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  • 1. Presentation of the Gunnebo security group
  • 2. Gunnebo Group - Our Heritage 1897 1994 2011 HIDEF 90’ 1764 1995 1825 1999 1818 2000 Lots of other brands Gunnebo is the result of more than 40 acquisitions made during 1995 and 2005.19 February 2013, 2
  • 3. Gunnebo Group - In Brief The Gunnebo Security Group employs 5800 people. Turnover in 2011 was € 620m. Head office is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. 31 Sales Companies are grouped into three regions. EMEA Americas Over 100 additional sales channels via Asia & Pacific distibutors More information: www.gunnebo.com19 February 2013, 3
  • 4. Our Vision – Gunnebo in 2012 THE LEADING GLOBAL PROVIDER OF A SAFER FUTURE19 February 2013, 4
  • 5. Gunnebo Group - Business Areas Bank Security Secure Storage & Cash Handling “Solutions for improved efficiency” “Reliable burglary and fire protection” Global Services Entrance Control “Maximizing your security investment “Uncompromising security” Supporting & managing your security processes”19 February 2013, 5
  • 6. Examples of the Product Portfolio Traditional safe deposit lockers Sas technology Vaults and vault doorsSafes Mobile bank units 19 February 2013, 6
  • 7. Secure StorageHigh-graded Burglary Resistant Safes Fireproof safes for datamedia Selection of Electronic Locks Fire-proof cabinetts19 February 2013, 7
  • 8. Secure Storage – The Locks : GSL 1000Introduction Our Offer Systm. Components Key Features Operation Appl. Benefits GSL 1000 Input Unit – User friendly innovation  Composite housing in contemporary design  High resistant silicon keypad with backlight  Large LCD display with Icon based logic  Multi-tune beeper confirms commands  Biometric reader is an optional feature  Battery accessable from the outside  USB connector for advanced communication  EN 1300 and certified in Grade B and C 19 February 2013, 8
  • 9. Safes module – Interoperate with functions of SecurWave Safes management through the WavePad terminal  Opening, closing and confirmation management  Delayed opening depending of user or condition  Interoperate with access, users  Remote opening or confirmation  All states from the lock and the safe (open/close/break/seismic) Safes functions are processed with a dedicated automat to create “on demand” adaptations for customers. Bus périphérique19 February 2013, 9
  • 10. Samples From The Product Portfolio SafeStore A Mini SafeStore A Midi SafeStore A Maxi Lookers behind, above Ground floor installation or below the self-service terminal Software interface: SafeControl19 February 2013, 10
  • 11. SafeStore Auto Maxi : Setting up19 February 2013, 11
  • 12. Samples From The Product PortfolioElectronicSecurity Intrusion CCTV Access Video Control Safes Interphonie Centralisation Management Process Technical Telesurveillance Management Transmission IP,ISDN,PSTN19 February 2013, 12
  • 13. SafeBag products that can provide solutions ADX-H (basic) ADX-C ADX-N MI6 SB500 RSB3019 February 2013, 13
  • 14. Scalable and adapt to infrastructure • SafeCash Retail Station • SafeCash Retail Deposit Recycler • SafeCash Retail Deposit High Speed • SafeCash Retail Deposit Secure • SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart • SafeCash Retail Deposit Light19 February 2013, 14 Security, Speed & Functionality
  • 15. SafePay™Secure cash handling for retail stores
  • 16. Completely closed check-out 1. CUSTOMER PAYMENT 2. CASHIER REFILLING AND MAINTENANCE Controlled Closed during multi-currency refilling refilling, emptying support or maintenance Simple to use Authenticity control Supports CashBack 3. END-OF-DAY AND TRANSPORT Closed and Ink Controlled protection19 February 2013, 16
  • 18. SafeCash Retail Deposit-Smart Note deposit solution for improved cash management and same-day credit  SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart is designed to make life easier for retailers. Bundles of 2x up to 50 notes can be deposited simultaneously into the machine at once and the totals are automatically recorded and accounted for. This relieves employees of cash-counting responsibilities and other back-office administration. And at the same time, SafeCash Retail Deposit Smart helps improve cash management. As a back-up, any rejected note can still be deposited & reported using the envelop deposit slot. Benefits at a glance  Improved cash management  Less back-office administration  Real-time monitoring of cash levels  Same-day credit  Complete transaction transparency – no cash discrepancies19 February 2013, 18
  • 19. SafeCash Retail Recycler Note deposit & recycling solution for improved cash management and same-day credit  SafeCash Retail Recycler takes the next step in improving both the cash cycle as well as the internal process for the retailer. The basic configuration is to deposit notes into cassette(s), where the notes are stacked, and depending on the configuration can also be sorted. As an option the SafeCash Retail recycler can also be upgraded to Dispense, Exchange & Recycle notes, adding a wide variety of functionalities. Benefits at a glance  Wide variety of functionalities to process notes  Improved cash management  Less back-office administration  Real-time monitoring of cash levels – better CIT service  Same-day credit  Complete transaction transparency – no cash discrepancies19 February 2013, 19
  • 20. SafeCash Retail Station Fast and effective self-service deposit and dispensing solution for retailers  The ultimate step in both back office cash- and internal process improvement is the SafeCash Retail Station. The SafeCash Retail Station is a combined deposit and dispensing solution where cashiers can quickly and securely fill, refill and empty their tills. Benefits at a glance  Wide variety of functionalities to process notes & Coins  Improved cash management  Less back-office administration  Real-time monitoring of cash levels – better CIT service  Complete transaction transparency – no cash discrepancies  Back office POS matching19 February 2013, 20
  • 21. Entrance Control … for a wide range of applications …outdoor and indoor turnstile solutions …airport specialist gate solutions …mass transit systems …interlocks & automation …performance doors, windows & partitions19 February 2013, 21
  • 22. Samples From The Product PortfolioImmSec and BoardSec for efficient identi-fication and boarding of aeroplanes Solutions for entrance control 19 February 2013, 22
  • 23. Global Services - Portfolio  Monitoring Services  Audit  Tracking services  Certification  Alarm Monitoring Services  Project design  Data hosting  Security facility management  Installed base management  Project Management  Installation  Upgrade  Solution Integration Management  Product training  Relocation  As built  Recycling  Customized documentation  Retrofitting  Application optimization &  Security process audit customization  Security training  Application as a Service  Security consultancy  Security Risk Assessment  Security RFP management  Call 2 Service  Preventive  Corrective  Performance  Spare parts  Consumables19 February 2013, 23  Spare parts management
  • 24. Gunnebo Belgium - Luxembourg19 February 2013, 24
  • 25. Gunnebo Belgium / Luxemburg  Sales Company Belgium / Luxemburg  Drogenbos (Brussels area)  Luxemburg Centre  Part of Gunnebo Security Group  Present in Belgium since 1924. Drogenbos  Large installed base of following Gunnebo brands :19 February 2013, 25
  • 26. Sales Company Belgium / Luxemburg  Customer Centre Belgium / Luxemburg  Drogenbos  Luxemburg Centre  Turn over in 2011  18 mio€  111 employees  Of which 70 in Service organization  1300 interventions per month in 2011  2740 Calls per month in 2011 handled by SC Belux service desk Drogenbos  Tobback certified  Prince2 certified PM & PM-Office  ISO9001 certified19 February 2013, 26
  • 27. SCBELUX – Process Oriented Organization • 1 Manager (BLM) • 1 Manager (BLM) • 1 Manager (BLM) • Owner Order Intake • Owner Turnover Projects • Service Desk • All Account Mgrs • All Project Managers • All technical resources • Admin Support pool • Project based purchasing • Resources used by PM’s • Common procedures • Common procedures • Owner of Serv. Contracts • Margin Control • Prince2 certified PM • ITIL based processes • Better Offer Quality • Margin Control Process oriented organization Reporting P&L per BA19 February 2013, 27
  • 28. Gunnebo Belgium - Luxembourg Country Manager Belgium – Luxemburg De BROYER Frederik Assistant KUBIAK Murielle Quality Manager Trust Officer WESSEL Peder CLUDTS Liesbet Quality Admin. Safety Officer SPEVAK Sandrine DE MEYER Luc Project Management Internal Service & Sales Office Service Office Mgr LUX Office Support BEKE Patrick VAN ROSSEM Marc MORELLE Jérôme BORLON Luc WESSEL Peder19 February 2013, 28
  • 29. SC BELUX – Service Main Process19 February 2013, 29
  • 30. Business Area Services– Call Centre Data Customer Care Call Centre Gunnebo Belgium During Gunnebo office hours : 8.00h until 17.00h :  Physical Products (safes etc.) Tel : 02 464 19 45  Electronic Products (Alarm, Access,etc.) Tel : 02 464 19 55  Technical Hotline (remote assistance) Tel : 02 464 19 80  Fax 02 464 19 41  Email : For emergency calls, out of office hours :  02/464 19 55 & 02/464 19 45 are transferred to an external call centre  They register the request and call adequate Field Engineer who is “on duty”  One Service Manager “on duty” for management decisions.19 February 2013, 30
  • 31. Maintenance Service Solutions – Overview Preventive Corrective Performance “Preventive care reduces “When you have a problem, “Uptime and repair time service failures” we will be there in your commitment to give you chosen time” Total Peace of Mind” A range of alternatives to meet your specific service needs19 February 2013, 31
  • 32. Maintenance Service Solutions – Preventive “Preventive care A Preventive maintenance agreement helps to keep your security equipment up reduces service and running. failures” Key features: • 24/7 access to Service Desk.  Scheduled visits according to the requirements of the equipment, manufacturer recommendations, applicable regulations or level of usage.  Travel and labour costs are included as well as replacement of parts due to wear and tear. Consumables and spare parts are excluded.  Hardware and software elements are thoroughly reviewed and service packs are updated. Benefits:  Early detection of any potential problems  Risk of equipment downtime is decreased, assuring business continuity  Better conservation and increased lifespan of equipment19 February 2013, 32
  • 33. Maintenance Service Solutions – Corrective A Corrective maintenance agreement assures that any faults occurred with your “When you have a security equipment will be restored to normal operation. problem, we will bethere in your chosen Key features: time”  24/7 access to Service Desk.  The Technical Helpdesk assists in diagnosing and, if possible, fixing any problems, either via a remote connection or through guided troubleshooting with your staff.  Our Response Time commitment can be as short as two hours after your first call.  You decide when you want on-site technical assistance to be available Benefits:  Simplicity: just call and we will be there.  Fast Response: you enjoy preferential treatment and Response Time commitment to rapidly restore the operation of your security systems.  Low-Risk: by ensuring the availability of your security systems you optimise your daily strategic operations.19 February 2013, 33
  • 34. Maintenance Service Solutions – Performance A Performance maintenance agreement ensures your security equipment is Uptime and repair continuously up and runningtime commitment to give you Key features:Total Peace of Mind”  The Technical Helpdesk assists in diagnosing and, if possible, fixing any problems, either via a remote connection or through guided troubleshooting with your staff.  Recovery Time commitment to restore equipment to normal functionality as fast as contractually agreed.  With Availability Commitment you are assured of the maximum percentage of time your security equipment will be up and running.  Online Monitoring gives us real-time information on your system and is crucial for delivering on the Performance maintenance commitment. Benefits:  The unique advantage of having maximum visibility and confidence in your strategic operations  Risk-free: Gunnebo takes full responsibility for managing your security processes  You know how fast your system will be up and running after any incident  Total peace of mind19 February 2013, 34
  • 35. Maintenance Service Solutions – Contract Options19 February 2013, 35
  • 36. Major References in Belgium19 February 2013, 36
  • 37. Major References in Belgium19 February 2013, 37
  • 38. Some references in the world, and many more! SBERBANK Etablished in 184119 February 2013, 38
  • 39.