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Britney Spears

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  2. 2. biography<br />Britney Jean Spears (bornDecember 2, 1981) is anAmericansingerandentertainer. Born in Mississippiandraised in Louisiana, Spears firstappearedonnationaltelevision in 1992 as a contestantontheStar Searchprogram, andwenton to star in Disney Channel&apos;stelevision series TheNew Mickey Mouse Clubfrom 1993 to 1994. In 1997, Spears signed a recordingcontractwithJive, releasingherdebutalbum...Baby One More Time in 1999. ThealbumdebutedatnumberoneontheBillboard 200, andestablishedher as a pop iconand &quot;bonafide pop phenomenon&quot;, credited for influencingtherevivalofteen pop in the late 1990s. Hernextthreealbumsalsodebutedatnumberone. Aftertwocompilationalbums, Spears releasedBlackout, heronlystudioalbumwhichdidnotdebutatnumberone. In December 2008, hersixthstudioalbum, Circus, wasreleased.<br />
  3. 3. In theyearsfollowingherascent to pop superstar, Spears&apos;spersonallifehasbeen a frequentsubjectofcelebrityandtabloidjournalism. Spears wasmarriedtwice, mostnotably to Kevin Federline, hadtwochildren, andwasthesubjectof a reality TV show withFederline in Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. Aftertheirdivorce, Spears dealtwithseveralpersonalstrugglesbeforeresumingherprofessionalcareerwith 2007&apos;s Blackout.<br />According to Zomba LabelGroupandSony BMG, Spears hassold over 83 millionrecordsworldwide. In addition, she is ranked as theeighthbest-sellingfemalerecordingartist in theU.S.with 32 million copies ofheralbumscertifiedbythe RIAA, and is currentlythefifthbestsellingartistactofthedecade in the country, as well as the top sellingfemaleartist. Spears is alsorankedbyForbes 2009 issue as the 13th mostpowerfulcelebrityandthe 2nd mosttop-earningyoungmusicianwith over $35 milliondollars in earningsthisyear.<br />
  4. 4. Lifeand music career<br />Earlylife, careerdebut, andInnosense<br />Britney Spears wasborn in McComb, Mississippiandraised in Kentwood, Louisiana as a SouthernBaptist. Herparents are Lynne Irene (néeBridges), a formerelementaryschoolteacher, and Jamie Parnell Spears, a formerbuildingcontractorandchef. Spears hastwo siblings, Bryan andJamie Lynn. Bryan Spears is married to Jamie-Lynn&apos;s manager, GraciellaRivera.<br />Spears wasanaccomplishedgymnast, attendinggymnastics classes until age nine andcompeting in state-levelcompetitions. Sheperformed in local dance revuesandsang in her local Baptistchurchchoir. Spears enteredNew York City&apos;sProfessional PerformingArtsSchoolwhenshewaseight. Spears&apos;sparentswouldoftenargue, andtheyeventuallydivorced in 2002.[citationneeded]<br />
  5. 5. At age eight, Spears auditioned for theDisney Channel series TheNew Mickey Mouse Club. Althoughshewasconsideredtooyoung to jointhe series atthe time, a produceronthe show introducedher to a New York City agent. Spears subsequentlyspentthreesummersatNYC&apos;sProfessional PerformingArtsSchoolandalsoappeared in a numberofoff-Broadwayproductions. Shewasanunderstudy in the 1991 off-Broadway musical Ruthless!. In 1992, shelanded a spot onthe popular television show Star Search. Shewonthefirst round ofcompetition, butultimatelylost. At age eleven, Spears returned to the Disney Channel for a spot onTheNew Mickey Mouse Club in Lakeland, Florida. Shewasfeaturedonthe show from 1993 to 1994, untilshewas 13. Afterthe show ended, Spears returned to Kentwoodandattendedhighschool for a year.<br />In 1997, Spears brieflyjoinedtheall-female pop groupInnosense. Laterthatsameyear, sherecorded a solo demoandwassignedbyJiveRecords. Shebegan a U.S.concert tour sponsoredbyAmerican teen magazines, andeventuallybecameanopeningact for &apos;N SyncandtheBackstreet Boys.<br />
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  7. 7. suggestionsofsongs<br />Womanizer<br />Britney Spears<br />Composição: N. Briscoe / R. Akinyemi / Chris Brown <br />SuperstarWhere you from, how&apos;s it going?I know youGotta clue, what you&apos;re doing?You can play brand new to all the other chicks out hereBut I know what you are, what you are, baby<br />Look at youGettin&apos; more than just re-upBaby, youGot all the puppets with their strings upFakin&apos; like a good one, but I call &apos;em like I see &apos;emI know what you are, what you are, baby<br />Womanizer, woman-womanizer, you&apos;re a womanizerOh, womanizer, oh, you&apos;re a womanizer, babyYou, You, You are, you, you, you areWomanizer, womanizer, womanizer (womanizer)<br />Boy, don&apos;t try to front. I-I know just what you are-a-aBoy, don&apos;t try to front. I-I know just what you are-a-aYou got me going, you&apos;re so charming, but I can&apos;t do it, you womanizerBoy, don&apos;t try to front. I-I know just what you are-a-aBoy, don&apos;t try to front. I-I know just what you are-a-aYou say I&apos;m Crazy, I got you crazy, you&apos;re nothing but a womanizer<br />...<br />
  8. 8. music mostfamous<br />Womanizer.<br />PieceOf Me.<br />Toxic.<br />Everytime.<br />Circus.<br />I&apos;mNot a Girl, NotYet a Woman.<br />Gimme More.<br />If U Seek Amy.<br />MyPrerogative.<br />Baby One More Time.<br />(I Can&apos;tGet No) Satisfaction.<br />Do Somethin&apos;.<br />Overprotected.<br />Sometimes.<br />Oops!... I Did It Again.<br />I&apos;m A Slave 4 U.<br />Lucky.<br />I Love Rock &apos;N&apos; Roll.<br />BreakThe Ice.<br />(You Drive Me) Crazy<br />