Receding gums


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Receding gums is often a side effect of dental problems like gingivitis, gum injury, misaligned teeth and teeth injury.

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Receding gums

  1. 1. All you wanted to know about receding gums Taking care of your oral hygiene is one of the ways to ensure overall well being. If you suffer from dental problems, you will witness that there will be a range of associated health complications. Therefore, visiting to your dentist regularly and following daily oral care regime is mandatory. Receding gums – a common menace In spite of regular oral care there are unfortunate situations when a suddenly occurring gum disease can make you suffer a lot. One of those common dental problems which is painful and needs immediate medical attention is receding gums. This is a situation when the capacity of your gum muscles to hold the teeth gets weak. You will feel stinging pain in the initial phases which would ‘seem’ to get cured with tropical application of over the counter emollients and oral administration of antibiotics. But if you think that this gum treatment will be enough to cure the problem permanently, you are wrong! If the root of the disease remains unidentified, the problem will never get cured. Factors that lead to this problem Receding gums is often a side effect of dental problems like gingivitis, gum injury, misaligned teeth and teeth injury. You might have not heard this before; cosmetic based beauty enhancement like oral piercing can also lead to receding gums as future side effect. Even smoking can cause receding of the gums as a critical side effect! Improper oral care is also a popular cause behind the occurrence of this gum problem. Some people have a habit of brushing their teeth with excessive pressure. If this habit continues for a longer span, it creates injury to the gums. Eventually, they start receding backwards making the teeth loose. The victims of this problem Receding Gums is common among adults. It is in the rarest of cases that children suffer from receding gums. When individuals cross their late 40s, the chances of occurrence of this gum disease get increased. It needs mentioning here that people who are chain smokers are more likely to suffer from receding gums than non-smoking individuals. Preventive measures Amidst all these bad news about receding of gums, there is a piece of good news! Receding of gums can be prevented before they occur and call for immediate gum treatment! Since this problem is a popular side effect of periodontal diseases, you should visit your dentist regularly. Actually, you need to be certain that you are not suffering from any gum disease which may lead to receding gums in future. In this context it needs mentioning that most people do not know that they have gum problems! Side by side, you need to amend your brushing habit too.