.Wechat will not develop a localizedversion for different regions but only one global version
  77. 77. ACHIEVING THE BEST USER EXPERIENCE ISTHROUGH INNOVATION•When your user use his hand to cover that iPhone screen, why it doesn’tswitch to loud speaker mode?Why it can when it’s near to your ear?WhyWeChat can recognize your ear?
  78. 78. YOURVALUES ​​(ATTITUDES) DETERMINEYOUR PRODUCT FEATURES• How did we decide to develop photo filter, and how did we do that?• Rational analysis is utilitarian and not perfect• It’s all depends on your attitude to photo.Will photo be more beautiful with a filter orwithout a filter?
  79. 79. TO CHANGE USER HABITS• For a hundred years after telephone was invented, it has been alwaysannoying people•WeChat doesn’t allow a sudden phone call•You cannot re-invent the telephone, but you can change the way howpeople make phone calls• New habits make users more comfortable
  80. 80. ABANDON ALL THE INNOVATIONSTHAT ARE NOT USER-FRIENDLY• Innovation is not based on rational thinking• Innovation is not to serve others• “Will you be clever at the expense of others, or will you be kind?” ByBezos• Case: Press (not hold) the button on your earphone and start to speak.This is unacceptable.
  81. 81. AVOID REPLACING REAL NEEDWITH STRATEGIC BEHAVIOR• If you want put all features together to meet users’ need, it means all ofthese features are not good• If you have to invite people to use your product, it means your product isgoing to die• Don’t build a platform when you want to.You build a platform for acertain reason•Your product shouldn’t be comprehensive. Otherwise, it will have noshining points
  82. 82. BE USER-ORIENTED AND CHANGEYOUR BUSINESS MODEL• Brand spreads among friends• Digitalization of media• How do stars communicate with each of their fans?
  83. 83. YOU’RE NOT DESIGNING A PRODUCT,BUT SOLVING A PROBLEM• Avoid design-oriented development• User-oriented development
  84. 84. INNOVATION OR PLAGIARISM?•You cannot re-invent the telephone• But everything you do could be brand new• Follow your users, rather than other products• Speak by using your product
  85. 85. THE STORY OF DEVELOPINGMOMENTS• Repeatedly compare various of scenarios•Think about what will happen when thousands of people start to use thisproduct• Find out the key points and give up details which are not important(Comment reply, grouping and so on)
  87. 87. BEING NATURAL• Being natural is an instinctive behavior and psychic reaction of human• Inspirations: being simple; users even don’t have to think about it
  88. 88. DON’T THINK IN A TECHNICALWAY• How iOS hides its technology: file? Folder ? Uninstall? Process ?• Complex technology should be hidden from users, but with extremelygood usability• Product is built rationally, but used to express emotions• Don’t use “support” in product instructions• “We support XX features“ is an out-of-date expression
  90. 90. UI SHOULD BE NATURAL• Use animation effect to become natural: the animation effect of showingcomments in Moments• UI helps to get feedbacks• Generate a natural feedback which is easy to understand
  91. 91. SINGLE PATH• A fixed path is better than providing several paths for users, even if thefixed path is very long• Home button• Shortcut is not important.Users cannot depend on shortcuts• Multiple functions into a single operation, increasing complexity
  92. 92. “BEING COOL" ISTHE FUTURE• Being cool is a natural and simple• Case:Taking a capture
  93. 93. DEVELOP A FEATURE THAT USERSCAN EASILY LEARN IN 3 SECONDS• Remove all text description (or at least hide them all)• Case: instructions of Shake.• Being clear and understandable is better than all other decorations
  94. 94. “MANAGEMENT" IS NOT NATURAL• Don’t let users get stuck into management work• Calendar?• Contact grouping? (Weibo grouping, Google+)
  95. 95. SINGLE DIMENSION IS MOREBEAUTIFUL• One dimension is better than two dimensions• Timeline ofTwitter and Weibo is an example of one dimension• Can Mail be one-dimensional? How about checking emails like checkingTwitter updates?• In your phone interface, try not useTAB or drop down list on your titlebar• How about the drawer design of Facebook?
  96. 96. PROVIDING A “CHANGEYOURTHEME”FEATURE SHOWSTHATYOUR ARE NOTCONFIDENT• If you’re not confident in your default them, you product won’t have agood visual effect. (Except for some certain Apps, likeWeibo, that focuson personalized theme design)• Focus on designing the default theme
  97. 97. DON’T LET USERS SELECT•You only have to provide the most common pattern• Do not provide any options. (For example, you provide a list view and awaterfall view for users to select)•Whenever you provide an option, you will confuse your users
  98. 98. WHY WE DON’T SHOW “ALREADYSENT” AND “ALREADY READ”• It’s unacceptable for users to look at whether their messages are sentsuccessfully or read by other users after they send a message• A message with a “tail” is not simple and natural• Being natural is an intuition
  99. 99. LESS IS BETTER•Too much content will destroy the community atmosphere• Too much friends will lead to social phobia• Focus on too much will lead to a lack of attraction• Case:Wechat does not have a bulk import feature. It doesn’t importbatch list of your phone contacts and QQ friends.• Case: Moments does not display articles of your QQ space.
  100. 100. 100 MILLION USERS IS JUST ONEUSER• They are the same• If you listen to them carefully and understand their need, you can easilybecome them naturally•You need to know whether they are happy, angry or sad• Always remember you are providing service to 100 million users.
  101. 101. BECOME A “FOOL USER” INSTANTLY•Try to become a “fool user” instantly• Understand how users use your product by using CE•You can find more problems from the view of a fool user• Focus on the first time of using a product.After you get used to it, youcannot easily find a problem
  102. 102. IMPROVEYOUR INTUITION ON"NATURAL THING"• Intuition comes from your analysis of thousands of problems• Forget about your past experience.Take a loot at this world with a morenatural way. For example, this world is not too technical•The solution of a complex problem may not come from reasoning, butintuition
  103. 103. ATTITUDE OF THE PRODUCTMANAGER• Seek for knowledge, not for fighting for self-esteem• Don’t be emotional, then you go deep into the nature of the problem• Prove yourself with statistics and survey data•Your disadvantages might be what you are good at. For example, a personwho has social phobia might know how to develop a social product
  105. 105. A DESIRETO CHANGE THE OLDWORLD• My own expectation to iPhone5 is: It’s like an iPad(3G). It’s not a phone. Idon’t have to pay the phone call fee.You can send me messages via Kik,talk to me via GoogleVoice and take a video call with me via Facetime.• I said this one day before we decide to developWeChat
  106. 106. YOU NEED TO HAVEYOUR OWNIDEAS ANDVISIONS•Wechat is "a way of life“• Ideas determine the height of your product•Your attitude will be reflected in all details of your product.You cannotavoid this
  107. 107. WECHAT IS "A WAY OF LIFE"• "a", not “a type of"• The difference betweenWeChat and QQ lies in here.
  108. 108. AN IT PRODUCT SHOULD LET USERSEXPERIENCE THE CONSCIOUSNESSOF HUMANITY• 1,000 users have 1,000 feelings•The start page ofWeChat
  109. 109. “DON’T ALWAYS USEWECHAT”• Do you see any product that is not recommended to use? (Except fortobacco)•This sentence reflects your understand of your products and your users•You say this not for marketing purpose, although it do have a marketingeffect
  110. 110. LAUNCHYOUR PRODUCT BYUSINGYOUR WELCOME PAGE• Do not list features. It’s too technical• Launch your product online, not offline• Each welcome page is a story•The welcome page is one of the several places where you can expressyour own feelings• Let users expect your products
  111. 111. A GOOD PRODUCT MANAGERSHOULD BE A ROCK MUSIC FAN• Rock means anti-tradition, humanity, freedom• Rock helps find the nature of the human, and this nature will be reflectedin the product• Story between PINK FLOYD and MJ•We won’t give you an iPad•Think different and do different
  112. 112. CREATE USER-FRIENDLY ADS• Don’t create ads when you think you should have one• Get inspired from user feedback (many ads words came from users’comment, for example:WeChat makes family sounds sexy. )•WeChat ads in the mailbox
  113. 113. WORK WITH THE BEST PARTNERS•Tuski• National Geographic photographer• NIKE
  114. 114. TEXT REFLECTS CHARISMA•What you write down shows how you speak which shows your owncharisma.• Be clear and easy to understand which shows that you are logical•Treat your users as friends. Don’t please users nor think too much ofyourself• Bad Case: tips showing on the screen when you’re sending a picture
  115. 115. SOME WORDS THATYOU SHOULDAVOID USING(Translator note: It’s quite hard to translate this page, because the Chinesewords mentioned in this page are note translatable.)
  116. 116. THE SENSE OF FUTURE• Keywords: future, technology, abstract, simplicity• Forget about any Chinese elements?• Abstract or simulated reality?•You can apply it only when you feel the beauty of simplicity.•When taking a video call, should we use any blue sky and white cloudpictures as the background?
  117. 117. YOU DO NOT HAVE COMPETITORS•What’s important is what you want to do, not what they’re doing•WeChat doesn’t have a competitor, nor does it analyze any other similarproducts•They are not our product managers• Focus on future rather than focus on your competitors
  118. 118. A PIECE OF ART RATHER THAN APRODUCT• “A piece of art will defeat the utilitarian product” Steve Jobs commentedon Apple’s competition. Microsoft• A piece of art desires for perfection
  119. 119. DEVELOP A PRODUCT WHICH HASA SOUL• Product should have a soul: organic structure (product structure),muscle (functions), charisma(values), quick responding (highspeed), rational (logical and reasonable interactive method), wayof speaking(copywriter).• Like a human, the product is a harmonious entity withoutschizophrenia• Persist in your product so that your product won’t be split.Collective decision-making leads to mediocrity and productsbeing split into various parts. But you need opinions andfeedbacks by brainstorming and listening to others• Product has a personality. It may not be perfect, but it should bedelicate like a good handicraft with harmony inside
  120. 120. AN INDIVIDUAL SHOULD ENJOYMORE FREEDOM• Internet products should give individuals more freedom• How to evaluate the comment mechanism ofWeibo?• Personalized long tail product is the future• Industrialization meet the low-cost need; personalization reflects uniquevalue
  121. 121. UI ANALYSIS
  122. 122. NEVER USEYOUR COMPETITORS’PRODUCT• UI designers are prohibited to use competitors products so that theycan’t be misled.• Product managers can experience a little bit, but don’t use too much
  123. 123. FEATURES DETERMINES THE UI,RATHER THANVICEVERSA• Features first, then UI• Avoid changing the applications scenarios and product features due to agood UI design
  124. 124. A GOOD LAYOUT IS BETTER THANVISUAL PERFORMANCE• Classification is important• Indentation shows whether the classification is good• A clear layout is important than being quick• Case: For the dialogue input bar, is one line good or two lines?
  125. 125. THERE SHOULD BE ONLY ONESTYLE• In order to maintain consistency, try to use only one font, one type ofcontrol, one background ... in one application• A variety of styles may confuse users•Try to use standard interface• Being reasonable is more important than being different
  126. 126. EACH INTERFACE SHOULD ONLYHAVE ONE THEME• Photography principles: a photo should only have one theme• Do not split the interface into two parts• Highlight the theme
  127. 127. EVERY DIALOG BOX HAS ANOBVIOUS DEFAULT BUTTON• Don’t let me think• Case: Users are confused when being noticed that they can send theoriginal picture to their friends
  128. 128. FREQUENTLY USED FEATURES SHOULDBE IMPROVED BETTER AND BETTER•When users scroll to the top of the screen, the automatic loading featureshould be smoother• Improvement of the Chat BackgroundChat Background: the background picture you see when you’re chatting.
  129. 129. A GOOD FEATURE DOESN’T NEEDINSTRUCTIONS• Do not assume that users will look at the instructions• Do not assume that the user understand the background information• Goal: users will know how to use your product without any explanations• Avoid using “Tips”.A tip is like a bandage.
  130. 130. HIDDEN NUMBERS• N photos• N contacts• downloading 78.56%
  131. 131. EXPLORE NEW INTERACTIVE MODE• Mobile phones are usually used to interact•There are many sensors on a phone• Case: how to identify people in a room?• Case: auto picture zoom-out feature of Moments
  132. 132. IMPROVEYOUR AESTHETICJUDGMENT•Your product will not be better than your aesthetic judgment•Your aesthetic judgment is embedded in every detail of your product• Case: the drop-down wheel in Moments• Case: Simple sense of beauty
  133. 133. THANKS!
  134. 134. WHAT I SAID IT IS ALL WRONG ;)
  135. 135. WHY ?By Allen Zhang (Zhang Xiaolong)August 2012Translated by Gustavo Madicocn.linkedin.com/in/gustavo.madicoand 韩林涛cn.linkedin.com/pub/alex-han/22/b21/a77Original translation from the hand-written version madeby Zhensheng Hu, founder of Weipai