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  • 1. Introducing the most venomous creature of IIMB
  • 2. Ae naagin.. Ye bata Me teri dushman, tera SAANP kon h? Dushman tu mera,Me nagin tu sapera….. Mera SAANP hai….. Bhabhiji
  • 3. Naja Naja – a few facts• First discovered by the Pirates of the Arabian – vivek a.k.a. Snake Charmer• Still searching for his vishkanya• Has a habit of slithering away for ‘duss (10) minute(s)’ and never showing up for the rest of the day (usually night)• Not a single snake has been spotted in IIMB after july 2010 – guess all the lesser snakes know who is boss!
  • 4. Probably the only snake with an FB page
  • 5. Self Claimed fastest & dangerous bowler ofIIMB Cricket team….His Recent Performance at field    Sledged a Batsman at Cricket field… Beaten by Batsman like anything…can no longer play for next 3 month 
  • 6. Saanp in different versionsHappy saanp Gunda saanp Jealous saanpPaani wala saanp Model saanp Exercising saanp
  • 7. The great D-top Zoo• Has single handedly made D-top the most poisonous place in IIMB, spawning an entire generation of new snakes, most notable of whom are – Sapola (Baby snake) – bites everything/everybody he sees, especially exchange students. Retired Snake (shubham PGP3 a.k.a Azgar Singh) accompanied by his able replacement (golu molu sleepy Snake) • Wannabe Snake (M.B.) – thinks he can bite everybody, but always ends up getting bitten by others
  • 8. The prospective naagins..
  • 9. After trying ‘Olay’, tried to impress a PGP1 Kid with hisSpecial Vehicle …. Girl’s response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25H16U4HpR0 Must watch else you will miss something special  
  • 10. We wish our Saanp a very