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Production plan
Production plan
Production plan
Production plan
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Production plan


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Production Plan Scene 1:The first scene involves a montage of people taking the pill. This should be a fairly quick and easy shoot to perform. Shooting Dates –8th October 2013 Location – Neale Wade Academy (There will be many people that will be eligible for the scene available, the location will not be seen much in the scene as the camera will be focused on the characters.) Props –Tic-tacs (to be used as the pills in the scene), bottles and glasses of water (to give the impression the pills are being swallowed) Costumes – Costumes are not relevant as all the characters in the scene are supposed to be everyday, normal people and what they are wearing will create that impression. Personnel – Myself and Josh Davey will be directing and filming the scene which will feature various members of Neale Wade Sixth Form who are willing and available to star as the citizens taking the pills. Equipment – Camera and tripod. Scene 2: The second shoot involving the robbery scene is also fairly short but will take more time and skill to perfect. Shooting Dates – 9th October 2013 Location – Outside my house (this will pose as the character Joe’s house in the narrative) Props – Tic-tacs (once again as the pills), a small white plastic pot (as the container holding the pills that fall on the floor), a black wallet (that gets stolen). Costumes – For the character Harry, casual clothing will be worn to represent him as a normal person. The thief will be wearing old and rough clothes (to represent his lower class status and criminality)
  • 2. including an old hoody with the hood up, a tracksuit and old trainers etc. Personnel – Josh Davey and I will be directing while Josh will also be filming and I will be starring as Harry. The scene will also feature Daryl Teague as the character Joe and Ryan Talmage as the thief. Equipment – Camera and tripod. Scene 3 - This scene involves the government agents talking about Harry; it will include the government agents’ voiceover while the visuals switch to a different scene of Harry. Shooting Dates – 9th – 10th October 2013. Location – The settings of the secretary on the phone and the government meeting will be filmed in a classroom at Neale Wade Academy as these can easily replicate the interior of an office building. The scene involving Harry walking down the street will be filmed down my street, which is a fairly quite area meaning, we will be able to film an urban area uninterrupted. Props – A computer on which the secretary will receive the warning and the phone she calls the government agents on. In the government meeting we will use tables, chairs, books and sheets of paper to create a legitimate office room. Costumes – Harry will be wearing the same outfit as the previous scene, the government agents will all be wearing shirt and tie, which connotes their authority and high status. Personnel – Josh Davey and myself will be directing and filming. I will be playing Harry;Ashley Riley will be playing the head of the government agency. Equipment – Camera and tripod. Scene 4 – This scene depicts Harry returning to Joe’s house and in turn being pursued by the government. It is the point in the trailer where the pace and conflict increases.
  • 3. Shooting Dates – 12th – 13th October. Location –Inside my house, the same location where Scene 2 was shot. Props – A car that the government agent will be seen arriving in. Costumes – Harry and Joe will have the same costumes. The government agent will be wearing a suit to assert his authority and so the audience can associate him with the agency. Personnel – Josh Davey and myself will be directing and filming. I will be playing Harry while Daryl Teague will star as Joe and Gary Jackson will play the government agent. Equipment – Camera and tripod. Scene 5 – This scene is Harry’s monologue, which should be quite a simple scene to shoot. Shooting Dates – 14th October 2013 Location – A classroom in Neale Wade Academy as these are spacious enough for the shoot. The location is not pivotal to the scene as all that will be revealed is the character Harry sitting against a plain white wall. Props – A chair. Costumes – Harry will be wearing plain and simple clothing to give him a rough edge and create the impression he is on the run e.g. a muddy white t-shirt. Personnel – Josh Davey will be filming me as Harry. Equipment – Camera and tripod. Scene 6 – The final scene of the trailer includes scenes of fast paced action as the agents pursue Harry while crosscutting between the boss in his office.
  • 4. Shooting Dates – 14th – 16th October 2013. Locations –The shots in the government office will be filmed in Neale Wade Academy again whilst a nature reserve on the outskirts of March will be suitable for the fast paced sequences as they are out in the open and fairly quiet. Props –The mobile phone that will feature in the final shot. Costumes – Harry will be wearing the same as in previous shots and the agents will be wearing suits. Personnel – Ashley Riley, Gary Jackson and I starring. Josh Davey and me directing and shooting. Equipment – Camera and tripod.