10 Changes in advertising: Cannes 2008


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The changes that are happening in the advertising industry as reflected by the Cannes festival 2008.

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10 Changes in advertising: Cannes 2008

  2. 2. The Change: This year, the Cannes Jury had a harder time judging the work – there was quite a deal of CONFUSION. More cutting-edge work challenged existing classifications of “Film”, “Press” and “Promo” – showing today‟s creativity is increasingly derived from a FUSION of genres, screens and art forms. 2
  3. 3. 10 changesCannes is reflecting about advertising in 2008 1. The arrival of Asia on the global stage 2. The advent of design 3. The fusion of form and function: branded utilities 4. The consumer culture is now on display 5. The battle between craft and science 6. The appeal of unadulterated creativity 7. The recognition of emerging screens 8. The making of branded fiction 9. The work beyond the line 10. The remaining advertising silos
  4. 4. 1. The arrival of Asia on the global stage With the idea that “kids are color blind”, a concept that transcends frontiers and races, multi-cultural Malaysia has won its first ever Gold Film Lion for the Petronas “Tan Han Ming is in love” TVC. 4
  5. 5. 1. The arrival of Asia on the global stage 84 awards for Asian agencies overall. 23 awards for India including: - India‟s 1 ever Grand Prix for Times of India - 1 Integrated Lion and 4 gold Lions. 1st Gold Lion for China for an Adidas campaign for the Beijing Olympics by TBWA. Times of India's “Lead India” DM campaign, dubbed a quot;unique talent 1st Gold Film Lion for Malaysia for the Petronas searchquot;, aimed to find men and women with the quot;vision and ability to empower TVC. India with the kind of political leadership that is so conspicuous by its absencequot;. www.bates141.com
  6. 6. 2. The advent of design 2008 was the 1st year for the Design Lions. The Design Lions focused on compelling design (over beautiful art direction) to recognize the importance of design in communicating a message meaningfully and enable designers to compare work in the wider communication context. 6
  7. 7. 2. The advent of design “Today, it is clear that courage and Unlike the existing D&AD Awards that reward graphic creativity are the primary assets of design, product design, environmental design, brands and communication companies, packaging design and book design, The Design Lions and that design sits at the heart of this. include only packaging, environmental design and Design awards are about recognizing what is meaningful to people.” brand identity. Mark Tutssel, CCO of Leo Burnett and President of the Titanium & Integrated jury at Cannes. www.bates141.com
  8. 8. 3. Branded utilities: a fusion of form and function Good work today is not only entertaining but hard to define and put in a category. Just like modern food, modern advertising is all about the fusion of separate elements combined together in a surprisingly simple result that pushes the boundaries of branding and storytelling. 8
  9. 9. 3. Branded utilities: a fusion of form and function “What is noticeable is the site lack of a conventional 30 sec commercial. This is viral branded utility, this is the future.” Matias Palm-Jensen, Titanium Cannes Juror, Creative President at Farfar. “Every day we are challenged to give Titanium Grand Prix “Uniclock” is a website and a widget that shows the entire consumers something of even greater value. Our creativity needs to become more retailer fashion by fusing together its catalogue with music, dance and video. substantive and meaningful for people.” The experience created was truly portable from one screen to another, available on mobile, the internet, on a desktop widget or even as a screensaver. Mark Tutssel, CCO of Leo Burnett and President of the Titanium jury at Cannes.
  10. 10. 4. The consumer culture is now on display New forms of advertising feel more like real life than marketing. The “Whopper Freak-out” uses a traditional qualitative research technique and a candid camera approach to get focus group like responses to prove that depriving people from the Whopper is much more than getting rid of a hamburger; it is throwing away a part of American popular culture. 10
  11. 11. “This is really a social experiment, that's the new ground we're breaking, Using a social experiment as marketing. There's no fake dialogue, no fake customers.” Rob Reilly, CP+B Executive Creative Director = The “Whopper Freak-out” contributed to an 8 minute viral film full of brand evangelism and 1 million visits to the microsite with an average logged time of 8:33. Online, there was no To promote Microsoft Vista, CP+B used a trick, no game; no interactive component, yet similar approach to “Whopper Freak-out”, they CP+B won the 2008 Gold Cyber Lions for the asked people to judge Vista without telling them campaign effectiveness. they were actually testing the operating system.
  12. 12. 5. The battle between craft and science Technology, which at one point looked poised to thwart advertising, is now seen as a key facilitator of creativity and great storytelling. “Even in the best digital and „new media‟ work, ideas and not technology, are at the centre. Technology only provides the backbone for execution. What wins is the human interaction with the brand.” ShubashKamath, CEO Bates141 India 12
  13. 13. 5. The battle between craft and science The Advertising Craftsmen The Advertising Scientists The creation of new award categories Google uses algorithm planning to match reflects the changes of the advertising advertisers and customers online and industry, notably use of technology for determine which ads are seen based on storytelling. customer behavior. But while Cannes Lions have gone While advertising can appear ultra-scientific „Cyber‟ and „Titanium‟, the focus in this model, Google ads are about remains on craft and big ideas to responding to an existing search and do generate demand. not yet enable to generate demand.
  14. 14. 6. The appeal of unadulterated creativity Energizer lithium batteries work by DDB South Africa won the 2008 Press Grand Prix Does this really deserve a Lion? 14
  15. 15. 6. The appeal of unadulterated creativity “Gorilla is a a courageous piece of work. It defies the conventions of confectionery advertising and challenges all assumptions to says that chocolate is all about pleasure.” Craig Davis, Cannes jury president & JWT CCO. The successes of Cadbury “Gorilla”, the wordless TVC with no product shot, demonstrate that seemingly random ideas and outburst of branded joy can lead to great executions and business success. 15
  16. 16. 6. The appeal of unadulterated creativity Skittles “Touch” “This is the best time for pure creativity in our industry, ever. More than ever, clients need smart, holistic solutions and most are ready to look at virtually anything that will lead to success. A complete flip from maybe two years ago. There's a big appetite for experimenting and taking quot;risks.” Nancy Vonk, Co-Chief Creative Officer, O&M, Toronto
  17. 17. 6. The appeal of unadulterated creativity “Increased interest is another indication A few pointers demonstrate the renewed that agencies and clients across the commitment of the marketing and advertising world world are embracing showcase to creativity: creativity and wishing to showcase their work at a global level. Clients are going there to get closer to their • P&G was crowned advertiser of the year. agencies and show their commitment • 4 times more clients attended Cannes in 2008 vs. 2004 to creativity” • 10% more entries in 2008 vs. 2007. • 2008 was the 5th year in a row of record entries Cannes Festival CEO Philip Thomas “People are trying hard to make great things and clients are feeling the pressure now too. So maybe it is the perfect time to be in advertising. Uncertainty will hopefully result in more innovation.” Rob Reilly, co-ECD, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  18. 18. 7. The recognition of 7. The recognition of emerging screens emerging screens Last year, Dove “Evolution” won the Film Grand Prix – a testament to the growing influence of YouTube culture. This year, 90-second quot;Gorilla” playing across TVC and YouTube channels, and Halo 3 „Believe‟ web series both won a Film Grand Prix – emerging screens are now king. Earned media is becoming more important than paid media. 18
  19. 19. 7. The recognition of emerging screens 2 major changes in the Film section in 2008: 1. The addition of new categories for films created for other screens than TV and cinemai.e. Internet Film, Mobile Film, Interactive film, Integrated Film and Other Screens. 2. The 1st tie ever ending up with 2 Grand Prix : 1 for broadcast TV (Cadbury Gorilla), 1 for Internet film (Halo 3 web series). “While quot;Gorillaquot; is a single 90-second execution, quot;Believequot; is a different animal: several spots From TVC to YouTube hit: Wonderbra “2 cups and longer-form video content for the Web. The fact of joy” cleverly spoofed Cadbury's “1 ½ cup of that is acknowledging both kinds of work for the first joy” and surfed the “Gorilla” phenomenon. time is an important signal for the industry.” Craig Davis, Cannes jury president & JWT CCO.
  20. 20. 8. Beyond the line HBO‟s “Voyeur” weaved together 11 different The campaign success at Cannes is defined by its elements, from TV to print, and from a cumulative effect in drawing people from one massive outdoor projection onto the side of a medium to another. quot;Voyeurquot; has amassed building to reveal an interior rife with dramatic awards in multiple mediums: Grand Prix in the action that prompted viewers to visit the Outdoor and Promo categories, 2 Golds in campaign video-rich website. Film, Gold in Design and Bronze in Media. 20
  21. 21. 8. Beyond the line: the only line that matters is the bottom line. Increasingly ATL agencies are utilizing DM techniques and vice-versa. Emotional communications are now loaded with a response purpose. From checking off media boxes a la „360‟ the challenge is now to create portable experiences from one media to another. Modern technology enables “transmedia storytelling” i.e. the capacity to reveal stories in phases by driving people back and forth between the online and the offline world through alternate reality experiences, webisodes, mobisodes, interactive TV, digital POS and billboards, etc… “The old categories are irrelevant. There is still a line, but it isn‟t horizontal. There is no longer an above or below. The line is vertical. It runs through Great ideas transcend media structures and the creative everything, and the very best work does just that.” Patrick Collister (check position) challenge today is to move beyond traditional media and beyond the line to harness what modern technology has to offer.
  22. 22. 9. Branded Fiction Halo 3 “Believe” is a work of fiction that competes with the likes of “Star Wars” because it totally captures your imagination. 22
  23. 23. 9. Branded Fiction “Halo 3 work was driven by an imaginative, immersive narrative.With so many entertainment options now, if you're not giving people something beautiful, thought-provoking, funny or inspiring you will not be seen or heard or felt. That's true from how and where you deliver the message to the content of the message itself. Creativity is the only thing you've got if you want to reach anyone and have them be happy you did.” John Patroulis, CD at McCann T.A.G. Halo 3 agency. With no game footage, starring either plastic figures or old men in its several films, using classical music as its soundtrack and almost never showing Master Chief, the hero character the game is based on, quot;Believequot; is a different way to look at promoting video games.
  24. 24. 10. The remaining advertising silos WORK CLASSIFICATION It’s becoming hard to categorize good work according to existing classifications but everyone knows when one sees good work: good work transcends its medium. 24
  25. 25. 10. The remaining advertising silos Media-Centric Remaining categories like “Press”, “Radio” or “Promo” show that creative work is still pretty much judged in context of media platforms. The emergence of new screens and technologies (widgets, social networking applications) show these kinds of “The awards are not keeping pace with the infinite ways in classifications are already obsolete. which brands reach customers in today's fractured media landscape. Rather than honor holistic systems built for brands to reach consumers in many places, Lions are given to objects created within those systems.” Brian Morrissey, Adweek “It‟s getting harder to break things into silos, I‟d like to see more things like the Titanium. None of us sit here and say we‟re going to launch a new initiative with a great print idea.” Jim Stengel, CMO P&G
  26. 26. 10. The remaining advertising illusions Going Digital Just like ticking media boxes never made an idea „360‟, creating a „microsite‟ doesn‟t make an offline campaign more „digital‟ or more engaging. “It's pretty disheartening to see that a lot of what's being considered integrated is still a couple of hero TV spots with a “I think we have a long way to go before bit of tacked-on interactive.” we're really using technology in marketing. Iain Tait, founder/creative planner, Poke, London We're still only judging the things that resemble traditional ads in their format— microsite, ad-ons to TV campaigns. I'm excited for the day when we see digital work that doesn't fit the quot;campaignquot; structure but really markets to a brand's audience in a new way.” Colleen Decourcy, Chief Digital Officer, TBWA Worldwide
  27. 27. Using Cannes to look at things differently “I think there is a wave of quot;counter-agenciesquot; trying not to do what clients want, but what people, public, can feel relevant, interesting, refreshing and especially, valuable.” Carlos Bayala, “Most of the winners broke a few Founding Partner Madre, Buenos Aires rules. They illustrate a different way of tackling a communication obstacle using new uncharted methods of thinking. Hopefully they represent new milestones in our industry.” Paul Collins, CD, AkestamHolst, Sweden 27
  28. 28. Using Cannes for Change • From media planning to media mixing – This year, a great variety of campaigns were using a more alternative approach to media planning paving the way for more media mixing. • From 360 to 1 degree – Big ideas and consistency certainly are valuable in the long run but sometimes great ideas are short bursts of magic that can‟t be repeated. A concept does not have to be present in every possible media, sometimes it is stronger when it goes „one degree‟ and is tailored to a specific audience and its favorite mode of expression. • From positioning to position – Great work came from more courageous ideas that were less about a brand or product positioning than taking a position on an issue – be it playful or serious. 28
  29. 29. Eager to continue the conversation? Contact Guillaume Pagnoux Regional Strategic Planner, SEA Bates 141 Group Thank You! E-mail: guillaume.pagnoux@bates141.com Telephone: +65-6393 5209 Mobile: +65-8161 7429 30
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