13.10.2010 Presentation Swedisch Trade Council


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13.10.2010 Presentation Swedisch Trade Council

  1. 1. Frederik De BroyerManaging Director Gunnebo Belgium - Luxembourg
  2. 2. AGENDA  The Gunnebo Security Group today…  Meeting the Security Challenge
  3. 3. Gunnebo Security Group Gunnebo is founded in 1764 Gunnebo has made more than 40 acquisitions during 1995 and 2005 Annual turnover: MEUR 640 5,900 employees in 28 countries Market presence on a further 100 markets through agents and distributors Factories and production units in Europe & Asia.
  4. 4. Gunnebo: One company – One Brand Founding Companies Gunnebo Belgium Enz ...
  5. 5. Sales Company Belgium / Luxemburg Customer Centre Belgium / Luxemburg  Anderlecht  Luxemburg Centre Turn over in 2009  22 mio€ 111 employees  Of which 70 in Service organization  1300 interventions per month in 2009  2740 Calls per month in 2009 handled by SC Belux service desk Anderlecht  Tobback certified  Prince2 certified PM & PM-Office  ISO9001 certified
  7. 7. Strategy: Our Roadmap, the Plan for Fulfilling Our Vision  Strategy is about making choices. We have chosen four fields of excellence that are our strategic focus areas:  Business Area’s :  Bank Security & Cash Handling What?  Secure Storage  Entrance Control  Services12 October 2010, page 7
  8. 8. Bank Security & Cash Handling - Market Scope The Bank Security and Cash Handling landscape principally consists of four major customer groups: >800,000 branches Process improvement Retail Banks Control of security Cost effective cash handling 195 Central Banks > 5,300 cash centers > 2,000 branches Strong growth Global CIT- Bank Security National Outsourcing Consolidation Cash In Central Cash handling and of cash logistics Transit Co:s Cash Handling Banks Cash handling Retail Cost efficiency Stores Cash management Millions of stores….
  9. 9. Bank Security & Cash Handling Safes & Electronic LocksEfficient cash-handling Access Control CCTV Electronic security & supervisionSafeStore Auto Safe Deposit Lockers Vaults & Vault Doors
  10. 10. Services  We service our customers not our products! National coverage 4h TTI (sometimes 2h) Hotline, Dispatching, Service Desk - Call Center 24/24 24/24 Emergency service – 4 teams standby ITIL Based processes ISO9001-v2008 certified
  11. 11. Secure StorageHigh-graded Burglary Resistant Safes Fireproof safes for datamedia Selection of Electronic Locks Fire-proof cabinetts SecureLine range of safes
  12. 12. Entrance Control … for a wide range of applications …outdoor and indoor turnstile solutions …airport specialist gate solutions …mass transit systems …interlocks & automation …performance doors, windows & partitions
  13. 13. AGENDA  The Gunnebo Security Group today…  Meeting the Security Challenge
  14. 14. Meeting the Security Challenge  Business Area’s :  Bank Security & Cash Handling  Secure Storage  Entrance Control  Services  Focus of this presentation :  The security challenge in a high risk environnment  Public Organizations & Industry/gouvernemental organizations.  Less on Cash Handling Solutions...
  15. 15. Solutions & Products to Highest Standards All Solutions showed in presentation are : • Developed and manufactured by Gunnebo • Certified Products to Highest International Standards Resistant to Ballistic, Blast and Manual Attack according to EN standards
  16. 16. The Security Challenge to Secure the Building and Protect People The Security Challenge stayed the same… but the Risks changed and the technologies changed .. Securing the ‘Building Envelope’ demands the requirements for: •Buying time •Securing the entrance •Controlling the passage •Protecting people and assets •Maintaining command and control •Preserving security and safety
  17. 17. The risk is relative, the change is in development and technology Private or public sites where staff and goods need to be protected by preventing unauthorised entry and violent attacks, Gunnebo are developing for the demands of today, new security products and solutions. New developments in technology today increase the protection levels and security options available
  18. 18. Securing the Perimeter of the building Envelope High risk sites need secure and controlled access  Improve the security for high-risk sectors  Enhance the protection against theft  Regulate the flow of people and vehicles  Reduce the risk of sabotage/terrorism  Control retail Outlets  Enhance the passenger experience
  19. 19. Securing Inside the building• Entrance windows, doors, single person detection, biometrics• Cash, valuables and data protection• Electronic access control and CCTV
  20. 20. Risks Identification Main Risks Elementary Risks  Leak of information  Imprudence  Espionage  Blackmail  Fare evasion  Inventory shortage  Thefts without violence  Thievery without breaking  IT systems infiltration  Burglary  Attacks, holdups  Thefts under duress  Hostage taking  Vandalism  Threats  Sabotage  Terrorist attacks
  21. 21. Why the Need for Entrance Control Securing the building envelope and control on the movement of personnel WHAT WHERE  Increase security of the premises High risk buildings.  Control access of people Site movement and control management.  Restrict access VIP lounges-Back stage venues.  Prevent unauthorised passage Data centres, Research facilities.  Record passages Time and Data, emergency call roll.  Regulate throughput-filter Exhibitions, Sports events, Concerts.  Minimise crowd effects Stadiums-Transport links, high speed transit.  Reduce man power–Costs 24hour offices-Industrial site perimeters.  Increase automation Fun, leisure, theme parks.  Improve efficiency Increase main entrance security throughput  Track events and maintain a data base Boarders, Offices. Time and Attendance.  Collect fares Mass Transportation.
  22. 22. Gunnebo Product and Solution Concept Regulate Regulating flow of passage Application Areas: Protect Protection of personnel and assets Airports Guard Restriction of access Ferry Ports Railway Terminals Restrict Guarding of cash and assets Defense Law Enforcement Control Total passage control Prisons Datacenters Banks Cash centers Government Embassies Petrochemical Security Printers Telecommunications Pharmaceutical
  23. 23. Broad Offering for a Wide Range of Applications Turnstiles Interlocks & Performance Doors, Airport Mass Transit Vehicle Automation Windows & Partitions Systems Entrance Control Hospitals & Healthcare Power Production Banking Public Industry & Entities ResearchAirports Law Enforcement Transport & & Prisons Logistics Office Buildings Retail Leisure & Public Entertainment Transport Education
  24. 24. Gunnebo Entrance Control Products and Solutions  Turnstile Security Level – Point of Sale – Tripod turnstile – Entrance Gates – Speed Gates Security Level – Full Height Turnstile – Security Revolving Door  Interlocks and Automation Security Level – Security Air Locks – Security Portals – Semi Portals – Detection Systems Security Level – Electric Locks – Automatic Doors  Performance Doors, Security Level Windows and Partitions – Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Doors Resistant to: – Sliding Windows  Manual Attack, – Security Walling Systems  Blast, – Counters and Screens  Ballistic, – Security Document Transfer  Fire...
  25. 25. Turnstiles Security Level Point of Sale Tripod Turnstiles Entrance Gates Speed Gates Full Height Turnstiles Security Revolving Doors
  26. 26. Interlocks & Automation Security Level Cristal II Transit Escort SoloRitz II AutomationSecurity Airlocks Automatic Doors – SliSec Single-Passage Detection CompactSave HiSec RecoSec HD RecoSec SD UniRitz IISecurity Portals Semi-Portals Electric Locks – SeRitz
  27. 27. Security Portals and Interlocks with single passage control CompactSave  HiSec– EN1627 – Cl.2 /P5A glazing – EN356 - P7B glazing– EN1063 - BR5 – EN1063 - BR3 or BR4NS– Single person detection – Single person detection (IR beams UniRitz II and (weight sensing) optional contact mat) Options Options– 800, 900, 1000 or 1200 walkway – 600 or 900mm walkway widths – Metal detection– Outer door leaf fire resistance – SEAP L2 grade option (UK)– Can be fitted to existing doorways to create an airlock
  28. 28. Performance Doors, Windows & Partitions Security Level Anti-Intrusion Security Steel Doors Aluminium Doors Wooden Doors Aluminium Sliding Doors Citadel / Sentinel / Stalwart P60 / P80 StaffLine SliRitz Doors & Windows CityWall DetoRitz / DeflaRitz / ExploRitz / Citadel / CityWallModular Walling Blast-Resistant Counters, Screens & Transfer Solutions ArmaPod Plus CityPod ATM Protection
  29. 29. Gunnebo Products and Solutions for Unauthorised EntryCompound or facility access control Control perimeters, fences, bollards, anti-ram barriers and gates Traffic control, remote controlled gates, anti-ram hydraulic drop arms, automated barriers, parking control systems Forced entry, ballistic resistant doors, windows, walls and roofs Locking and detection systemsPerimeter intrusion detection systems Alarms CCTV and video surveillance technology Detection devices, motion, acoustic, beam, infrared, visionPersonnel identification systems Access control, biometrics, ID cards Credential management Tailgating policies, credential systemsProtection of information and data and assets Protection shielding Safes, data protection, vaults and strong rooms
  30. 30. Physical Security Standards Anti-Breakthrough Resistance EN1627: Resistance to manual burglary is tested by carrying out an attack using 6 additional tools : Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 (manual) (manual) (manual + drill) (electrical) (electrical) 3’ 5’ 10’ 15’ 20’ The test consists in forming a body size hole measuring 250 x 400mm in a given time (between 3 and 20 minutes) The stopwatch is reset for each element of the door unit put to the test
  31. 31. Protection of the Building and Personnel  Bullet-proof standards are to the European classification EN 1522 and EN 1063 for glazing  The ammunition and weapons used are put into 8 levels of resistance for door units (from FB1 to FB7 + FSG) FB3 FB4 FB5 FB6 FB7 FSG357 mag. 44 mag. 5,56 7,62 7,62 perfo cal. 12 EN 1522 and EN 1063
  32. 32. Airport & Mass Transit Systems Security Level Boarding Gates – BoardSec Immigration Gates – ImmSec Anti-Return Gates – PasSecAirport Systems Tripod Turnstiles Mass Transit Bi-Parting Gates Mass Transit Full-Panel Gates Mass TransitMass Transit Systems
  33. 33. Entrance Control Interface with any Access Control Equipment One card for all functions  access control  alarm activation and validation  management “on demand” functions Full interlocking doors system management Access one time limitation management Multi technologies  from magnetic stripes to biometric readers (proximity card, 125KHz, MSPASS, Biometry, Mifare®, …).
  34. 34. Technologies in Entrance Control IntegrationElectronicSecurity Intrusion CCTV Access Video Control SafesInterphonie Centralisation Management Process Technical Telesurveillance Management Transmission IP,ISDN,PSTN
  35. 35. To Visualize, Check, Command Monitoring  To Visualize  Alarms  Fire  Intrusion  Video  …  To Command  Outputs,  Accesses,  … To have a general view, to exploit easily and quickly To master and check the site
  36. 36. The Security Challenge : Secure storage Secure storage : Products or solutions to secure valuable against various identified risks such as:  Robbery  Fire  Explosion  Bullet Valuables can be :  Money, Gold, Silver, diamonds, …  Critical documents  (Bio)-Chemical products  Archives  Backup tapes, DVD, CD, …  IT & CCTV Recored Equipment
  37. 37. Secure storage : time versus burglary...Maximise resistance to delay burglars and make itdifficult to break-in.Goals:  Delay break in by adding different protection barriers  Prevent removal of the safe.  Prevent fraud
  38. 38. Secure storage : time versus fire...Get an immediate protection against fire, andmaintain it for as long as possible. ..  Tapes,cd,dvd will be destroyed in less than 1 minute  Documents will be destroyed in less than 3 minutes
  39. 39. Secure Storage – The Locks : GSL 1000Introduction Our Offer Systm. Components Key Features Operation Appl. Benefits GSL 1000 Input Unit – User friendly innovation  Composite housing in contemporary design  High resistant silicon keypad with backlight  Large LCD display with Icon based logic  Multi-tune beeper confirms commands  Biometric reader is an optional feature  Battery accessable from the outside  USB connector for advanced communication  EN 1300 and certified in Grade B and C
  40. 40. Secure storage : the brands Gunnebo’s products and solutions : Alexandre Fichet and Nicolas Bauche Charles Chubb (1772 - 1846) Rosengrens was founded by Edvin Albert Rosengren in Sweden in 1847.
  41. 41. Secure storage : A safe heaven...
  42. 42. Security enclosure Security enclosures: what is it and what can it bring to Retail?  Security enclosure = sensitive area secured by light wall/floor/ceiling protection  Benefits & characteristics  Burglary & hold up protection : Gr II to IV (EN1143-1)  Ballistic protection FB4 (option, EN1522)  Flexible & modular construction: made to size  Quick & easy to assemble : bolted construction  Lightweight : upper floor construction possible  Product ranges:Moduleguard/Citadem
  43. 43. Meeting the Security Challenge Conclusion  To meet the Security Challenge you need : 1. Good risk assesement/analysis 2. Solutions to cover/control/minimalize these risks 3. Solutions that are intergated to keep control/monitor  Gunnebo can be your partner with solutions in area’s :  Entrance Control / Perimeter Control  Access Control  Intrusion detection/CCTV  Secure Storage  ”Service on the demand”  Cash Handling solutions
  44. 44. Major References
  45. 45. Thank you
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