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Catálogo SATEC 2012.

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Catálogo Satec 2012

  1. 1. NAGEMEN Y MA TS ERG OL L EN UT IO TATO NSIn er 12 na 20t tio lo g nal Pr o d u c t C at a
  2. 2. Company ProfileThe Experts in Energy Management Customer SatisfactionTechnological excellence, innovation, quality and a commitment We at SATEC regard our clients as our most valuable asset. Weto customer service place SATEC at the forefront of the energy consider excellence of products and service as a key to gainingindustry. customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our customer base consists of industrial facilities, commercial enterprises, government andSATEC has been a proven solutions-oriented global leader in the public services, and major power utilities.research, development and manufacturing of energy managementsystems since 1987. With two decades of rich experience in SATEC takes pride in catering to the unique needs of our variedenergy management, SATEC provides total solutions for customer customer base. As a leader in the field, we at SATEC set theapplications worldwide. Our greatest strength lies in our deep standard by continuously developing and upgrading our productstechnological expertise and our ability to provide flexible and services, to perfect our clients energy management for a wide range of customer applications. Our products are user-oriented and designed for easy installation and operation.Application-Based Solutions Global DistributionSATEC’s device product line serves both energy utilities and SATEC exports to over 60 countries worldwide throughoutenergy consumers in various fields. Our application-based product Europe, North and South America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Ourline includes devices spanning from basic power meters up to worldwide distribution network provides local marketing servicehigh performance revenue meters with advanced power quality and prompt professional support.analysis capabilities. All SATEC devices comply with world-acknowledged regulations and are supported by our energymanagement software.Our cutting-edge power quality analyisis capabilities provide Our Expertise at Your Servicea rewarding solution enabling energy utilities to take timelycorrective action and permitting energy consumers to prevent Our team of scientists and industry experts are available toequipment failures. dispense expert technical support, and provide technical solutions to questions ranging from generic to complex. SATECs support team is closely involved in the development process, to assure a product of the highest quality that is also tailored to our customers needs.SATEC and the EnvironmentSATEC is committed to protecting the environment. SATECproducts help our customers save energy and reduce CO2 as wellas other greenhouse gas emissions, while our unique renewableenergy management solutions increase the performance of solarand wind power generation plants. SATEC products are RoHScompliant and are lead free.
  3. 3. The Full Range ofMulti-Tenant Submetering Energy Management & Billing Energy Efficiency & Cost Allocation Power Measurement Asset Management EM132/3 | Pg. 2 Electricity Management Solutions for Every Application PM130 PLUS | Pg. 4 BFM136 | Pg. 5 PM172 | Pg. 6 PAS | Pg. 15 C192PF8 | Pg. 7 Internet PM296 | Pg. 7 PM174/5 | Pg. 8 RS-232/422/485, Profibus, Ethernet, Dialup modem, GPRS, RF LAN Smart Grid & Demand Response EM720 | Pg. 12 eXpertpowerTM | Pg. 16Power Quality Analysis Revenue Metering EM920 | Pg. 12 Fault Recording Subst. Auto. HACS (High Accuracy RGM180 | Pg. 11 Current Sensors) | Pg. 10 ezPAC | Pg. 14 Commercial & Industrial ETC2002 | Pg. 18 AX-8 | Pg. 18 RSC232 | Pg. 18 Utilities & Renewable
  4. 4. EM132/133 Series Plug-in Modules ‡‡ Digital Input/Output (4DI & 2DO) ‡‡ RS-232/422/485 2 form A relay outputs 250V AC/5A ‡‡ GPRS 4 form A Solid state inputs ‡‡ Ethernet 250V AC/400V DC 0.15A ‡‡ Profibus ‡‡ 4 Analog Outputs ‡‡ RF (module & accessories available in ± 1mA / 0-20mA certain regions only) 0-1mA / 4-20mAModels Model Features Measurement Features EM132 Multi-functional 3-phase power transducer functionality (see Features) EM133 All the features of the EM132 model plus TOU, 2xDI, DO (see Features) Current Inputs 1A Standard 1A CT 5A Standard 5A CT HACS High Accuracy Current Sensors (see pg. 10) 100A Direct ConnectionFeaturesMulti-Functional 3-Phase Power Meter Real Time Clock Communication protocols‡‡ Voltage, current (including neutral ‡‡ Built-in clock and calendar functions ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0, current), power, energy, power factor, ‡‡ 2 year battery backup Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP frequency, voltage/current unbalance‡‡ Current range up to 200% (120% for Event/Data Log (EM133 Model) Mounting 100A model) ‡‡ System events & data logging ‡‡ DIN Rail sealable connection ‡‡ Real-time stampsRevenue Meter Dimensions‡‡ Exceeds accuracy class 0.5S Alarm and Control Functions ‡‡ 3.5×4.9×2.7" / 90×125×68.5mm (H×W×D)‡‡ Time of Use (TOU) tariffs (EM133 Model) ‡‡ 16 programmable set points ‡‡ 4 countersBasic Power Quality Control(EM133 Model) Power Supply‡‡ Individual voltage and current harmonics ‡‡ Self powered plus auxiliary multi- (up to the 40 th) purpose AC/DC power supply‡‡ Voltage and current THD, TDD & K-Factor (85-265V AC, 88-290V DC)‡‡ Time stamped max/min values2
  5. 5. EM132Multi-Function Transducer The EM132 is a cost-effective multi-function The EM132 has an integral RS-485 transducer with local display, designed to communication port for a wide range of replace analog or digital transducers. Its protocols—Modbus, DNP 3.0 and IEC 60870. local display allows setup and verification Its expansion port allows connection of of installation, without the hassle of using a second communication port, including computers. One device supports all network Ethernet, Profibus, RF or GPRS, as well as configurations (i.e., 3 wire, 4 wire, wye, second RS-485 and RS-232 ports. delta, etc.) and is field configurable. The unique field installable add-on feature The EM132 accurately measures over 100 allows adding digital and analog I/Os. parameters from basic frequency, voltages When using the 4 analog output add-on, and currents, to all power parameters, 4 the EM132 can replace 4 analog 4-20mA quadrant active, reactive and apparent transducers. Each one can be freely energies. programmed to any parameter and scaling.EM133TOU Smart Energy Meter inputs to water, gas or air condition (flow / and current harmonics up to the 40 th temperature) meters. The device has a relay harmony. The energy measurement includes output that can be freely programmed an on-board Time of Use (TOU) suitable to to remotely discontinue the supply (using virtually any utility tariff. external contactors) or raising alarms. The information is displayed on the local The EM133 includes an integral RS-485 display and is available remotely via the communication port for a wide range communication. of protocols—Modbus, DNP 3.0 and IEC 60870. Its expansion port allows connection The EM133 accurately measures over of a second communication port, including 100 parameters from basic frequency, Ethernet, Profibus, RF or GPRS, as well as voltages and currents, through all power second RS-485 and RS-232 ports.The EM133 is a comprehensive multi- parameters, 4 quadrant active, reactivefunction energy meter, designed to provide and apparent energies, to harmonics The unique field installable add-on featurea complete range of energy measurement information. The harmonics information allows adding digital and analog I/Os toand management. It measures the includes the harmonics coefficients of THD, facilitate any control scheme with up to 6electrical energy and connects via digital TDD and K-Factor plus individual voltage digital inputs and 3 digital outputs. 3
  6. 6. PM130 PLUSMulti-Functional Power Meter well as its I/O capabilities (using the Digital Features Input/Output module). Multi-Functional 3-Phase Power Meter The PM130 PLUS series consists of two basic ‡‡ Voltage, current (including neutral models providing digital measurements of current), power, energy, power factor, more than 80 electrical parameters locally, frequency, voltage/current unbalance and more than 100 electrical parameters via ‡‡ Current range up to 200% RS-485 interface. Revenue Meter (EH Model) The PM130 PLUS modular approach enables ‡‡ Exceeds accuracy class 0.5S users to assemble a system that meets their ‡‡ Time Of Use (TOU) tariffs specific needs. The wide choice of plug- in modules includes digital I/O, analog Basic Power Quality Control (EH Model) output, TOU, Ethernet, Profibus, ‡‡ Individual voltage and current harmonics RS-232/422/485 or GPRS. (up to the 40 th)The PM130 PLUS series provides a cost- ‡‡ Voltage and current THD, TDD & K-Factoreffective substitute for numerous analog ‡‡ Time stamped max/min valuesmeters used by industrial, commercialand utility customers for basic power Models Real Time Clockmetering. The PM130 PLUS devices are Model Features ‡‡ Built-in clock and calendar functionsmulti-functional three-phase power meters.The PM130EH PLUS model also offers basic Measurement Features Event/Data Log (EH Model)revenue metering and Power Quality. P Multi-functional 3-phase power ‡‡ System events & data logging meter functionality (see Features) ‡‡ Real-time stampsThe PM130 PLUS is widely integrated in EH All the features of the P modelpanel boards and SCADA systems. With the plus Revenue Meter & Power Alarm and Control Functionsaddition of the unique TOU module, the Quality control (see Features) ‡‡ 16 programmable set pointsPM130EH PLUS model answers the needs Current Inputs ‡‡ 4 countersof revenue metering applications. It is also 1A Standard 1A CTsuitable for utility substation automation Power Supplywith its support of the industry standard 5A Standard 5A CT ‡‡ Multi-purpose AC/DC power supplyDNP V3.0 and Modbus RTU protocols, as HACS High Accuracy Current Sensors (85-265V AC, 88-290V DC) (see pg. 10) ‡‡ Special versions (12, 24-48V DC) Communication protocolsPlug-in Modules ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0, Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP‡‡ Digital Input/Output (4DI & 2DO) 2 form A relay outputs 250V AC/5A Plug-in Pass-Thru HACS Mounting 4 form A Solid state inputs Module ‡‡ Dual panel mounting: 250V AC/400V DC 0.15A 4” Round; Square 96x96 DIN‡‡ 4 Analog Outputs +/-1mA / 0-20mA Dimensions 0-1mA / 4-20mA ‡‡ 4.5×4.5×4.3" / 114×114×109mm (H×W×D)‡‡ TOU Module: high precision clock + 4 digital inputs + Time-of-Use tariffs for revenue metering (EH model)‡‡ RS-232/422/485‡‡ GPRS‡‡ Ethernet‡‡ Profibus4
  7. 7. BFM136Multi-Tenant Submetering This compact instrument is designed to easily fit into existing panel boards, thus Features eliminating the need for expensive retrofit projects or for allocating extra space. For ‡‡ Provides a complete set of energy and billing purposes, single or multiple circuits demand data on multi-tariff basis for can be defined for each customer. This billing purposes flexibility allows to reassign circuit groups ‡‡ Accuracy class 0.5S revenue metering to changing customers without complicated ‡‡ Meter sealing option for voltage and electrical procedures, and allows for easy current inputs changes when tenants move in and out. ‡‡ Current and voltage monitoring ‡‡ 12 3-phase channels The BFM136 user-defined and easily ‡‡ 18 2-phase channels configured alarm system enables preventive ‡‡ 36 1-phase channels maintenance to avoid unnecessary outages. ‡‡ Any combination of the above ‡‡ Compliant with IEC specificationsSATEC’s unique offering for the commercial Combined with SATEC’s eXpertpowerTM, ‡‡ LCD display for on-site accessmarket answers customer needs in multi- a comprehensive web service enabling ‡‡ Data access and TOU via PAS softwaretenant submetering applications. This users to access energy, power quality and (see pg. 15 for more information)solution is based on the new generation real-time data, the BFM136 completes ‡‡ Web-based energy management withmulti-tenant Branch Feeder Monitor and the total solution for multi-tenant energy eXpertpowerTM providing online datasupported by the groundbreaking web mangement. access (see pg. 16 for more information)application eXpertpowerTM. ‡‡ Compact design for easy installation within existing or new electric panelboardsIdeal for both new and retrofit projects, the ‡‡ Durable design for tamper resistanceBFM136 can monitor energy (on multi-tariff ‡‡ Communication platformsTOU basis), demands and data logging. The ‡‡ Built-in serial RS-485device can monitor up to 12 three-phase ‡‡ Optional: modem, Ethernet, wireless,channels or 36 single-phase channels, or any GPRSother combination of both. This flexibility ‡‡ Real Time Clockand cost-efficiency make the BFM136 ‡‡ Event and data loggingespecially suitable for multi-tenant facilities, ‡‡ Flash memory 8 Mbsuch as office buildings, shopping malls, ‡‡ Dimensions: 4.2×13×2.3" /residential buildings, hotels, government 107×331×58mm (H×W×D)facilities, universities, etc. Cost-efficiencyis also achieved by the considerable ‡‡ Selection of Remote Current Split Coreinstallation and infrastructure cost savings. Transformers—see pg. 10. HACS 5
  8. 8. PM172Advanced Power & Revenue Meter Revenue class metering and the built-in Models TOU function provide a solid background Model Features for commercial and industrial submetering applications. The event and data log on Measurement Features the basis of programmable set points is a P Multi-functional 3-phase power differentiating feature of the PM172 series. meter functionality (see Features) This capability facilitates a wide range of E All the features of the P model + commercial and industrial applications revenue meter (see Features) demanding data analysis as well as EH* All the features of the E model + corrective actions for specific recorded power quality control (see Features) events. The recorded data is a valuable asset for energy management. * Available in certain regions only Current InputsThe PM172 is a high performance feeder The PM172 series includes a choice of 1A Standard 1A CTmonitoring instrument that includes built-in communication platforms, such as 5A Standard 5A CTrevenue class measurements and logging modem, Ethernet, Profibus DP, and serialcapability. With over 100 electrical communication. HACS High Accuracy Current Sensors (pg. 10)measurements, long term memory loggingcapability and breaker contact status Display Modulesinputs, this series is an economical approachto distribution automation for utilities. The RPM072 Remote Power Meter RGM180 TFT Touch PanelPM172 series is widely integrated in panel High-resolution graphicalboards and SCADA systems by commercial Non-display Remote Power displayand industrial facilities. It is also successfully Meter for panel/wall or DINused for electric generator applications. rail mounting. RDM172 Remote DisplayFeaturesMulti-functional 3-Phase Power Meter ‡‡ Waveform recording with 6 channels ‡‡ Optional 2DI+2DO (total 4DI+4DO)‡‡ Voltage, current (including neutral (3 voltage inputs, 3 current inputs) current), power, energy, power factor, Communication frequency, voltage/current unbalance, Real Time Clock ‡‡ 2 independent communication ports load profile ‡‡ Built-in clock and calendar functions with (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, modem, back-up battery Ethernet, Profibus DP, GPRS)Multi-Tariff Revenue Meter ‡‡ Time synchronization via communication ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0,(E/EH Models) port or digital input Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP‡‡ Exceeds accuracy class 0.2S‡‡ Built-in Time of Use (TOU) tariffs to meet Event/Data Log Isolation any billing requirements ‡‡ Logging capability for more than 100 ‡‡ Full galvanic isolation of voltage and‡‡ Sealing option parameters current measuring circuits—6 kV Impulse ‡‡ Logging parameters with real-timePower Quality Control (EH Model) stamps Mounting‡‡ Individual voltage and current harmonics ‡‡ Dual panel mounting: (up to the 40 th) Alarm and Control Functions 4” Round; Square 96×96 DIN‡‡ Voltage and current THD, TDD & K-Factor ‡‡ 16 programmable set points‡‡ Total Harmonic Powers ‡‡ 2 programmable relay outputs 3A, 250V Dimensions‡‡ Total Harmonic Energies ‡‡ 2 digital inputs ‡‡ 5×5×5.6" / 127×127×143mm (H×W×D) ‡‡ Optional 2AI or 2AO6
  9. 9. PM296Power Quality Analyzer The Power Quality Analyzer PM296 offers Features highly accurate advanced metering, fit for any power monitoring, data acquisition ‡‡ 11 window simultaneous display control and PQA and IED (Intelligent ‡‡ Long term memory for logging and Electronic Device) applications. trending ‡‡ 2 independent communication ports The PM296 series is ideal for generator ‡‡ 6 programmable control relays applications where simultaneous viewing ‡‡ 12 digital inputs of electrical measurements is required. The ‡‡ 2 analog outputs Analyzer includes dual port communications ‡‡ Dimensions: and triple communication protocols 7.3×11×3.3" / 185×280×85mm (H×W×D) (Modbus, ASCII and DNP 3.0 Lev.2) and built-in I/O.C192PF8Power Factor Manager The C192PF8 is a multi-purpose energy multi-meter combining the abilities of Features two instruments: power measurement and advanced capacitor bank control and ‡‡ 3-phase measurement of V, A, P, Q and protection. Energy ‡‡ Dual power factor The C192PF8 performs both single-phase ‡‡ Controls up to 8 capacitor banks and three-phase measurements, in full ‡‡ Phase failure protection compatibility with all electric networks ‡‡ Harmonic and voltage protection (both high and low), and includes 8 multi- ‡‡ Cos j monitoring & control purpose relays for control and protection. ‡‡ kVAR monitoring & control ‡‡ Dimensions: 5.6×5.6×3.4" / 144×144×86mm (H×W×D) 7
  10. 10. PM174 / PM175IEEE1159 / EN50160 / GOST 13109 Advanced Power Quality Analyzers users: substation operators, electrical energy system integrators, generator users, industrial and commercial energy consumers. These analyzers cover the entire range of applications demanding high performance power quality monitoring and root cause analysis. The PM174 provides the full range of power quality monitoring, logging and statistics according to IEEE1159. The PM175 provides similar performance according to EN50160 or GOST 13109. Waveform analysis via PAS The PM174/5 allows both suppliers and consumers to monitor the quality ofThe Advanced Power Quality Analyzers outgoing or incoming electric power. ThisPM174/5 are compact, multi-functional enables power suppliers to prepare timelythree-phase power and revenue meters corrective action, and helps consumersequipped with advanced power quality prevent equipment damages caused byanalysis capabilities. power quality issues.The analyzers have been developed to Two independent communication portsanswer the needs of a wide range of allow local and remote data acquisition.FeaturesMulti-Functional 3-Phase Power Meter ‡‡ Power Quality event logging with ‡‡ 2 digital inputs‡‡ Voltage, current (incl. neutral current), waveform recording ‡‡ Optional 2AI or 2AO power, energy, power factor, frequency, ‡‡ Waveform recording with 6 channels ‡‡ Optional 2DI+2DO (total 4DI+4DO) voltage/current unbalance, load profile (3 voltage inputs, 3 current inputs) ‡‡ Harmonics & inter-harmonics according CommunicationMulti-Tariff Revenue Meter to IEC 61000-4-7 ‡‡ 2 independent communication ports‡‡ Accuracy class 0.2S according to ‡‡ Voltage and current THD, current TDD, (RS-232 /422/485, modem, Ethernet, ANSI C12.20/ IEC 62053-22 K-Factor Profibus DP, GPRS)‡‡ Built-in Time of Use (TOU) tariffs to meet ‡‡ Flicker according to IEC 61000-4-15 ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0, any billing requirements ‡‡ Dips, swells, interruptions and transient Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP‡‡ Sealing option recording with waveforms‡‡ Built-in clock and calendar functions with Isolation back-up battery Event/Data Log ‡‡ Full galvanic isolation of voltage and‡‡ Time synchronization via communication ‡‡ Power quality event/data logging current measuring circuits—6 kV Impulse port or digital input ‡‡ Logging capability for more than 100 parameters MountingAdvanced Power Quality Analysis ‡‡ Logging parameters with real-time stamps Dual panel mounting:‡‡ Monitoring, statistics & reports according 4” Round; Square 96x96 DIN to EN50160, IEEE1159 or GOST 13109 Alarm and Control Functions specifications ‡‡ 16 programmable set points Dimensions‡‡ Directional power harmonics (via PAS) ‡‡ 2 programmable relay outputs 3A, 250V ‡‡ 5×5×5.6" / 127×127×143mm (H×W×D)8
  11. 11. PM17X Series ModelsModels Remote Displays PM174 RPM074/5 PM17X-TD Power Quality Analysis Non-display Remote Touch Display (PQA) according to Power Meter for High-resolution IEEE1159 panel/wall or DIN rail graphic display mounting. (see pg. 11) PM174: Green Solar Monitoring PM175 EDL174/5 Power Quality Analysis Portable Power RDM174/5 Remote Display (PQA) according to Quality Analyzer Remote display for RPM074/5 EN50160 or GOST 13109 or second display for PM174/5 via RS-485Pole-Top MV Sensors (PT/CT)For Smart Grid Deployment Advantages of Sensor Monitoring ‡‡ Precise Real-Time measurements ‡‡ Provides DNP3.0 protocol ‡‡ GPRS communication ‡‡ Local display ‡‡ Memory (redundancy) ‡‡ Waveform / PQ features ‡‡ Phasors & phase rotationSATEC PM17x series can be supplied with Line ‡‡ Directional harmonicsPost Sensors for replacing of existing pole ‡‡ Neutral currentsisolators with voltage and current sensors for ‡‡ Complete Total Cabinet PackageMV grids of 15kV, 25kV or 35kV. ‡‡ ExpandabilityThe MV Sensors are designed for Help ManageDistribution Automation to provide: ‡‡ Line losses‡‡ Compact, economical power-line sensing ‡‡ Capacitor controls‡‡ No line cutting ‡‡ Voltage regulation‡‡ Not for dead-end use ‡‡ Outage detection‡‡ Linear outputs up to fault levels ‡‡ Load balance‡‡ Accurate performance ‡‡ Harmonics‡‡ Non-hazardous voltage on output ‡‡ Fault location‡‡ Completely sealed against moisture ‡‡ Power theft 9
  12. 12. High AccuracyCurrent SensorsThe following products can be orderedwith dedicated High Accuracy CurrentSensors (HACS) rather than with thestandard 1A/5A CT input:EM132-133 SeriesPM130 PLUS SeriesPM172 SeriesPM174/5BFM136SA330 ezPACAll HACSs are supplied with 8ft / 2.5m cable.Maximum cable length: 650ft / 200m. 5A Split Core HACS 100A Split Core HACS 400A Solid Core HACS Diam. 0.63"/16mm Diam. 0.63"/16mm Diam. 1.02"/26mm 800A Split Core HACS Opening: 3.2x2"/81x50mm 100A Solid Core HACS 200A Split Core HACS 400A Split Core HACS Diam. 0.47"/12mm 1.7x1.3”/43.2x33mm Diam. 1.2"/30.5mm 1200A Split Core HACS 100A Solid Core HACS 400A Split Core HACS 800A Solid Core HACS Opening: Diam. 0.9"/23mm 1.7x1.3”/43.2x33mm 4x1.28”/100x32mm 4.7x3.1"/121x80mm10
  13. 13. RGM180Graphic Touch Screen Models RGM180-G1 RGM180-G3 The RGM180-G1 controls and monitors The RGM180-G3 controls and monitors information from a single SATEC information from several SATEC eXpertMeter™. eXpertMeters™ over RS-485 or 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, using MODBUS Master The RGM180-G1 can be connected directly protocol. without an additional power source to PM17x or ezPAC SA3x0. The PM17x is The RGM180-G3 model has two power attached directly to the RGM180 (which sources—Power over Ethernet (PoE) or replaces the LED display—as shown in the external AC/DC-DC/DC power supply which image on the left). The ezPAC is connected can be connected in parallel. via cable, up to 10M long. Up to 1000M cable can be used with remote powerPM175X-TD (PM17X with RGM180-G1) supply for both ezPAC and PM17x direct connection. The RGM180-G1 adds to existing SATEC meter devices full speed USB 2.0 capabilities.The RGM180 is a 5.7” large color graphictouch screen that takes power quality andenergy monitoring to a new level.The RGM180 can display comprehensiveinformation in easy to read screens thatallow monitoring complex information at aglance.The touch screen makes the operation andconfiguration so simple that it completelyeliminates the need for employee training.Features‡‡ 5.7” color graphic display with touch ‡‡ 200Mips SOC ARM9 based controller, up ‡‡ Extends SATEC eXpertMeters™ with full panel, TFT technology to 64MB RAM and 256MB NAND Flash speed USB 2.0 port‡‡ High speed RS-485 communication port ‡‡ Programmable system setup, including ‡‡ Dimensions: at up to 480kb/s multi-language support 7.1×8.7x1.9" / 181×221×48mm (H×W×D)‡‡ Wide range operating temperature: ‡‡ Plug & Play device display detecting –20°C to +70°C / –4°F to +158°F SATEC device type for Device Monitoring‡‡ More than 500,000 touch screen and Configuration operation lifetime ‡‡ Programmable screen saver 11
  14. 14. eXpertMeter TM EM720 / EM920 & High Performance Revenue Meter Cutting Edge Power Quality Analyzer Fast Transient and Fault Recorder The eXpertMeter™ all-in-one solution to a new level, by adding power quality and has been developed to comply with the fault recording to gain complete control most demanding customer requirements over the smart grid. in energy generation and distribution (power stations, electric companies, substation operators, electric energy system integrators) and in energy consumer segments (industrial and commercial). The eXpertMeter™ can serve as a main revenueThe eXpertMeter™ EM720 and EM920 are meter or test meter to manage advanced4-in-1 multi-functional energy analyzers energy supply contracts that include athat include Class A power meter, high commitment to the most demanding powerprecision revenue meter, unsurpassed quality standards. The eXpertMeter™ canpower quality analyzer and unique be used to resolve disputes between electricdigital fault recorder. They differ in their energy suppliers and consumers regardingmechanical construction (the EM720 is built power quality EN50160 standard violations.with accordance to IEC standards while theEM920 is a socket meter­­ I/O and add-ons. ), The EM720/EM920 takes the AMI (or AMR) Waveform analysis via PASFeaturesMulti-Functional 3-Phase Power Meter ‡‡ Built-in EN50160 statistics & reports Transient Recorder‡‡ Voltage, current (including Neutral ‡‡ Back-up battery and/or auxiliary power ‡‡ High Speed Transient detection as little current), power, energy, power factor, supply for recording major dips & as 17 μs @ 60Hz / 20 μs @ 50Hz frequency, voltage/current unbalance, interruptions ‡‡ Transients measured relative to ground load profile ‡‡ Harmonics & Inter-harmonics according ‡‡ Measures up to 2 kV pulses to IEC 61000-4-7Multi-Tariff Revenue Meter ‡‡ Directional power harmonics Event/Data Log‡‡ Precise 0.05% measurement (via PAS­ see pg. 15) — ‡‡ Power Quality events with waveforms‡‡ Accuracy class 0.2S according to ‡‡ Voltage and current THD, current TDD, ‡‡ Logging capability for more than 100 IEC 62053-22 / ANSI C12.20 k-factor parameters with real-time stamps‡‡ Time Of Use (TOU) tariffs to meet any ‡‡ Flicker measurement according to IEC ‡‡ Logging memory 8-16 MB built-in billing requirements (8 tariffs, 4 seasons) 61000-4-15 ‡‡ Time synchronization—IRIG-B (GPS) or‡‡ Unique anti-vandalism & anti-tampering ‡‡ Waveform recording, up to 1024 samples/ Ethernet (SNTP) features cycle‡‡ Transformer and transmission line losses ‡‡ Three voltage & four current inputs for Additional Features calculation (8 points, PT & CT) waveform records ‡‡ Dielectric withstand: 6 kV impulse, 4 kV‡‡ Built-in self accuracy test ‡‡ Dips, swells, interruptions AC @ 1min ‡‡ Fault recording ‡‡ I/O and ComPorts isolation—4 kV ACAdvanced Power Quality Analysis ‡‡ Four measured and recorded currents up ‡‡ Optional Remote Display Module (RDM)‡‡ Power Quality Analysis according to IEC to 50 A (10In) LED front panel display 61000-4-30 Class A ‡‡ ITI (CBEMA) curves (via PAS) ‡‡ Anti-tampering and self test functions12
  15. 15. eXpertMeterTM EM720 Models EM720: Basic EM720T: Transient Power Master Alarm and Control Functions ‡‡ 16 programmable set points Field Replaceable ‡‡ 4 digital inputs with 1 ms sample rate ‡‡ Up to 4 programmable relay outputs Hot Swap Modules ‡‡ Up to 4 digital inputs with ½ cycle sampling rate Communications ‡‡ RS-232/485 IRIG-B Low Speed Rechargeable battery ‡‡ Ethernet / USB / RS-232/485 High Speed ‡‡ Up to 6 hours full operation ‡‡ GPRS/GSMThe EM720’s unique “Add-On” hot-swap Communications­­ Auxiliary Power Supply Optionsmodule concept allows you to configure the ‡‡ RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet/USB/GPRS/IR ‡‡ 24V DCmeter to your changing needs, thus saving ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0, ‡‡ 88-265V AC and 90-290V DCvaluable time in the field or future costly Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP,replacements. Technological advancements IEC 62056-21/61 (OBIS), IEC 61850 Digital Input/Output—2DI/2DOrevitalize legacy applications to rapidly and ‡‡ Form A Relay Output 250V AC/5Acost-efficiently respond to changing market Dimensions ‡‡ Form A Solid State Relay Outputconditions. ‡‡ 12×7×5.7" / 303×177×144mm (H×W×D) 250V AC/0.1AeXpertMeterTM EM920 EM920 Modules Transient ‡‡ Transient module (to be released in 2012) Alarm and Control Functions Communications ‡‡ 16 programmable set points ‡‡ Ethernet / IRIG-B / RS-232/485 ‡‡ 2 digital inputs with 1 ms sample rate ‡‡ GPRS/GSM ‡‡ Up to 8 digital inputs with ½ cycle ‡‡ Dial-up Modem V.90 sample rate ‡‡ 1 KYZ relay output Input/Output ‡‡ Up to 6 programmable relay outputs ‡‡ 6 relay outputs:The Model EM920 eXpertMeterTM is an ‡‡ Up to 4 programmable analog outputs 2 form A (5A @ 250V AC/0.2A@ 250V DC)advanced energy meter that exceeds Class & 4 form C (0.15A @ 250V AC/DC)0.2S class revenue billing requirement. It Communications ‡‡ 8 digital inputsprovides long term memory for load and ‡‡ Ethernet/IRIG-B, GPRS/GSM, USB, RS-485, ‡‡ 4 analog outputs +/- 1mAtrend profiles, as well as battery backup and RS-232/485, Dial-up Modem, IR ‡‡ 4 analog outputs 0-1 1mAauxiliary power supply that allow logging ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0, ‡‡ 4 analog outputs 0-20 1mAeven during power outages. The EM920 also Modbus/TCP, DNP/TCP, MV90, IEC 61850 ‡‡ 4 analog outputs 4-20 1mAincludes advanced power quality analysisto detect and record waveform events and Dimensions Auxiliary Power Supply Optionsfault currents harmful to power systems. ‡‡ 8.5×7" / 214.3×176.7mm (H×Diameter) ‡‡ 50-288V AC and 90-290V DC 13
  16. 16. ezPAC TMAdvanced Control & Power Quality Analysis SA300The Total Solution for Add-On Substation Automation Modular Design back-up protection equipment and control The unique modular design of the ezPAC TM devices to provide a complete solution for SA300 ensures its adaptation to changing substation and industrial automation. The needs, through a selection of numerous ezPAC TM is suitable for retrofit as well as for plug-in options for multiple customer new utility projects. applications. This instrument is an ideal cost-effective means to automating electrical substations with existing electro mechanical (EM) Display Modules relays. The ezPAC TM Series extends the life expectancy of EM protection relays for RGM180 many years by providing the information Graphic Touch ScreenThe SATEC ezPAC TM SA300 Series Power lacking from these highly reliable devices High-resolution TFT touchIntelligence Unit is an advanced power without interfering with the protection panel (see pg. 11)analysis and control device unmatched in scheme.the utility and industrial environments. RDM LEDThe ezPAC TM SA300 Series is a fusion of Remote Display Modulemany Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED)combined into a single powerful unit.The ezPAC TM unites advanced control and RDM312automation functions, intelligent fault- Multi-window Displayrecorder, power quality and sequence of Moduleevents (SOE) with automatic analysis andreports. It also offers revenue metering, Fault recording with phasor—eXpertpowerTMFeaturesMulti-Functional 3-Phase Power Meter ‡‡ Multiple parameter logging with real- Control & Alarm Functions‡‡ Accuracy class 0.2S Revenue Meter time stamps ‡‡ 32 programmable set points‡‡ Voltage, current (including neutral), power, ‡‡ 5 slots for plug-in I/O modules energy, power factor, demands, frequency, Advanced Power Quality Analysis ‡‡ Up to three modules of 32-channel voltage/current unbalance, load profile ‡‡ Power quality according to digital inputs‡‡ 1 DC voltage input (up to 300V DC) IEC 61000-4-30 Class A ‡‡ Up to four 16-channel relay output‡‡ 4 additional revenue grade AC current ‡‡ Power quality analysis, statistics & modules inputs (SA330 model) reports according to IEEE1159, EN50160 ‡‡ Up to 4 combined 4-channel analog or GOST 13109 input/output modules (4AI and 4AO perFault Recorder ‡‡ Sags/swells detection and logging module)‡‡ Up to 150A fault currents ‡‡ Interruptions detection and logging ‡‡ Up to two 8-channel fast (1 ms) analog‡‡ Pre and post fault recording ‡‡ Harmonics & inter-harmonics according input modules‡‡ Fault distance calculations to IEC 61000-4-7‡‡ Fault reports ‡‡ Directional power harmonics Communication‡‡ Up to 48 fast (1 ms) digital inputs, 16 fast ‡‡ Voltage and current THD, current TDD ‡‡ Three serial ports (RS-232 & RS-422/485) (1 ms) analog inputs and K-factor ‡‡ Ethernet‡‡ Sequence of events with 1 ms accuracy ‡‡ Flicker measurement according to ‡‡ Infrared port / Built-in modem / USB port IEC 61000-4-15 ‡‡ Protocols: Modbus RTU & ASCII, ModbusEvent/Data Log ‡‡ Transient detection and logging TCP, DNP3/TCP‡‡ Built-in 256 MB logging memory ‡‡ 4 voltage and 4 current inputs for fast ‡‡ Optional IEC 61850 protocol‡‡ Synchronized waveforms from multiple waveform recording devices in a single plot (via PAS—pg. 15) ‡‡ Up to 57 channel simultaneous recording Dimensions‡‡ Power Quality events with waveforms (8 AC, 1V DC, and 48 digital input channels) ‡‡ 10×11.2×7.3" / 256×284×185mm (H×W×D)14
  17. 17. PASPower Analysis SoftwarePAS is SATEC’s setup and applicationtool for use with all SATECinstruments. PASs versatility stemsfrom its numerous features.Features‡‡ Automatic power quality reports for capabilities for waveforms and harmonics ‡‡ EN50160 comparison tables for HV and EN50160, IEEE1159 and GOST 13109 ‡‡ Export COMTRADE (IEEE standard LV applications‡‡ Automatic polling of devices common format for transient data ‡‡ G5/4 comparison tables for HV and LV‡‡ Simple off-line instrument setup exchange) applications‡‡ Direct data access for status monitoring ‡‡ Export PQ ‡‡ Vector analysis/phasor diagram or analysis ‡‡ Automatic power quality and fault‡‡ Wide range of communication platforms: Comprehensive analysis categorization ‡‡ RS standard serial lines ‡‡ Data logs—historical or current ‡‡ Synchronized waveforms from multiple ‡‡ TCP/IP ‡‡ Trends—individual or 3 phases together devices in a single plot ‡‡ USB ‡‡ Trend over time data log or waveform ‡‡ ITI (CBEMA) curve ‡‡ Telephone/Modem ‡‡ Trend based on user-selected parameters ‡‡ Automatic sort and filter capabilities‡‡ Self-test or limits ‡‡ Uploading TOU settings‡‡ Easy export to spreadsheet, Word, Excel ‡‡ Harmonic spectrum ‡‡ Uploading with variable setpoints or database ‡‡ Harmonics power direction ‡‡ Alarms with variable setpoints‡‡ Extensive graphic and reporting ‡‡ Delta measurement 15
  18. 18. Applications Real time & Historic data display ‡‡ Electrical data ‡‡ Max demands ‡‡ Data logs Energy Consumption ‡‡ Import, Export and Total ‡‡ TOU (Time of Use) Power Quality Analysis ‡‡ Events Solar Weather ‡‡ Compliance reports Devices Generator Water Meters ‡‡ Waveforms analysis Systems Gas Electricity Meters Readers Sub-metering Billing ‡‡ Dynamic tariff definitions ‡‡ Accurate cost calculationseXpertpower™ software solution provides comprehensive energy management, billing, ‡‡ Invoices generationsdemand response, power quality analysis and generator control. eXpertpower™ is availableeither as an on-line service (SaaS—Software as a Service) or as a stand-alone package (Pro). Demand response ‡‡ Calculate facility usage and energySATECs complete solution includes our wide range of analyzers combined with distributioneXpertpower™ software, providing the information and analytics to improve the efficiency, ‡‡ Automatic generators operationreliability, security and profitability of our customers energy system. Advanced ReportingeXpertpower™s web-enabled concept makes controlling comprehensive electrical data ‡‡ Scheduled reportsas easy as ABC. It reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for ‡‡ Multi-dimensional comparisonstraining, special hardware or software­ without compromising the power of the server side. — ‡‡ Customized content and look per reportWith installations of over 10,000 managed devices at one site, it is the most powerful energy ‡‡ Print, export, save and send reportsmanagement solution in the market. Its scalability allows you to start with small installationsand to expand as your business grows.Features‡‡ State-of-the-art user interface ‡‡ Events and Alarms ‡‡ Integration with 3rd party applications ‡‡ Web based (no client side ‡‡ Configurable emails and SMS (BMS, SCADA) installations), multi-browser support notifications ‡‡ Built-in export to different formats (IE, FF, SA) ‡‡ Multi-level criteria and thresholds (Excel, PDF, etc.) ‡‡ Fully customized tables and graphs ‡‡ Remote device configuration for all ‡‡ Customized access permission per user, ‡‡ Personalized dashboards SATEC products per group ‡‡ User defined graphic maps and ‡‡ Connects to any Modbus-compatible 3rd themes party devices16
  19. 19. Selected ScreenshotsDashboard Last Reading History GraphThe Dashboard page enables a customized The Last Reading page shows the last The page shows historic data in graphicview for each user. It offers many optional basic measurement readings according to and tabular forms. There is an option tomodules, such as last reading, history, the selected device type. The data can be change the shown parameter type as wellevents, graphical maps and more. printed or exported to datasheet. The user as the presented date range, through the can also drill down to gain the detailed toolbar options. Also, there is full support historic data by selecting the appropriate for datasheet data export and printing of History link. all the selected data.Summary TOU Energy Billing Power QualityThe summary TOU (Time of Use) page The energy billing page details all the data The Power Quality analysis module providesdisplays energy and cost values for each required to generate a bill for a selected comprehensive tools for troubleshootingmeasured point for a selected site. The pie period. The bill is constructed based on events. It includes statistical and detailedchart presents a clear view for comparing tariff definitions. Energy and cost indicator event information, including waveforms,each measured point behavior. graphs are also available. phasors and tables, for easy generation of compliance reports according to EN50160, IEEE1159, GOST 13109 and more. 17
  20. 20. Accessories & Add-OnsETC2002 Intelligent Network Communication Device IP communication, in any of these protocols: Modbus TCP/IP, DNP TCP/IP Features and ASCII TCP/IP) ‡‡ Ethernet 10 Base-T port 3. Data Server Applications ‡‡ Two RS-422/RS-485 ports (Modbus, The ETC2002 Data Server provides the ASCII, DNP 3.0 protocols)—Master user with a mechanism that allows ‡‡ One RS-232 port—SlaveThe ETC2002 Network Communicator data accumulation from instruments ‡‡ Modem port (optional)opens a new era for energy management in a background mode, using Modbus ‡‡ Provides support for communicationby enabling users to advance from protocol (Modbus master). The protocols (Modbus/TCP, ASCII/TCP, TCP,serial network (RS-485) and exploit the instruments and register range for DNP 3.0, DNP3/TCP)advantages of the Internet and Intranet. polling are defined in the polling tables. ‡‡ Serial slave mode (Modbus, ASCII, DNPThe ETC2002 offers full control of entire A total of 64 address ranges can be 3.0 protocols) for the entire range ofpower systems, from anywhere, anytime, defined. The data is stored in a buffer, SATEC productsvia an Internet/Ethernet connection, and where 120 16-bit registers are reserved ‡‡ Four Digital inputssupports various protocols. Its compact for each server address range. Users can ‡‡ IRIG-B portdesign and easy DIN/Rail wall mounting specify up to 120 contiguous registers ‡‡ Real Time Clockallow for ease of use. (per address range) in the connected ‡‡ Large non-volatile memory instrument that would be continuously ‡‡ Terminal connection polled and updated in the server ‡‡ Telnet serviceFour Main Functions register array. Any number of device ‡‡ Field setup register ranges can be defined for each ‡‡ Wide range of power supply options1. Transparent (from serial communication instrument. ‡‡ Compact design to TCP/IP communication, in any of these Important features include: ‡‡ Table top (DIN rail and wall mounting protocols: Modbus TCP/IP, DNP TCP/IP ‡‡ Memory logging option) and ASCII TCP/IP) ‡‡ Reduction of network traffic ‡‡ Dimensions: ‡‡ Backup memory for Internet and 3.7×7.3×5.6" / 95×186×144mm (H×W×D)2. Protocol Converter for all third-party other applications instruments, such as protection, relay, frequency driver and PLC 4. Web-Based Energy Management Service: (from serial communication to TCP/ See eXpertpowerTM on page 16.RSC232 Communications Converter The RSC232 communications converter, with a built-in power supply, is designed to handle up to 31 IEDs connected via RS-485 up to 1200 meters/4000 feet. It can be powered from AC/DC power supply, and permits easy conversion of RS-232 PC signals into full duplex (RS-422) or half duplex (RS-485) communication. DIN/Rail Wall Mounting. Dimensions: 6×1.6×3.3" / 154×41×84mm (H×W×D).AX-8 Analog Expander The AX-8 Analog Expander enables power meters to interface with other devices that require analog signals. The AX-8 can be connected to any power meter equipped with an RS-422 communication port and an analog expander option. 8 channels are provided for high-resolution analog output. Two units can be connected in sequence, providing as many as 16 analog outputs with the use of one power meter. A wide range of operations offers current output or voltage output. Dimensions: 3×7.3×5.1" / 76×186×130mm (H×W×D).18
  21. 21. CertificationWe at SATEC pay special attention to quality and reliability of our products, by thorough verification of each product and system at everystage of the products’ lifetime.SATEC is committed to uncompromising compliance with the highest requirements in the energy field. SATEC devices comply with themost demanding international standards. Standard compliance is tested by world acknowledged independent labs. Our quality system isISO9001:2008 certified.Some of SATECs Certificates 19