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Technology day - Retail






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    Technology day - Retail Technology day - Retail Presentation Transcript

    • Technology Day RetailBrussels, 26-30 April, 2010
    • Agenda Agenda 12.30—13.30 : Walking Dinner 13.30: Welcome Word by the General Manager 13.30—14.00 : Access Control in the Retail 14.00—14.30 : Cash Automation Solutions for the Retail 14.30—15.00 : Secure Storage Solutions for the Retail 15.00—15.30 : Electronic Solution for the Retail 16.00— 18.00 : Technology Workshops28 April, 2010, page 2
    • Access Control in the RetailMP Maussang – Thomas Porquet
    • Product Applications to Secure the Building and Protect People The types of protection for high risk buildings changes with technology and new product development, but the application needs have remained the same with the demands to provide security Securing the ‘Building Envelope’ demands the requirements for: •Buying time •Securing the entrance •Controlling the passage •Protecting people and assets •Maintaining command and control •Preserving security and safety28 April, 2010, page 4
    • The risk is relative, the change is in development and technology Private or public sites where staff and goods need to be protected by preventing unauthorised entry and violent attacks, Gunnebo are developing for the demands of today, new security products and solutions. New developments in technology today increase the protection levels and security options available 28 April, 2010, page 5
    • Securing the Perimeter Envelope High risk sites need secure and controlled access  Improve the security for high-risk sectors  Enhance the protection against theft  Regulate the flow of people and vehicles  Reduce the risk of sabotage/terrorism  Control retail Outlets  Enhance the passenger experience28 April, 2010, page 6
    • Securing Inside the Envelope Entrance windows, doors, single person detection, biometrics Cash, valuables and data protection Electronic access control and CCTV28 April, 2010, page 7
    • Products to Highest Standards Certified Products to Highest International Standards Resistant up to DOSK12 and PAS68 50 mph ram speed Resistant to Ballistic, Blast and Manual Attack according to EN standards28 April, 2010, page 8
    • Assets Security examples from the Product Portfolio Traditional safe deposit lockers Automated safe deposit lockers: SafeStore Auto Vaults and vault doors Access Control Electronic Security Safes28 April, 2010, page 9 Cash Handling
    • Broad Offering for a Wide Range of Applications Turnstiles Interlocks & Performance Doors, Airport Mass Transit Vehicle Automation Windows & Partitions Systems Entrance Control Hospitals & Healthcare Power Production Banking Public Industry & Entities ResearchAirports Law Enforcement Transport & & Prisons Logistics Office Buildings Retail Leisure & Public Entertainment Transport Education28 April, 2010, page 10
    • Risks Identification Main Risks Elementary Risks  Leak of information  Imprudence  Espionage  Blackmail  Fare evasion  Inventory shortage  Thefts without violence  Thievery without breaking  IT systems infiltration  Burglary  Attacks, holdups  Thefts under duress  Hostage taking  Vandalism  Threats  Sabotage  Terrorist attacks28 April, 2010, page 11
    • Security for Buildings, Occupants, and Assets Overview  Security products and solutions to protect against variable and increasing threat levels by protecting occupants, assets and buildings from human aggressors:  Disgruntled employees  Criminals  Vandals  Rioting Protestors  Terrorists Security levels and threats to consider include  Unauthorised forced and covert entry  Insider threats  Explosive threats, stationary or moving vehicle delivered, mail package bombs  Ballistic threats, small arms, high powered rifles  Weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological  Disruptive threats false alarms, hoaxes, malicious attempts to disrupt operations  Information and cyber security threats28 April, 2010, page 12
    • Why the Need for Entrance Control Securing the building envelope and control on the movement of personnel WHAT WHERE  Increase security of the premises High risk buildings.  Control access of people Site movement and control management.  Restrict access VIP lounges-Back stage venues.  Prevent unauthorised passage Data centres, Research facilities.  Record passages Time and Data, emergency call roll.  Regulate throughput-filter Exhibitions, Sports events, Concerts.  Minimise crowd effects Stadiums-Transport links, high speed transit.  Reduce man power–Costs 24hour offices-Industrial site perimeters.  Increase automation Fun, leisure, theme parks.  Improve efficiency Increase main entrance security throughput  Track events and maintain a data base Boarders, Offices. Time and Attendance.  Collect fares Mass Transportation.28 April, 2010, page 13
    • Gunnebo Products and Solutions for Unauthorised EntryCompound or facility access control Control perimeters, fences, bollards, anti-ram barriers and gates Traffic control, remote controlled gates, anti-ram hydraulic drop arms, automated barriers, parking control systems Forced entry, ballistic resistant doors, windows, walls and roofs Locking and detection systemsPerimeter intrusion detection systems Alarms CCTV and video surveillance technology Detection devices, motion, acoustic, beam, infrared, visionPersonnel identification systems Access control, biometrics, ID cards Credential management Tailgating policies, credential systemsProtection of information and data and assets Protection shielding Safes, data protection, vaults and strong rooms28 April, 2010, page 14
    • Gunnebo Product and Solution Concept Regulate Regulating flow of passage Application Areas: Protect Protection of personnel and assets Airports Guard Restriction of access Ferry Ports Railway Terminals Restrict Guarding of cash and assets Defense Law Enforcement Total passage control Prisons Control Datacenters Banks Cash centres Government Embassies Petrochemical Security Printers Telecommunications Pharmaceutical28 April, 2010, page 15
    • CERTIFICATION • There are two international established test certificates that are mandatory for high security products, DOS and PAS68 • These crash tests must be carried out in real-life conditions and have different performance levels28 April, 2010, page 20
    • CERTIFICATION Certification according to American Standards: DOS =DEPARTMENT OF STATE, WASHINGTON Weight of vehicle: 15,000 AM. POUNDS (6.8 t approx.) K4 30 MPH (48 km/h) K8 40 MPH (65 km/h) K12 50 MPH (80 km/h) 1M PENETRATION MAX. FOR CARGO BED Certification according to British Standards: PAS 68 = PUBLICLY AVAILABLE SPECIFICATION, UK Weight of vehicle: 7.5 t approx. K4 48 km/h (30 MPH) K8 65 km/h (40 MPH) K12 80 km/h (50 MPH) CARGO BED NOT ALLOWED TO PASS THE PRODUCT COMPLETELY28 April, 2010, page 21
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS  Quick Folding Gate  Fast opening  Combines a gate AND a barrier  Ideal for sluice with antiterrorist products  Parking places  Stock Areas  Logistic areas28 April, 2010, page 22
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS Road Blocker DSP K12  Available from 2.00 to 4.00m  Blocking height: 1000mm  Certification DOS K12 – PAS 68  Designed for continuous operation  Low maintenance costs  Military sites  Governmental sites  Power plants  Harbours  Airports28 April, 2010, page 23
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS Wedge Barrier K12  Available from 2.00 to 4.00m  Blocking height: 1200mm, alt, 1000 mm  Certification DOS K12 – PAS 68  Designed for continuous operation  Short operation time  Shallow foundations  Low maintenance costs  Military sites  Governmental sites  Prisons  Power plants  Harbours  Airports28 April, 2010, page 24
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS • Crash test of a Wedge Barrier K12 made in the U.S. • Test standard DOS K1228 April, 2010, page 25
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS Bollards  Height: 900 mm , altern. 1.100 mm  Certification: - DOS K4 and PAS 68:K8  - DOS/DOD K12, L2 and  PAS 68:K12  Multiple installation for road width up to 4 m  Fine visual appearance  Low maintenance costs  Governmental sites  Prisons  Harbours  Power plants  Airports28 April, 2010, page 26
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS • Crash test of a Bollard K12 made in the U.S. • Test standard DOS K1228 April, 2010, page 27
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS Barrier Lift System (BLS) - Blocking width up to 10 m - Blocking height: 1.100 mm - Certifications: DOS K4 and K12 - Immediate blocking of the whole - width - Low maintenance costs - Air bases - Prisons28 April, 2010, page 28
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS Truck Stopper  Passage width: 3,0 m to 5,50 m  Height: bottom 1,20 m + panel for height up to 3,00 m  Certification DOS K12 and PAS 68:K12 (up to 4,00 m)  Blocking height: 1200mm, if requested up to 3000mm with an additional top gate panel  Sliding gate without ground track in the passage  Flat foundation of only 300 mm  Low maintenance costs  Movement time: 0.5m/s, optional 1.0 m/s (outside of central Europe)  Governmental sites  Harbours28 April, 2010, page 29
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS • Crash test of a Truck Stopper made in the U.S. • Test standard DOS K1228 April, 2010, page 30
    • PRODUCTS, KEY BENEFITS, APPLICATIONS Tyre Killer  Blocking width 2.00 – 6.00m  Blocking height: 450mm  No defined impact load, no certification  Short operation time  Shallow foundations 500 mm  Dissuasive design  Quick installation  Low maintenance costs28 April, 2010, page 31
    • Introduction to Entrance Control Gunnebo is recognised as the world leader in the Design, Manufacture and Supply of Entrance Control Solutions. Our products Regulate, Control and Protect people by means of providing a secure envelope to a building i.e. access/egress gates, doors, booths and single person passage detection systems We can also maintain the security and integrity of personal within a building by providing anti-break through, bullet resistant or blast resistant doors and windows.28 April, 2010, page 32
    • Gunnebo Entrance Control Products and Solutions  Turnstile Security Level – Point of Sale – Tripod turnstile – Entrance Gates – Speed Gates Security Level – Full Height Turnstile – Security Revolving Door  Interlocks and Automation Security Level – Security Air Locks – Security Portals – Semi Portals – Detection Systems Security Level – Electric Locks – Automatic Doors  Performance Doors, Security Level Windows and Partitions – Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Doors Resistant to: – Sliding Windows  Manual Attack, – Security Walling Systems  Blast, – Counters and Screens  Ballistic, – Security Document Transfer  Fire...28 April, 2010, page 33
    • Turnstiles Security Level Point of Sale Tripod Turnstiles Entrance Gates Speed Gates Full Height Turnstiles Security Revolving Doors28 April, 2010, page 34
    • Interlocks & Automation Security Level Cristal II Transit Escort SoloRitz II AutomationSecurity Airlocks Automatic Doors – SliSec Single-Passage Detection CompactSave HiSec RecoSec HD RecoSec SD UniRitz IISecurity Portals Semi-Portals Electric Locks – SeRitz 28 April, 2010, page 35
    • Security Portals and Interlocks with single passage control  CompactSave  HiSec – EN1627 – Cl.2 /P5A glazing – EN356 - P7B glazing – EN1063 - BR5 – EN1063 - BR3 or BR4NS – Single person detection – Single person detection (IR beams UniRitz II and (weight sensing) optional contact mat) Options Options – 800, 900, 1000 or 1200 walkway – 600 or 900mm walkway widths – Metal detection – Outer door leaf fire resistance – SEAP L2 grade option (UK) – Can be fitted to existing doorways to create an airlock28 April, 2010, page 36
    • Performance Doors, Windows & Partitions Security Level Anti-Intrusion Security Steel Doors Aluminium Doors Wooden Doors Aluminium Sliding Doors Doors & Windows Citadel / Sentinel / Stalwart P60 / P80 StaffLine SliRitz CityWall DetoRitz / DeflaRitz / ExploRitz / Citadel / CityWallModular Walling Blast-Resistant Counters, Screens & Transfer Solutions ArmaPod Plus CityPod ATM Protection 28 April, 2010, page 37
    • Physical Security Standards Anti-Breakthrough Resistance  EN1627: Resistance to manual burglary is tested by carrying out an attack using 6 additional tools : Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 (manual) (manual) (manual + drill) (electrical) (electrical) 3’ 5’ 10’ 15’ 20’  The test consists in forming a body size hole measuring 250 x 400mm in a given time (between 3 and 20 minutes)  The stopwatch is reset for each element of the door unit put to the test28 April, 2010, page 38
    • Protection of the Building and Personnel  Bullet-proof standards are to the European classification EN 1522 and EN 1063 for glazing  The ammunition and weapons used are put into 8 levels of resistance for door units (from FB1 to FB7 + FSG) FB3 FB4 FB5 FB6 FB7 FSG357 mag. 44 mag. 5,56 7,62 7,62 perfo cal. 12 EN 1522 and EN 106328 April, 2010, page 39
    • Airport & Mass Transit Systems Security Level Boarding Gates – BoardSec Immigration Gates – ImmSec Anti-Return Gates – PasSecAirport Systems Tripod Turnstiles Mass Transit Bi-Parting Gates Mass Transit Full-Panel Gates Mass TransitMass Transit Systems 28 April, 2010, page 40
    • Entrance Control Interface with any Access Control EquipmentOur business, your solutions28 April, 2010, page 41
    • Application of ID Technologies in Entrance Control Integration Entrance Control gates and portal for every application involving tickets, access control, time and attendance, full integrated commands for central station security control28 April, 2010, page 42
    • REFERENCES British Embassies UNO Wien UNO Geneva EDF Power Plants, Switzerland NATO HQ NATO Riga CEA Cadarache DCNS SGDN BP Sites Burj Dubai Qipco Tower Commonwealth Games, India28 April, 2010, page 43
    • Cash Automation Solutions for the RetailFrans de Wit – Tobias Gunnesson
    • Improved cash processing & security There is a clear trend in Retail for the need of improved cash processing, management & security systems combined with the outsourcing of certain functions to CIT companies. Goal of these improvements are:  Increase of focus towards end customer by reducing time spend dealing with money  Better accountability providing clear management reports28 April, 2010, page 45  Improvement on security
    • SafePoint Alisea/Mistral SafePoint is designed for the storage of cash in theworkplace and has a programmable time-delay feature to ensure security. Two ranges availible:  SafePoint Alisea  SafePOint Mistral Features:  Personalised security levels  LED, digital time display and keyboard, time controls,  display code controls  Networking of several Alisea units  Connection to the central security systems  Motorised locking system  “Booby-trapped” note bundles28 April, 2010, page 46
    • A complete concept for Cash handling in Retail Gunnebo Consumer Front office Back office CIT . Server SafePay SCL SafePay NR + CR Front office – Self service SafePay CTU Back office SafePay Station SafeCash Retail Deposit Coin handling Retailer SafeCoin C/R SafeCash28 April, 2010, page 47 Retail Station
    • SafeCash Retail Deposit 15” Touchscreen, moveable Optional cardreader, i-button Receipt printer High Capacity sealbag1 Note reader deposit2 Seperate compartmentsSafe CEN I, II, III acc28 April, 2010, page 48
    • SafeCash Retail Deposit Gunnebo   CEN III acc (1143-1 under  Competition investigation)  UL safe  2 compartments, separately  1 compartment, CIT serviceable intervention needed with jam  1 bundle note feeder (bundle &  2 note readers (single, bundle) single)  Cassette deposit or limited  Deposit into high capacity sealbag solution sealbag, for easy transport by  Monitoring availible CIT  Same day credit  Different electronic locks possible  Monitoring (SPC) one monitoring solution fitting a complete concept  Same day credit  Moveable screen  Based on same software as Retail Station  Connection to SPC upcoming28 April, 2010, page 49
    • Operation Validate option Deposit option Enter 2-16 digit ID  Optional cardreader, i-button Login function is used for:  Extended management functions: Printing reports, cleaning, user management  Service  CIT Clear instructions28 April, 2010, page 50
    • Operation – Validate a note Validate option Direct feedback  1 note to be inserted  Approved and returned  Denied and returned28 April, 2010, page 51
    • Operation – Deposit mode Insert notes in bundle of 30-50 Multiple bundles possible Value shown on Screen28 April, 2010, page 52
    • Operation – Receipt & Goodbye After transaction receipt is printed:  ID  Time & date  Deposit per denomination  Total amount  Remark28 April, 2010, page 53
    • The solution: A machine for retailers, by retailers!28 April, 2010, page 54
    • In-store back office solution Full accountability of all cash going in & out by:  Dispensing the start money of the day  Refill during the day  Exchange Cash for Cash  Counting the money at the end of the day Different user rights  Manager, Head Cashier, Cashier, CIT & Service Wide range of management reports Secure storage,day & night Web based monitoring of the systems Possibility for direct service by CIT and maintainece by Gunnebo Safe storage of notes (Cen III, IV) Optional ink solution (3SI) True self service technology  Availibility, Jams, Guidance, 1 Machine28 April, 2010, page 55
    • Main functionalities Identification with card & pin Selection cash in or cash out Cash in:  Simultanious deposit of both notes & coins possible  Directly booked on employee card account Cash Out (Multiple programmable options)  1: 1 predefined mix directly payed out, optional free selection during the day up to a limited amount  2: choosable mixes, up to 8 predefined mixes, free selection optional  3: Free selection from the start, up the daily limit (Programmable)  4: Headcashier, dispense multiple mixes, free selection Cash exchange, cash for cash28 April, 2010, page 56
    • Start of day OR28 April, 2010, page 57
    • End of Day28 April, 2010, page 58
    • SafePay™Secure cash handling for retail stores
    • You can’t get rid of cash, but what about yourcash handling problems? Problems with Cash Cash handling Goals Security  Robbery and theft  Ensure that cash is not exposed in  Manual administration store  Cash differences Internal shrinkage  No cash differences Reduce handling costs  Close back office, reduce admin, improved control Benefits of Cash Customer focus  No fees  More customer facing time  Direct payment Outsource cash handling  Customer demand  Buy cash handling as service from CIT28 April, 2010, page 61
    • Completely Closed Solution DU / IDU / SDU Protected transport cassettes INK SafePay™ Control Web based reporting and reconciliation SafePay™ NR Note Recycler SafePay™ SCL SafePay™ CTU Transfer Unit Transfer Unit SafePay™ CR Coin Recycler28 April, 2010, page 62
    • Completely closed check-out CUSTOMER PAYMENT CASHIER REFILLING AND MAINTENANCE Controlled Closed during multi-currency refilling refilling, emptying support or maintenance Simple to use Authenticity control Supports CashBack END-OF-DAY AND TRANSPORT Closed and Ink Controlled protection28 April, 2010, page 64
    • Completeley Closed CIT Transport SECURITY CASE DOCKED DIRECTLY BENEFITS OF SAFEPAY™ SCL TO IN CAR RACKING SYSTEM CONCEPT  Clear division of responsibility  Pickups without access to store  No involvement of store personnel  Adapted to CIT infrastructure  Ink and security required for CIT use  High reliability28 April, 2010, page 66
    • SafePay™ Control Live monitoring and Refilling and status STORE 1 STORE 2 STORE 3 purchase planning End-of day and cash Information to control optimize routines SafePay™ Control Security monitoring Open platform for external services  CIT  BANK BANK SERVICE CIT28 April, 2010, page 67
    • Which solution is right for me?28 April, 2010, page 70
    • Cash Handling Staircase Investment SafePay™  Security  No manual cash handling SafeCash  No cash responsibility Retail Station  Staff flexibility  Preparation of till SafeCash  Delivery on demand Retail Deposit  Automatic reconciliation  End of Day Counting  Pickup on Demand  Direct Credit Cash handling process28 April, 2010, page 71
    • Relative Benefits Deposit Retail Station SafePay™  Low investment  No POS  Fully closed cash  Small change for integration handling staff  No impact on sales area  Front office loss  Easy to prevention understand  Replaces  Fits standard standard safe  Modular solution CIT offer  Fits new CIT offer  Unique offer28 April, 2010, page 72
    • Front- or back-office, all monitored via the same platform HQ Retail CIT Bank Gunnebo Internet Gunnebo data center SPC server Back-up server Retail Chain A Retail Chain B DB server Product independent28 April, 2010, page 73
    • Secure Storage Solutions for the RetailMarius Bauer
    • Secure storage Secure storage : products or solutions geared to secure valuable against various identified risks such as:  Robbery  Fire  Explosion  Bullet Gunnebo as a company, can provide such solutions, covering one or more of the above risks. Products and solutions are sold under the following brands:28 April, 2010, page 75
    • Secure storage : products and solutions Various products and solutions have been developed to cover different type of risks.  Robbery: Safes, Security enclosures and vault rooms  Fire : fireproof cabinets  Explosion : safes  Bullet : Security enclosures  Some products are able to cover more than one risk, providing they have been tested and approved : safes can be burglary, fire and explosion proof.28 April, 2010, page 76
    • Geared to Retail solutions: where can Gunnebo help? Secure storage products for back office: Some suitable solution for Retail: - Light rooms - Safes - Deposit safes/Safebags - Lockers - Security cabinets Secure storage products for CIT: -Transfer safes - Security doors28 April, 2010, page 77
    • EN standards relevantEuropean standards review to Secure Storage reference Standard Issued Last rev. EN 1143-1 Safes and strong rooms 1997 EN 1143-1 Amendment 1/ATM safes 2001 2005 Amendment 2/ATM core drill resistance 2001 2007 strong rooms (Amendment 3/gas resistant safes) (2010) EN 1143-2 Deposit systems 2001 2009 EN 14450 Security cabinets (small safes) 2005 EN 1047-1 Fire resisting data cabinets 1996 2005 EN 1047-2 Fire resisting data rooms & containers 1999 2009 PrEN15569 Light fire storage unit 2007 EN(V)1300 High security locks 1999 200428 April, 2010, page 78
    • Burglary Protection (safes, vaults & doors) Grading: EN 1143-1 Locks Locks grade Q uantity C lass 0 1 A Certification body for Burglary: ECB-S I 1 A (alternatively: VDS – A2P-SBSC) II 1 A III 1 B IV 2 B V 2 B VI 2 C VII 2 C VIII 2 C IX 2 C X 2 C XI 3 (2) C or (D) XII 3 (2) C or (D) XIII 2 D28 April, 2010, page 79
    • Fire Protection (Cabinets, fire files, fire rooms Example of label designation Standard ECB-S SP EN 1047-1 NT017 Fire Category Paper (P) S 60 P 60 Paper S 120 P 120 Paper Data (D) S 60 D 60 Data S 120 D 120 Data Data media S 60 DIS 60 Diskette (DIS) S 120 DIS 120 Diskette28 April, 2010, page 80
    • Fire Protection (Cabinets, fire files, fire rooms)  UL 72  ECB-S/1047-1  Underwriters  (European Laboratories (US) Certification Board  market leader within  NT 017 Fire the market segment fire – Security Systems)  Most frequently used files. label on the European  Frequent also within  Most stringent markets within paper paper cabinets & files / certificate for fire storage. Asian manufacturers protection  Widely used by all  recognized world wide manufacturers (less stringent than 1047-1!)28 April, 2010, page 81
    • New products from Gunnebo  Security enclosure  Safebag  Security doors  Safes III-VI with fire and Ex  Safes I-III28 April, 2010, page 82
    • New products from Gunnebo: Security enclosure  Security enclosures: what is it and what can it bring to Retail?  Security enclosure = sensitive area secured by light wall/floor/ceiling protection  Benefits & characteristics  Burglary & hold up protection : Gr II to IV (EN1143-1)  Ballistic protection FB4 (option, EN1522)  Flexible & modular construction: made to size  Quick & easy to assemble : bolted construction  Lightweight : upper floor construction possible  Product ranges:Moduleguard/Citadem28 April, 2010, page 83
    • New products from Gunnebo: Security door Security door: a way to secure CIT/technical area  Main characteristics  Steel doors  Burglary & hold up protection  Options:  Ballistic protection  Mechanical or electrical locking  Emergency opening function with automatic reset  Ram raid protection Automatic reset28 April, 2010, page 84 Ram raid protection
    • New products from Gunnebo: safes Certified EN 1143-128 April, 2010, page 85
    • New products from Gunnebo: safes Certified EN 1143-128 April, 2010, page 86
    • SafeBag for Retail  Some pictures  What can SafeBag add to your cash process  Transfer points in the (simplified) cash Cycle  Where can SafeBag play a role for retail  Focus on retail back office28 April, 2010, page 87  Added Value for the different
    • SafeBag Pictures28 April, 2010, page 88
    • SafeBag what can it do? SafeBag:  Optimizes the transfer moments in the cash cycle  Provides clear boundaries in the cash transfer  Clarifies  Ownership  Responsibility  Makes separation of logistics and financial information possible28 April, 2010, page 89
    • Cash Cycle and the transfer points Individual 2 1 3 Front Back Retailer Bank 4 5 7 6 CIT SafeBag can add value at the transfer points: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Retail related are 3, 4 and 4+728 April, 2010, page 90
    • Cash Cycle and the transfer points Individual 2 1 3 Front Back Retailer Bank 4 5 7 6 CIT Retail related are 3, 4 and 4+728 April, 2010, page 91
    • Cash Cycle and the transfer points Individual 2 1 3 Front Back Retailer Bank 4 5 7 6 CIT Transfer solutions for 4 + 728 April, 2010, page 92
    • Two way transfer in one machine DTM Outgoing flow Deposit bag (Fichet-Bauche or SecuraSac®) External fascia (in option) (steel gate,or shutter) Ingoing flow Coin deliveries INSIDE OUTSIDE (RETAILER AREA) (CIT AREA)28 April, 2010, page 93
    • Two way transfer in one machine SafeBag CLX-C installed in a Shopping centre •Deposit in the lower locker •Receive coins every day through your individual locker •CIT does the service.28 April, 2010, page 94
    • Cash Cycle and the transfer points Individual 2 1 3 Front Back Retailer Bank 4 5 7 6 CIT Transfer solutions for 428 April, 2010, page 95
    • Backoffice cash handling Internet Bank (System) info info Retailer SafeBag Back office (Function) CIT cash cash28 April, 2010, page 96
    • Transfer process Shopping Area € € Back Office € NS28 April, 2010, page 97
    • Transfer process Shopping Area € € Back Office NS €28 April, 2010, page 98
    • SafeBag Smartbox option on DFX, RDS and SB20028 April, 2010, page 99
    • Principle Smartbox28 April, 2010, page 100
    • SafeBag RDS Electronics: Global Overview • Modular HW/SW development for DFX, RDS and SB200 • Flexible concerning adaptation to the process of our client • A competitive solution28 April, 2010, page 101
    • SafeBag RDS Electronics: Pictures • Front view • Side view • Rear view28 April, 2010, page 102
    • Added Value for Retail You •can improve efficiency in the cash handling process •don’t need to wait for CIT •add security and control to all transfer moments •can separate logistics from financial information •can have your money on your account immediately •can outsource non core business. •Servicing •Monitoring CIT •can pick up the money at any time •can pick up the money when the machine is full •can register the transfer without administration on site28 April, 2010, page 103
    • Attack trends: gas attack  Gas attack  Initial attacks recorded in Italy in 2005. In 2006 up to 400 attacks (on ATMs)  Have expanded in Spain, France, Germany, Holland (on ATM safes and deposits)  Consequences: direct loss of money, Deposit/ATM destruction, building damages and necessary reconstruction, customers’ perception.28 April, 2010, page 104
    • Attack trends: ram raid  Ram raid  Car (truck!) bumping in Security doors when CIT personel is handling cash:  Consequences: human risk for CIT Operators, money loss, building damage, customer’s perception28 April, 2010, page 105
    • Electronic Solution for the RetailDominique Auvray
    • High Security Electronic Lock GSL1000 Supervision System Security Management CCTV28 April, 2010, page 107
    • 28 April, 2010, page 108
    • GSL 1000Introduction Our Offer Key Features Operation Appl. Benefits Systm. Components GSL 1000 Input Unit – User friendly innovation  Composite housing in contemporary design  High resistant silicon keypad with backlight  Large LCD display with Icon based logic  Multi-tune beeper confirms commands  Biometric reader is an optional feature  Battery accessable from the outside  USB connector for advanced communication  EN 1300 and certified in Grade B and C 28 April, 2010, page 109
    • GSL 1000Introduction Our Offer Key Features Operation Appl. Benefits Systm. Components Extensions and additional equipment  Additional locking devise can easily be fitted for additional security or flexibility  External power source – the locks own internal batteries can be supported with an external power supply  USB key for easy retrieval of audit trails and implementation of lock configuration* 28 April, 2010, page 110
    • GSL 1000Introduction Our Offer Systm. Components Key Features Operation Appl. Benefits  Retail - Chains  Secure and authorised access with schedules, time delays and dual custody/4 eyes  Efficient administration provided by easy handling of users and user administration Central monitoring and Route planning with monitoring interface capabilities and IP Software  Retail – Individual shops  Easy adaptable to different safes and equipment  Cost effective and secure cash handling procedures with One Time Code and Procecode®  Control through alarm and monitoring integration 28 April, 2010, page 111
    • SMI Server V2.3Multi Applications Monitoring
    • SMI Server, The integrated security system Intrusion Access CCTV Control External Interfaces Monitoring28 April, 2010, page 113
    • Readers to use the best technology Access Control GUNNEBO readers- MSPASS & Smart mPASS S Smart E (Mifare®) mPASS E Smart S MSPASS Smart K (Reader & Keyboard) Others readers & technologies – Biometry, 125 KHz, Mifare®, Legic®, … To adapt the technology with the needs To 2010, page 114 28 April, adapt the software with the site existing technology
    • CCTV integration CCTV  Integration of CCTV SMI Server Ethernet TCP/IP network systems:  Omnicast Genetec  Samsung (SHR) DVR  VISIOCASTIP Camera Analog or IP CCTV system Camera To simplify the exploitation 28 April, 2010, page 115
    • To View in real time and in delayed time CCTV  CCTV integration  Real time view  Event verification  Automatic switch  Synchronization of video flow from the recordings To have a general view of the site in real time and at a later date 28 April, 2010, page 116
    • To share the users and cards External Interfaces Human Resources Money  SQL Interface 2 SMI Server  To open the users & cards database.Time &attendance Restaurant Biometric Only one card for all the applications Automatic updates of all the systems 28 April, 2010, page 117
    • A modular and flexible architecture SQL Server 2005 IP Controllers SM220 IP Readers SM200 SMI Server Ethernet TCP/IP network Serial links IP Routers Door Controllers SM400 SM100 Standalone Cylinder To adapt the equipments at the site architecture 28 April, 2010, page 118
    • Standalone cylinders Access Control  No specific installation ,  No wiring,  The power is supplied by an internal battery, Implementation easy and fast 28 April, 2010, page 119  The keys
    • March 2010
    • Security automat SecurWave® Intrusion Access Video control Intercom Safe Listen Management Asservissements Technical supervision Transmission28 April, 2010, page 121 IP,ISDN,PSTN
    • New terminal WavePadSolutions pour la banque  Easy to use  One terminal for all operations  high secure authentication  set/unset of zones  safe management  host committee  shortcuts  personalization  Mifare® reader integrated (option)28 April, 2010, page 122
    • Safes module – Interoperate with functions of SecurWave Safes management through the WavePad terminal allows :  Opening, closing and confirmation management  Delayed opening depending of user or condition  Interoperate with access, users  Remote opening or confirmation  All states from the lock and the safe (open/close/break/seismic) Safes functions are processed with a dedicated automat to create “on demand” adaptations for customers. Bus périphérique28 April, 2010, page 123
    • SecurWave is fully remotely manageable Decreasing of local intervention with:  a full remote management with credential check  Limitation of rights for remote diagnostics  Reading remotely the full logs events  Fine state of transmission with measurement of each transmission  Check of installation with a document to certified the full validation28 April, 2010, page 124
    • SecurWave, for Banking Hotline Security Support Manager Web browser Web Server (IIS) Database Server Remote Surveillance28 April, 2010, page 125
    • Architecture of SecurManager – Real time communication28 April, 2010, page 126
    • Statistics on alarms during a period28 April, 2010, page 127
    • 28 April, 2010, page 128
    • Environment 2 SVGA, 1 HDMI outputs , up to 10 analog monitors Analog Cameras I/O Moduls PSU IP Server Remote Control Keypad / Joystick IP Camera IP Network28 April, 2010, page 129
    • Environment IP Network Monitoring Station RAID Storage Management via Internet Explorer Software suite for remote control Virtual Matrix Configuration, Live View, Search, Backups,28 April, 2010, page 130 Maintenance
    • Advanced video analysis: Camera self-monitoring Loss of video signal Masking Unfocusing Disorientation28 April, 2010, page 131
    • Advanced video analysis : Access flow management « Counting » Data Export External analysis Wrong direction alarm28 April, 2010, page 132
    • Advanced video analysis : Object detection Analysis A Unattendent object Analysis B Missing object28 April, 2010, page 133
    • Crowd detection Crowd detection is used to generate an alert when a crowd of people gathers in a specified area and exceeds the defined threshold.28 April, 2010, page 134
    • POS function POS Data Superimposing Alarm on abnormal transactions Quick search & Advanced search TPV Bar code reader Remote management Transaction data base28 April, 2010, page 135
    • Privacy Mask Protection Possibility to add privacy masks on exports or remove existing masks zones Unrecoverable mask Recoverable mask with password protection28 April, 2010, page 136
    • Management / Liveview GUI adapted to the screen format View selection, full screen, pop up mode, PIP and PAP mode PC Télésurveillance28 April, 2010, page 137
    • E-Map28 April, 2010, page 138
    • Quick search / Instant playback28 April, 2010, page 139
    • Quick search / Object index  Easy location to a desired event and instant playback by double-clicking on the image frame.  Direct access to the most recent 50 events28 April, 2010, page 140
    • Advanced search_1 Time line search Time period and camera selection28 April, 2010, page 141
    • Advanced search_2 Search per camera or camera group Thumbnail view and time period28 April, 2010, page 142
    • Advanced search_3 Advanced search with video analysis28 April, 2010, page 143
    • Search on connected DVRs Control Center VisioCast systems Search matrix Réseau IP28 April, 2010, page 144 Synchronized search on 2 Data base
    • Remote management IP Network Monitoring station Smart phones Management via Software suite for remote control Internet Explorer Virtual Matrix Configuration, Live View, Search, Backups,28 April, 2010, page 145 Maintenance
    • Integrated web server28 April, 2010, page 146
    • CMS Software Series Control Center VisioCast Systems CenterV2 Pro CenterV2 Pro IP Network 1 | 50 Dispatch Center VSM28 April, 2010, page 147
    • Center V2 Pro : Live view on alarm28 April, 2010, page 148
    • Center V2 Pro : Pre event in attached files28 April, 2010, page 149
    • VisioCast Range  VisioCast First : 4 channels 100 fps in D1  VisioCast 8/16 Classic : 100 fps (CIF), 50 fps (D1)  VisioCast 16 Ultra : 200 fps (CIF), 50 fps (D1)  VisioCast 32 Ultra : 400 fps (CIF), 100 fps (D1)  VisioCast 16 Real Time : 400 fps (CIF), 100 fps (D1)  VisioCast 32 Real Time : 800 fps (CIF), 200 fps (D1)  VisioCast 8 Full D1 : 200 fps (D1)  VisioCast 16 Full D1 : 400 fps (D1)  VisioCast 4/8/12/16/32 IP Resolution : CIF (380 x 288 pixels)28 April, 2010, page 150
    • High Security Electronic Lock GSL1000 Supervision System Security Management CCTV28 April, 2010, page 151
    • Thank you for your Attention
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