Montpellier In Game - English Presentation


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Introduction to the Montpellier in Game, B2B and Consumer Video Game Show.

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Montpellier In Game - English Presentation

  1. 1. 3 edition rdNovember 15-18 2012Corum - Montpellier
  2. 2. November, Thursday 15 & Friday 16 2 days for the pros 11/15 - Digiworld Game Summit After years of close partnership between Montpellier Agglomération and the IDATE , the video games conferences of the Digiworld Summit will join the Montpellier In Game to become a key rendez-vous of its professionnal program. Since more than 30 years the Digiworld is one of the world best conference for telecommunications, media and Internet industries. For 11 years the video game sessions has offered the industry a unique occasion to meet business leaders, famous creators and high-level specialists. Each year, more than 30 speakers, from world leading as well as breaking through companies, offer a unique top of the range conferences program. 11/16 - Game In Marketing After the success of the business oriented conference organized by the National Association of marketers last year, the MIG perpetuates the event and will now offer an annual gathering to allow communication and marketing professionals to meet actors from the video game industry. Gamification, Advergaming, serious games, social games … many trends that indicate the ability of video games to boost the traditional sectors of the economy. The ADETEM conference will primarily aim to highlight the issues of this inevitable convergence. 11/16 - Game In Economics The video game economy covers everchanging business models and financing methods. The SNJV, partner of the DigiWorld Game Summit, offers video game professionals a broad overview of alternative financing methods and means of monetizing their production. This year, a special emphasis will be placed on the crowdfounding phenome- non, at the heart of which we can find some of the most prominent start-ups such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or RocketHub. This conference will be organized arround a round table dealing with funding issues including the crowdfunding and a series of speeches given by members of the SNJV invomved in fundraising and/or crowdfun- ding. 11/16- Game In Research & Development In collaboration with the University of Montpellier II and Montpellier III, co-organizers of this scientific seminar, the MIG provides a space for meetings, exchanges and conferences for teachers and researchers taking part in the video game industry or working on the technologies used or usable by video games. A researcher is invited for a lecture and students to present their work. And the next generation 16/11 - Game CriticsThe MIG offers students and young professionals a unique opportunity to apresent their projects in front of a juryof renowned professionals (Rick STRINGFELLOW, Executive Art Director EA Sports and Boyd Multerer Director ofDevelopment, Microsoft Xbox platform) in 2011 and potentialy win the award for best student project MIG 2012. 16/11 - MasterclassesAfter Greg Mitchell (Cinematic Director Epic Games) and Boyd Multerer (Director of Development, Microsoft Xboxplatform) in 2011, the MIG 2012 will bring students with the oportunity to meet experts for live presentations ontechnical and artistic subjects. Game JamThe weekend before the MIG, a Game Jam will be organized by the regional MediaLab Kawenga. This 48 hour videogame design contest will again this year focus on a theme related to social networks. During the MIG, participantswill present their projects to professionals and the general public and an award ceremony will be held to rewardthe best game
  3. 3. November, Saturday 17 & Sunday 182 days video game festivalfor everyone Entertainment everywhere In 2012, the MIG doubles the size of its public entertainment show. The prestigious convention center of Montpellier Le Corum, will be fully dedicated to video , games and offer more than 5000m2 of entertainment for everyone, from hardcore gamers to casual families. Ambitious Pro-Gaming Competition Comp Competition is rising. With more than 1500 gamers expected, the MIG intend to become one of the major pro-gaming meeting in France. Many tournaments will be run (League of Legends, Counter Strike Source, Starcraft 2...) with prizes, including cash, that will rise Creators Conférences the attention of teams from all over France and even After Jordan Mechner, Michel Ancel, Eric Chahi, Europe. Frédérick Raynal, Philip Ulrich and Paul Cuisset in 2011, the MIG will again offer the public to meet those Webseries Festival and fans gathering personalities who made the history of gaming in major conferences and round tables in the In 2012, the MIG creates a new event with its Webseries prestigious Corum. festival. All week end long, the public will meet actors and staff from the most popular independant show on Work in video games the Internet and will vote for the first time for the public In partnership with the schools of the Montpellier award of the best show. Fans will also have the unique area, including some of the best in France, the MIG opportunity to meet many famous figures of the «geek will offer the public to learn about the different culture»: artists, actors, tv personnalities, comics positions inside the video game industry. With our authors... high level speakers, the audience will discover the real life of a game designer, an art director or a sound creator. Video Game in Society Conferences Threat or opportunity, video games are strongly discussed. The MIG 2012 will offer the public to participate to several conferences and talk about the place of video game in our societies. Are video games really that dangerous? Can we learn while playing? Can you heal with video games?
  4. 4. November 15 - 18 2012 Corum - MontpellierWith more than 34000 visitors and hundreds of guests tothe professional events, the Montpellier In Game 2011 hasconfirmed the ambitions of Montpellier Agglomération tobuild in Montpellier a unique rendez-vous for the video WORLDCLASS SPEAKERSgame industry that proposes both worldclass businessconferences for professionals and a very popularentertainment show.In 2012, the MIG will rise again with twice more space, adeeper than ever partnership with the Digiworld Summit,originals business meetings, a growing pro-gaming event J. Mechner & M. Ancel in 2011and more exhibitors.Crowd all week end long at Ankama’s and Microsoft Xbox Huge success of Feerik’ artists A NICE COMMUNICATION OPPORTUNITY MIG 2011 IN NUMBERS:IN 2011, the MIG gathered more than 40 exhibitors. From 34 000 visitorsindustry leaders to independant studios, all took advantage of 40+ exhibitors including industry leadersa strong marketing opportunity, thanks to a large audience, a 300+ professionalsgood press coverage, and very reasonnable cost. 350+ students 1000+ competiting gamers THE RISING GAME EVENT IN FRANCE Media Coverage N°2 GAME EVENT IN FRANCE after Paris Games Week Partnership with all local medias (print : Midi Libre, La Gazette, 35 000 TV : France 3, TV Sud) 30 000 National radio partnership (NRJ in 2011) 25 000 Montpellier In Game New in 2012: Press tour organized 20 000 for the national press CONTACT 15 000 Toulouse 10 000 Brest Calais 5 000 Lille Guillaume JAMET GA 0 +33 (0) +33 (0) ® Photos