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Gunnebo's customer magazine, first edition 2013

Gunnebo's customer magazine, first edition 2013



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    Gunnebo Global 1 2013 Gunnebo Global 1 2013 Document Transcript

    • A CUSTOMER MAGAZINE FROM THE GUNNEBO SECURITY GROUP #1 2013– strong demand from public transportationENTRANCE CONTROLTotal peaceof mind withunique serviceFeatureSupersizedsafe depositlockers in ParisEven the smallestitems stayout of prison ...3614
    • CONTENTSONLY THE BIGGEST WILL DO IN paris............................. 3Feature: EntraNce ControlURBAN GROWTH DEMANDSEFFECTIVE SECURITY SYSTEMS..................................... 4.BACK ON TRACK IN INDIA........................................... 4BIG METRO EXPANSION IN CHINA................................. 5security system keeps prison clean of contraband.. 6Sparkasse Hochfranken relies on biometrics .......... 6Bringing THE constructionindustry online .................................................. 8Culture follows in thefootsteps of leisure centres ................................. 9Security in line with architecture ....................... 10Britain’s biggest strong room............................. 11SECURING CASH PAYMENTS...................................... 12PERFECT MATCHMAKING IN NEW ZEALAND.................. 13“Maximum uptime withPerformance Maintenance”................................. 14SOLVING problemS IN ADVANCE............................... 15WorldWide......................................................... 16An important part of Gunnebo’s strategy is to gradually move thebusinesses’ point of gravity outside of Europe, to markets with goodgrowth potential.Per Borgvall, President and CEO GunneboABOUT GUNNEBOGunnebo is a brand that hails back to1764. The company originally madenails, and later also sold chains andlifting systems. Since 1995 more than40 companies have been acquiredworldwide. In 2006–2007 they wereall integrated into a common structureunder a single brand name – Gunnebo.The vision is to make Gunnebo theleading global provider of a saferfuture for customers in Bank Security &Cash Handling, Secure Storage, GlobalServices and Entrance Control.RESPONSIBLE PUBLISHERPer BorgvallPhone +46 10-20 95 000per.borgvall@gunnebo.comEDITORIAL COMMITTEEKarin Wallströmkarin.wallstrom@gunnebo.comLinda Gårdlövlinda.gardlov@gunnebo.comBhargav Bharadwajbhargav.bharadwaj@gunnebo.comJocelyne Benisrijocelyne.benisri@gunnebo.comAurelia Gilbertaurelia.gilbert@gunnebo.comAmel Loukalamel.loukal@gunnebo.comEvelyne Gartenmannevelyne.gartenmann@gunnebo.comLouise Harperlouise.harper@gunnebo.comThomas Porquetthomas.porquet@gunnebo.comSujata Redijsujata.redij@gunnebo.comClaudia Reitzclaudia.reitz@gunnebo.comRob Suddabyrob.suddaby@gunnebo.comPenny Yupenny.yu@gunnebo.comJudy Tangjudy.tang@gunnebo.comDeirdre Doyledeirdre.doyle@gunnebo.comEmma Sheldonemma.sheldon@gunnebo.comJanne Pedersenjanne.pedersen@gunnebo.comCONTRIBUTION ADDRESSGunnebo AB, Att: Gunnebo GlobalBox 5181, SE-402 26 GöteborgGRAPHIC DESIGN & PRODUCTIONTommy Apelqvisttommy.apelqvist@newsroom.sePROJECT MANAGERMats Ekendahlmats.ekendahl@newsroom.seTRANSLATIONComactiva Translations ABPRINTINGIneko ABPAPER, COVERCocoon silk 250g, 100% recycled fibrePAPER, INSERTTom&otto silk.RECYCLINGThis publication can be recycled aspaper.FRONT PAGEMelbourne metro in Australia.Photo: Gunnebo Australia.VISIT US ONLINEAUSTRALIA, NEW, REPUBLICwww.gunnebo.czDENMARKwww.gunnebo.dkFINLANDwww.gunnebo.fiFRANCEwww.gunnebo.frGERMANYwww.gunnebo.deGREAT BRITAIN, EASTwww.gunnebo.aeNETHERLANDSwww.gunnebo.nlNORWAYwww.gunnebo.noPOLANDwww.gunnebo.plPORTUGALwww.gunnebo.ptSINGAPORE, VIETNAMwww.gunnebo.sgSOUTH markets:www.gunnebo.com4610811
    • We are currentlythe only bank inParis to offer safedeposit boxeswith such highcapacitiesThere is only one Champs-Élysées. And thereis only one bank that can offer its customers asafe deposit locker with enough room to fit alarge, valuable painting.“As well as demanding the highest security,our clients also attach a great deal ofimportance to the size of their lockers,” saysPatrick Iskin at HSBC France.Based on the Champs-Élysées, HSBC’sbranch is surrounded by numerous luxurybrand boutiques. And in that kind of envi-ronment, only the biggest and the best will do. Soat the end of 2011, HSBC decided to upgrade thebranch’s 4000 safe deposit lockers and step up itssecurity levels in the process. It was very impor-tant that HSBC was provided with modern tech-nology that could be used for a bespoke installa-tion, optimising the current service area. As thechosen supplier, Gunnebo had to tackle two spe-cific challenges: the safe deposit lockers needed tobe larger than standard and no structural changescould be made to the building. In addition, thewhole installation needed to be in compliancewith a set of very strict security regulations.“For us to be able to optimise the number ofsafe deposit lockers in the existing building, thesupport pillars between which the compart-ments were installed had to be of a specificheight. We also wanted to have a number of safedeposit lockers that were large enough for ourcustomers to store bulkier items, such as worksof art,” says Patrick Iskin, Champs-Elysées BalzacBranch Director, HSBC France.To be able to use all of the space available,Gunnebo has proposed the 530FX models witha special 2.4 m high compartment columns hadto be designed and three different compartmentsizes were combined. Each locker was fitted witha dual-locking system for compliance with thehighest security standards. The most spacious ofthe lockers are 1.2 m high, 606 mm wide and 547mm deep. They have been designed and tested tosupport weights of up to 300 kg.“We are currently the only bank in Paris to offersafe deposit lockers with such high capacity. Weare hoping to be able to use them to develop theloyalty of our high-end clients and to attract newcustomers,” says Patrick Iskin.The new compartments were installed inrecord time and without disrupting access to thestrong room.“Providing high levels of service is an absolutepriority at HSBC. Gunnebo succeeded in meetingits deadlines and carrying out the installationefficiently.” ■3Global magazine #1 2013Only the biggest will do in Parisstrategic position. HSBC bank in France has got one branch right on the famous avenue Champs-Èlysées. As well as demanding the highest security their clients also attacha great deal of importance to the size of their lockers.  Photo: AximageTEXT I Amel LoukalSize doesn’t matter. Customers are able to fitpaintings and other large objects of value inside theextra-large safe deposit lockers from Gunnebo.
    • 4 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013Fare collection is the main revenue for pub-lic transport systems, and accurate collec-tion has a direct impact on the return oninvestment and viability of a project.At the same time, users want to benefit frommore and more freedom of movement, so ac-cess control and fare collection solutions needto allow high flows and accuracy. Inter-modalityis growing in developed countries as a means toincrease mobility and public transport usage.Inter-modality is based on using more thanone mode of public transport during the jour-ney. New technologies are required for systemsto be linked, and also for access control solu-tions to show commonality for passengers’ easeand understanding and for a smoother flow.We now have underground stations in air-ports, motorways underneath runwaysand interconnecting airports.Evolution in identification technologies andreaders has led the market to evolve from long-range motorised readers based on magneticstrip ticket technologies, to Radio FrequencyIdentification (RFID) proximity readers whichare much smaller.Changes in demandMore recently, there is a demand for introduc-ing mobile technology with NFC – near fieldcommunication where users can use theirmobile phone without the need to purchase aGunnebo delivered access solutions for theNew Delhi metro system. The subsidiary inIndia has now also won a contract for compo-nents for barriers on the new metro systemin Chennai.The metropolis of Chennai (formaly Ma-dras) is constantly growing. To meet thetremendous need for passenger trans-port the city is building a new metro systemwith both over and underground sections.A comfortable metro system has been chosenbecause it is a sustainable option for the future,reducing air pollution while also being able towithstand monsoons better than buses. The so-lution will of course also reduce transport timeswithin the city, and ensure that the buses are notas overcrowded as at present. A metro systemwill also save lives as it will reduce car traffic.All in all, the new metro system will have 35stations with 150 access gates. In the first phaseGunnebo will deliver 67 bi-parting flap gatemechanisms to eight stations.“The main reason we were chosen by Chen-nai Metro Corporation was that our accesstechno­logy is known to be reliable and is dura-ble,” Chetanya Vali, Vice President InstitutionalSales at Gunnebo India.The deal effectively puts Gunnebo back on themetro track since its deliveries to the New Delhimetro project a few years ago.According to environmental organisationParisar, India is expected to invest 40 billion dol-lars in new metro lines over the next ten years.So access solutions is certainly an area withpotential.“This contract is of major strategic impor-tance for us as it establishes Gunnebo as a sup-plier of entrance control solutions for the Indianmetro sector,” says Per Borgvall, Gunnebo’sPresident and CEO.The equipment is produced at Gunnebo’s Chi-nese production site in Kunshan, and then inte-grated into the gates by Nippon Signals Japan. ■Back on track in IndiaTEXT I Emma SheldonTEXT I Mats EkendahlUrban growth demandsGiants. India and China have a greatneed for effective public transportsolutions – such as the metro pictured– and therefore also for fast, secureaccess control systems.Urban population growth is 2.4 per cent in China and India. Even greater in less deve­lopedcountries. As public transport growth usage continues in cities with highlydeveloped networks, there is an ever-increasing requirement for effective securitysystems across transportation networks.
    • 5Global magazine #1 2013urban transport in the EU:ƒƒ EU (27 countries) has over 60 billion passenger journeysper year. This is around 120 journeys per inhabitant peryear, peaking at over 300 journeys in large urbanised cities.ƒƒ Usage increase in the EU is >3 per cent per year peakingat over 6 per cent a year in certain cities. Larger urbanisedareas continue to show the largest increases.ƒƒ Public transport is around 1.2 per cent of Europe’s GDP.Big metro expansion in ChinaABOUT bi-parting gatesƒƒ Most of the Gunneboproducts for Chinese metrosare sold as a kit, includingthe mechanism for the autofare collection system, whichwill then be installed in theentrance control cabinet bythe company responsible forthe system integration. Alwayslogic software (PC interface)is included in the kit. Here aresome examples of kits:ƒƒ Standard Flap Kit 300 mmand Wide Flap Kit 300 mm forXi’an Metro.ƒƒ Standard Flap Kit 250 mm forGuangzhou Metro.ƒƒ Wide Flap Kit 310 mm forHong Kong Metro.Every metro project has aclearly defined purchasing pro-cess where quality is the mostimportant factor to win theprocurement.TEXT I Mats Ekendahleffective security systemsticket or card and book online.This means that the gate part of thepackage has taken a larger part of the over-all cost of the fare collection solution withmore emphasis on the gate. This includes,for instance, the introduction of LCD dis-plays to guide users, leading to gate manu-facturers having to integrate more andmore technology inside the gates.Improved detection technologyAdditionally, the increase in safety require-ments to avoid gate collision with passen-gers, and new requirements such as theability to allow children or children accom-panied by one adult through the gate whilststill ensuring the proper fare is collected, hasled to the development of improved detec-tion technology.Also the increase in demand for high reli-ability products with a lower cost of owner-ship, and a longer life span, has led to theevolution of the mechanism and electronictechnology. ■urban population growth:ƒƒ Average 1.5 per cent per annum continuing until atleast 2050 >60m per year.ƒƒ Strongest increase in less developed countries: Africaclose to 5 per cent per annum.ƒƒ India and China growing at a rate of 2.4 per cent.ƒƒ Developed areas such as Europe and USA growing ataround 1 per cent.Following the successful installation ofentrance control solutions for metro sys-tems in several major cities across China,Gunnebo has received five new ordersfrom Guangzhou, Harbin, Hong Kong,Shenzhen and Xi’an.The new orders amount to over two mil-lion euro and are for a total of aroundone thousand sets of metro Bi-PartingGates, an entrance control solution designedfor high volume traffic.“Gunnebo continues to be the leading pro-vider of reliable and efficient entrance controlsolutions to the rapidly growing Chinesemetro sector,” says Gunnebo’s President andCEO, Per Borgvall.All the gates will be produced in Gunnebo’sChinese factory in Kunshan, just outsideShanghai. With an own production site inplace in China it is possible to meet the toughdemands these kinds of projects generate,both with regard to quality and delivery times.“This is significant as it further strengthensour competitiveness, says Per Borgvall.”The gates that Gunnebo are providing tothe Chinese metro market have a reputationfor reliability, durability and for managinghigh throughput.“Customers usually choose our productsbecause Gunnnebo is a very well known brandin this market segment. We also have manyreference sites in the largest cities of China.And last, we´ve got good feedback from metrocompanies for the high product quality, basedon several years of reliable entrance opera-tions, says Davis Zhang, Sales Director,Gunnebo China.To date, Gunnebo has delivered entrancecontrol solutions to twelve cities, includingBeijing and Shanghai. At the moment 21 moreChinese cities are planning to build metrosystems in the near future, of which 17 areunder construction. ■Evolution in identi­fication technologiesand readers has ledthe market to evolve
    • 6 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013TEXT I Mats EkendahlA prison has to be secure against escape. Atthe same time, no unauthorised people orcontraband must be allowed in.Security airlocks and security portals arethe solution.Over the past seven years, Gunnebo hasinstalled entrance control systems at20 prisons across Australia, with ex-cellent results. The most popular solutions aresecurity airlocks and security portals.“They are so highly appreciated that we arenow a preferred supplier of high security classedentrance control systems at new prison estab-lishments in Australia,” says Laurie Mugridge atGunnebo .Security portals are ideal if medium-highsecurity is the aim, while security air-locks are used for high secu-rity. The latter can resist attempted break-ins aswell as firearm attacks.“They can even withstand pressure wavesfrom explosions,” says Laurie Mugridge.The unique aspect of Gunnebo’s technology isthat the security airlock surrounding the metaldetector provides minimal interference, allowingit to detect smaller objects than any competingproducts.“What’s more, our automatic detection in-side airlocks is more reliable than other searchmethods­.”He is referring to the fact that human erroris eliminated. Such errors cannot be ruled outwhen, say, hand-held metal detectors are used.The total product range contains ideal solu-tions for preventing unwanted persons from‘piggybacking’ or ‘tailgating’ behind other, au-thorised people. There are also different designsto create a suitable balance between the desiredlevel of security and the flow-through rate.The prisons are delighted with the installations­.They chose Gunnebo due to the company’s goodreputation, its many reference installations and itswell-developed service network.“But it’s important to remember that theprison services are constantly looking for newsolutions with even higher security and bettercapabilities for detecting contraband,and that really keeps us on our toes,” LaurieMugridge concludes. ■Security system keepsprison clean of contrabandThe fingerprint-operated solutions speed up andsimplify procedures for bank employees while alsopermitting greater security for cash reserves.Gunnebo supplied a total of 22 model SafePoint TT Plusdaytime safes as part of a major order from theSparkasse Hochfranken.Four model SafeGate systems were also installed inSparkasse branches last year. A further eight gate sys-tems are to follow over the coming months. Gunnebohad previously already equipped three branches of thebank with security gates; during the redesign, these willbe upgraded with the latest hardware and software andintegrated into an optimised overall concept.Simply secureThe most important innovations in the complete solu-tion are the biometric identification and interlinkingof all individual solutions via a central managementplatform. The result is that cash processes are not onlySparkasse Hochfranken reliesCustomer service simply, quickly and secOur automaticdetection insideairlocks is morereliable than othersearch methodsTEXT I Claudia ReitzThe paying out of large amounts of cash is one ofthe regular services provided by banks. To continueoffering the service efficiently, the GermanSparkasse Hochfranken was seeking solutionsto optimise cash processes. Since October2012 the bank has therefore been usingbiometric daytime safes and security gatesystems from Gunnebo at over 30 branches.
    • 7Global magazine #1 2013About security airlocksTested and approved for intrusion,firearms and explosions according tovarious standards:ƒƒ SkySas EV (Previously Cristal II) – theonly square-shaped security airlock onthe market, fully certified against intru-sion and firearms. It is also endorsed bythe Australian Government.ƒƒ SkySas CU (Previously Transit) – idealwhere design and dimensioningneed to vary.ƒƒ UniSas BA (Previously Escort) Secu-rity Airlock – cost efficiency and highsecurity classification in one.About security portalsƒƒ CompacSas EV (Previously Compact­Save) – combines a high flow-through rate with good securitywhere space is a premium.ƒƒ CompacSas BA (Previously HiSec)– authorisation for in and outwardpassage takes place in two stages formaximum security. Compact designin three versions. Options includeburglar- and bullet-resistant glass,and metal detectors.ƒƒ SkySas BA (Previously Transloc) –comprises two hinged doors whichresist manual attacks. The interlock-ing mechanism increases controlcapabilities when accessing areaswith extra high security.About the installationsat the prisons:ƒƒ The majority opted for Gunnebo’sCristal II, along with CEIA metaldetectors.ƒƒ There are now 27 Cristal units inAustralian prisons.ƒƒ 15 HiSec units with weight sensors that further enhance the securityof the portals have been installed.The weight sensing is used for twopurposes: single person detectionand left item detection. If say a gunis left inside the HiSec, the portalwill lock down and alert security.ƒƒ The prison services have also pur-chased Magtek (Manual AttackResistant) and Dartek (BallisticResistant) aluminium security doorsand partitioning that can be speciallymade “current loop cut” to preventthem from interfering with the metaldetectors’ electromagnetic fields.on biometricsurely by fingerprintsimpler­, but also faster and more efficient.Bank employees identify themselves directlyby fingerprint to the safe or the gate via thescanner. This frees them from the obligationfor eye contact; to confirm his or her presenceduring the transaction, a member of staff needsmerely to place a finger briefly on the scanner.Central flexibilityThe consultant can use the time saved for dis-creet and personal contact with the customer.The identification requirement is neverthelesssatisfied. The process is simple and fast forcustomer and employee, and the highest level ofsecurity is maintained.Even if members of staff at the SparkasseHochfranken work in more than one branch,they can identify themselves biometrically in therespective individual systems at the branches.The fingerprints of all staff are stored in acentral database. All Gunnebo safes and gatesare integrated and interlinked via managementsoftware.There is therefore no need for complicatedadministration of access media or the new al-location of PIN´s when changing branch. Accessauthorisations can be assigned, extended anddeleted centrally via the management platform.The security solution therefore contributes toefficient staff deployment. ■Guarded by Gunnebo. The image shows GunneboSkySas EV, a security airlock used in Australian prisons..About Sparkasse Hochfrankenƒƒ Largest bank in the Hochfranken region with a marketshare of 50 per cent.ƒƒ 60 branches in the Hochfranken region (which coversthe administrative districts of Hof and Wunsiedel inUpper Franconia/Bavaria).ƒƒ Credit institution established under public law, with almost900 employees in the market and administrative division.ƒƒ Awarded the title “winner of the bank test in Hof” in2011 and 2012 by the magazine FOCUS MONEY.About Biometric Cash Systemsƒƒ SafePointTTPlusdaytimesafesandSafeGatesecuritygates.ƒƒ Solutions for efficient branch concepts.ƒƒ Access to cash in the service area complies with accidentprevention and insurance associations.ƒƒ Biometric identification exempted from the obligation foreye contact.ƒƒ Greatest possible flexibility in personnel deployment.ƒƒ Interlinking via SafeControl IDentry® 2.0 management.platform .
    • 8 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013Su Butcher is interested in the relationshipbetween the way a building functions andwhat it looks like.“If I were designing buildings today I wouldbe very frustrated, there is too much focus onaesthetics and not enough on performance,”she says. Instead, she now works to helpthe construction industry create profitablerelationships on the Internet.In the 1980s and 1990s, Su Butcher trainedin architecture at the University of Liver-pool School of Architecture and BuildingEngineering­.“For me the practice of architecture is aboutdrawing together the complexity of a modernbuilt environment – structure, ergonomics andservices – into a coherent whole,” she says.Architects in general have to make decisionsbased on three things – aesthetics, perfor-mance and cost.“When entering a building, the visitor experi-ence is paramount, so how the hardware looksis going to be important to contribute to thatexperience.”The performance of an entrance controlsystem is of course essential, and an architectis unlikely to have the level of expertise neces-sary, so this is where other specialists come in.They work together to achieve what they wantfor the client in the design.“Therefore, a good architect must also be agood project manager in my opinion,” Su says.In 1997 she left the academic world and cameto London where she became practice managerof specialist medical architects MAAP.She has also run Inkpen Downie Architects inColchester, specialising in historic buildings andchurches.Then in 2006 her career took a new turn andSu became practice manager of a large commer-cial practice in Ipswich called Barefoot & Gilles.“I opened a new office for the firm inChelmsford and managed marketing and leadgeneration, including a new website and get-ting the practice a high national profile onsocial media.”In 2010 Barefoot & Gilles helped a clientraise three million pounds for a new children’shospice project by using Su’s skills in network-ing online to encourage construction profes-sionals to help raise funds. She is particularlyproud of this project. Su was an earlyadopter of both LinkedInand Twitter. Over the years,she was increasingly askedto give talks and interviewsabout her work in socialmedia on construction andfound it very rewarding.A little less than two yearsago she left practice manage-ment and became a full-time con-sultant in social media with her ownbusiness, Just Practising.“I’ve found that the web, and socialmedia in particular, can help generate businessin a wide variety of ways.”The construction industry, however, hasbeen quite slow to take up using the Internet,partly because it is such a conservative indus-try. Today, the number of architects on Twitteris growing and Twitter is becoming an accept-ed tool for professional networking.“The next few years aren’t going to be easyfor the construction industry, but having man-aged several architect’s firms through reces-sions, I know that those companies that canseek out opportunities will thrive,” Su explains.For her own part, she is working withGunnebo to help launch a new product in 2013.Will it be mentioned in social media?Probably.Will it be a good mix of design and function?For sure! ■TEXT I Hanna LindahlBringing theconstructionindustry onlineSu ButcherAge: 46.Family: Married with an 8 year old son.Lives: Frinton on Sea, Essex, UK.Occupation: Social Media Consultant in Construction.Interests: Cooking and Lego Star Wars (with her son).Favourite building: The Boots Wets Factory inBeeston, Nottingham, because it was the firstbuilding I visited when training as an architectthat made me go WOW! Or Willis Faber Dumas,Ipswich by Foster Associates, 1975. This was apioneering sustainable building, one of the firstoffice buildings to considerthe social life of itsinhabitants.
    • 9Global magazine #1 2013Culture follows in thefootsteps of leisure centresFollowing many successful years in NorthernEurope, the partnership between Gunnebo andSyx Automations is expanding into the UK.“We have opened an office in Barlaston,Staffordshire, to provide better customerservice and sales,” says Robbert Vermazen,Operations Manager at Syx Automations.Syx Automations is themarket leader in NorthernEurope in software andhardware products aimed at therecreational sector, and has beenactive in the leisure market formore than 25 years.The company offers a total solution and, in ad-dition to its own ReCreateX software platform,it offers IT infrastructure, network management,access control systems and camera surveillance.Gunnebo and Syx have been working togetherfor numerous years in the Netherlands andBelgium, and to date Syx has installed Gunneboentrance control solutions at more than 200leisure centres.At first the Gunnebo products were installedmostly in sports centres and swimming pools,but now Syx has expanded its market and is alsooperating in the world of theatres, museums,amusement parks and so on, where they provideentrance solutions.“Due to the expanded product range of Gun-nebo, the partnership givesus the possibility to offerour clients the best solutionaccording to their needs,with the guarantee ofsuperior quality,” RobbertVermazen says.One of the latest co-op-erations is with Sorghvliedt,a leisure centre with a poolarea in Hoboken, Antwerp,where Syx Automationshas installed several SpeedStiles and GlasStiles.The strength of the solution is the integrationbetween the software application ReCreateXand Gunnebo’s solutions. Encoded PVC cardsare used to control the costumer’s access to theleisure centre. A card reader placed nearby theentrance control reads the card.The UK office will offer the same completeproducts as the other offices, including accesscontrol. In addition the software has been tai-lored to meet each market’s individual needs,such as Gift Aid in the UK. ■TEXT I Hanna LindahlRobbertVermazenSyxAutomationsFounded: 1985.Employees:More than 80.Offices: Ypres(Belgium),Nijkerk (Neth-erlands) andBarlaston, Staf-fordshire (UK).The Sorghvliedt leisure centre in Hoboken, Antwerp, has several SpeedStiles and GlasStiles installed by Syx Automations.
    • The Banco de Portugal headquarters arein one of the capital’s historical neigh-bourhoods – Pombaline. The district hasgradually been bought up by the bank over twocenturies. The latest acquisition was the church,Igreja de S. Julião, which was built on the ruinsof the 1755 earthquake.The headquarters were renovated over thesame historic remains. The project, an invest-ment of 34 million euro, took five years tocomplete.The aim of the renewal was to adapt theexisting building to modern bank functions inaccordance with modern European regulations.Security was of course a key area as this is abank, but making the building earthquake proofwas also very important. More than 130 compa-nies were involved in carrying out the project.Gunnebo won a major contract and was com-missioned to deliver a total solution for physicalsecurity.The security system obviously had to protectkey areas in the bank’s new headquarters. How-ever, it was also based on architectural specifi-cations, ensuring that the equipment blendedreadily into the building’s stylish setting. ■TEXT I Mats EkendahlSecurity in line with architectureA gentle touch. Banco de Portugal has renovated its headquarters in the historical neighbourhoodof Lisbon without disrupting the aura of the fine buildings.10 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013When Banco de Portugal was renovating its headquarters in the heart of Lisbon, the physicalsecurity solutions had to blend in with the fine building.
    • UDG is Britain’s largest supply chainspecialist in the Pharmaceutical andHealthcare industry. Due to significantgrowth in these sectors, UDG had toincrease its strongroom storage facility.As part of UDG’s commitmentto its healthcare customers, itmust provide strongroom facili-ties that conform to British Government(Home Office) Medicine Licensing Lawsand MRHA Regulations.The UK pharmaceutical sector hasseen significant secure storage growthin recent years, mainly due to the BritishGovernment adding an increased numberof medicines to their high security list.More medicines means more busi-ness, but in addition extra secure storagespace is needed.UDG found itself in a situation whereit had outgrown its existing strongroomstorage facility, so had restricted oppor-tunities for future customer growth. UDGchose Gunnebo to solve the problem.“We have a strong relationship withGunnebo that has been developed byunderstanding our business requirementsand providing practical solutions,” saysMark Langton, Director of Operations atUDG.Gunnebo is approved by the BritishGovernment to supply and install strong-rooms. And in recent years this has beendemonstrated by already building someof the largest strongrooms ever seen inthe UK.UDG needed to create 1,000 addi-tional strongroom euro pallet storagespaces, while also satisfying the followingrequirements­:■ The increased size of the strongroom fa-cility had to be within the same area asTEXT I Mats EkendahlUDG (UniDrugDistributionGroup)ƒƒ Provides special-ist storage/distri-bution services topharmaceutical,healthcare, vet-erinary and con-sumer productmanufacturingcompanies.ƒƒ UDG currentlystores 2,250secured pallets(63 per cent ofthe market share).the Strongroom extensionƒƒ 25 trailers wereused to transportsteel structureand CenturionGrade VI strong-room panels fromGunnebo Markers-dorf (Germany) tothe UK site.ƒƒ 694 CenturionGrade VI strong-room panels wereused.ƒƒ The size of theextended room is10.5 metres high,16.5 metres wideand 52 metreslong.ƒƒ Installation wascompleted withineight weeks usinga team of five men.ƒƒ The capital invest-ment was 1.1 mil-lion pounds.ƒƒ UDG forecasts areturn of capitalinvestment with-in three years.Britain’s largeststrong roomexisting operations and utilise the spacesurrounding the existing room.■ The proposed installation of the newextended strongroom could not in-terfere with the day-to-day businessoperations.■ Any extension to the existing strong-room had to comply with GovernmentLicensing laws so the integrity of theexisting room had to be maintained atall times.Gunnebo provided a solution for bolt-ing strongroom panels to extend theexisting strongroom. During the buildingprocess the security of the existing roomwas not affected. Once extended wallsand roof had been secured, pedestrian andpallet truck openings were then createdbetween the original and extended roomsto allow UDG to continue their day-to-dayoperations. Another benefit of the solu-tion was that operations could continuein the same warehouse location as before.The additional 1,000 spaces have ena-bled UDG to maintain existing customerdemands and create capacity for futuregrowth. UDG is very pleased with thenew strongroom.“This project was delivered with nointerruptions to our daily operationsand one week ahead of schedule!” MarkLangton concludes. ■11Global magazine #1 2013Astonishingly high. The British company UDG needed extra secure storage space due to morebusiness. Gunnebo supplied them with an extended strongroom with extremely large doors.
    • 12 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013Over 100 SafePay™ units will be installedat checkouts in 16 CONAD Pac2000a storesbefore the end of 2014. This is according toa two-year agreement that was signed withmajor Italian supermarket retailer CONADPac2000a, regarding installation ofGunnebo’s closed cash handling solution,SafePay Secure.he SafePay solution changes andimproves our way of working, creat-ing a positive metamorphosis inour stores, where cash will not be a problem anymore,” says Mr. Paolo Coletti, Group POS Man-ager at CONAD Pac2000a.As part of the agreement, 16 stores will beequipped with a SafePay SCL through-the-wall so-lution, where cash from the checkout is depositedby staff in secure, ink-protected cassettes, readyfor collection by the retailer’s cash-in-transit part-ner. The cash is never exposed – and never hasto be counted manually – creating a completelyclosed cash handling process from end to end.“We will also deliver a range of related servicesto CONAD Pac2000a which includes testing, com-missioning, professional help-desk support forremote control and corrective maintenance,” saysMarco Depaoli, Country Manager Gunnebo Italy.“Gunnebo has worked with leading Europeanretailers to develop SafePay, in order to developan efficient closed cash handling system which isreliable and secure.” ■Är på språkkollSecuring Cash PaymentsTEXT I Linda GårdlövCONAD Pac2000aƒƒ Founded in Bologna 1962ƒƒ Operates through eight major co-operativegroups, purchasing centres and distributors:Nordiconad, Conad Centre and North DealersIndependent Associates, Conad del Tirreno,Pac2000A, Conad Adriatico, SicilconadMercury and Conad Sicily.ƒƒ 1,100 supermarkets and other storesacross Italy.Safe to pay. The Italian supermarket retailer CONAD has installed a large number of SafePay units.T“
    • 13Global magazine #1 2013At the beginning of the year Gunnebo signed acontract with New Zealand based Z Energy, for 80Intelli-Safes. In addition upgrades will be carriedout on 120 of their existing Intelli-Safes, deliveredby Gunnebo back in 2002, which will be refittedwith Gen-10 control electronics.Prior to the tendering process, Z Energy assessedand reviewed a number of competitive prod-ucts from alternative suppliers and ran a trialof the alternative products to get an in-field com-parison with Gunnebo’s Intelli-Safe. And Intelli-Safeproved to be the best for the Z Energy application.Gunnebo delivered and installed Gen-2 & Gen-5Intelli-Safes on 205 sites throughout New Zealandin 2002 and has since progressively been upgradingto Gen-5 Intelli-Safes from 2007 and onwards.“Z Energy has a history with Gunnebo’s productsgoing back several years, so I’m pleased that after acompetitive process we will be rolling out our thirdgeneration of Intelli-Safes. What I really appreciateis that Gunnebo listen to our requirements, under-stand our business and work with us to develop theirproducts and deliver the right outcomes for our busi-ness,” says Vance Anderson, Site Systems Managerat Z Energy. ■Perfect matchmakingin New ZealandZ Energyƒƒ Supplies fuel to retail customers and large commer-cial customers like airlines, trucking com-panies, mines, shipping companies andvehicle fleet operators.ƒƒ Provides bitumen to road contractorsand manufactures ingredients usedin detergents and other householdproducts.ƒƒ Has 209 service stations, 74truck stops and 45 airfields.Intelli-Safe matches the needs of New Zealand basedcompany Z Energy.Gunnebo listen to ourrequirements, understandour business and work withus to develop their productsand deliver the right out­comes for our business
    • Why did you choose Gunnebo as a supplier ofPerformance Maintenance?“Gunnebo is the manufacturer of our installedsystems, therefore we believe it is they who arethe most qualified to provide maintenance ser-vices. That gives us complete peace of mind.”What does the Performance Maintenance con-tract by Gunnebo cover? How many branches?“The service contract for the robotised safedeposit lockers covers a service level agree-ment based on a system availability of 98 percent. The contract also covers all 15 brancheswhere we have a SafeStore Auto solution in-stalled (robotized safe deposit lockers).”The main objective of the contract is to deliver anexceptional service level to “la Caixa” and theirclients. Does Gunnebo reach this objective?“Of course, it’s essential for us to provide aquality service to our clients who rent a safetydeposit locker. Unavailability at any given timecan cause a high level of damage to client rela-tionships.”What are the main benefits of using PerformanceMaintenance with an availability commitment?“Ensuring maximum uptime, rapid responsetime in case of emergency, and the peace of mindthat Gunnebo’s staff are highly qualified.”Are you content with the ‘uptime’?“Currently the average availability of the robotsis at 99.43 per cent, above the 98 per cent levelagreed with Gunnebo, so we are really satisfiedwith the service level. Also we would like to espe-cially highlight the rapid response time byGunnebo technicians in case of any failures.”How many transactions/operations do you haveper year?“Of the 15 installations, we have one that has“Maximum uptime withPerformance Maintenance”14 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013TEXT I Deirdre DoyleThe Spanish savings bank “la Caixa” has used Performance Maintenance,the highest level of maintenance contract available, for the last ten years.Global Magazine met Mr. Miguel Angel Fernandez Rancaño, Director ofSecurity at “la Caixa”, and asked him about his experiences of the concept.TEXT I Deirdre Doyle
    • 15Global magazine #1 2013Total peace of mind, who doesn’t want that? For thisreason Gunnebo has developed a premium service– Performance Maintenance.“This service is unique on the security market. Withremote monitoring, faults are identified even beforethey become problems,” says Hugo Balaguer, PortfolioDirector Global Services, Gunnebo.Many organisations, such as banks for example,depend heavily on optimal operational efficiencyand availability. Gunnebo is now able to helpthem cut downtime to an absolute minimum by usingPerformance Maintenance.“Besides the online monitoring and diagnostics in realtime we can also, if needed, be on site in almost no time forcorrective repairs,” says Hugo Balaguer.Reliable spportThe Global Services team of more than 1,500 highly quali-fied specialists is dedicated to providing reliable support,anytime and anywhere, for total peace of mind.“This means assistance before you know you needed it…”Practical problems are mainly solved either via a remoteconnection from the customer system to Gunnebo, or throughguided troubleshooting with the staff of the company.Assistance when neededCustomers may also decide if and when they want on-sitetechnical assistance to be available: eight hours every work-ing day, weekdays and weekends, around the -clock, oraccording to their own tai-lored schedule.“We want to assure cus-tomers maximum up andrunning time for their secu-rity equipment,” says HugoBalaguer.The main customers arewithin the bank sector.“And the service is excel-lent in co-operation withsome other Gunnebo prod-ucts – SafeStore Auto, Safe-Pay and SafeCash.” ■TEXT I Mats EkendahlSolving problemsin advanceover 4,000 operations per year, and five others over1,000. The rest vary between 500 and 800 per year.”How do you monitor the real time operations anduptime?“This is a highly critical element, and due to hav-ing a very high level of transactions, any anomalyis detected in real time by the user. In those caseswhere a recurring problem is detected we monitorthe specific case together with the Gunnebo ser-vice organisation.”How does Gunnebo respond once the problem hasbeen identified and solved?“Whenever a fault or problem occurs outsidethe usual parameters, Gunnebo creates a compre-hensive and extensive incident report, identifyingpossible preventive measures to implement inother facilities. Periodically, also, in-depth reportsare carried out on the complete installed base,analysing over a specific period of time any inci-dents that may have occurred.” ■About “la Caixa”ƒƒ “la Caixa” – The Caja deAhorros y Pensiones de Bar-celona – is the result of themerger, in 1990, of the Cajade Pensiones, founded in1904, and the Caja de Barce-lona, founded in 1844.ƒƒ Has a strong social commit-ment and a vocation to workin the public interest, boththrough its financial activ-ity and its welfare projectswhich fund activities of asocial, cultural and scientificnature.ƒƒ Has over 10.4 million cus-tomers, a network of morethan 5,100 branches.Currently the average availability ofthe robots is at 99.43 per cent, abovethe 98 per cent level agreed withGunnebo, so we are really satisfiedwith the service levelBenefits of Perfor-mance Maintenanceƒƒ The unique advantageof having maximum vis-ibility and confidence instrategic operations.ƒƒ Risk-free. Gunnebo takesfull responsibility for man-aging security processes.ƒƒ Customers know howquickly their systemswill be up and runningafter an incident.ƒƒ Total peace of mind.
    • 16 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013 ITALY. Recently BPPB confirmed its trust inGunnebo Italia by renewing the three-year Ser-vice Contract in Italy regarding all the bank’ssecurity systems, even those not supplied byGunnebo­ itself­.This has been a winning choice, as DonatoMaino, Technical Services Manager at BPPB,says: “We have been working with Gunnebo as apartner for many years with mutual satisfaction,forestalling problems and carryingout innovative solutions. Compe-tent, helpful and fast engineers,who are able to operate withtimeliness regularly, are essentialrequests for BPPB.”Banca Popolare di Puglia eBasilicata, has its headquarters inAltamura (BARI) and works in 12Italian regions.The history of this bank hailsback to 1883: 129 years of experi-ence, professionalism and relationships. Sincethe start BPPB has been meeting the needs of allits clients all over Italy, which are different fromregion to region. The bank identifies with clients’reality and does its best to solve their problems.This is BPPB’s mission throughout the 146 branch-es all over Italian territory.Co-operating with a large multinational grouphas the major advantage of a widespread servicenetwork which is able to operatequickly anywhere in Italian terri-tory. This is important, as Mr. Mainoconfirms, and a feature that fits inwell with the bank’s presence in 12Italian regions.“By consolidating a partnershiprelation with Gunnebo, BPPB hasbrought its security systems to fullcapacity level and performance,”he says.About Servicespackage■ Includes servicefor electronicsystem (intrusion,CCTV and accesscontrol), safes andelectronic locks.■ Gunnebo haspeople on siteeight hours a dayMonday to Friday. NETHERLANDS. A new logistic centre has beenlaunched for the centralised distribution of spare partsto the service organisations in all of Gunnebo’s salescompanies. The first spare parts have already been suc-cessfully delivered to various European countries fromthe Spares Service Centre (SSC), which is located in theNetherlands. SSC will have the capacity to deliver allitems, ranging from small springs to large motors or safedrawers. The aim of this project is to reduce lead timesand improve the current service level through efficientprocesses and stock control, thereby impacting positive-ly on the overall service delivery. This will increase thequality of service given to our valued customers. Mainbenefits for our customers:■ Lower resolution and response time for incidents■ Increase in the first time fix rate, thereby eliminat-ing the need for a second visit to our customers.The current product families included in this projectare SafeStore Auto and SafePay, where ensuring theoptimal service level is critical to all our customers.News sparesservice centreBank extends services package S-s-s-safes ... now with added bite Cobra Pro is an expansion of the existing Cobra Grade 1 range of safes whichwas successfully launched in 2011. With extra features, customers can nowchoose electronic locking as well as the option of combining two locks on thesame safe for more protection. Both the key and electronic locks are certified tothe level required of a Grade I safe. In addition, all three Cobra Pro models haveinterior lighting which automatically switches on when the safe door is opened.“The expansion of the Cobra range is based onfeedback from the market,” explains Andy Rymill,Product Manager at Gunnebo.“The improvements we have made will strengthenits position as the entry-level safe of choice amongour distributors and end users.”
    • 17Global magazine #1 2013Bank installs SafeStore Auto KAZAKSTHAN. Intensive sales activities are being conducted inKazakhstan, Eastern Europe. An outcome of this is two installationsin a Eurasian bank – an active par-ticipant of in the Kazakhstan Republic’sfinancial­ market.“Negotiations began in March 2011.At first the bank wanted to buy traditionalsafe deposit lockers, but after severalmonths of negotiations the customerdecided on a more modern solution:SafeStore Auto MAXI” says AlexanderŻywuszko at Gunnebo Eastern Europe.The installation took place in the sum-mer of 2012 and the official opening was at theend of the same year.The second SafeStore Auto Maxi was in-stalled during the first quarter of 2013. Thistime the bank decided to go for 323 boxes.The total value of the installations were wasaround 400,000 euros. INDONESIA. Over the past four decades high-qualityproducts, services and security solutions have beendelivered through Gunnebos Indonesian subsidiary PTIndolok Bakti Utama.By taking an active role in developing the Indone-sian security market and providing fit-for-purposeproducts, solutions and services to Indonesian busi-nesses Gunnebo has rapidly expanded its network inIndonesia. Today, the company has 22 branch officesand 25 dealers of secure storage and fire products allover Indonesia.“As an official representative from Sweden, I amproud to see that a Swedish company is contributingto making the Indonesian commercial environmenta safer place, whilst at the same time improving theefficiency of daily operations related to secure storage,cash handling, entrance control and fire security, ” saysSweden’s Ambassador in Indonesia, Ewa Polani.“Gunnebo’s business in Indonesia has grown fasterthan the Indonesian market itself, with an annualgrowth of some 15 per cent. In 2012, Indonesia wasthe eighth largest market in the Group,” says Gun-nebo’s President and CEO, Per Borgvall.Forty years of successEurasian bank in Kazakhstan■ Has 18 branches and 49 divisions.■ Focus is on innovative solutions inthe field of banking automation.Bank installshigh-security locks INDIA. A global multinational bank in India has decided to upgradeits current safes and have all new orders of safes supplied with thehigh-security electronic lock GSL 1000 from Gunnebo. This newinitiative by the international bank is part of a global project whichstarted in the Middle East and has now expanded to India. The Indianbank will deploy the electronic lock across 93 branches over the nexttwo years. The project marks the first commercial installation of GSL1000 in India.The lock allows remote monitoring over an entire fleet of locks,giving instant control to security managers over security protocols,no matter where the location.The installations across India will be carried out by Gunnebo’sBusiness Area Global Services. All new safes will come from the fac-tory with GSL 1000 already fitted.“This foreign multinational bank hasgiven us the opportunity to usher in a newera within the bank security sector,” saysSandeep Deshpande, Country ManagerGunnebo India.
    • 18 GLOBAL magazine #1 2013 POLAND. Shell Poland again chose Gunneboto secure the entrances at its headquarters justoutside Kraków.Following the successful delivery and instal-lation of entrance control in recent years, ShellPoland once again chose Gunnebo to secure theentrances at its headquarters in Krakowski ParkBiznesu, in Zabierzów just outside of Kraków.“One office building is already secured from topto toe. We are continuing now as Shell is grow-ing and moving to the next building,” says KarolGorzkiewicz, Key Account Manager Business AreaEntrance Control. This recent installation of fivelanes of FP1800 SpeedStiles is an addition to exist-ing lanes of SpeedStiles, GlasStiles and RotaSecs.The order value was 100,000 euro. POLAND. Newly opened IBM Delivery Cent-er in Wrocław chose Gunnebo for securing theentrances in two out of three buildings.The IBM Delivery Center, located in WojdyłaBusiness Park in the fast developing city ofWrocław, has chosen Gunnebo for securingthe entrances in two out of three buildings.SS FP1800 SpeedStiles will secure access formore than 2,000 employees for the world-leading company in IT services and outsourc-ing of business processes. The order value was120,000 euro.“A very important installation, taken in hardcompetition with local producers who couldn’tbeat our design,” says Karol Gorzkiewicz, KeyAccount Manager Business Area EntranceControl.He is now looking forward to taking thenext step with IBM, once the company reachesfull functionality with the new DeliveryCenter.Design charmed IBMShell secures Polish headquarters
    •  The fully automated self-servicesystem of robotised safe depositlockers, SafeStore Auto, has passed ayet higher level of burglary protectiontest and has obtained certifications inGrade VIII and X.A change has taken place in themarket where the value of the itemsstored in safe deposit lockers hasincreased more and more.Due to that fact bank customersand their insurance companies haverequested a higher level of burglaryprotection, especially in Germany. Inorder to meet these demands, a certifi-cation process was started in 2012.Two versions of the SafeStore Maxihave now obtained new certificationswith higher burglary protection.The basement exit version is certi-fied according to VdS 2344 and 2450 inGrade VIII, and the tower exit versionin Grade X, CD-EX.Grading in CD and EX includesprotection against core drilling andexplosions.The new certified versions of SafeS-tore Auto Maxi also include the func-tion ‘on board weighing’.This function controls the weightsof the SafeStore Auto boxes. For eachdeposit, the system automaticallychecks the weight of the box, andif it exceeds the authorised weightdefined by the bank, the box is nottransported.The customer is then informedthrough a message on the touchscreen. When weight corrected, thebox is automatically transportedwithout any action from the customer.This new feature prevents technicalissues or lack of floor resistance due tooverload in the boxes.Even SafeStore Auto Midi in GradeVII is now certified with this function.This new certification willstrengthen Gunnebo’s position asmarket leader within automated safedeposit lockers.Better burglary protection19Global magazine #1 2013 A new fully automatic security airlock CompacSas EV is now availableon the market. It has two doors which can operate simultaneously, ensur-ing a flow rate of up to eight people a minute. A patented system guaran-tees this unrivalled flow, while preventing piggybacking and tailgating.The airlock also allows the option of removing the outer door for inte-gration into an existing door and creating a half-airlock.“Enhanced security models are available which prevent manual at-tacks or offer fire resistance, they come with approvals consistent withEuropean standards,” says Patrick Dhérot, Product Line Manager atGunnebo.New automatic security airlock
    • As the use of public transport systems con-tinues to grow and city networks becomemore complex, there is an ever-increasingneed for more effective security systems.Fare collection is the main revenue streamfor public transport systems. Access controland fare collection solutions need to allowhigh flows of passengers and accuratelycheck ticket validity. The use of more thanone mode of transport during a journey is in-creasing and new technologies are requiredfor multiple fare systems to be linked.Radio-frequency identification (RFID)proximity readers have evolved replacingthe long-range motorised readers based onmagnetic strip ticket technologies. There isalso a demand for near field communication(NFC) where passengers can use their mobilephones to book online, removing the need topurchase a ticket or card.In this issue of Global magazine you canread about the successful installation ofentrance control solutions for metro systemsin several major cities across China.Read more on www.gunnebo.comMore effective metro security solutions with new technologiesPlease note: The solutions and services Gunnebo presents in this publication may vary from market to market.