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Link of products

  1. 1. Use Of Links Between My Film Trailer And My Ancillary Products
  2. 2. In the marketing of a product, linking different elements of the marketing campaign together is an effective way of promoting the main product. For example if a poster looked completely different to a magazine cover based on the film, the audience would get mixed messages about what the film is about and its style etc. I have made my products link together as this will enable the audience who view all my products to create a clear image of what the product offers along with noticing recurring themes/ fonts/ styles that will cause them to think more about what they are seeing and are then more likely to consider viewing the film.
  3. 3. Representation of Genre and Content Through Combination of Products One aspect that all three of my products shared was a clear representation of the psychological thriller genre making it clear to the audience what the nature of the product is that they will be viewing. In the poster and in several moments of the trailer, the protagonist is seen in a state of peril which reflects the conventional, bleak atmosphere of the film. There is a scene in the trailer that is very similar to the event depicted in the poster with an agent pointing a weapon at the protagonist. Not only does this leave the audience on a cliff-hanger, intriguing them to find out what happens but it also creates a clear link between the two products, emphasising the dramatic nature of the scene. If a reader of the magazine has previously viewed the trailer, they will recognise the character on the cover as the antagonist of the film. The menacing portrayal of the antagonist in both products reveals the dark nature of the film relating it back t the genre. The magazine also promotes how it will reveal more about this character who is only briefly shown in the trailer. This will make the audience want to read more about the intriguing character they saw in the trailer. A recurring prop in all 3 products is the white pill pot which is an essential item in the narrative and also relates to the psychological element of the film. The emphasis of it in the products will cause it to stand out as the key symbol of the film to the audience, making them instantly associate it with the film in a similar way to Harry Potter’s scar in the Harry Potter franchise for example.
  4. 4. Mise-en-Scene Many of the settings shown throughout the products such as the ones in the images are either vague and unknown or in isolation, this adds to the mysterious nature of the film and brings across its brand identity. Costume is also used as an effective means of character representation as the protagonist is portrayed in casual clothing both in the trailer and the poster connoting the idea that he is out of depth in the desolate locations and events unfolding around him. Contrastingly, the antagonist is shown in more formal wear in the poster and the trailer which highlights his authority. Because the costume of the protagonist in the poster highlights him as vulnerable and the antagonists on the magazine cover highlights his authority, it creates a divide between the two products suggesting they show two different sides of the same story.
  5. 5. Photography and Cinematography I also related the style of cinematography in my trailer to the photography of my ancillary products. Specifically in the scene shown to the left with my poster image. The quick cutting between the close-up shots and the wide shots represent the psychological damage done to the protagonist as well as the situation of isolation he’s in. The blurred background mixed with a close-up of the pill pot in the poster similarly adds a distorted psychological style while also showing the protagonist in peril. This similar style between products clearly represents the genre of the film, therefore appealing to fans of the genre while also bringing across a recognisable style and identity to the film. The cinematography that represents the antagonists superiority is also shared with the image on the magazine cover. Making a combined representation of a conventional villain more effective than a product could singularly.
  6. 6. Fonts and Language The fonts for the title of the film vary from product to product but maintain the same bold sans-serif style within each one. All 3 represent the film’s aggressive nature and clearly convey the same identity of the film. The language conveyed in the strapline of the magazine cover relates in style to some of the on-screen text shown in the trailer as they both speak directly to the audience. This technique causes the audience to think more deeply about what they are viewing and encourage their enthusiasm for watching the film. The language almost places the audience in the situation of the characters which positions the film clearly in the genre and increases audience awareness that the products are promoting the same film.
  7. 7. ∗ As shown in the analysis of the promotional package for the film Inception I conducted in my research, different forms of media are more effective in promoting a film than just the trailer on its own. If someone views the poster for my film, they will be intrigued by the mysterious scene depicted in the image and would be keen to find out more about the film. They would therefore be encouraged to watch the trailer which will promote the film in more detail and give the viewer a more detailed view on the film. The magazine cover, as well as promoting the film, promotes the content of the magazine which will also give the viewer a more detailed insight into the film and encourage them to watch it. All the technical areas such as camerawork, mise-en-scene, font and colour combine across each of the products to reveal the trademark style of the film that will be easily recognisable between the three, making the style of the film more memorable to the viewer. The three products also reveal different aspects of the film to make the audience more informed on it. The narrative in the trailer is shown from the perspective of the protagonist making him more relatable and giving his side of the story. However, the poster is mainly focused on the pot of pills creating a detached perspective while showing the protagonist to be under threat in the background. This will cause the audience to sympathise ad fear for the character. The magazine cover is focused on the film’s main antagonist, therefore showing the audience a different perspective of the film. This reveals how the combination of promotional products can promote the film more widely and effectively than a single product. Overall
  8. 8. Overall The brand identity links across my products were successful in promoting the film as the results of my audience feedback show that my audience recognised clear links between the products. This would cause them to actively think more about the film and therefore evoke more interest and intrigue towards the film in them than one product could on its own. A key part of the brand identity of the film is the pill pot which is of vital importance in each product. This was described as a memorable factor in my brand identity by members of the audience which shows how its placement across all 3 products was successful in creating a brand identity and audience interest.